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I have assembled a pretty extensive table containing all that I have collected so far that may relate to both Tullyvallen as well as to various relations of JACKSONs. I suspect they will turn out to be related to the families of Liscalgot & Urker.
Sharon Oddie Brown December 29, 2010 Update: January 1, 2019. Added map of all Tullyvallen townlands.
SEE: JACKSONs of Tullyvallen.

Updated January 13, 2019 New images and details - in highlighted cells.
Updated February 17, 2021. (Additions shaded in light blue)


Tullyvallen Jacksons and various relations of theirs.


The map beneath is based on the map which can be found at Irish Townlands. There are 6 townlands with the name Tullyvallen.
Tullyvallen Hamilton etc, Parish Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh
NOTE the uppermost tip of Tullyvallen Hamilton West. It is bounded by the Cullyhanna River. Further north, the Cullyhanna River was known as the White River, and further south it was known as the Creggan River. Eventually the White, Cullyhanna and Creggan Rivers (all the same river) flow into the Castletown River in Co. Louth which enters the sea at Dundalk. Bearing in mind that rivers often made for better transportation routes than roads, this is a significant river to track.
The map beneath includes a property looks to be a perfect fit with that section in the uppermost tip of Tullyvallen Hamilton West. This section of 5 acres includes the ruins of a mill. SOURCE: This image has been made available for use on this site thanks to the Armagh County Museum (accession # ARMCM.1.2019).
Tullyvallen old mill


 Tullyvallen was also known as Tollyvallen. The site https://thecore.com/seanruad/  shows their relative acreages:






Civil Parish





Fews Upper



Tullyvallan (Hamilton) West



Fews Upper



Tullyvallan (Hamilton) East



Fews Upper



Tullyvallan (Macullagh)



Fews Upper



Tullyvallan (Tipping) East



Fews Upper



Tullyvallan (Tipping) West



Fews Upper




Other sites with more Tullyvallen info:

http://www.cregganhistory.co.uk/newtownhamilton/tullyvallen.htm and


Also: The MacGeogh Bond Papers: http://www.proni.gov.uk/records/private/macg_b.htm


Newtownhamilton is on the northern border of the Parish of Creggan. Thi is near where the JACKSONs of Urker and Lisnadill lived.


I have also included the BROWNEs of Tullyvallen in the following table. They are potentially interesting in terms of my notion that Rev. Daniel Gunn BROWNE – who lived and held a lease at Glenborn House at Tullyvallen - is very possibly an uncle of Thompson BROWNE. Rev. BROWNE’s wife was Margaret JACKSON, also their daughter, Eliza, was married to a nephew, James JACKSON.


The proximity of the JACKSONs of Forkhill may also prove to be significant to the ancestry of the Tullyvallen JACKSONs. The Forkhill ancestors – leading back to the mid-1600s in Coleraine, Co. Londonderry - are well researched and include the Richard JACKSON (1722-1787) of the famous Forkhill JACKSON trust. Significantly, his family crest includes the same kind of bird that was incorporated into the crest of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915) whose ancestry traces back to the JACKSONs of Liscalgot in the mid-1700s and is a main focus of this web site.


Data on Tullvallen JACKSONs and several of their relations




1641 Down Survey Maps: Landowners of 1641 - Henry O'Neill. Sir Henry O'Neill owned the lease to Tullyvallen in the Parish of Creggan. He also held title to most of the other townlands in the Parish of Creggan. NOTE: I still need to find out which portion of Tullyvallen was Edward Rowley's retrenchment. Parish boundaries were later redrawn so that Tullyvallen is now in the Parish of Newtown Hamilton.


Census: Patrick Groumy O Coune gent was the Titulado for Tullyvallane & Culehannagh, Parish of Creagan. Thomas Ball was Titulado for Clare & Cablane.

No JACKSONs were recorded in Ardmagh at this time, but this Thomas BALL was either the same one who held land in Tulleyvallen, or else was his father.


1664 Hearth Money Rolls TOLLIVALLEN.
Patt Grome O Quynn
Owen Mclnering
Bryan O Markroll
Patte O Dullaghan
Cormock O Quayne
Murtagh O Murkroll
Shane O Dullaghan
Shane O Marbin (O Mackin ?)
Edmund boy McCardill
Patte McMoyne



Properties in Civil Survey 1640: Henry O’NEILL Papist




Acres for

Persons named to whom disposed





Thomas BALL & others Cert 17 May 1667





Samuel HILL by Cert 19 Oct 1666





Thomas BALL & others Patent 19 Oct 20 Car II





Hercules LANGFORD Cert 26 Oct 1666





Capt. J. PIERSON Cert 27 July 1666





Edward ROWLEY Cert. 20 Dec 1667





Carol BOLTON Patent 3 July 21 Car II





Thomas BALL

By Patent
19 Oct 20 Car II







About 249 acres of Tullyvallen, Parish of Creggan were granted to Thomas BALL to the use of Daniel & Sarah JACKSON. In another source, Thomas BALL of Creggan was also listed in Ferguson Certificates as having 5,253 acres as an assignee of Edward Richardson, Ellinor Blackiston, Dan Jackson, Sarah Jackson, Elisabeth Hepburne and Katherine Jones. SOURCE: The History of the Parish of Creggan in the 17th & 18h Century. L. P. Murray, Isaac Dobson, Wm. Frankland, J. Southey. Journal of the County Louth Archaeological Society, Vol. 8, No. 2 (1934), pp. 117-163.

45 THOMAS BALL, to y« use of DANL. and SARAH JACKSON — in ye north-east part of Edward Rawley’s [aka ROWLEY] retrenchment in Tullyvallan, 249a. 1r. 13p. plant. (403A. 3R. 20P. stat.) with a proportion of unprof., 3l 7s. 3½ d • bar Fewes, co Ardmagh SOURCE: Irish Records Commission 14th & 15th page 178. NOTE: p 179 there is mention that see the patent for other lands remitted which had been granted to John ORSON and Edward ROWLEY but are not passed to them under ye Acts of Settlement all of which had been conveyed to and purchased by the said Ball. NOTE: Edward ROWLEY was slain in battle December 31, 1641. His sister Anne ROWLEY married Sir Tristram BERESFORD (1669-1701). Her great-grand-daughter was Susan BERESFORD, wife of Capt William JACKSON (1628-1688) of Kirkby Lonsdale and of Coleraine. Capt. William was the son of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681). It is possible that John JACKSON was a brother of Capt. William JACKSON.

Daniel & Sarah were the infant children of John JACKSON of Antrim [SOURCES: Reports and Schedules claimed in respect of lands in Antrim]. John Jackson was one of the ex-soldiers settled in the Parish of Dunaghy, Barony of Kilconway, County Antrim who was displaced by Antrim's recovery of his estates His reprise in the Fews consisted of 249 acres ‘in the north east part of Edward Rowley’s retrenchment in Tullivallen’ and is included in the lands shown as Balls in the Book of Survey and Distribution. SOURCE: Armagh: History and Society: Interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish County. Ed. A.J. Hughes and William Nolan. Geography Publications 2001. . Land Confiscations and Plantations in County Armagh During the English Commonwealth and Restoration Periods 1650 to 1680. Harold O’Sulivan. p359. See also: An Historical Account of the McDonnells of Antrim page 466. NOTE: I assume that the children were either orphaned, or at least their father was dead. The reference to Antrim's recovery is to Randal Macdonnell, 1st Marquess of Antrim. He was a wealthy Catholic Landowner, who sued to gain back his estates and in 1665 succeeded, thus displacing the adventurers, such as John JACKSON, who had been awarded the lands as a result of their service under Cromwell. MacDonnell's 2nd wife was Rose O'NEILL, daughter of Sir Henry O'NEILL, but they had no issue. The Parish of Dunaghy includes 37 townlands, one of which is Ballyreagh - which means being cautious since there is also a townland of that name in Co. Down, as well as in Coleraine. NOTE: Dunaghy, the site of John Jackson's original land grant, is a parish just east of Ballymoney. It may be worth noting that there were two JACKSON with holdings in Ballymoney Town in the Antrim Hearth tax rolls in 1669: David JACKSON & ffranc aka Francis JACKSON. If John JACKSON was a son of Rev. Richard JACKSON (1602-1681), then Francis JACKSON was likely his brother. In the 1860s, at the time of Griffiths Valuation, there were 4 JACKSONs in Ballymoney.
There is a good chance that this is the right Daniel JACKSON (Source: Inscriptions on Ancient Tombstones by Robert Pillow. 1870s. (Robinson Library. Item: P001594318):

Legar Hill, Charlemont
Here lieth the body of
Daniel Jackson who died 4th of
December 1717 aged 56 years
And Ursella his wife the 4th of
March 1727 aged 70 years

Some 50 years later, the land for Creggan school was granted by a Thomas BALL. Like George JACKSON, he was supposedly a descendant of one of Cromwell’s soldiers. He was probably a grandson of Lieut. Thomas BALL of Fleetwood’s Horse.

SOURCE: P 15 Creggan Charter School 1737-1811. Mary Cumiskey, Creggan Local Historical Society. 2007.





Unlike modern maps, North is at the bottom.
The townland boundaries in 1656 differ from the boundaries at the time of the Griffiths Valuation.

Tollivallen in the Down Survey done in 1656-58. Sir Henry O'Neil lost his lands to Thomas BALLwho was the largest recipient when the lands in the Barony of the Fews were redistributed


In the mid-1700s, Jacksons held a lease at Tullyogallaghan (aka Boggy Mountaine Pasture - in 1641 it was held by the church), a townland slightly to the east of Tullyvallen. I suspect there is a connection between these Jackson leases, but I have yet to prove it.

1692 Lt. BALL's Dividend. It includes mention of several townlands that were later connected to JACKSONs: Lisacalgot, Tullyvallen & Creggan. May 21, 1692  

Image 119 ROD: 75-260-52844 1733 Mar 11 (see beneath 1733)
John JOHNSTON of the Fews, Co. Armagh & John Archdeacon of City of Dublin Gent – transfer interest in article made 22nd Aug 1695 btw William CUNNINGHAM of Moneymore in Co. Derry Esq. of 1 pt &  John GRAHAM late of Drogheda Alderman [see also 78-23-52843] and also one other article bearing date 17 Nov 1693 btw Rt Hon William GRAHAM Son and Heir and Residual Legatee of the said John GRAHAM of the 1 pt & John JOHNSTON of the other pt. and to the lands of William CUNNINGHAM and and near Loghross and the land of William CUNNINGHAM in Camely and Tullyvallen Co. Armagh… WITNESS: Rev. John GRAHAM of Drogheda Clke & Charles CALDWELL City of Dublin Gent


ROD: 78-23-52843 GRAHAM-JOHNSTON Tullyvallen & Loghross Mr Cunninghams land B Fews Par Kreggan Image 312
Memorial of agreement 7 Nov 1733 btw  Rt. Hon William GRAHAM Esq. son & heir residuary legatee of John GRAHAM late of the town of Drogheda, Alderman & John JOHNSTON of the Fews , Co. Armagh …various lands including Tullyvallen leased from  William CUNNINGHAM of Moneymore, Derry. Reference lease 2 August 1695 by John GRAHAM father of William GRAHAM . WITNESS: Rev John GRAHAM of Town of Drogheda & Charles CALDWELL of City of Dublin.


Deed: 75-260-52844 John JOHNSTON of the Fews, Co. Armagh &  John Archdeacon of City of Dublin Gent – transfer interest in article made  22nd Aug  1698 btw William CUNNINGHAM of Moneymore in Co. Derry &  John GRAHAM late of Drogheda.

Deed: 78-23-52843 Memorial of agreement 7 Nov 1733 betw  Rt. Hon William GRAHAM Esq. son & heir residuary legatee of John GRAHAM later of the town of Drogheda, Alderman & John JOHNSTON of the Fews , Co. Armagh …various lands including Tullyvallen leased from  William CUNNINGHAM of Moneymore, Derry.



Diocesan records at PRONI 14973: Cows and turf were purchased from the Master’s father (referred to as Mr. Jackson) at a cost of £12.

This would seem to indicate that George JACKSON’s father lived close to the Charter School at Liscalgot and Tullyvallen would fit the bill.

SOURCE: P 15 Creggan Charter School 1737-1811. Mary Cumiskey, Creggan Local Historical Society. 2007.

18 Feb 1744

PRONI T524-7

Thomas TIPPING leased to James McCULLAGH 18 acres of lands of Tullyvallen Cunningham.

John BROWN was a brother-in-law of these McCULLAGHs, who are also likely to be related to the same McCULLAGHs who married into the JACKSON family.

1745 May 17 Deed: 115-466-81254 James McCULLAGH of Piedmount Co Antrim Esq to Thomas TIPPING of Castletown Co Louth lands ofTullyvallen Cunningham contg 80A in the Barony of Fews Co Armagh   then in possession of Thomas TIPPING.. for lives of said Thomas TIPPING, William Henry FORTESCUE & James FORTESCUE of Reynolds Town, Co. Louth…  
1745 Aug 10

249-Geo II, Lease 10 Aug 1745.
Henry MITCHELL of Dublin & Alexander HAMILTON of Dublin. An undivided 1/2 of Tullyvallen, B.vallen, Drumhill & Tullynavall as conveyed to him by John BALL to hold for lives of himself and his sons Hugh & Robert forever at peppercorn fine at 139.10 pounds for 1st 11 years and the 155 pounds. Enrolled 11 Sept 1745.
249. Geo II. Lease 10 Aug 1745 for 500 pounds fine
By James MACARRELL of Dublin to Alexander HAMILTON same lands as above, same terms and conditions. Enrolled same date
NOTES by TGF PATTERSON: Notebook #112 Vol 2. Held at the Armagh Museum.


30 Oct 1747

Belfast Newsletter


At a reasonable rent, for lives renewable forever, from the first day of May next, several convenient farms, all in about 1600 acres of good land, part of Tullyvalen, in the Barony of Fews, and County of Armagh, lying on the great road leading from Armagh to Dublin by Dundalk, the estate of Alexander Hamilton Esq.; within 8 miles of Armagh, eight of Newry, 11 of Dundalk and four of Castleblaney, all good market towns, and on which lands of Tullyvallen is held a market every Saturday. On each of said farms there is plenty of good meadow and turf; a large river runs through the middle of said lands and never wants water sufficient to turn many Mills, with many places very proper for bleaching greens, and a fall of 180 feet in less than 2 miles, and places where mill ponds may be easily made. By the great plenty of turf, water, bog, timber for building, and meadow, the linen manufacturing and distilling may be carried on as cheap as in any part of Ireland.--- Mr. Hamilton’s servant at his house on the lands, will show the ground; and those who have a mind to take any part of it, may send their proposals to Mr. Hamilton at his house in Henry St., Dublin, or give the same to Mr. John Gordon, a merchant in Belfast.

This description fits with the picture of the JACKSONs being supposedly connected to the linen industry.

7 Mar. 1763.

PRONI MIC555/6 Copy of the deed of settlement made between and among the co-heiresses of the late Francis Hall.1762-1771. Original lease (of 1765) and 4 case and other papers, all all relating to 'The lands of Conlon and Tullyvallen Tipping [barony of Fews, Co. Armagh, which] were demised by the late Mr [Thomas] Tipping of Beaulieu to Mr [Faithful] Fortescue, as is supposed in trust for the family of Beaulieu, at a small rent for 3 lives ..., [and] afterwards demised to Mr Garstin by Mr Fortescue in trust for Laurence Plunkett, a Roman Catholic, at the improved value, and Plunkett afterwards sold his lease to Mr Waddle.

NOTE: The question that was to be laid before the lawyers was whether the lease made to Mr Fortescue should stand (good against the late Edward Tipping Esq. [brother of Thomas Tipping of Beaulieu], upon the supposition of a fraud intended against him.'1794. 'An account of the manner in which the purchase money of the Fews estate [Tipping, not Hall], amounting to the sum of £22,845 ..., was made and paid by ... [Joshua] McGeough to ... [Francis] Tipping.'1817

1765 Rev. Mr. McCOMB's Seatholders: Robert McKAIG; Samuel McROBERTS; Robert THOMPSON; John CONN; Richard JACKSON; William CONN; William KENNEDY; James McANLIS; John McCONNELL; Hugh BAILIE; John LOWRY; John KENNEDY. SOURCE: A Statistical Account of the Barony of Upper Fews in the County of Armagh. John Donaldson 1838, p15.  


1766 April 8. Religious Census (included in: History of the Parish of Creggan, L. P. Murray, Isaac Dobson, Wm. Frankland and J. Southey. County Louth Archaelogical Journal Vol VIII, 1934.):

    • Owen JACKSON of the Five Towns in the Parish of Creggan.
    • George JACKSON of Liscallgot
    • Richard JACKSON of Tullyvallen NOTE: He was also included in the Townland of Tullivallen in the list of Rev. Mr. McCombe's Seatholder's List for 1765 (indicating that he was Presbyterian?). SOURCE: John Donaldson Account of the Barony of Upper Fews. Creggan Local History Society, Crossmaglen, 1993. p15.

NOTE: Other family names of interest in this census: Hugh BAILLIE; Robert BOYD (because of the connection to Daniel Gunn BROWNE whose mother was Martha BOYD); James BRADFOOT (who is possibly a James BRADFORD – given the history of the BRADFORDs here); Elizabeth DONALDSON; Art & Bryan McCULLA

NOTE: Nailing the ancestry of Richard JACKSON will likely be key to finding the link to the generation that precedes my earliest known ancestor, George JACKSON (1718-1782) of Liscalgat & Urker.

1768 Mar 3 ROD: 271-36-173316. BTW John REED the elder of Lurganah, Parish Armagh, Co. Armagh to his son John REED the younger osf same. Those parts of Tullyvallen formerly held by Robert ROLAND, Terence HUGHES, Edmund HUGHES and Thomas HUGHES, also one acre of John REEDs turbary James McCLANLASS’s & mearing a road from same by John MATHERS, mearing across the little river where Bernard HUGHES dwelt containing 147 acres & 32 perches with right to quarry limestone etc. In Creggan Parish & Fews Barony. Held by lease for 99 years from Alexander HAMILTON to John REED. Registered Dec 5, 1768. NOTES by TGF PATTERSON: Notebook #112 Vol 2. Held at the Armagh Museum.  
12 Nov 1768 Btw Robert PATTON Tullynale [in Tullyvallen], Parish of Creggan, C. Armagh. & John LILY of Bresagh, Co. Down, farmer. 40 acres meared and bounded by Francis HAMILTON’s farm and Samuel HARRISON’s situate in the townland of Tullyvallen,  released to William WALLACE of Newry. WITNESS: Isaac GLENNY of Dublin, Arthur ATKINSON. ROD: 270-405-172912 NOTE: In 1840, a William WALLACE was a witness to a JACKSON marriage. Also in 1839 a Richard JACKSON of Tullyvallen married a Mary WALLACE.
1773 20 townlands that had been included in the Parish of Creggan were included by Primate ROBINSON, Archbishop of Armagh, in the Parish of Newtownhamilton. 50a out of the Glebe lands of Creggan Parish were exchanged with Dr. Hugh HAMILTON, then Dean of Armagh, for part of the lands of Tullivallen. SOURCE: A Statistical Account of the Barony of Upper Fews in the County of Armagh. John Donaldson 1838, p4.  
1778 Richard Jackson b: Abt. 1778 in of Tullyvallen, Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh, Ireland d: 17 Feb 1848 in at Liscalgot, Co. Armagh NOTE: He may be the 1780 [Forename?] JACKSON b. Abt 1780, Tullyvallen, Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh. SEE: 2021 John JACKSON of Carlow & Wicklow SEE also: Jacksons of Tullyvallen, Parish of Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh He likely connects to my earliest known ancestor, George JACKSON (1718-1782) of Liscalgat & Urker.
1780 Estimated birth date of the [Forename?] JACKSON b. Abt 1780, Tullyvallen, Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh. SEE: 2021 John JACKSON of Carlow & Wicklow NOTE: Many members of this family moved to Lanark, Ontario, Canada.NOTE: This JACKSON may be the Richard JACKSON b. abt 1778 (see above). His brother John JACKSON b. 1764, Tullow, Parish Fenagh, Barony Rathvilly, Co, Carlow married Sarah Esther aka Hester KERSEY b. Sep 1805, Near Coolkenna, Co. Wicklow. SEE: 2021 John JACKSON of Carlow & Wicklow NOTE: Many members of this family moved to Lanark, Ontario, Canada. The birth of his brother in Co. Carlow may be significant. NOTE: Amy Oliver JACKSON (1874-1962), daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON: The Jacksons came from Northamptonshire and went to Ireland in Elizabeth's reign [, and were given grants of land in Co. Carlow (N. Leinster) for distinguished service in the Army.
1 Nov 1780 NOTE: I have misplaced the citation that should be here.

NOTE: Kiltybane, also known as Lisleitrim, is now described as a townland to the south west of Tullyvallan

26 Oct 1785

Andrew OLIVER & wife Elinor DAWSON, both of Newtownhamilton, leased part of land in Tullyvallen then in possession of John MURPHY

These OLIVERs would have been distant relations of Eliza OLIVER, wife of David JACKSON

9 July 1787

 1787 Deed. David Jackson, to John Bohannon and Richard Bohannon, ... all that farm of land known by the name of Tullyagomore bounded in the West by part of Tulleyagallaghan on the north by Curromonon on the south by Mr. Reed’s farm lasting the space of thirty one years or John Bohannons life forty five or thereabouts providing the said David Jackson lasts so long from November next. Containing by estimation sixty five

NOTE: Apparently, Dorsey, Ummericam and Tullyogallaghan  “are all listed as aliases for the one townland” SOURCE: The O'Neills of the Fews Tomás Ó Fiaich, Seanchas Ardmhacha: Journal of the Armagh Diocesan Historical Society, Vol. 7, No. 2 (1974), pp. 263-315

Tullyogallaghan is on the eastern border within the Parish of Newtownhamilton and is only a couple of small towns away from Tullyvallen. I have been unable to find Tullyagomore. It is possibly within the borders of what would now be Dorsey.

14 Nov 1788

PRONI T618/322.

Will of Robert Ballie, of Tullyvallen, Co Armagh.



Index to Bonds Armagh Diocese 1742-1847 &Drohegda Admon Bonds 1822-1846

Alexander Donaldson, farmer


23 Jan 1796

Will of David JACKSON: I also leave to my son John JACKSON the lease of Tullyagallaghan

See 9 July 1787


Index to Bonds Armagh Diocese 1742-1847 & Drogheda Admon Bonds 1822-1846

Hugh BAILEY aka BAYLEY, farmer at Tullyvalley.

Tullyvalley may be Tullyvallen – based on ongoing family presence at Tullyvallen.



The will of Joseph JACKSON of Tullyvallen was probated. NOTE: Rootschat: Joseph JACKSON & Mary LONSDALE b 1810??? immigrated to Australia on "Herald"1841 from Belfast with their family.Their County  Armagh. Their shipping papers say their native place is Altnamackan  Newtownhamilton.  His parents Joseph & Martha Jackson, & her parents Thomas & ??? Lonsdale.

NOTE: I do not know where I once saw this probate.


Creggan Parish register – burial.

John JACKSON (1804-1840) of Tullyvallen Burial at Creggan, December 7, 1840



Mary Jane JACKSON b. 1815, Tullyvallen, Parish Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh. SEE: 2021 John JACKSON of Carlow & Wicklow NOTE: Many members of this family moved to Lanark, Ontario, Canada.


20 Apr 1817

Value of estate of John JACKSON (1780-1817).

The Value of [Difft?] Cows & Horses both at home & in Tullygallaghan


27 Oct 1817

PRONI ARM/5/2/2 D/1928/F/20A

John BRADFORD leased from Alexander HAMILTON in the names of Francis & John BRADFORD as well as David CARROLL.


26 May 1819

William JACKSON b. 26 May 1819, Tullyvallen, Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh, d. 2 Nov 1880, Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. He went back and forth between Ontario, Canada; Tullyvallen, Co. Armagh; and even (at one point) Roscomroe, Kings Co. NOTE: Many members of this family moved to Lanark, Ontario, Canada. He married and had a sister Mary Jane b 1815 and two sons: John JACKSON (1837) & William JACKSON (1839). SEE: 2021 John JACKSON of Carlow & Wicklow




John JACKSON of Tullyvallen will probate


13 Jul 1821

Creggan Parish register

William, son of John BROWN of Tullyvallen born.



There were two Masonic Lodges listed under Newtownhamilton in 1823:


Date of Issue 

To whom Issued


10 Nov 1823

John Jackson, Newtownhamilton


12 Feb 1824

James Jackson, Lurganearly

Newtownhamilton L.O.L #9

7 Jun 1827

An account started and Settled between Mr Andrew Coulter Bradford of Cavananore in the County of Louth and Mr. James MClelland and Mr. John MClelland both of Tangaree in the County of Armagh respecting the purchase of their interest in the lands of Dungooley in the County of Louth & Tullyvalley & Maybawn in the County of Armagh

Andrew Coulter BRADFORD was the nephew of Margaret BRADFORD who in turn was the widow of David JACKSON of Liscalgot & Urker.


Tithe Applotment

In the Tithe Book The names of the tenants are grouped in 32 divisions, which correspond to individual landholders, or townland sub-divisions. One of them is COULTER FULTON &c.

Richard JACKSON was one of Captain REID’s tenants at Tullyvallen Hamilton.

Other landlord names of interest with respect to possible family connections are: Captain REID’s tenants; DONALDSON &c.

Other inhabitants of interest – and there may be more -  are: Hugh & James BAILIE; Henry & William BARKER Esq (because of the BARKER-JACKSON connection in Co. Carlow); John BRADFORD; Joseph & Matthew BROWN[E]; COULTER & SMITH; Alexander & William DONALDSON; Thomas GREER (because of GREE-JACKSON connections); James GROSET (Jane JACKSON, daughter of George JACKSON & Margaret O’LAUGHLIN married an Unnamed GROSZET sometime before 1782); Richard JACKSON; a number of PEPPER names – interesting in terms of the PIPPARD link with JACKSONs at Drogheda and the fact that the spelling of the name has been known to morph); Samuel REED; Alexander STITT;

2-3 Mar 1830


Farm to be sold at Tullyvallen by Andrew MARSHALL


Mar 1831

Belfast Newsletter


John Jack, lessee of Alexander Hamilton, Esq., versus Walter MM`Geough Bond, Esq.

This was an ejectment for the recovery of a certain portion of the lands of Tullyvallen. It came on for trial on Saturday morning, and occupied almost the entire day. -- the details were most dry and uninteresting: the merits of the case may be compressed into a nutshell. The matter in dispute was two acres and a half of land of a boggy description. The ancestors of the present Mr. Hamilton, who held the estate in fee, granted a release, in 1756, a farm called Tullyvallen, to a Mr. Tipping; this lease was for lives renewable forever. The farm so leased had descended to a Mr. Montgomery, from whom it was purchased by the father of Mr. Bond. Adjoining this property was another, called ``the Mill Farm``, which also had been bestowed by Mr. Hamilton's ancestor but had now reverted back into his own hands. Between these two farms lies a disputed piece of land; it was formerly a bog but having been lately drained, we believe by an under tenant of Mr. Bonds, on part of the Tipping farm, has become a subject of more importance than originally, perhaps it was entitled to. The object of the plaintiff was to show that the bog  tract did not belong to, nor had ever constituted part of, Mr. Tipping's farm; to this end a variety of ancient documents, and a number of as ancient men were produced -- Nonagenarian, excited some merriment in Court, when being complemented by the judge on account of the quickness of his ear and the keenness of his eye, he replied with the utmost naievite, ``oh my Lord, I'm well taken care of -- I've got a young wife!`` -- In the same way the counsel for the defendants distinctly proved that the disputed land did not belong originally to the Mill Farm; -so that it does appeared the bog, in the old surveys, had not been included in either one farm or the other. This however, while it would have militated against lease holders of these farms, did not affect the right of Mr. Hamilton, as owner of in fee of the entire property. Such was the view taken of it by both judge and jury, and a verdict for the plaintiff, in consequence, recorded there was but another record for trial.

Given that I have seen no record of a John JACK leasing in this vicinity in this time frame and there are records of JACKSONs, I am tempted to suggest that this is perhaps a John JACKSON.

11 Apr 1833

Newtownhamilton paper

Resistance to paying tithes.


25 Dec 1833

On the 23rd instant at Tullyvallen Glebe, Newtown Hamilton, the ladt of the Rev. William MacLean of a daughter. SOURCE: Warder and Dublin Weekly Mail December 25, 1833

He was the Presbyterian minister.
19 Dec 1834 Tullyvallen 1834 Note the absence of JACKSONs - although John DONALDSON (abt 1818-1854) was the husband of Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON (1817-1900) who was born at Urker and died at Kiltybane.
Thomas ROWLAND was likely related to Susannah ROWLAND (abt 1779-1865) of Tullyvallen (her son was a Thomas ROWLAND - see death cert details under 1865.
14 May 1837 John JACKSON b. 14 May 1837, Tullyvallen, Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh  Son of William JACKSON (1819-1880) and Isabella McLENAN. William JACKSON was born in Tullyvallen, and died in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. SEE: 2021 John JACKSON of Carlow & Wicklow NOTE: Many members of this family moved to Lanark, Ontario, Canada.  

9 Aug 1837

Freeduff Parish Register:

Mary JACKSON & John McCULLAGH had a son Robert baptised. They were of Cloghog.

I suspect that she was related to the Tullyvallen JACKSONs


Freeduff Parish Register:

James JACKSON and Fanny McCOMBE of Tullyvallen, son Thomas baptised

A James JACKSON had a holding in Newtwonhamilton noted in Griffiths.

5 Jan 1839

Freeduff Parish Register:

James JACKSON son of Richard JACKSON & Sarah McKEE his wife of this congregation to Fanny daughter of [blank] McComb____? [blank] his wife of the congregation of Covenanters at Bellilane. Present at ceremony John McNEELY & John JOHNSTON.

Going from other references, I presume this Richard JACKSON is of Tullyvallen

8 Sep 1839

William JACKSON b. 8 Sep 1839, Tullyvallen, Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh, d. 6 Mar 1917, Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada. Son of William JACKSON (1819-1880) and Isabella McLENAN. William JACKSON was born in Tullyvallen, and died in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada. SEE: 2021 John JACKSON of Carlow & Wicklow NOTE: Many members of this family moved to Lanark, Ontario, Canada.


10 Oct 1839

Belfast Newsletter:

On the 27th ult by the Rev. S.G. Morrison, Minister of the Congregational Church, Armagh, Mr. Richard Jackson, Tullyvallen, Newtownhamilton to Mary eldest daughter of the late Mr. Edward Wallace, Drumgaw, Armagh. BNL Sep 10 1839.


27 Jan 1840

Freeduff Parish Register:

Archibald BIGGAM of the Congregation of Clarkson son of Samuel BIGGAM & Mary BUTTER to Sarah JACKSON daughter of Richard JACKSON & Sarah McKEE his wife of this congregation. Present John JACKSON, William WALLACE & Edward WALLACE.

Going from other references, I presume this Richard JACKSON is of Tullyvallen

12 May 1840

Freeduff Parish Register:

John JACKSON & Agnes McLEAN had a son William baptised


27 Nov 1840

Freeduff Parish Register:

Richard JACKSON & Mary WALLACE had a daughter Jane baptised


7 Dec 1840

Creggan Parish register

Creggan burial of John JACKSON, age 36 (hence b. 1804)


27Oct 1842

Freeduff Parish Register:

Richard JACKSON & Mary WALLACE had a son Richard born


9 Feb 1843


Freeduff Parish Register:

Edward WALLACE a member of the Independent Congregation of Armagh son of the late Jas WALLACE married to Eliza daughter to Richard JACKSON of this congregation and Sarah McKEE (or McKEEN) his late wife of Tullyvallen. WITNESS John JACKSON. William NELSON


14 Sept 1843

Freeduff Parish Register:

John JACKSON & Agnes McLEAN had a daughter Sarah baptised


2 Dec 1843


To be sold,

In the County Armagh,

THAT part of TULLYVALLEN, containing 36 acres and two roods, late Irish measure, within a quarter of a mile of Newtonhamilton, and held by lease for three lives, renewable forever, at a small yearly rent. These lands are used as Town-Parks, by solvent and respectable tenants.

Also to be sold, A GROUND RENT of £15 PER YEAR, arising out of HOUSES IN NEWTONHAMILTON, held under a similar lease. The whole producing a clear well-paid Profit -- Rent of £71 per year. For further particulars, as to title, etc., apply to WILLIAM BARKER, Esq., solicitor, Armagh; or, WILLIAM REED, Esq., Ballymoyer. Dated 16th of October, 1843.


3 Feb 1844

Freeduff Parish Register:

Edward WALLACE & Elizabeth JACKSON had a daughter Sarah baptised. They were now ”Of Lisnadill”


Nov 1844

Settling of accounts of the late A.C. BRADFORD mentions balance of the rents of Dungooley & Tullyvallen. Much of the note is illegible, hence I have not yet transcribed it in full.





- 258.8.2






30 Aug 1845

Freeduff Parish Register:

John JACKSON & Agnes McLEAN had a son James baptised


7 Dec 1842

Anne Jane DONALDSON daughter of Alexander DONALDSON of Tullyvallen married Richard HENRY

This would have been the Alexander DONALDSON (1765-1834) whose son, John DONALDSON (1818-1854) married Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON (1817-1900)

26 Mar 1847

Will of Andrew Coulter BRADFORD:

my one undivided Moiety of the lands of Tullyvallen


Sept 1850

On the night of the 16th instant a comfortable farmer, named RAFFERTY residing at Tullyvallen was waylaid and beat, after the rockite intimidation fashion.SOURCE: Newry Telegraph, September 24.


1 Nov 1854

Letters of Administration of the Personal estate of John Donaldson late of Tullyvallen in the County of Armagh deceased who died 1 November 1854 at same place were granted at Armagh to Elizabeth Donaldson of Tullyvallen aforesaid (Newtownhamilton) the Widow of said deceased.

Elizabeth DONALDSON was born Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON


Griffiths Valuation was completed for Armagh in 1864: An Anne JACKSON is the lessor of two modest buildings and the occupier of one piece of land amounting to 9 acres.

Rev Daniel Gunn BROWN[E] – house valued at £6.0.0. as well as 30 acres of land rented from reps of John REID. Note this was near the more substantial holdings of Rev. CROSSLE. Alexander STITT is in the town of Newtownhamilton living in buildings valued at £24.0.0 and also owning buildings valued at £16.0.0 which he leased out to Michael MARKEY.

Ellen DONALDSON leased building(s) valued at £19.5.0 on 13 Newry Street. Likely the Ellen DONALDSON who lived 1816-1888. She also leased two properties neighbouring one owned by Alexander STITT. A James JACKSON was also on the same street.

p 69 Anne JACKSON leased one holding [#369] from Rev. Alexander H. SYNGE: 5 perches valued at 3.15.0 (NOTE: Why was the value of this land so high when the acreage was so small?) Anne JACKSON also held title to two adjacent buildings (likely small cottages): 369a valued at 0.15.0 leased to Peter DUFF and 369b valued at 0.10.0 leased to Bridget MALEW. NOTE: On page 55 of the Revision Valuation Books 1864-1876, the name of Anne JACKSON was struck off. James WARRINGTON assumed the house and land leased from Rev. Alexander SYNGE (it would seem to be in 1867). The land included 9.0.5a valued at 3.15.0, and the value of 1.0.0 for a house was added making the total value 4.15.0.

Anne JACKSON's holding at Tullyvallen

Rev. Daniel Gunn BROWNE is included at this time, as is Elizabeth DONALDSON. Other family names of interest: Hugh, John & Robert BAILLIE; Elizabeth DONALDSON; George, John & William McCULLAGH; John S. McLOUGHLIN; PEPPER; Alexander STITT;

1865 Jan 7 Anne JACKSON (1810-1865) died age 55 after 10 months of phsisis. Her son W. JACKSON was present at her death in Tullyvallen. There is no record of her burial at either Freeduff or at Creggan. She is a perfect fit with the Anne JACKSON in Griffiths valuation above. Also, W. JACKSON is an intriguing match for a J.W. JACKSON who wrote a letter in 1900 to his "cousin" Thomas JACKSON. In a letter from 1893, Eliza Jackson, the mother of Sir Thomas Jackson says: I had another letter from England. John W. Jackson’s foot is not yet so well that he can wear a boot. I sent him the remaining two pounds today. On Dec 22, 1876, a John William JACKSON married a Sophia SHEKLETON in the Dundalk Parish Church. He was a saddler and his father was a John JACKSON. He is very unlikely to be the son of Anne.
1865 Jun 2 Death of Susannah ROWLAND, age 86, widow of farmer. Son Thomas, occupier of home at Tullyvallen. SOURCE: Death cert.  
17 Apr 1867 Tullyvallen SOURCE: Freeman Journal

20 Oct 1887

The Will of John Donaldson late of Tullyhumphrey County Monaghan Farmer who died 20 October 1887 at same place was proved at Armagh by Mary Bailie of Tullyvallen County Armagh Widow the Surviving Executor.


5 Aug 1892

The Will of Charlotte Bailie late of Tullyvallen County Armagh Widow who died 5 August 1892 at same place was proved at Armagh by David Donaldson and James Meeke both of Tullyvallen Farmers the Executors.


20 May 1896

In a letter of 1896, May 20, Eliza JACKSON writes to Thomas JACKSON: Derryvalley & Tullyvallen being a joint property are in the hands of the Receiver who has been appointed over Sam’s property; but eventually I am told, we will get our share.


19 Mar 1902
Interesting that the case dragged on for so long.


Bagnels Castle Project

Rental and particulars

In the High Court of Justice in Ireland, Chancery Division, (Land Judges) in the matter of the estate of Alexander Hamilton Synge, owner and ex parte George Christopher Lawder, petitioner, the sale, by auction, of the rental and particulars of part of the lands of Tullyvallin otherwise Tullyvallen, containing 965a. 3r. 1p., statute measure and part of the lands of Tullynavall, containing 16a. 0r. 35p., statute measure, both situate in the Barony of Upper Fews, county Armagh. Includes surnames McConnell, Tierney, Hamilton, Callan, Connell, Runcie, Logue, Quinn, Kerly, Byrne, Cooke, Pretson, Sinton, Maclean, Black, Mulligan, Douglas, McMath, Stitt, Morris, McFerran, Morrison, McCage, Shaw, Palmer, Babe, McCaffery, Synge, McClean, Maguire, Wright, Kennedy, McMurry, Garland, Pollock, McCamon, Simpson, Oliver, McCardal, Aull, Kelly, Pepper, Kearney, Kilpatrick, Well, Carraher, Mallon, Fitzgerald, Boyd, Patton, Jenkins, Porter, Marshall, Tell, Swanzy, Bailie, Reid, Hughes, McAnlisse, Mathews, Reed, Ballard, Gass, Corbett, Wiles, Lennon, Ard, Carroll, Mackin, Kincaid, McBirnie, McWillie, Cooke, Lowry, McMerdy, Couser, McCombe, Milligan, Donaldson, Mulhollan, Melvin, Cowan, Copeland, Callaghan, McCullagh, Gilmer, Charlton, Bradford, McGowan, McAnlis, Read, Murphy and Bond. Includes maps of properties.


22 Feb 1921

Letter from William REID to Mary GRIFFIN about annuities being paid on Dungooley & Tullyvallen.


24 Feb 1921

Letter from Bessie BROWN to Mary GRIFFIN re: Dungooley & Tullyvallen.



[1] Parish Maps of Ireland.  Compiled by the Derry Youth and Community Workshop under the direction of Brian Mitchell



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