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Following the JACKSON leases in the Barony of the Fewswill likely be a key to several unanswered questions. It came out in court case concerning the murder of George M’Clean on Dec 4, 1846 that a long lease held by Eliza JACKSON was cancelled: One cause assigned for the murder is that Mrs. Jackson was dispossessed of a large farm a few days ago, on the expiration of a long lease, and part of the lands were given to one Middleton, bailiff to the property, and who is nephew to the deceased . Since we do not know which lease it might have been, all are worth investigating. The ones that I know about so far include: Urcher, and Liscalgot in the parish of Creggan; Tulleyagallaghan, Cashel, Ummerinvore, and Tullyvallen in the parish of Newtownhamilton.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 22, 2013
Updated December 5, 2013 - a dozen new entries and more hyperlinks added.


Leases owned by JACKSONs of Urker & Liscalgot (also references in news and letters to their properties,)


Date of lease





Orhor aka Urker

Liscalgahet aka Liscalgot

Lt. Ball dividend


1768 Nov 1


A deed from 1830 Sept 2 refers to a lease of 1770 Apr 1 from John JOHNSTON to George JACKSON and David JACKSON both of Liscalgot of 42 acres in Liscalgot for 31 years from 1768 Nov 1


1770 Apr 1


A deed from 1830 Sept 2 refers to a lease of 1770 Apr 1 from John JOHNSTON to George JACKSON and David JACKSON both of Liscalgot of 42 acres in Liscalgot for 31 years from 1768 Nov 1


1770 Apr 9


Indenture: John Johnston leased to Jacksons “All that and those the part or parcell of the Lands of Liscalgot aforesaid bounded on the south by Claranagh On the west by Drummuck and part of Liscalgot On the North by the Charter Lands


1775 Aug 1

Tullyallen, & Moybane Co. Armagh

1775 Will of Andrew COULTER. This is of interest because of JACKSON connections to these townlands as well as to the COULTERs.


1782 Jul 30

Of Creggane (only money mentioned)

Will of George JACKSON. Thomas BALL witnessed the will.



Only money mentioned

Will of John BRADFORD. His daughter Margaret JACKSON received £50


1787 Jul 9

Tullyagomore, (bordered by Tulleyagallaghan and  Curromonon.

1787 July 9 Indenture David JACKSON and John BOHANNON. David Jackson of Liscalgot renting land of Tullyagomore. Term of 31 years. Dorsey & Ummericam are to the north-east of Urcher, and my hunch is that his land would be near the border of Dorsey & Tullynaval aka Tullinaval aka Drumill. NOTE: There was a Richard JACKSON of Tullyvallen,Parish of Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh in the 1776 religious census, and these two JACKSON lines seem related. SEE: Tullyvallen JACKSONs for other potential links. NOTE: Apparently, Dorsey, Ummericam and Tullyogallaghan  “are all listed as aliases for the one townland” SOURCE: The O'Neills of the Fews Tomás Ó Fiaich, Seanchas Ardmhacha: Journal of the Armagh Diocesan Historical Society, Vol. 7, No. 2 (1974), pp. 263-315




This is still the residence of David JACKSON. 1790 - Will of Martha COULTER.


1792 Feb 21


Indenture between Richard JOHNSTON of Shanrue & David JACKSON of Liscalgot. JOHNSTON had the land from a deed dated 1783 Aug 1 for 3 lives or 31 years. He transferred 44 acres + to David JACKSON for £80.


1796 Jan 13


Samuel Bradford’s Marriage agreement with Margaret HENRY. David Jackson of Liscalgot witnessed.


1796 Jan 23






Will of David JACKSON. He was still residing at Liscalgot and had leases to these lands. His will was unsigned. He died suddenly.


1796 Feb 13





David JACKSON died. Copy case with advice and opinion of Wm Saurin.


1799 Feb 16


This letter from solicitor and family member George JACKSON of Dublin is instructing his nephew, the teenage John JACKSON on how to proceed with Court challenges to his father's assets after his father's demise


1800 Aug 1

Urcher Charter Lands

Lease to John JACKSON (1780-1817) of Liscalgot from Thomas BALL of Cullyhanna – 29 acres 2 roods – for a 24 year term starting Nov 1, 1799. John was 20 years old – his father had died 4 years earlier.


1801 Jul 2

Urker & Liscalgot

Will of Elizabeth McCullagh of Derrivalley This was witnessed by an unknown Thomas JACKSON. She was the mother of the wife of John JACKSON of Urker & Liscalgot.


1811 Apr 24

Drummuck, Parish of Ballybay, Barony of Cremorne, Co. Monaghan

Elizabeth JACKSON nee McCULLAGH (1788-1880) – and presumably husband John JACKSON (1780-1817) likely their marriage settlement. Recited in sale  1860 May 26.




1815 Will of William DONALDSON witnessed by John JACKSON (1780-1817), husband of Elizabeth McCULLAGH


1817 Aug 11



1817 August 20 Inventory of the possessions of John JACKSON of Urker. John JACKSON died June 20, 1817 at the age of 37. He left three daughters and one son. His son David, who would become the father of Sir Thomas JACKSON, was three years old at the time. It is curious that the Baptismal registry at Creggan Church shows one daughter, Elizabeth Johanna JACKSON, being baptised on June 20, 1817 - the day of her father’s death. His wife was Elizabeth McCULLAGH. At Tullygallaghan he had cows, horses, fowl & geese worth £95.6.3.

His household goods. These indicate the kinds of furnishings that would go with a one story typical Irish cottage.


1826 Jul


I am obliged to call now on the Tenantry for the Rent. I got your farm surveyed again since I saw you that I might ascertain the arable land, the spent bog and the Fuel Bog – I find that there are 29a-2r in your arable and you were charged only for 20a-2r in the old lease – you will now be charged in the new lease for 29a-2r - & if you like to attach the spent bog – perhaps my Nephew may include it in the lease – but I can’t say – it contains 1a-1r-20p – so that I think if you pay the Landlord for 30 acres at 25 he may be satisfied & you then get 3a-20r over = If it was for my own child I would advise it - & therefore recommend it to you for Davy … The Turf in measurement contains 2a 1r=10p but I think you have not all this – the ___ter [Charter?] Land is 1a-1r= making in all 34a1r3Vp= which the map will show you




Tithe Applotments. Elizabeth Jackson was leasing from Thomas Prideaux BALL.


1829 Apr 28

Urker Lodge

TO BE LET, FOR SUCH TERM AS MAY BE AGREED UPON, the HOUSE OFFICES AND DESMESNE of URKER, together with from TEN to FORTY ACRES or more of LAND adjoining the premises. The house is in perfect repair, and fit for the immediate reception of a family, a sum of money having been lately expended upon it. The furniture is also in good order. Several dozen of choice OLD PORT and SHERRY may be had at a valuation. Urker Lodge is situated in the County Armagh, Barony of Upper Fews; distant 8 miles from Dundalk, five from Castleblaney, and seven from Carrickmacross; within a quarter of a mile of Crossmaglen; and a monthly fair and weekly market town, in a cheap and plentiful country, abounding with fuel and other advantages not generally met with.


1830 Sept 2


Indenture made 2nd Sept 1830 between James Johnston of Woodvale in the County of Armagh Esquire and William Johnston of Dundalk in the County of Louth Doctor of Medicine of the first part and Elizabeth Jackson of Urker in the County of Armagh Widow of the second part. Refers to a lease of 1770 Apr 1 from John JOHNSTON to George JACKSON and David JACKSON both of Liscalgot of 42 acres in Liscalgot for 31 years from 1768 Nov 1


1833 Feb 8


The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Friday, February 8, 1833; Issue 9981. On Saturday night, a party of the misguided peasantry entered a part of the townlands of Cloghog and Urker near Crossmaglen, County Armagh, and broke into several Protestants houses, beat and abused several of the inmates severely, and carried off four guns (two of them belonging to the yeomanry).


1834 Dec 5

Creggan Parish

Thomas P. BALL Esq. has undertaken to pay the Tithes of his large estate in the parish of Creggan, Diocese of Armagh to the Incumbent, and that he makes a present of it to all his tenantry, whether they hold their land under him by lease or otherwise.


1838 Feb 7

Aughnavilla aka

Aughabilla, Co. Leitrim

Marriage Agreement: David JACKSON & Eliza OLIVER. Witnessed by Andrew Coulter BRADFORD.


1847 Mar 26

Auchavackey  aka Rochdale, Co. Louth.

Cavananore & Drirsgooley , Co. Louth.

Tullyvallen , Co. Armagh

1847, March 26 Will of Andrew Coulter BRADFORD. Rents for up to 21 years to tenants other than his nephews: William OLIVER, David JACKSON & Andrew OLIVER - profits to pay the annual sum of Thirty Pounds by two equal payments on the said days and times and as aforesaid with respect to said first annuity of Fifty Pounds to Eliza JACKSON nee OLIVER … for the sole and separate use and on the sole and separate receipt of the said Eliza Jackson without her husband joining therein or being liable to his debts or engagements and as if she were sole and unmarried… & 30 pounds to each daughter … & 50 pounds to nephew Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON (NOTE: I am guessing he was a god son of ACB).


1849 August 27

Aughavilla, Co. Leitrim

1849 Aug 27.This is the only connection we have in terms of Memorials of "Deeds, Wills and soforth" relating David JACKSON to Aughavilla, Co. Leitrim.


1860 May 24

Drummuck, Parish of Ballybay, Barony of Cremorne, Co. Monaghan

Deed of Mortgage. Sold to Wm Henry OGLE by David JACKSON (1814-1889) for £350 and his mother Elizabeth JACKSON nee McCULLAGH (1788-1880) pd 10s. NOTE: David JACKSON is not found on the buying side of mortgages.


1860 May 26

Drummuck, Parish of Ballybay, Barony of Cremorne, Co. Monaghan

Jacksons Deed Poll 26 May 1860 reciting deed of 1796 July 1 & also reciting Indenture of Marriage Settlement 1811 Apr 24.


1867 June 28


1867 June 28– a mystery involving Elizabeth JACKSON of Fernglenn, Newtownhamilton – who is she? I believe that this may be Elizabeth JACKSON (1788-1880) The clue was in the death notice of William R. BROWNE (1841-1862) The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Friday, April 18, 1862;Issue 15254. Brown - April 12, at Newry, Mr. Wm. R. Brown, eldest son of the Rev.D. G. Brown, Fernglen, Newtownhamilton, aged 21 years. I suspect she was residing with her daughter, Margaret JACKSON, wife of Daniel Gunn BROWNE.


1871 Dec 18


Assorted documents.


1873 Oct 11


William OLIVER will probate 1873


1875 Mar 17

Maghery Kilcranny

1875 Court Case between the infant Mary MENARY versus William Robert FERRIS,  David JACKSON, Samuel MENARY, &  Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON Why Mary MENARY's grandfather David JACKSON and her maternal uncle Andrew Coulter Bradford JACKSON as well as her paternal uncle Samuel MENARY would join in the suit against her, is not at all clear


1875 Apr 24


1875 Court case between William COUSER & Andrew OLIVER, Mary Jane OLIVER, Andrew JACKSON & dependents


1875 Nov 10

Drummuck, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan

1875 November 10 - Will of Mary Jane OLIVER. Bequests to various Oliver-Jackson-Reid-McCullagh-Norris family members. Sir Thomas JACKSON was designated to be responsible for "legatee and devises".


1876 Feb 18


Samuel BRADFORD Agreement. This document was drawn up as a tool to indemnify the trustees of Andrew Coulter Bradford's will against potential litigation by the beneficiaries (Thomas Jackson was their representative) after the trustees (including Thomas McCULLAGH - in a controversial decision) leased parts of Cavananore and Annaghvacky to Samuel BRADFORD of Carnbeg.


1877 Apr 28


In a letter from James McCullagh, Derryvalley, to Sarah McCullagh 28 April 1877 "I hope J. Jackson has got a mud wall to bring his bride to for I think they would fight like cats at Urker with so many she's in it."


1880 Mar 18


1880 March 18th Auction of Drummuck & Ednafirkin NAMES: John Wallace McCULLAGH (1840-1894); Joseph DICKIE; James McCULLAGH (d. 1865); Thomas Coulter DICKIE (1837-1908); Eliza McCULLAGH nee WALLACE (1809-1895); Thomas McCULLAGH (1843-1895); James McCULLAGH (d. 1892); Henry Aitkens Newell AITKENS; James HAMILTON; Thomas HAMILTON; David LYSTER; William BROWN; James BROWN. TOWNLANDS: Drummuck & Ednafirkin, Co. Monaghan.


1887 Nov 29


Letter from Eliza JACKSON. There has been word of late about the purchase of Urker; but sooner or later it will probably be sold, as there is a great difficulty in getting any rent. It would not do for us to seem anxious about the purchase; if so, they would want two prices. [My NOTE: The lease was held in 1856 by Thomas P. BALL and likely still was.


1888 May 4



Will of David JACKSON. The assets were to go to support his widow, and after her death to be managed by son David, and should he die (he did – in 1903), then son Sir Thomas. JACKSON. “and it is my wish should my son Thomas Jackson succeed to my farms and other property under and by virtue of the device and bequest over in his favour declared by this my will that he should make some provision thereat his discretion for my grandson Francis Jackson son of my deceased son John Jackson.


1898 Feb 25



1898 Samuel BRADFORD Land Case This concerns lands of Cavananore & Annaghavackey - a case with implications started a hundred years or more before and involving several BRADFORDS & JACKSONS in the dispute.


1900 Oct 31



Sportsman’s Hall





Dowdall’s Hill

In the matter of the Estate of Samuel BRADFORD, owner and Petitioner, In the matter of the Estate of Thomas JACKSON, Representative of the Residual Legaties named in the Will of Andrew BRADFORD, Deceased, - Owner of Land And in the Matter of the Partition Acts 1868 and 1876.


1902 Aug 27

Annaghavacky aka Rochdale


REID to JACKSON. Sir Thomas JACKSON bought out all the other family members who had claims that resulting from the will of Andrew Coulter Bradford in 1847.


1905 Mar 23

Annaghavacky aka Rochdale




Will of Sir Thomas JACKSON. It was probated Mar3, 1916.



Annaghavacky aka Rochdale




List of lands owned by Sir Thomas JACKSON. I am assuming that the list was written about 1915. This list of lands had to have been prepared after 1903 (when Sir Thomas Jackson became a Baronet) and before or shortly after his death in 1915. It may have been a list prepared at the time of his will probate. We also know that he owned the Cavananore lands at least by the time of the 1901 census and likely (judging from mentions in family correspondence) as early as 1892. In all, there are about 450 acres of land


1931 Feb 25




Parliamentary Debate: Acquisition of Louth Estates NOTE: Patrick O’ROURKE has 152 acres which adds up to about the same as listed in the 1915 (date a conjecture) listing of properties owned by Sir Thomas JACKSON:





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