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Robberies. NAMES: Mrs. JACKSON of Forkhill AKA Nicola Ann Cecil HAMILTON; Mrs. BAILEY AKA BAILIE of Clonaleenan; John BAILEY AKA BAILIE; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Owen McMAHON.
Sharon Oddie Brown. February 22, 2013.


1793 January 28. Gordon's Chronicles. Newry.


Dear Sir,

I was misinformed relative to Mrs. Jackson's house[1] being robbed of arms; but every other intelligence I sent you was true -- since which, on Friday night last, the houses of Mrs. Bailey[2] of Clonaleenan, Mr. John Bailey[3], and Mr. Robert Dickie[4], robbed of their arms; they fired several shots into the two last houses and did much damage; many other houses have been attacked after having given up their arms -- the house of Owen M’Mahon[5], Esq. at Aniskene[6], was attacked, the robbers demanded his fire arms, he complied, and let out every gun he had, but they insisted he had more; he opened the door for them to search, when two of the robbers presented each a gun to his breast, and demand his money, and swore if he refused, they would kill him; they robbed him of forty guineas and some silver.


Yesterday I saw a letter from a gentleman near Kells, giving an account of a number of gentlemen joining a company of foot near Baileyborough, and completely routing 400 of these bandits, leaving 31 dead and mortally wounded; after which they surprised a Captain of this gang and 8 men in a house -- they refused to surrender, and kept up a brisk fire until every man of them was killed. -- The gentleman who wrote the letter was himself in the action.

[1] Mrs. JACKSON of Forkhill. The widow of Richard JACKSON (1722-1787) of Forkhill Lodge. She was Nicola Ann Cecil HAMILTON. She died abt 1804. He was the Richard JACKSON of the Forkhill Trusts. They had no children.

[2] Mrs. BAILEY aka BAILIE. NOTE: John BAILIE of Clonaleenan (1692-177) was married to Dorothy SMITH, but I do not know when she died. It cold also be a wife of one of their sons. There are gaps in what little I know.

[3] John BAILEY aka BAILIE (1730-1810). His wife Ann survived him.

[4] Robert DICKIE (1740-1825) of Clonaleenan, husband of Mary REID (1744-1827), and father of 9 children. Clonaleenan was the family home until it was sold in 1927,

[5] Owen M’MAHON

[6] Aneskene?



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