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Richard JACKSON (abt 1626-1679) was one of the early Quaker JACKSONs in Ireland. It is said that he served as a soldier in the Parliamentary Army in England before emigrating to Ireland. His descendants include Stonewall JACKSON aka Thomas Jonathon JACKSON. This tree is also included in the Quaker JACKSON tree. The most up-to-date version will always be included in my Rootsweb tree.
Sharon Oddie Brown. February 20, 2017.
Update: November 22, 2017. A major error has been corrected. All references to Killynure in Saintfield, Co. Down have been removed. The townland was actually in Queens Co., which makes much more sense. SEE: Image 89 ROD 50-160-32424. Articles of Agreement btw Isaac SHARP Esq. of America and John DUFFIELD of Kinco [Kincora ?] Kings Co. re: lands of Killinure. WITNESS: Thomas JACKSON of Killenure, Queens Co. NOTE: There are two townlands of Killinure in Queens Co.: Killinure in Parish of Lea (southwest of Monesterevin), Barony of Portnahinch & Killinure Parish of Offerlane, Barony of Upperwoods is further southwest of Monesterevin & further southwest of Mountmellick

The Irish Ancestor, Vol IX No. 2 1977 p 60 NOTE: This is the Killinure of Queens Co.
Killinure by Thomas Jackson and his second wife Dorothy: Jackson was a Quaker from Co. Down who had been living at Mountmellick. Jackson children were born at Killinure between 1692 and 1700, and Anthony's will of 1706 mentions Thomas Jackson as the lessee of Killinure. Jackson died there on 15th June 1716 aged 60, as did a son of his in 1717, in which year a daughter of his was married from there. One John Jackson, possibly either a son or brother of Thomas, died at Killinure on 6th August 1715 (will proved at Ossory 1717), and John's widow Joan died there in 1728: three of their daughters were married from there, Catherine in 1722, Abigail in 1726 and Alice in 1732, after which the association of the Jacksons with Killinure appears to have ceased

Local tradition holds that there was an "Elizabethan" house on the site of Roundwood. The 1659 "Census" shows Thomas Paul as titulado of Killinure with 24 English and 4 Irish inhabitants. Certainly there was a "mansion" on the lands when Anthony Sharp acquired them at the end of the 17th century. This must have been the house in which the Jacksons lived but it seems to have fallen into some disrepair between Thomas  Jackson's death in 1716 and 1725 when Anthony Sharp's son Isaac let the lands of  Killinure to John Duffield. gent, of Kincor, King's County "in the same manner as  Patrick Rafter and Garrett Ansloe had enjoyed them" (Reg. of Deeds 50 160 32424).  By this deed Isaac Sharp obliged himself and his heirs "to cover the dwelling house of Killenure with slates and to repair the chimney and to glaze the windows and to repair the stable, cowhouse and barn and to put the oat kiln and mills in repair." The present stable building with its steeply pitched roof is in the style favoured early in the 18th century and I believe that it dates from the renovations promised in1725. Traces of the mills have been found on the lands. 1 believe that the old mansion or dwelling house  the two-storey building, 47feet long by 17 feet deep with a massive central chimney,  standing at the back of the yard behind the present house. Its early brick floor was revealed when the wooden one was lifted in the course of restoration in the 1970s. The building has been mauled, having been used in the 19th century as an agent's dwelling and offices and later as a barn, but essentially it retains the characteristics of the long low  settlers' houses of 17th century Ireland. Prior to 1725 it was undoubtedly thatched, as the deed specifies to "cover. . . with slates" rather than to repair the slates.


JACKSONs of Little Eccleston incl Thomas Jonathon JACKSON aka Stonewall JACKSON


Richard and Anthony Jackson left England and went to live in Ireland, settling first at Carrickfergus in Antrim. There Richard met and married Margaret Keete. Anthony also married, but his wife's name is lost to history. Soon they met a man who helped cause a great change in their lives. William Edmundson, another Englishman, a recent convert to Quakerism, came to Ireland to visit his brother. Later he returned to make his home there. His ardent enthusiasm was contagious. The Jackson brothers, formerly Anglicans, or Presbyterians as some researchers say, came under his influence and accepted the simple belief that if people would be still and wait, it would not be long until god would speak to them directly instead of through a Priest.

A better opportunity seemed to beckon the Jacksons to Lurgan, in Armagh, so they moved there to live. By then several others had converted to Quakerism and meetings were held in various homes. William Edmundson's account of those days, credits himself, Richard Jackson and Anthony Jackson, and four others with founding the first Quaker Meeting in Ireland, dating it from 1654. The following year some of this first group moved to County Cavan and settled near the line which separated Ulster from Leinster. There they also started a Meeting. William Edmundson and Richard Jackson continued to move, zealously starting Quaker meetings where they went. Anthony Jackson remained in Cavan the rest of his life.

SOURCE: Katherine Hoagland Family Origins


1-Richard JACKSON b. Abt 1626, Eccleston, Lancashire, England, d. 7 Feb

  1679, Mountmellick, Parish Of Rosenallis, Queens County

 +Margaret KEETE b. Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, m. 1650, Carrickfergus,

  Co. Antrim, d. 20 Apr 1705

|--2-Sarah JACKSON b. 28 Jul 1651, Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim, Ireland, d. 1696

|   +Nicholas GRIBBLE b. Of Limerick

|  |--3-Mary GRIBBLE

|      +Mungo BEWLEY b. Of Edenderry, Kings County, Ireland

|--2-John JACKSON b. 2 Dec 1653, Lisburn, aka Listnagarvin, Parish of Blaris,

|    Barony Castlereagh Upper, Co. Down, d. 31 Mar 1715, Probably Killinure,

|    Queens Co, bur. 1715, buried Tineal Near Rosenallis

|   +Elizabeth EDGERTON m. 2 Mar 1680, par. John EDGERTON and Mary UNNAMED

|  |--3-Sarah JACKSON b. 1681, Ackragare, Queens County

|--2-Thomas JACKSON b. 30 Sep 1656, Clery, Co. Down, d. 15 Apr 1716, Killinure,

|   Queens Co., bur. Mountrath

|   +Hannah BEALE m. 29 Apr 1681, Mountmellick, Parish of Rosenallis, Queens

|    County, d. 18 Aug 1681, par. Thomas BEALE and Sarah UNNAMED

|   +Dorothy MASON b. Of Castledermott, Co. Kildare, Ireland, m. 24 Aug 1683,

|    Newgarden, Carlow, Leinster, Ireland, d. 22 Nov 1713, Probably Killinure,

|   Queens Co., par. John MASON and Dorothy UNNAMED

|  |--3-Hannah JACKSON b. 22 Jul 1687, Mountmellick, Parish Of Rosenallis,

|  |    Queens County

|  |--3-Mary JACKSON b. 14 Jul 1689, Mountmellick, Parish Of Rosenallis, Queens

|  |    County, d. 23 Dec 1717

|  |--3-Thomas JACKSON b. 21 Jun 1692, Killenure, Queens Co., d. Chester, Pennsylvania, America

|  |   +Ann LIGHTFOOT b. Of West Marlborough, England

|  |  |--4-Richard JACKSON

|  |  |--4-Isaac JACKSON b. Marlborough, Wiltshire, England, d. 1740

|  |  |   +Mary MILLER m. 11 Apr 1730, par. James MILLER and Unknown

|  |  |--4-John JACKSON b. Abt 1715, Coleraine, Londonderry, Ireland, d. 25 Sep

|  |  |    1801, Clarksburg, Harrison Co. West Virginia

|  |      +Elizabeth CUMMINS b. Between 8 Jan 1728 and 1729, London, England,

|  |       m. 4 Jul 1755, Cecil Co., Maryland, d. 1825, Clarksburg, Harrison

|  |       Co. West Virginia

|  |     |--5-George JACKSON b. 9 Jan 1757, Cecil Co., MD, d. 17 May 1831,

|  |     |    Zanesville, Muskingum., Co. OH

|  |     |   +Elizabeth BRAKE b. 22 Feb 1757, Prob Frederick Co., VA, m. 13 Nov

|  |     |    1776, d. 22 Mar 1812, Muskingum., Co. OH

|  |     |   +Nancy Richardson ADAMS b. 18 Apr 1780, m. 6 Nov 1814, Muskingum.,

|  |     |    Co. OH, d. 11 Oct 1841

|  |     |--5-Edward JACKSON Col. b. 1 Mar 1759, Near Moorefield, Hampshire

|  |     |    (Now Hardy) Co., WV, d. 25 Dec 1828, Jackson's Mill, Lewis Co.,

|  |     |    WV

|  |     |   +Mary HADDAN b. 15 May 1764, Possibly New Jersey, m. 13 Oct 1783,

|  |     |    d. 17 Apr 1796, Near Buckhannon, Wva

|  |     |  |--6-George Edward JACKSON

|  |     |  |--6-David Edward JACKSON

NOTE: The research which this placement in this tree was based on is most likely inaccurate.

|  |     |  |--6-Jonathon JACKSON b. 25 Sep 1790, Randolph Co. WV, d. 26 Mar

|  |     |  |    1826, Clarksburg, Harrison Co. West Virginia

|  |     |      +Unknown

|  |     |     |--7-Thomas Jonathon JACKSON aka Stonewall JACKSON b. 21 Jan 1824, Clarksburg, VA,

|  |     |     |    America, d. 10 May 1863, Guiney's Station, VA., America

|  |     |   +Elizabeth BRAKE

|  |     |--5-Henry JACKSON b. 1763

|  |     |--5-John JACKSON b. 1764, Prob Moorefield, Hampshire (Now Hardy) Co.,

|  |     |    WV, d. May 1845

|  |     |   +Rebecca HADDEN

|  |     |--5-Samuel JACKSON b. 1767, Howard's Lick, Hampshire (Now Hardy) Co.,

|  |     |    WV, d. 1842

|  |     |--5-Elizabeth JACKSON b. Between 1762 and 1767, Howard's Lick,

|  |     |    Hampshire (Now Hardy) Co., WV

|  |         +William WILKINSON


|  |--3-Dorothy JACKSON b. 22 Aug 1694, Killenure, Queens Co., d. 13 Jan 1731, Great Valley, East Cain,

|  |    Twp., Chester Co., PA, USA

|  |   +William PIM b. 15 Nov 1692, Lackah, Queens Co., Ireland, m. 2 Nov 1715,

|  |    d. 11 Oct 1751, East Cain, Twp., Chester Co., PA, USA

|  |--3-Sarah JACKSON b. 3 Mar 1697, Killenure, Queens Co.

|  |--3-Richard JACKSON b. 18 Jan 1700, Killenure, Queens Co, d. 11 Mar 1717, Killinure, Queens Co., bur. Near Rosenallis

|--2-Robert JACKSON b. 20 May 1659, Bally-Christell, Kings County or Co. Down.,

|    d. 27 Sep 1721

    +Hannah SCOTT m. 3 May 1681, d. 18 Sep 1720, par. Richard SCOTT and Isabel


   |--3-Rebecca JACKSON b. 8 Feb 1682, At Or Near Mountmellick

   |   +BOATE

   |--3-Rachel JACKSON b. 23 Mar 1684, d. 28 Apr 1686

   |--3-Richard JACKSON b. Between 13 Jan 1686 and 1687, d. 12 Apr 1716

   |   +Abigail PEACOCK m. 28 Feb 1715, Cumberland, par. George PEACOCK and

   |    Abigail UNNAMED

   |  |--4-George JACKSON b. 4 Dec 1715, Mountmellick, Parish Of Rosenallis,

   |  |    Queens County, d. 31 Jan 1716

   |--3-Thomas JACKSON b. 1 May 1689, d. 12 Nov 1690

   |--3-Nathaniel JACKSON b. 26 Jul 1692

   |   +Unknown

   |  |--4-Nathaniel JACKSON b. Of Mountmellick, d. Abt 1803

   |  |--4-Erasmus JACKSON

   |--3-Erasmus JACKSON b. 19 Mar 1695, d. 7 Jul 1759

   |--3-Hannah JACKSON b. Between 10 Jan 1697 and 1698

   |--3-Rachel JACKSON b. 5 Jul 1701

   |--3-Isaac JACKSON b. 30 Jul 1705, d. 9 Oct 1772

       +Mary WEBSTER m. 12 Apr 1741, d. 1756

      |--4-Robert JACKSON b. 11 Jan 1748, d. Feb 1793

      |--4-Rachel Maria JACKSON b. 31 May 1755, Meath St. Dublin, d. 10 Apr 1836




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