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There were several known Francis JACKSONs in Ireland in the mid to late 1600s. This chart is to help me to better identify them.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 20, 2021 Update March 21, 20201 A few more of my notes added. Update: March 29, 2021.


Mentions of Francis JACKSON in Indexes to Irish Court Records -compiled by Dr Francis Crosslé (1847-1910) and his son Philip Crosslé (1875-1953) in the late 19th century. The main focus of Dr. Francis Crosslé was on Newry and places nearby. His focus on JACKSONs was more far-ranging and included notes on many JACKSONs in counties in the south.
NOTE: The use of the abbreviation of "Ans" means that the suit was merely answered to in court. It does not indicate who was either the winner or the loser. The yellow highlighting is simply to help me to not lose track of what I want to stay focused on at the moment.



Notes: Index to Chancery Pleadings


Index to Chancery Pleadings 1665-1659

169a. Francis JACKSON, Roger JACKSON, John CONWAY, Alice his wife & Ellen JACKSON sister to said Francis JACKSON v. Abraham ALLEN. Bill 29 June 1658 Ans Jul 1658. NOTE: Possibly Roger JACKSON (1620-1694) of Lisburn. The Lisburn connection also suggests a connection to Mary E. JACKSON, widow of Michael JACKSON (d. bef 1709). SEE: Will of Mary E. JACKSON where there is also mention of Lord CONWAY aka Francis Seymour CONWAY.

p130a ffrancis JACKSON Gent v Sir Arthur CHICHESTER and James DOWDALL. Bill 13 Nov 1663 both on 26 Mar 1664 [?] 12 May 1664. SEE: Sir Arthur CHICHESTER thepeerage.com. His family is joined by marriage to the JACKSONs of Edderthorpe. This makes the Francis JACKSON (b 1610) who is a member of this family a possibility. He died 1668 at Hooten-Paynell, Yorkshire, England and was part of the JACKSONs of Edderthorpe, as was Sir Bradwardine JACKSON who held leases in Ireland and was a son of Sir John JACKSON (1653-1679) of Hickleton. This family had a family crest that included three sheldrakes as did the JACKSONs of Coleraine. NOTE: It is possible that Alice, wife of John CONROY was also a JACKSON.


Index to Chancery Pleadings 1667-1670

p95a Francesse JACKSON v George SANKEY, Edward FITZGERALD, Taige O’CORRUGAINE & Charles Bane CONNOR Bill 21 Jun 1669

NOTE: In the Down Survey, Lt. Col. William PUREFOY held 5 leases to lands in Kings Co. in 1670: Clonbullogue; Ballinowlart; Clonmel; Cloncant aka Clonebolge & Cloonemore; Ballydermot. All had been held previously by Thomas FITZGARRETT, the Catholic landowner in 1641. Captain Peter PUREFOY held 9 townlands which were grouped in two clusters. The northerly cluster had been held by Nicholas SANKEY and then by PUREFOY. The southern cluster by Charles CONNOR in 1641 and then by PUREFOY in joint ownership with Lord John KINGSTON & Ralph ROCKFORD. Thomas FITZGARRETT was the same Catholic landlord whose adjacent townland of Clonad was granted to Francis JACKSON. William PUREFOY (1584-1659) had a stepson George ABBOTT, but no surviving children of his own. His lands went to his nephew William PUREFOY.


Index to Chancery Pleadings 1667-1670

p15a Francis JACKSON v Wm PUREFOY, Edmond CONNOR and Richard JEWETT Bill 14 May 1670 Ans PUREFOY 18 May 1670 Ans CONNOR 18 May 1670. NOTE: In 1667 Francis JACKSON was granted the townland of Clonad in Kings Co. This townland was bordered by holdings of two William PUREFOYs. The two William PUREFOY’s were cousins.


Index to Chancery Pleadings 1672-1677

153a Francis JACKSON v Tymothy ARMISTAGE, James FITCHETT, Frances his wife, Anthony PRICE and William WARREN Bill 4/pens 1675. ALLAN [?] ARMSTRONG 15 Jun 1675 [?] ARMITAGE 11 Nov 1675 Further ans 4 Feb 1674 (1675?)

300a Frances JACKSON Robert & John HAMILTON Bill 24 Oct 1677 both ans 15 Nov 1677 Rep 6 May 1678


Index to Chancery Pleadings 1677-1682

206a Sarah SHORTE v Francis JACKSON & Dorcas his wife Bill 23 Dec 1680 no ans. NOTE: Francis JACKSON & Dorcas GREEN married 12 February 1676.  Betham Abstracts: Francis JACKSON of City of Dublin Gent & Dora [Dorcas] GREENE of the same widow dated 12 February 1676. He died abt 1680. Betham Abstracts:. Francis JACKSON of St. Patricks Close Gent 10 Dec 1680 18 June 1686 Wife Dorcas [GREENE] Daughter Jeane Son Nicholas. SEE: ROD: 2-44-250 Jan 11, 1708 are somehow connected to this family. Dorcas GREEN married Francis JACKSON in 1676, and the will of Francis JACKSON, a clothier, was probated in 1696. SOURCE: NA Ireland. Green Mss/III/I/p43. Doc # 27960. I do not yet know how it connects, and whether Francis JACKSON (?-abt 1696) may also be related to Michael JACKSON the clothier of nearby Pimlico. The land was described as: all those houses tanyards, backside gardens, backhouses, stables & Appurtenances held by George BLACKHALL on the south side of the Upper Comb in the Liberties of Thomas Court & Donore, Dublin,  containing breadth in the front 93 ft or thereabouts, in the rere.. and in depth to Mutton Lane of 312 ft… during natural lives of Dorcus JACKSON, wife of the late Francis JACKSON & Jane her daughter, wife of the said George [BLACKHALL] & Mary JACKSON grand daughter to the said Francis JACKSON. A map drawn in 1749 shows a portion of that parcel owned by a person named Vicars, possibly a son (William VICARS) of the Joyce JACKSON, daughter of Robert & Joyce, who married Jeremiah VICARS. None of the land is still held by JACKSONs. SEE: JACKSONs of Crooked Staff


Index to Chancery Pleadings 1682-1687

196a Francis JACKSON gent & Robert HOUSTONNE & James McCALLEN Bill 11 Nov 1685 both ans 5 Feb 1685 Rep 21 June 1686. NOTE: This fits with the probate of the will of Francis JACKSON husband of widow Dorcas GREEN.


Index to Chancery Pleadings 1687-1692

160a  Richard COLLINS v Francis JACKSON Bill 24 Jan 1690 Ans 30 Jan 1690 Rep 31 Mar 1691.


Index to Chancery Pleadings1692-1696

164b Hugh KELLY & Helen his wife v Charles ATTARIS[?] Francis JACKSON John MEAGHER Redmond WALKER Cisly BURTO[?] & Mary NOLAN Bill 30 Oct 1694 Ans Chanc 31 Jan 1694 Ans Charles ATKINS further ans  11 Jun 1695 Ref 12 Aug 1695

229b  John McNEMARRA Esq. Francis JACKSON Francis GORE & Jane GORE. Bill 15 May 1695 No Ans NOTE: Anne GORE (b. btw 1692-1701), daughter of Col. Francis GORE (1660/64-abt 1701) – a son of Sir Francis GORE (-1713) married a Richard JACKSON d btw 1737-1740. We do not yet know who the parents of Richard JACKSON were. Their son was Rev. William JACKSON (abt 1737-1795). This may be a clue to where to look for a link – once I can place Francis GORE & Jane GORE.


Index to Chancery Pleadings1692-1696

299b Francis JACKSON v William BUTLER & William FAIRCLOTH Bill 18 May 1696 No Ans

317b Darcus JACKSON v William BUTLER & William FAIRCLOTH Bill 20 July 1696 No Ans.




Index Chancery Bills 1722-24


alias CASTETOWN his wife, Sarah LEEDS, Anne LEEDS, Daniel JACKSON, Castletown JACKSON, Jane JACKSON, John JACKSON & Frances JACKSON all minors by their guardian & prochs sd John JACKSON & Ann his wife v William ALDRICH, Thomas MAGHER & William CROSSWAITE Bill 15. NOTE: At first, I had transcribed Frances JACKSON as Francis JACKSON. There is a dot over the 2nd last letter in the given forename. Also, I did have a James Francis JACKSON listed as a member of this family based on an entry in: Clergy of Dublin and Glendalough ed. W.J.R. Wallace, Ulster Historical Society, 2001. SEE: JACKSONs of Derbyshire, Berkshire, America & Dublin. I will double check this entry next time I can access this book. Francis JACKSON may have died before his father Rev John JACKSON (1688-1751). SEE ALSO: PRONI T1203/16. A Pedigree of the Jacksons of Clansagh near Santry, Co. Dublin complied by J. Golding from their wills and notes of the history of the Parish of Santry. 1899J Golding 2-3-99 [1899].


Index Exchequer Bills 1634-76

144a  Francis JACKSON v Edward BATEMAN Bill 8 sep 1675 No ans


Index Exchequer Bills 1634-76

200b Francis JACKSON v Robert HAMILTON & John HAMILTON Bill 6 Dec 1675 ans 7 Feb 1675

233a James RICHARDSON v Francis JACKSON, Robert HAMILTON John HAMILTON & Robert Mother Bill 15 Feb 1675 sevl ans etc.

Index Exchequer Bills 1676-80

115a  John HAMILTON v Francis JACKSON senior & Francis JACKSON junior Bill May 1678 Rep 20 Nov 1678


Index Exchequer Bills 1676-80

228b Gabriel [SWANWICK or LEVANWICK?] v Francis JACKSON & Sir William DOMVILLE Knight Bill 8 Nov 1679 sevl ans etc.


Index Exchequer Bills 1680-81

173b Francis JACKSON Esq. v Thomas YEADEN & John GIBBS Bill 11 June 1681 No ans.


Index Exchequer Bills1682-83

56b Francis JACKSON & Robert HAMILTON & John HAMILTON Bill 5 Oct 1682 Am both 14 Dec 1682 Rep 3 Nov 1683


Index Exchequer Bills 1684-85

186b  Francis JACKSON the elder & Francis JACKSON the younger v Edward JONES Thomas PARLER & James MOORE Bill 17 Aug 1685 No Ans


Index Exchequer Bills 1888-90

48a  Gabriel LEVANWICK v Francis JACKSON Bill 19 May 1688 No ans


Index Exchequer Bills 1684-85 NOTE: There two pg 148-9, one following the other.

61b  Robert HAMILTON & John HAMILTON gents v Francis JACKSON, James RICHARDSON, John READ & Robert MADDER. Bill 3 Nov 1684 No Ans


Index Exchequer Bills 1691-93

926.  Richard Bart v Francis JACKSON & Ann his wife Bill 22 May 1693. Ans 2 Nov 1693. NOTE: A Richard JACKSON (b 1635) married a Lydia RCHARDSON. He had a brother Francis JACKSON (1632-1670)

135  Francis JACKSON & Anne his wife v Richard Bart, Bill 15 Dec 1693 No Ans.


Index Exchequer Bills 1693-95

193b  William BERRY Esq v Francis JACKSON & Grace his wife Bill 1 Feb 1695 Ans both 10 Feb 1696 Ex 22 Feb 1696.



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