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NAMES: Nathaniel JACKSON of Mountmellick, Queens Co.; Rachel Maria JACKSON of Meath St., Dublin; Townley AHMUTY; William BRUNTON of Truck St (now Brabazon Ave); Leonard KITSON of Combe St.; Nathaniel JACKSON jr.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 7, 2-13.


Deed 489 34 305097

1794 March 21



To the Registrar appointed by act of Parliament for registering deeds conveyances and so forth. A memorial of indented deed of assignment bearing date the 21st day of March, 1794 made between Nathaniel Jackson[1] of Mountmellick in the Queens County Gent. of the first part and Rachel Maria Jackson[2] of Meath Street[3] in the County of the City of Dublin spinster of the other part whereby after reciting as therein is recited the said Nathanial Jackson for the consideration therein mentioned did grant bargain sale assign rebate and confirm unto the said Rachel Maria Jackson her heirs and assigns all that dwelling house Messuage or tenement Situate lying and being in the West side of Meath Street aforesaid, together with the backside and small Backhouse behind the same the said premises containing in breadth in the front 21’11” in breadth in the one 22’3” and in-depth on the [?] side 21’4” and on the south side 71 feet bounded on the South by Townley Ahmuty’s[4] holding on the North by the passage leading into the Meeting house[5], together with all the [?] [?] and appurtenances thereunto belonging in as large and ample manner as said premises were then held and enjoyed by the said Rachel Maria Jackson. To hold said premises with the appurtenances onto the said Rachel Maria Jackson during the [?] life and lives mentioned in the original lease of said premises and in said deed recited and also for and during the life and lives of every person that should thereafter be added thereto by virtue of a covenant for perpetual renewal in said recited deed of lease [?] [?] also to the yearly rent and considerations in said lease [?] mentioned which said deed and this Memorial are witness by William Brunton[6] of Truck Street[7] in the County of the city of Dublin Chandler and Leonard Kitson[8] of the Combe in the said County of the city of Dublin printer Nathanial Jackson Junior[9] seal. Signed and sealed in presence of William Brunton Leonard Kitson. The above name Leonard Kitson [?] maketh oath that he is a subscribing witness to the deed of which the above drafting is a Memorial and that he saw the same duly executed by the parties therein named and that he is likewise a subscribing witness to the above Memorial and saw the same duly executed by the above named Nathanial Jackson that the name Leonard Kitson subscribed to said deed and this Memorial is the deponent’s proper name and hand writing and that he [?] paid deed and this Memorial to John Moore Esquire register at or about 12 o’clock noon on the 2060 of March 1794. Leonard Kitson sworn before me that day of March 1794. John Moore deputy registrar.


NOTE: I have ordered a copy of A Dictionary of Members of the Dublin Book Trade 1550-1800. It tells the full story of many of the Quaker JACKSONs involved in the book trades in Dublin in the time period that is of interest to me. I have a hunch that some of the same foundries that forged the type for printing books such as Thomas Paine’s Rights of Man, were also used by Henry JACKSON of Ballybay to forge pike heads for the insurrection of 1798. It is worth noting that more editions of Paine's Rights of Man were published in Ireland than anywhere else in the English-speaking world. I am also reading Rev. William JACKSON’s Observations in answer to Mr. Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason. He wrote it while he was in prison facing charges of being a traitor because of his actions with the United Irishmen. These convergences of so many JACKSONs are intriguing.


[1] Nathaniel JACKSON (1692-?), and his family are in my Rootsweb Family Tree, and there are frequent Deeds references to them. Too many to mention. He was one of five children of Robert JACKSON (1659-1721) and Hannah SCOTT (?-1720). They were successful farmers in Rosnallis, Queens Co. He was an uncle of Rachel Maria JACKSON.

[2] Rachel Maria JACKSON (1755-1836), daughter of Robert JACKSON and Mary WEBSTER.

Her older brother, Robert JACKSON (1748-1793) was a printer, bookseller. Printer to the religious Society of Friends, Dublin. NGR Globe, Meath st. 1762-1793. He succeeded his father Isaac. His will dated3 Jul 1778 was proved 15 Feb 1793 with all stock to his sister Rachel Maria JACKSON, his executrix. His letters show an inquiring mind, with special and knowledgeable interest in astronomy.

She was a daughter of Isaac Jackson (d 1772) and Mary (d. 1756) and succeeded her brother Robert who d. Feb 1793. In 1771, before she was 16, “a young man in her father’s employment [Thomas Byrne?] succeeded in gaining her affections”; after a clandestine and illegal marriage her father sent her to relations in Mountmellick, Co. Laois, where she repented for 8 years (Memoranda of R.M. Jackson, compiled by M. Wright (Dublin, 1854), pp. iii-iv. [more details of her business interests follow] After her shakey start, she became a worthy Friend and in 1809 was “acknowledged a minister”. She died Apr 10, 1836. Succeeded by John Gough. SOURCE: A Dictionary of Members of the Dublin Book Trade 1550-1800:

[3] Meath Street.

[4] Townley AHMUTY SEE: Ahmuty Connections. It would seem that this one was a son of Townley ACHMUTY of Brianstown, and the family had significant connections with the STAPLES family. In 1786, he married Alicia HALE. It seems that he died 1786. The Bomford Family history indicates that he was a wine merchant.

[5] Quaker Meeting House.

[6] William BRUNTON. I know nothing about him, but will check out a Deed: 355-475-241759 between a Thomas JACKSON & BRUTON in this time frame. Thomas JACKSON married Isabel BRUNTON at St. Lukes, Dublin in 1775.

[7] Truck Street, Dublin. South of the Coomb was Truck Street, frequently written Struck Street, now Brabazon Street. The latter alternative name occurs as early as 1699 (p. 9). Crossing Mutton Lane, a continuation of this street was known as Cuckles (Cuckold's) Row. Also running south from the Coomb were Skinner's Alley and Fordhams Alley (now Coomb Street). SOURCE: The Register of St. Nicholas Without.

[8] Leonard KITSON

[9] Nathaniel JACKSON jr. (d. abt. 1803) was a son of Nathaniel JACKSON.



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