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1864 August 30. This letter is to Thomas Jackson on the day he left employment in Belfast at the Bank of Ireland. The letter follows a bit about the Belfast branch.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 20, 2014
NOTE: The letter is in a private family collection.


The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory of 1863-1864., p521, indicates that the Belfast branch of the Bank of Ireland was located at 22 Donegal Place in a new building. It had been erected in 1860 because of the needs of the expanding business of the bank:
The site does not admit of the building occupying a detached position, but the front which is of polished granite, and a highly appropriate conception forms an attractive feature in one of the most improving localities in Belfast
The agent was Edward GEOGHEGAN Esq. His wife was Hannah JOHNSTON, one of the members of the Johnstons of Woodvale. The sub agent R.S. CRAIG Esq, and the cashier was Henry K. REID. Of interest to me also is that George JOHNSTON was the agent of the Armagh branch, and I suspect he is the one that Thomas' younger brother, David JACKSON, trained under.The agent at Newry was Francis HORNER - HORNER being another name worth following in Hong Kong in the late 1800s, early 1900s. Currently, a branch of the Body Shop is located at 22 Donegal Place. It looks possible that this building is still the original 1860 Bank of Ireland building, but I have not confirmed that.
22 Donegal Pl.

Bank of Ireland,

Belfast, 30th Augt 1864


My dear Mr Jackson,

As your connexion with

the Bank is to terminate today I cannot

allow you to depart from us without expressing

to you the very high opinion which I

entertain of your conduct and character

as that been from close observation for

nearly five years.

It affords me the

greatest pleasure to say that during

That time I have not (as well as I can

recollect) had a single reason to find

fault with you & the manner in which

1864 Letter to TJ

you discharged your own duties & your

[readiness] at all times to [forward] the

[business] of the office & assist your fellow

labourers merited my highest approval.

I have no doubt that in your

new field of duty you will continue

as you have begun here & wherever

you may be placed I have no apprehension

that your steadiness & probity

will procure you many friends.

Wishing you every happiness

I remain

Very sincerely yours

E Geoghegan


Thos Jackson Esq.

Agra & Mastermans Bank


NOTE: Edward GEOGHEGAN died in Belfast on December 30, 1879, leaving effects under £12,000.

1864 letter to Thomas Jackson






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