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JACKSONs from Co. Cork - Will Probates. In time, I will match these up with deed records, BMDs, the 1801 census and other records. Several of them had connections, families and residences in other counties.
Sharon Oddie Brown. January 9, 2020
Updated January 30, 2020

JACKSONs in Will Probates for Co Cork


Cherry Jackson

19 Mar 



Cherry JACKSON effects under £800 late of Ahenesk, Co Cork d 19 Mar 1862 at Wiesbaden, Germany granted to Richard Beare TOOKER of Mardyke in said Co. for use and benefit of William Oliver JACKSON, the husband of deceased. SEE: Jacksons of Ahanesk

William Jackson

6 Jan 



31 January Letters of Administration of the personal estate of William Jackson late of Grand Parade in City of Cork Jeweller a Widower deceased were granted at Cork to Francis JACKSON of Patrick-street Cork Silver Smith and Jeweller the Son one of the next of kin of said deceased. Effects under £950. NOTE: Prob age 58 – I found no online death cert., only the registry.

Thomas Jackson

24 Aug 



Thomas JACKSON effects under £100 late of King St Cork d 24 Aug 1866 at same place proved by oath of Catherine JACKSON spinster, one of executors. NOTE: Prob age 65 – I found no online death cert., only the registry.

Eliza Jackson

11 Feb 



Eliza JACKSON effects under £200 late of Harbour-row Queenstown, Co. Cork spinster d 11 Feb 1867 at same place granted to William JACKSON of Sailor’s Home Queenstown aforesaid Seaman in Her Majesty’s Navy the brother and one of next of kin of deceased. NOTE: Possibly age 19 – I found no online death cert., only the registry.

Abigail Jackson

18 Mar 



Abigail JACKSON late of the Grand Parade, City Cork, widow d. 18 Mar 1867 at same place proved by Reuben Harvey JACKSON of the South Mall, City of Cork, Merchant & sole executor. SEE: JACKSONs of Co. Cork a subset of JACKSONs of Duddington. Abigail HARVEY was the mother of Reuben Harvey JACKSON.

George Jackson

15 Mar 



George JACKSON effects under £300 late of Glengarriff, Co. Cork, Land Steward d 15 Mar 1868 at same proved by oath of Anne JACKSON of Glengarriff, widow. NOTE: Prob age 68 – therefore b. 1800 - I found no online death cert., only the registry. I do not know who he is, but I am intrigued because Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915) had a daughter Dorothy who settled at Glengarriff.

Sophia Jackson

21 Dec 



23 January. The will (with one codicil) of Sophia Jackson formerly of Cork and late of Youghall Co. Cork Spinster who died 21 December 1874 at latter place was proved at Cork by the oath of Rev. Robert St. Leger Aldworth of Bride Park Ovens in Co. Cork, one of the executors. NOTE: Prob age 70 – I found no online death cert., only the registry.

John Bible Jackson

30 May 



22 January 1878. Letters of Administration of the personal estate of John Bible Jackson late of Queenstown Co. Cork Chief Officer of Ship Cambrian a bachelor who died 30 May 1875 at sea granted at Cork to Benjamin Garde of Queenstown Gentleman the attorney of Jane Daniel (Wife of William Jeremiah Daniel) the sister of the deceased. Effects under £100.

Francis Jackson

17 Apr 



2 April 1870. The Will (with one codicil) of Francis Jackson late of Sunday’s Well-road Printer deceased who died 17 April 1877 at same place was proved at Cork by the oath of Edward Cleborne of same place Merchant the surviving executor. Effects under £1000.

Thomas Jackson

16 Apr 



10 May 1883. Letters of Administration of the personal estate of Thomas Jackson late of Carrigaline Co. Cork Gentleman deceased who died 16 April 1883 to Jane Young (wife of David Henry Young Gentleman) of same place the daughter. Effects £370.

Warren Edward Rowland Jackson

22 Nov 



Warren Edward Rowland JACKSON effects £11,938 0s 4d late of Ahenesk, Co Cork, Esq d 22 Nov 1893 at same place. SEE: Jacksons of Ahanesk

Nathaniel Jackson

21 Feb 



Nathanial JACKSON formerly of Bandon and late of Gordon Villas Monkstown Co Cork retired Co surveyor d 21 Feb 1900 granted to Elizabeth JACKSON widow effects £1,095 5s. NOTE: Age 74, b. 1826.

Francis Jackson

31 May 



4 July 1905 Probate of will of Francis Jackson late of Brighton-Villas Gentleman who died 31 May 1905 at the South Infirmary granted at Cork to Jane Bird Jackson the widow. Effects: £6,971 19s 10d NOTE: Age 72, b. 1833.

Alexander Deane Jackson

18 Oct 



6 February 1908 Administration of estate of Alexander Deane Jackson late of Glenavon Rushbrooke Co. Cork Esq. who died 18 October 1907 granted at Cork to Fanny Louisa Jackson the Widow Effects £4,084 2s 3d. NOTE: Age 52, b. 1855. He was the proprietor of #4 Rock Villas.

Elias L Jackson

2 Oct 



30 November 1910. Administration of Elias L. Jackson late of Marina Terrace Cork Merchant who died 2 October 1910 granted at Cork to Sheila Jackson the widow Effects: £546 10s 0d






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