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NAMES: The bankruptcy of James OLIVER, son of Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh; James WALLACE & Sons.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 28, 2015


James Oliver 1825 Banrupt


1825 Feb 24 Dublin Evening Post


In the matter of James Oliver[1], a bankrupt.


TO be SOLD, before the commissioners in this matter, in the ROYAL EXCHANGE COFFEE ROOM, Dublin, at Three o’Clock in the afternoon, on SATURDAY, the 26th day of FEBRUARY, instant, pursuant to the Order of the High Court of Chancery in Ireland, all the Bankrupt’s Right, Title, and Interest, in and to that Dwelling-House, Office Houses, Yard, and Premises, situated on the East side of English Street[2], in the city of Armagh, with the Appurtenances as formerly occupied by the Bankrupt, held by lease for thirty-one years, from the first day of November, 1823, with Toties Quoties clause for Renewal, so often as a Renewal or a new lease may be obtained of said premises, among others from the See of Armagh, subject to the yearly rent of £40, and a certain proportion of Fine on Renewal.


Also the Bankrupt’s Right, Title and Interest, in and to an Annuity, or Annual Sum of £21, issuing and payable out of, and chargeable upon, certain lands in Lisluny[3], in the County of Armagh, now or late in the possession of Mr. Benjamin Oliver[4], for the Life of the Bankrupt.


A statement of title is posted in the Royal Exchange Coffee Room, and in the hands of James Wallace[5] and Sons, Agents to the Commission and Assignee from whom any further information may be had respecting same.


[1] James OLIVER, son of Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney.

[2] English Street lease was described in ROD: 790-345-534280 dated April 6. 1824 James OLIVER of City of Armagh Merchantformerly in possession of Messrs Hugh & Thomas QUINN. “with the office houses store houses lofts and yard containing in front 22 feet and from front to rear 152 feet with the passage of 9 feet wide in the lane leading from College St to the rear of the premeses [Description follows} .. also mention of an annuity out of townland of Lislooney then in possession of Benjamin OLIVER father of the said James OLIVER containing by estimation 46 acres & ? roods meared and bounded on the North by the great road leading from Tynan to Keady on the east by the townland of Delea & Lisheagh on the south by the townland of Beaghy and on the west by Tynan river

[3] Lislooney, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh. The OLIVERs leases there go back to about 1700s, starting with a William OLIVER.

[4] Benjamin OLIVER of Lisslooney.

[5] James WALLACE



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