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NAMES: Henry ARKWRIGHT of Dublin & Coleraine; Thomas JACKSON of Dublin & Coleraine; John REILLY, Brewer of Proper Lane aka Phapper lane aka Fapper Lane, Oxmantown, Dublin; Terrance REILLY; Whitfeld BOYNE; Michael DOYLE; Thomas COOK; William PARRY.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 5, 2016


ROD 16 540 12421 December 13, 1718.


NOTE: I had ordered a copy of this memorial in the hopes of seeing the signatures of Thomas JACKSON and hopefully also Richard JACKSON’s signature. I got skunked. Their signatures were not on this Memorial. There is circumstantial evidence that links this property to the holdings of their uncle Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706) In his December 5, 1705 will, he left properties to his nephews William JACKSON – who had died before this deed was registered, and Richard JACKSON.


A memorial of a deed indented bearing date the 13th day of December 1718 made between Henry Arkwright[1] of the city of Dublin Esquire of the one part, Thomas Jackson[2] of the same Esquire of the second part, and John Reilly[3] of the same gent of the third part, whereby the said Henry Arkwright for the consideration is therein mentioned has granted bargained sold and assigned unto the said John Reilly, all those Messuage or tenement wherein Terence Reilley[4] of the City of Dublin Brewer dwelt situate and being in Proper Lane[5]  in Oxmantowne[6] in the suburbs of the said city of Dublin, and all those Malthouses[7] and outhouses whatsoever lying and being in the Backsides of or adjoining to the said Messuage or tenement, and all Houses, Yards Gardens and Backsides Easements Commodities Advantages Hereditaments and Appurtenances whatsoever to the said Messuage appertaining and also all the Estate Right Title Interest Term of Years Property Claim and Amount whatsoever of him the said Henry Arkwright to the premises together with the deed of mortgage therein recited made by the said Terrence Reilly to the said Henry Arkwright, and also one obligation of the penalty of £600 for payment of £300 subject nevertheless to the covenants and conditions in the several recited indenture is mentioned. To hold premises with the Appurtenances unto the said John Reilly and his executors, administrators and assigns for and during all such term and estate, as he the said Henry Arkwright had or are to have therein, which said deed whereof this is a Memorial and is witnessed by Whitfeld Boyne[8] and Richard Jackson[9] of the city of Dublin Esquires and by Michael Doyle[10], clerk to Mr Thomas Cook[11] public notary in the said city. The above named Michael Doyle maketh oath that he saw the above named Henry Arkwright and Thomas Jackson duly execute the above mentioned deed whereof the above writing is a Memorial and that he also saw the above named John Reilly duly sign and seal the said Memorial, and that he this deponent is a subscribing witness to the said deed and memorial, and delivered the same to Mr William Parry[12] Deputy Register on the 18th day of December 1718 at or near four of the clock in the afternoon.

[1] Henry ARKRIGHT was a Collector of Dublin. In TGF Paterson notes on the will on the will of William JACKSON (1628-1688) father of Rose JACKSON (1668-1738), ARKRIGHT was described as being of Coleraine.

·       He was a subscriber to A Treatise of the Laws of Nature. He was also one of the signatories at the commission signed at Derry on July 12, 1689. SEE: Thomas Witherow’s Derry and Enniskillen in the year 1689.

·       He was an executor of Samuel JACKSON’s  December 5, 1705 will,

·       Also, A Henry ARKWRIGHT was a surveyor-general in the Hanoverian period (ie after 1714). Perhaps he was a son of this Henry ARKRIGHT.

    Benthams Abstracts: John JACKSON of Ballyaghy Co. Londonderry Gent. To Elizabeth FARQUHAR als JACKSON wife of John FARQUHAR the Relict - Dorothy ARKWRIGHT (wife of Henry ARKWRIGHT), Ann DOWLING [sic - DOWNING] (wife of Adam D), Elizabeth, Margaret, Alice & Martha JACKSON all the children. 6 Feb 1693. NOTE: Dorothy JACKSON, daughter of John JACKSON, was likely the wife of Henry ARKWRIGHT.

[2] Thomas JACKSON. There is more than one Thomas JACKSON who may have been a fit here, but the most likely one is Thomas JACKSON (1680-1751).

·       His parents were William JACKSON (1628-1688) and Susan BERESFORD (?-1706).

·       He married 1stly Margaret BERESFORD in 1715, and then a Jane (last name unknown). He had 3 children with Margaret and 1 with Jane.

·       He was a nephew of the Samuel JACKSON who had been an early investor in lands in Oxmantown, Dublin and nearby. Susan BERESFORD had died on the same day as Samuel JACKSON at Samuel’s house on Mary’s Lane, Dublin. Capt.

·       William JACKSON (1668-1712), of Coleraine had received several bequests from his uncle Samuel JACKSON’s December 5, 1705 will, but since he is now deceased, it would not be surprising for the bequest to flow to a younger brother, Thomas.

[3] John REILLY, a brewer of Dublin. For other Reilly deeds see: Research of Sarah Tanner..

[4] Terrance REILLY I am also interested in the fact that a Ter. REILLY served as one of the witnesses to the December 5, 1705 will of Samuel JACKSON

[5] Proper Lane in Oxmantown.

  • Also known as Phrapper or Frapper Lane. Phrapper-la. (King-str. N.) 1577. [Gilb. Cal. Dubl., ii. 548.] Also spelled Frapper-la. Now Beresford-str., qv. SOURCE: Dublin Street Names, Dated and Explained. Rev. C.T. M’Cready (Curate of S. Auden’s and minor Canon of S. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin) Hodges, Figgis, and Co., Dublin. 1892. p.80.
  • On contemporary maps, Beresford Street runs north-south, and intersects with Mary Lane, another of the JACKSON holdings, so I suspect it is in this ballpark.

SEE ALSO – Connected deeds and lands:

ROD-9-347-3798. Andrew BROWNE from email: Nicola Jennings [Darcy5]  September 17, 2008 – possible links to Josias BROWNE

Ann St & Frapper Lane: Andrew Browne. East side Frapper Lane, Dublin. Built two houses, a brew house, malt house etc. NOTE: Anne Street runs parallel to Beresford which used to be called Phraper Street.

ROD-18-337-9208. May 14 1717. Richard KNIGHT, Polterer of Dublin City, to Thomas JACKSON Esq., Dublin City, of lot & house on east side Phrapper lane in Oxmantowne in Dublin suburbs, 20' in breadth 90' in depth, bnd on north by holdings of Thomas BROWN, Esq. of Dublin City, on s.w. by holdings of Terrence REILY, Brewer, subj to redemption on repayment of £50+ int 15 Nov next. WITNESSES: Richard VINCENT, Gent of Dublin City; James CORRYN, Innkeeper of Dublin City; James SULLIVAN.

ROD: 36-270-22257 on December 14, 1722: For term of 50 years rent of £26. Witnessed Lewis JONES City of Dublin &  & John PURCELL now of the City of Corke Gent & William BARRY of City of Dublin Richard JACKSON to Farmer GLOVER of house wherein James ROBBINS lately dwelt on or near King Street in suburbs of Dublin city, with stable on east side built by Samuel JACKSON + lge garden on south side of house & stable, also tenement on east side of garden + liberty of egress & regress through passage from premises to King Street, as demised by Samuel JACKSON to James ROBBINS, from 29 Sept then next for 50 years at £26 ster rent. WITNESSES: Lewis JONES, Esq. of Dublin City; John PURECK, Gent, now of Cork City; William BARRY Scribe of Dublin City; John SMITH, Notary Public of Dublin City.

ROD: 8-59-1771 Jan 22, 1710.

STEPHENS-BUNBURY. NOTE: These are the same Thomas & Richard JACKSON as in ROD 16-540-12421

November 23 1710 (note Registry date of Jan 1710 is correct – old calendar) In the presence of Richard JACKSON and Thomas JACKSON of the City of Dublin Esq.  And John SHAW and Roger GAUGH of the said City Gents made between Walter STEPHENS of the City of Dublin Esq. And Thomas BUNBURY of Killerick in the County of Catherlough Esq.... demise of lands ... Mansion House at Littlecott... lands of Clogna...at Waltertown als Ballywalter... more lands... for 41 years to commence after the expiration of a lease made by Sir Richard STEPHENS late of Lincolns Inn Knight Dec’d to Benjamin BUNBURY late of Killerick in the County of Catherlough Esq. Dec’d bearing date the 8th day of June 1696... signed in presence of Thomas JACKSON & Thomas WICKSED.

JACKSON, Thomas City of Dublin. Lease of properties in By & Co Carlow, 41 years after the termination of the lease dated 8 Jun 1696 from Sir Richard STEPHENS late of Lincolns Inn to Benjamin BUNBURY late of Killerick, Co. Carlow, which will be 25 Mar 1716, £200 pa. Mention of Richard JACKSON. Will.  AnneChamney

ROD: 52-89-33668. Dec 30-31, 1726

BALL-JACKSON (Notes not transcript)

A memorial of indented Deeds of Lease and Release bearing date Respectively the thirtieth and  thirty first day of December: one thousand seven hundred and twenty six made and perfected between John BALL of Loghross, Co. Armagh, Esq. of 1st part & Thomas JACKSON of City of Dublin Esq. Of the other part. By which said deed and release the said John BALL for the consideration therein mentioned Did give grant bargain sell, Release & Confirm to Thomas JACKSON in his actual possession by virtue of the said lease all that tate of the old Castle of Creckstown & 106A 1R 34P of the land thereunto adjoining in the Barony of Ratbath, Co. Meath inders Rents Issues and Profitts of the same. To have and to hold the said premises with the appurtenances the said Thomas Jackson  and his heirs yielding and paying  therefore and thereout unto the said John BALL his heirs and issue for ever the yearly rent of five shillings sterling per acre for every of the said acres and after that rate for the said one Rod and thirty four perches in half yearly payment viz on every first day of May and November the first payment to be made on the First Day of May next ensuing the Date of  the said Deed of Release. Which said Deeds of Lease and Relelase were duly perfected on the said thirtieth and thirty first Days of December one thousand seven hundred and twenty six. . WITNESS: William CHURCH of Coleraine, Co. Londonderry, Gent; John DOWNING of City of Dublin, Gent; Henry ARKWRIGHT, City of Dublin.

NOTE: Lieut. Thomas Ball, of Fleetwood's Regt., , the father of John BALL, received grants of land in several counties of Ireland, which were confirmed under the Act of Settlement. In Crickstown, barony of Ratoath, he received "a mansion house, orchard, garden, and groves,''. They were same BALL family with leases at Urker and elsewhere in Creggan Parish.


[6] Oxmantowne. The area experienced a building boom that Samuel JACKSON (1641-1706) profited from. I do not yet know whether he participated in the initial auction, but he did buy properties in Oxmantown sometime  afterwards:

·       The latter part of the seventeenth and early eighteenth century was a period of considerable growth for the area. By 1660 Oxmantown became residential with wealthy people living around the Green. In 1664 a highway, Queen Street, and a major cattle market at Smithfield were established. These, coupled with the opening of the Royal Barracks (now Collins Barracks) to the west in 1704 ensured that area was a bustling district throughout the eighteenth century, filled with shops, markets, hotels and traders. SOURCE: The Reconstruction of Dublin.

·       In 1665, the Corporation of Dublin annexed part of the old Oxmantowne Green, divided the annexed land into lots, and auctioned them off to builders and such. In 1697. St. Paul’s Church was built on King Street.

[7] NOTE: In the mid-1800s, there was a brewery shown on maps on Beresford St. (aka Proper Lane) on the east side in the middle of the block just north of Mary’s Lane. There was also a brewery noted on Proper Lane in 1729. SOURCE: Dublin 1610-1756. Irish Historic Towns Atlas. No. 19..

[8] Whitfeld BOYNE.

[9] Richard JACKSON. There are a few Richard JACKSONs in this time, place and class, but I suspect he was Richard JACKSON (1673-1730), brother of Thomas JACKSON above.

  • He was the nephew who was living with his Uncle Samuel JACKSON in 1705 in Dublin.
  • According to TGF Paterson, he inherited the Kirkby Lonsdale Estate, as well as properties in Dublin that had been owned by his uncle Samuel
  • He married 2ndly Elizabeth BOYD, and their son, another Richard JACKSON (1722-1787) founded the Forkhill Trust.

[10] Michael DOYLE

[11] Thomas COOK

[12] William PARRY Deputy Register



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