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1775 June 11th Belfast Newsletter. NAMES: Major Thomas JOHNSTON; Angel WRAY; Henry JOHNSTON. PLACES: Camilly aka Camly; Plattin aka Coolford.
Sharon Oddie Brown. September 29, 2014.


1775 June 11 Belfast Newsletter

NOTE: Thanks to Kieran McConville and his "Big Book".


Counties of Armagh and Meath.

To be sold by auction at Dundalk, in the County of Louth, on Tuesday the first day of August next, (pursuant to the Will of Major Thomas Johnson[1], deceased) the interest in a lease for three lives, renewable for ever, of the lands at Camilly[2], situate in the Barony of Fews and County of Armagh, subject to the yearly rent of £14 and a fine of £4 pounds sterling on the fall of a life: -- these lands now produce a yearly profit of £84 or thereabouts, and on the determination of some leases will rise considerably. -- and at the same time and place, that the said Major Johnston’s interest in that part of the lands of Plattin called Coolford[3], and in a field in the liberties of Drogheda, called Blind Gate Field[4], will also will be also sold; the said last mentioned premises are situate in the County of Meath, and are held under lease for three lives, two of which are in being, and they produce the clear yearly profit rent of £24 or thereabouts. All the said lands are subject to annuity of £72 payable to the widow[5] of the said Major Johnston during her life, and to no other encumbrance. One fourth part of the purchase money to pay down, and the remainder on the execution of the deeds of conveyance. The title deeds are in the hands of Henry Johnston[6], Esq.; at Woodvale[7] near Dundalk, who will show them to any person inclined to purchase.

[1] Major Thomas JOHNSTON. Died abt 1765. He was the son of John JOHNSTON of Roxborough, Co. Armagh.

·        Registry of Deeds abstract of wills 1746 to 1785. No 355 Registry of Deeds abstract of wills 1746 to 1785. No 355 Johnston, Thomas, Dublin, major of the 56 regt of foot 4 Oct 1765 narrate 2pp 1765. His wife Angel, his son Jno Johnston, his son Henry Johnston, his brother in law, Adam Noble Longfield Co. Monaghan esq, his brother in law Jackson Wray Ballycastle Co. Antrim. and his brother John Johnston of Urcher Co. Armagh Esq trustees. His niece Elizabeth Johnston, Daughter of his brother Graham Johnston, the children of his sister Charity Shekelton, the children of his brother John Johnston. His estate of town and lands of Camilly, Co. Armagh, and Coofoord, Co Meath his dwelling house at Suffolk St Dublin, Witnesses Thos Benson, Dublin clerk, Stephen Reynolds, Dublin apothecary, John Wolverston gent Dublin Memorial witnessed by John Wolverston, Jno Hunter clerk to said John Wolverston. 241,183, 157946 Jackson Wray (seal)

[2] Camilly aka Camly, Parish of Newtownhamilton, Co.Armagh. NOTE: At time of Griffiths, a Thomas JOHNSTON leased 21 acres od Camly (McCullagh) fro Reps of John REID.

[3] Plattin called Coolford. This may be in the Parish of Tullyallen, Co. Louth. I am unsure.

[4] Blind Gate Field, Drogheda. Blind Gate was one of the 10 gates into the walled city of Drogheda. It was in the vicinity of Bachelor’s Lane and Constitution Hill.

[5] Angel WRAY (-aft1765). She was a daughter of Jackson WRAY & Leonora BOYD.

[6] Henry JOHNSTON. (-aft1765) Son of Major Thomas JACKSON

[7] Woodvale SEE: Jacksons of Woodvale.



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