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Attacks on homes. NAMES: C. JENNY; Simon BAILEY.
Sharon Oddie Brown. February 22, 2013


1793 January 17. Gordon's Chronicles. Newry.


We are sorry to hear that the County of Louth is in so alarming a situation, that the people of property in the country are preparing to leave it, by the many acts of violence lately committed; the burning of C. Jenny's[1] elegant house, the attacks made on many other gentlemen's dwellings, where various robberies have been committed; and on Tuesday night last the robbery committed in the house of Mr. Simon Bailey[2], near Dundalk, and the attempts to murder Mr. Bailey, whom the robbers met on his return from Dundalk, by file by firing a blunderbuss at his head, the balls of which passed through the crown of his hat, make life and property insecure; if there are not some speedy and effectual means used to rid that County of such barbarians ruffians, they may spread over the neighboring counties, and effect the worst of all possible evils -- nightly murders, repeating, and plunder.

[1] C. JENNY.

[2] Simon BAILEY was an innkeeper, his wife was named Hannah. He leased Moorland from the Earl of Clanbrassil in 1776. In 1785, he leased 27 acres of Balriggen known as Lime Farm in the Parish of Fughart, Co. Louth. SOURCE: The Roden Collection. NOTE: In 1801, there was a probate for a Simon BAILIE of Mount BAILIE, Townland of Carnmore, Co. Louth.



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