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Sharon Oddie Brown. February 10, 2013


1791 Aug 18 Freeman's Journal

On the 17th inst. the assizes here, which was held before the Right Hon. Mr. Justice Kelly, when the following persons were tried: - John Donaldson[1], a Preventing-officer of his Majesty's Revenue, was indicted for the murder of Thomas Martin[2], a boy under the age of fourteen years.
On the prosecution it appeared in evidence that the prisoner having received information, that a quantity of smuggled goods were at the port of Dundalk, he the prisoner called upon a party of the army, for his assistance; and on his way to the shore or strand of Dundalk, he was set upon and hooted at, by a number of small boys, who called him nick names - that the prisoner being enraged at such conduct, his passion overpowered his reason, and the result was, that he gave orders to the soldiers who accompanied him to fire, in consequence of which the deceased received a shot in the thigh of which he died.
The jury acquitted him of the murder, but found him guilty of manslaughter at large. The learned judge sentenced him to be burned in the hand and imprisoned for three months.


[1] John DONALDSON. There are a number of John DONALDSONs in the area. It is possible that this one was the John DONALDSON, son of Joseph DONALDSON & Anne HENRY. In his book, Account of the Barony of Upper Fews in the County of Armagh,  he mentions  being employed in public situations therein.  His book was published in 1838.

[2] Thomas MARTIN (abt. 1777-1791)



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