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Documents relating to Kings Co. aka Offaly - relating to JACKSONs and others.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 30, 2018 Updated Nov 14, 2020
SOURCE: Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland 1900.
For maps see: https://www.libraryireland.com/Atlas/Kings-Map.php
History: Seventeenth Century West Offaly. History Ireland. Mantion of O'CARROLLS & MOLLOYs
March 30, 2018
JACKSONs of Kings Co. probates - anotated with info from other sources.

May 13, 2019
Nov 21, 2020

Jacksons of Co. Longford, Dublin & Kings Co. A blog post on my blog site. The starting point for the Co. Longford Jacksons comes from Benthams Abstracts, where Richard Jackson was described as being of Tinenane, Co. Longford. April 4, 2019
Memorials of Deeds in Kings Co. There are several lines of JACKSONs in Kings Co. that I suspect will link to JACKSONs in Dublin as well as to JACKSONs in other counties such as Queens, Wicklow, Tipperary and Kildare. Likely others. Update: April 15, 2021 I added dozens of new deeds. Many, but not all, were for PUREFOYs.

Nov 14, 2020

Apr 15, 2021

Jacksons of Grange Kings Co. A blog post; Two brothers, Robert and Henry, got into a legal slug fest over land, and left documentary traces of the whole kafuffle. After this, it seems that Henry retreated east and set up a life for himself in Co. Wicklow. This is not unusual. Jackson families did not stay within carefully delineated County bounds. Apr 2012
Down Survey Maps. This project by Trinity is brilliant. Many of the old names are included and it is possible to look at the baronies in detail. Nov 18, 2020
1842 Kings Co. Officials. This record is of interest when it comes to tracking links between various JACKSONs because of the range of counties that these officials called home while serving in offices in Kings Co. aka Offaly. Also, several of these men had married into the JACKSONs of Kings Co. Others had married into JACKSONs of other counties. Nov. 21, 2020

PUREFOY family deeds. I started this page of deeds seeking to understand why a Capt. Francis JACKSON had been awarded the townland of Clonsast after 1641 and before 1670. This grant was unusual for a few reasons, but significantly, it was smack in the middle of a cluster of townlands awarded at about the same time to the Col William PUREFOY (1584-1659). Was there a connection between the two men or their families? So far: No. ... Sigh … My vain hope is that all this research may be useful to others.

Purefoy Family Tree: Basil, Peter & Arthur were brothers who were granted lands in Ireland after 1641, and their cousin Lt. Col. William PUREFOY (1584-1659) was also granted lands. He died sans issue and his lands went to William PUREFOY (1622-1699), a brother of Basil, Peter & Arthur.

April 15, 2021
FAMILY TREES with connections to Kings Co.  
JACKSONs of Ballyboy, Kings Co. aka Offaly This tree starts with an unnamed JACKSON born in the late 1600s who supposedly came from the North of Ireland. There are likely connections to other JACKSON trees where the DROUGHT family is mentioned, and also JACKSONs from Parsonstown aka Birr. . Many of the Jacksons in this line ended up in Canada. There is more than one line of JACKSONs that starts in the late 1600s in Ballyboy, Kings. Co. This tree incorporates material from some trees that have been shared by other JACKSON family researchers, as well as other material interpolated from deeds research and PRONI, and the National Archives in Dublin. There is much more to learn here. Updated:

Feb 22, 2016
April 24, 2021

Minchin Jackson family tree This tree is tantalizingly close to the tree of the Jacksons of Kings Co. I do not yet know whether it will tie in to other trees I have assembled thus far. The senior George JACKSON would have been born in the latter part of the 1600s, although where, I do not know. Keep tuned in. I will update as I learn more. The family crest included three eagles heads. Updated February 1, 2013 Feb 1, 2013
A Second line of Quaker JACKSONs in Kings Co. This tree starts with Nicholas Jackson of Seathwaite, Lancashire. His grandson John JACKSON was born 1703 in Ballinolarbin, King's Co., and a grand-daughter, Mary JACKSON, was born in Timahoe, Barony of Clane, Co. Kildare. They emigrated to America and intermarried with members of the previous Quaker tree from the same region. Updated: July 28, 2018 Jul 28, 2018
JACKSONs of Kings Co. - Seirkeiran. This particular line of JACKSONs is not the only JACKSON family to show up in Kings Co., and they may be related to other such lines. If anyone can help couple some of these together, I would be more than grateful. Updated: January 13, 2019. Jan 13, 2019
Jacksons of Ballygibbon, Co. Kildare NOTE: Ballygibbon is close to the parishes of Ardkill and Tomahoe, where there were JACKSONs in the early 1700s. A link is likely. It is also about 8 miles from Drehid, Co. Kildare where one line of the Quaker JACKSONs lived. Updated: July 29, 2018 Major update. Jul 29, 2019
One line of Jacksons from Tipperary, Kings Co & Co. Kildare. The oral history associated with this tree is that a Capt JACKSON of Ballyboy was granted lands by Cromwell and was granted a dwelling, farm and outhouses situated on the Silver River, nr Frankford (Kilcormac), Co Offaly (aka Kings County). He had served in Cromwell’s army along with a Major Whitford who was granted a mountain (Mountore) in Tipperary. This land is still in the hands of Whitfords. The first known generation of this tree begins with a Grace WHITFORD. She would likely be a descendant of that Major WHITFORD.  



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