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1842 Kings Co. Officials. This record is of interest when it comes to tracking links between various JACKSONs because of the range of counties that these men were based in while serving in offices in Kings Co. aka Offaly. Also, several of these men had married into the JACKSONs of Kings Co. Others had married into JACKSONs of other counties.

KINGS Co. officials in 1842

SOURCE: The Dublin Almanac and the Official Authority of Counties 1842 (The on line document is found under: The Gentleman’s and Citizen’s Almanac.) page 218



1821 .. .. 131,088



1831 .. .. 144,225



Sir ANDREW ARMSTRONG, bart. Gallen Priory, Ferbane.
The Hon. John CRAVEN WESTENRA, second son of Lord Rossmore, and brother to the member for Monaghan, a Captain and Lieutenant-Colonel in the Scots' Fusileer Guards, Sharavouge house, and Derrykeele, in this county; and 31 Park-street, Grosvenor-square, London.


WILLIAM, EARL OF Rosse, Birr Castle, Parsonstown.


GARRET O’Moore, esq. Cloghan Castle, Bapagher.

WILLIAM, EARL OF Rosse, Birr Castle, in this county.


The Earl of Digby, Geashill

Sir Andrew Armstrong, bart. Gallen Priory

The Earl of Charleville, Charleville Forest

Francis L. Dames, esq. Greenhills

Hon. Frederick Ponsonby, Cloghan

Abraham Fuller, esq. Clara

Lieutenant-Colonel Hardress Lloyd, Gloster

Benjamin Lucas, esq. Mount Lucas

Lt. Col. Henry Peisley L'Estrange, Moystown

Garret O’Moore, esq. Cloghan castle

William P. Vaughan, esq. Golden grove

John Head Drought, esq. Lettybrook

Wm. W. N. BARRON, esq. 60 Harcourt-street.



Arthur, Marquess of Downshire, Edenderry, and Hillsborough, county Down

John Warrenford Armstrong, esq. Ballycumber house, Clara

Charles William, Earl of Charleville, Charleville Forest, Tullamore

Major John Molloy, Strawberry hill, Cloghan

Benjamin, Baron Bloomfield, Laughton House, Moneygall

General Edward Dunne, Brittas, Clonaslee


Rich. Warburton, esq. Garryhinch, Portarlington

Rt. Hon. Frederick Ponsonby, Athgarven, New-bridge

Dominick William O'Reilly, esq. Kildangan castle, Monastereven

Hon. Francis A. Prittie, Corville, Roscrea

Francis Berry, esq. Tullamore

Hon. Laurence Parsons

Charles Bagot, esq. Kilcoursey, Clara, and Charlemont-place, Dublin

Hon. H.R.Westenra, M.P. Rossmore pk. Monaghan

William Henry Birch, esq. Birchgrove, Roscrea

Hon. John Craven Westenra, M.P. Sharavogue, Parsonstown

John Wetherelt, esq. Parsonstown

Sir William Cox, knt. Tinnicross, Tullamore, and Coolcliffe, county Wexford

William Wallace, esq. Tullamore

Abraham Fuller, esq. Woodfield, Clara

Rev. Skelton Gresson, Tinnymuck, Clara

John Wakeley, esq. Ballyburley, Edenderry

Thomas Murray, esq. Edenderry

Maunsell Andrews, esq. Firmount, Moneygall

Robert Lauder, esq. Moyclare, Ferbane.

Thomas Homan Mullock, esq. Bellair, Moate

Francis Longworth Dames, esq. Greenhills, Edenderry

Robert James Enaght Mooney, esq. Doon castle, Moate


Thomas Hobbs, esq. Barnaboy, Frankford

Thomas St. George Armstrong, esq. Garry castle, Banagher

John Tibeaudo, esq. Portnahinch, Emo

Richard Grattan, esq. Edenderry


John Armstrong, esq. Kilclare, Clara

Wm. Paisley Vaughan, esq. Goldengrove, Roscrea

John Head Drought, esą. Lettybrook, Kinnety

John Downing Nesbitt, esq. Tubberdaly, Edenderry, and Leixlip, county Dublin


John Wm. Tarleton, esq. Killeigh. Tullamore

William B. Buchanan, esq. Banagher


Captain Joseph Smith, Mount Butler, Roscrea

Barry Fox, esq. Annaghmore, Tullamore


Edward Sylvester Shawe, esq. Kilglass, Clonard, county Kildare

Alexander Andrews, esq. Screggan, Tullamore

Robert Cassidy, esq. Killyon, Parsonstown, and Monastereven, county Kildare

John Warburton, esq. Garryhinch, Portarlington

Dawson Hutchinson, esq. Mount Heaton, Roscrea

John Marsel Longworth Dames, esq. Portarlington

Amos Palmer Doolan, esq. Derry house, Shinrone

Daniel Molloy, esq. Clonbella, Parsonstown

Sandford Palmer, esq. Oakly park, Parsonstown

Andrew Stoney, esq. Frankford


Christopher Bannon, esq. Temora, Frankford

Sir Nicholas Fitzsimon, Broughall castle, Frankford

Daniel Manifold, esq. Cadamstown, Kinnety,

Charles Holmes, esy. Prospect, Moate


Francis Biddulph, esq. Rathrobbin, Parsonstown

Lieut. Col. Hardress Lloyd, Glo'ster, Shinrone

Wm. L'Estrange, esq. Kilcummen, Cloghan

Guy Atkinson, esq. Cangort, Shinrone

Torriano Francis L'Estrange, esq. Moorock

Richard Hammersley, esq. Curralanty, Shinrone

Henry Prittie, esq. Corville, Roscrea

Wm. Bigo Armstrong, esq. Castle Iver, Banagher

Hamilton English, esq. Eglish, Parsonstown

Benjamin Lucas, esq. Mount Lucas, Philipstown

Ralph Smith, esq. Clareen, Shinrone

Henry Trench, esq. Cangort park, Shinrone

Thomas Spunner, esq. Clyduff, Shinrone

Chidley Coote, esq. Portarlington

Valerio, Count Magawly, Temora, Frankford


Anthony Molloy, esq. Tullamore

George Atkinson, esq. Ashley park,Nenagh


Sir Andrew Armstrong, bart. Gallen Priory, Ferbane

Alfred Goodlate Richardson, esq. Rathbeg, Parsonstown

Dawson Hutchinson, esq. Mount Heaton, Roscrea

George Newcombe, esq. Clonegown house, Portarlington

John Perse Grome, esq. Parsonstown

Roger North, esq. Kilduff, Tyrrelspass


Thomas Hacket, esq. Riverstown, Parsonstown

Bernard Mullins, esq. Ballyegan, Parsonstown, and Fitzwilliam square, Dublin

Frederick A. Jackson, esq. Inane, Roscrea

John Priaux Armstrong, esq. Banagher


Colonel Robt. Moore, Lawnsdowne, Portarlington

Garret O'Moore, esq. Cloghan castle, Banagher

Henry Trench, esq. Geashill

John Warburton, M.D. Crinkle Lodge, Parsonstown

Richard Warburton, jun. esq. Garryhinch, Portarlington

George Garvey, esq. Thornvale, Moneygall


Neale Browne, esq. R.M. Tullamore

Captain Robert Carey, Portarlington


John O'Brien, esq. Rahan Lodge, Tullamore, and Mountjoy square, East, Dublin


Jasper Robert Joly, esq. Holywood, Rathangan



Sub-Sheriff, Wm. Cuffe, esq. Kilbeggan

Colonel, The Earl of Rosse, Birr Castle, in this county

Returning Officer, Bernard Maguire, esq. 32 Upper Dorset street

Lieut. Colonel, Hen. Peisley L'Estrange, Moyestown

Coroners, George Palmer, esq. Kilbeggan; James Dillon, esq. Clara

Majors, George Marsh, and Earl of Charleville, Charleville Forest


Adjutant, Captain Thomas Cox

Inspector, Thomas Whitfield, esq.

Agents, Sir Edward R. Borough, barte Armit & Co.

Chaplain, *  *  *  *

Clerk of the Crown, A. H. C. Pollock, esq.

Roman Catholic Chaplain, Rev. James O'Rafferty

Deputy, G. A. Pollock, esq. 15 Ormond-quay, U.

Surgeon, George Pierce, esq.

Clerk of the Peace, Henry Harding, esq.

Medical Attendant & Apothecary, Edw. Dennis, esq.

Deputy Clerk of the Peace, Mr. Rt. Smyth, Tullamore

Governor, *  *  *  *

Crown Solicitor at Quarter Sessions, Thomas Lalor Cooke, esq. 25 Marlborough street

Distributor of Stamps, Robert Welch, esq. Maryborough

Treasurer, James Ferrier Armstrong, esq. Castle Iver, Banagher


Secretary to the Grand Jury, Thomas Mitchell, esq. Parsonstown

Treasurer, Francis Berry, esq.

County Surveyor, Thomas Barclay, esq.

Surgeon, George Pierce, esq.

Inspectors of Weights and Measures. Isaac T Whitfield, esq. Tullamore, and Thomas Norris, esq. Clara



Manager, Mr. William Abbott


Physician, Dr. Jacob




Robert Chadwick, Q.C.E. Parsonstown

Marcus William Oldham, c.c. Shinrone

James Dillon, ch. Q.c. and E. Clara

Thomas Whitfield, c. Tullamore

William Grattan, Q.c.e. Edenderry

Henry Whiteside, ch. Tullamore

George Little, ca. Cloghan

Richard Woods, ch. Q.C.E. Parsonstown




Thomas L. Cooke, Parsonstown

Daniel Shannon, Parsonstown






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