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NAMES: Robert McCULLA; Anna Maria McCULLA; Philip West WALKER; George McCLELLAN; Peter WIlliam FITZGERALD; John McCLELLAN; William McCULLA; Robert Wallace McCULLA; Sarah McCULLA; William McCULLA jr.; Catherine McCULLA; Jane McCULLA; Henry McCULLA; Frederick McCULLA; Eliza McCULLA; Robert TEMPLE; John RITCHIE; William BOYD; William Jacob JENKINSON; Robert CAMPBELL; Robert MOON.
Sharon Oddie Brown. June 25, 2016


1854 May 20 Robert McCULLA

NOTE: A copy of this will is in the Archives at the Armagh Museum.


In the name of God Amen, I Robert McCulla[1] of city and County of Armagh, do make and publish my last will and testament in manner and form to say, I order and direct that my executor hereafter named shall as soon as conveniently may be after my decease cell and dispose of all my property of what nature and kind [?] and wheresoever situate including my stock in trade, furniture and other personal goods and chattels together with my interest in my house and trade and collect all debts due and owing to me, together with any Cash in Bank and after payment of my legal debts, funeral and Testamentary expenses, bequeath my Gold Watch and Chain and there in to my niece Anna Maria McCulla[2] for your affectionate kindness and attention to me. I give divide and bequeath to my two apprentices Philip West Walker[3] and George McClellan[4] the sum of 5 pounds sterling each. In consideration of the faithful servers of my Peter William Fitzgerald[5]. I bequeath to him the sum of 5 pounds sterling over and above anything which may be due to him for wages at the time of my death. I give devise and bequeath to my servant Anne Small the sum of £10 in consideration of her Fidelity and attention to me. I order desire it that the salary of my Assistant John McClellan[6] shall be paid to him from the time he came to me at the rate of £35 shilling per annum instead of £25 which was the sum I was to have paid him, and I make this increase in salary in consideration of his attention to my business – after payment of my debts and the foregoing legacies. I order and direct that the balance of the fund to be realised by the sale of all my property of every nature and kind whatsoever as heretofore mentioned shall be divided among the eight children of my brother William McCulla[7] of Newry, namely Anaa Maria, Robert Wallace[8], Sarah[9], William[10], Catherine[11], Jane[12], Henry[13], John[14] Frederick[15], and Eliza[16] share and share alike on their respectively attaining the age of 21 years and in case any of said children shall die before attaining the age of 21 years I order and direct that the share of the child so dying shall be paid and payable to my brother William McCulla, the father said children should he be then alive and in case he should not be alive at the time of the death of the child so dying, then I directly the share of the child so dying shall be paid and payable to their mother Sarah McCulla[17] and in case, neither said William McCulla Sarah McCulla shall be alive at the time of the death of any of the said children, then I devise and bequeath the share and portion of all and every of the children so dying before the age of 21 years to and among the survivors and survivor of them share and share alike – I further order and direct that my executors shall let out the funds so to be realised as aforesaid at interest on some good and sufficient security or place the same in bank at the said rate of interest then payable to them or invest the same and government stock as they shall deem most adviseable the interest thereof to be added to the principle while the said children shall be entitled to their respective shares and proportions thereof, the share of each to be paid on his her attaining his or her majority age of 21 years and I nominate constitute and appoint my brother William McCulla of Newry, Robert Temple[18] of the city and County of Armagh and John Ritchie[19] Jr of Belfast in the County of Antrim merchants to be executors of this my will and Testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed by hand. This 20th day of May in the year of our Lord 1854. R. McCulla. Signed by the said testator as is last will and Testament in the presence of us present at the same time, who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses. The words “no Sarah McCulla” between the 15th and the lines of the second page here of being first inter-lined. William Boyd[20]. William Jacob Jenkinson[21] Armagh solicitor

This is a codicil to the last will and Testament of me Robert McCulla of the city and County of Armagh, merchant, which will bearers date the 20th day of May, 1854, and is written on the other side here – whereas I appoint my brother William McCulla Robert Campbell[22] and John Ritchie joint executors of my last will be case he should survive, then it is my will that the said Richard Temple and John Ritchie Junior shall be executors of my said, will in witness whereof I have  our names as witnesses – William Jacob Jenkinson, Armagh Solicitor --- Robert Moon[23] Haberdasher, Armagh

[1] Robert McCULLA. He was a spirit merchant and grocer in the Town of Armagh, and seemingly never had children, possibly never married. I do not have a convincing date of death for him, although it might be March 1857. TGF Paterson’s Manuscript #114 has the following: Here lies the body of Mary McCulla and to the call of the Lord September 7, 1781 in the fifth year of her age. Likewise of Mary McCulla mother to the aforesaid Mary who died February 11, 1812 aged 69 years. Also John McCulla her son who died February 12, 1821 aged 19 years and two of his infant children. Also Margaret, his wife who died 31 January 1829 aged 39 years. And Robert McCulla of Armagh, merchant, who died March [?] 1837, aged 53 years. NOTE: If this Robert McCULLA died March 1857, that could be a fit. Some of the other dates in this transcription are also dodgy – for example if John McCULLA (1802-1821) was a son of Mary McCULLA (1743-1812), then she would have been 59 years old when he was born. I suspect his age was more likely 49 not 19, a better fit with also having had infant children. On worn grave markers, a 4 can often look like a 1.

[2] Anna Maria McCULLA (1839-1896), later wife of Alexander DICKIE. She would have been in her late teens when she was caring for her uncle Robert McCULLA. She was the first born child of William McCULLA aka McCULLAGH & Sarah WALLACE.

[3] Philip West WALKER

[4] George McCLELLAN

[5] Peter William FITZGERALD

[6] John McCLELLAN

[7] William McCULLA (1814-1869) was a shopkeeper in Newry, and husband to Sarah WALLACE. Sarah WALLACE’s sister Anne Jane WALLACE (1819-?) was the wife of John McCULLAGH, a shop keeper in Dundalk. John & William may have both been brothers of Robert McCULLA, the writer of this will. NOTE: One lead to follow is that a William McCULLA (1738-1817) of Dundalk and his wife Hanna FAULKNER (1757-1827) may be their parents.

[8] Robert Wallace McCULLA (1841-1867)

[9] Sarah McCULLA (1843-1917). Born in Newry, she died in Brazil. Source: 1917 Jan 2 Letter. The fact that her death is mentioned alongside the death of Rev. James McCULLY (1833-1916) of Broomfield, Co. Monaghan is intriguing.

[10] William McCULLA (1845-1902) He died in Australia.

[11] Catherine McCULLA (1848-1912) she married James HENRY (1850-1912)

[12] Jane McCULLA

[13] Henry McCULLA

[14] John McCULLA aka John Henry McCULLA (1850-)

[15] Frederick McCULLA. NOTE: I have no record of him

[16] Eliza McCULLA (1853-) married R. McMILLAN

[17] Sarah McCULLA nee Sarah WALLACE.(1821-1867), daughter of Robert Grenville WALLACE Esq. & Annie McKAY.

[18] Robert TEMPLE of City of Armagh

[19] John RITCHIE Jun. of Belfast

[20] William BOYD

[21] William Jacob JENKINSON

[22] Robert CAMPBELL

[23] Robert MOON



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