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Ballyprior Graveyard, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim. These Jacksons all tie into the JACKSONs of Islandmagee and trace back to the JACKSONs of Loonburn and possibly the JACKSONs of Steeple. See their family tree.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 19, 2015


Ballypriormore Graveyard, Islandmagee, Co. Antrim


Jackson Erected by (James) Jackson in memory of three children, viz:- Arthur Jackson who died 19 Feb 1821 AE 15 months, Mary Jackson who died 13 Sep 1821 AE 2 months, John Jackson who died 24 Aug 1827 AE 8 months. Also Mary Eliza his daughter died 16 Oct 1831 aged 2 years. Also William his son who died 17 Sep 1839 aged 23 years.

Jackson Erected by Agnes Jackson, who died 20 May 1865 aged 35 years. Also the above named Agnes Jackson who died 22 Dec 1908 aged 75 years.

Jackson Erected by Agnes Jackson in memory of her beloved son George who died 02 Jan 1898 aged 36 years. Also her mother-in-law Isabella Jackson who died 12 Feb 1883 aged 77 years.

Jackson 1884. In loving remembrance of George A. Jackson and his beloved wife Jane T. Jackson. Also their sons:- Robert died 08 Jul 1907 aged 76 years, Luke 31 May 1909 68, J. Holmes Jackson died 18 Mar 1916 aged 73 years. His wife Matilda Trelford died 29 Jul 1914 aged 69 years. George Alexander Jackson died 27 Dec 1921 aged 72 years. His wife Esther McKinstery Jackson died 19 May 1885 aged 32 years.

Jackson See Tweed

Tweed Erected by George Alexr. Jackson, Boghead, in memory of Rose Tweed who departed this life 21 Jan 1839 aged 77 years. Also his daughter Rosenna Jackson who died 14 Jan 1846 aged 16 years. Also his son George Jackson who died the 07 Jun 1847 aged 17 years. Also his beloved wife Jane Jackson who died 08 Mar 1876 aged 69 years. And the above George A. Jackson who died 20 Feb 1877 aged 73 years. Also his daughter Martha Jackson who died 17 Feb 1879.



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