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NAMES: Richard JACKSON of New Row, Coleraine; John SMITH aka SMYTH; Elizabeth JACKSON; Holton TETTLE; James STEWART of Grace Hill; James JACKSON, son of Richard & Elizabeth; John GALT; Charles GALT; James HUTCHINSON; Capt. Holland LECKY; John PARKS; James HAMILTON. OTHER PLACES: Back Lane, Coleraine; Besas aka Bellasses, Parish of Coleraine.
Sharon Oddie Brown. September 13, 2013.

Deed 489 72 306027

November 3, 1793


This is the first deed that I have found for this particular Richard JACKSON, a butcher at New Row, in the town of Coleraine. It will be interesting to look at other deeds for New Row, Coleraine.
This transcription was made possible thanks to the help from Eleanore Wellwood. Any errors in either the transcription or the annotation are mine. Richard JACKSON, a butcher of Coleraine, is selling some leases to pay debts owed to the trustee - likely who was responsible for his wife's marriage portion. Perhaps others can help me be more clear about the intent..
NOTE: Jackson, Thos., aet. 105, butcher, at Coleraine 2 Feb 1793 . SOURCE: Index To The Births, Marriages, & Deaths: Antholologia Hibernica p. 160



To the Registrar appointed by Act of Parliament for registration of Deeds Wills and so forth. A Memorial of and indented deed bearing date the third day of November, 1793 and made between Richard Jackson[1] of Coleraine in the County of Londonderry, Butcher, of the one part, and John Smith[2] of Gills[???][3] in the County of Londonderry, farmer, of the other part whereby after reciting that Elizabeth Jackson[4] wife of the said Richard Jackson being entitled to an estate for life in a certain tenement situate in the West side of New Row[5] in the town of Coleraine with 11 acres of land thereunto appurtenances by virtue of an earlier deed executed by Holton Tettle[6] deceased did at the desire of said Richard Jackson and in order him to pay his Debts upon his Engagement to a Trustee for her use, all his Goods Chattels and property in Leases or otherwise as support for her in lieu of the premises agreed to be sold Join in a deed of release bearing date the second day of November, 1793 and made between James Stewart[7] of Grace Hill[8] and the County of Antrim Esquire of the first part the said Richard Jackson and Elizabeth, his wife and James Jackson[9], his eldest son of the second part. John Galt[10] Charles Galt[11] merchants of the third part and James Hutchinson[12] merchant of the fourth part join with the said parties in conveying to the said James Hutchison all her right, title and interest in the said tenements and lands for the consideration there in mentioned and that said Richard Jackson was possessed of an entitled to the tenements Backhouse and Gardens situate on the north side of Back Lane[13] in the town of Coleraine containing in front 48 and in width, 20 feet by lease from the Mayor, Alderman and burgesses of the Corporation of Coleraine dated the 10th day of June, 1773 for a term 48 years from the 25th day of [?] March, 1791 at the rent of each shillings and 8 pence and fees and was also possessed of and with to [?] fields in the lands of Bessas[14] near Coleraine aforesaid by virtue of an agreement made with the representatives of Holland Lecky[15] Esquire deceased at the yearly rent of £8.06 shillings and was also possessed of the several Goods Chattels and Cattle in the schedule thereunto annexed the said Richard Jackson in pursuance and execution of the agreement made with said Elizabeth, his wife and in consideration of 10 shillings to said Richard Jackson by said John Smith paid did Grant Bargain &[?] and Confirm assign, Transfer and make over to said John Smyth said tenements and houses in Back Lane in the town of Coleraine and the said two fields of land in Bellasas near Coleraine with the appurtenances Situate Lying and being in the County of Londonderry aforesaid, and also all the Cattle Goods household stuff furniture and Implements of households and all other Goods and Chattels whatsoever mentioned in the Schedule thereunto annexed then remaining and being in and about the house and office house wherein said Richard Jackson then resided in the town of Coleraine. To hold said Tenements houses and fields with the appurtenances to said John Smith, his executors, administrators and assigns for the terms of years Granted, and to be Bequeathed thereof and to hold said Cattle Goods household stuff furniture Implements of household and all other said goods and Chattles whatsoever and every of them onto said John Smyth his executors, administrators and assigns forever in trust nevertheless, for the Sale and separate use of the said Elizabeth Jackson and her assigns or such person or persons as said Elizabeth by deed or instrument duly executes and attests should appoint as by said deed may appear at which said deed and the Memorial are witnessed by John Parks[16] of the city of Dublin attorney and James Jackson of Coleraine aforesaid Butcher Richard Jackson, Sealed Signed and Sealed in the presence of John Parks and James Jackson, the above-mentioned John Parks maketh oath that he is a subscribing witness to the deed of which the above writing is a Memorial and also to said Memorial and saw the same duly executed by the executing parties thereto respectively and saith the name John Parks subscribed as witness to said deed is department’s name and hand of John Parks. Sworn before me Coleraine in the County of Londonderry the 29th day of April 1794, by virtue of a commission to me, directed out of said court for taking affidavits in the County and I know the deponent. James Hamilton[17].


NOTE: This deed also relates to:




1789 Jun 12

JACKSON-GALT Names Index 1786-1794

Btw James STEWART of Gracehill, Co Antrim Esq &of 1st part & Richard JACKSON of Coleraine Co Londonderry & Elizabeth JACKSON his wife and James JACKSON, eldest son & heir apparent of 2nd part & John GALT & Charles GALT of Londonderry merchants of 3rd pt…. in consid of £400 pd by GALT to JACKSON.. tenement on the West side of the New Row in Town of Coleraine marked in Map of said town #28… description of land… NOTE: I do not know what tree these belong to.


GAULT in Barony of Coleraine. I am intrigued by the JACKSON-GALT connections because of marriages in the Lisnaboe line of JACKSONs




Gatt, Paul


 Cullycapple [Killyraply]

Gatt, Thomas


 Cullycapple [Killyraply]

Gault, John


 Not specified

Gault, Robert


 Garvagh [Garvaghy]

Gault, John


 Not specified (Houses not signed)

Gault, Robert

 NE Liberties of Coleraine

 Ballywillin Not specified

Gault, John

 NE Liberties of Coleraine

 The Town & Parish of Coleraine

Gault, John Jun

 NE Liberties of Coleraine

 The Town & Parish of Coleraine

Gault, Wm

 NE Liberties of Coleraine

 The Town & Parish of Coleraine


[1] Richard JACKSON of Coleraine.

·        He was a butcher, which I find intriguing in terms of the other JACKSONs who made money as merchants in the leather trade in both Drogheda and Monaghan in the same time frame, especially since he also had cattle and such. There was also a William JACKSON of Baltinglass, butcher, son of James JACKSON. This was mentioned in 1836 Apr27 Memorial 1836-8-51reciting a lease dated July 12 & 13, 1765. James JACKSON all that part of Eadestown in possession of James JACKSON containing 154 a 1r land in Barony of Talbotstown, Co. Wicklow.

·        INDEX To The Births, Marriages, & Deaths In ANTHOLOGIA HIBERNICA p. 160 DIED: Jackson, Thos., aet. 105, butcher, at Coleraine 2 Feb 1793. NOTE: I suspect a relationship between the deceased Thomas JACKSON & Richard JACKSON since both were butchers in Coleraine.

·        In Griffiths, in 1859, there are 4 JACKSONs leasing land in the Town of Coleraine:

o   Thomas JACKSON on the Long Commons – a house and yard valued at 2,10.0

o   James JACKSON on North Brook St. values at 1.15.0

o   John JACKSON house valued at 0.15.0

o   William JACKSON in Ballyrashane, house valued at 1.0.0

[2] John SMITH aka SMYTH. I not know the relationship between SMITHs and JACKSONs but at PRONI D1470/6/16 There is a copy of a deed relating to action for debt Elizabeth SMITH v Richard JACKSON. I suspect that it is related.

[3] The writing was hard to read. It looked like Gillsboal. Gills is a townland in the Parish of Macosquin, Co. Londonderry.

[4] Elizabeth JACKSON. I have a suspicion that her maiden name was SMITH, but more work is needed.

[5] New Row used to be called Jail Street

[6] Holton TETTLE. I cannot be sure that I have transcribed this accurately.

[7] James STEWART. On Saturday 9 June 1798, Lord Henry Murray, Colonel of the 2nd Royal Manx Fencibles marched out from Coleraine Barracks with part of his own corps, the Dunluce Cavalry led by Captain Macnaghten and the Dunluce Infantry led by Captain Stewart of Gracehill as well as two field pieces. Later: Major James Stewart raised a local Corps of Pensioners in 1846. They probably made use of Northbrook Barracks because they were observed in 1847 drilling in a field adjoining the Ballymoney Road. The company strength at that time was fifty men (Mullin, 1979, p120).  SOURCE: Coleraine Garrison and The Rebellions

[8] Grace Hill. I do not know where this is.

[9] James JACKSON.

·        AT the time of Griffiths, a James JACKSON leases a house and land on North Brook St., Town of Coleraine from Samuel HILL.

·        PRONI D668/R/77/2  Lease (also duplicate lease) for 31 years at rent of £20 p.a. from Rev. Robt Hazlet, Killowen, to James Jackson, Coleraine, relating to dwelling house in New Row, Coleraine. Oct 20, 1813

[10] John GALT. The GALT family [aka GAULT] has a deep history in Coleraine, and is not one that I am that familiar with. Here are some bits that I have scavenged:

·        A number of the family members emigrated to America.

·        Perhaps they stem from John GALT & Mary HAZLETT. Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland 1912 - Galt of Ballysally.

·        Agnew, "Belfast Merchants in the 17th century", 1996 (ISBN 1-85182-251-8), p.253, discusses the will of John Galt the elder, proved 2 Oct 1700 (P.R.O.N.I. Given abstracts, D2096/1/15C), and says that his place of origin was probably Irvine, Ayrshire. (I've not checked the two books she gives as sources for that statement.) Agnew says that her main source of information about the Galt family was the will of his son, John Galt the younger (P.R.O.N.I. D2096/1/15D), proved 11 Dec 1733. She gives John Galt the younger as having, by his second wife Sarah, daughter of William Moore of Garvey, a daughter Nancy, who, she says, probably married Samuel Smith the younger of Belfast (giving as source "Smith pedigree" at P.R.O.N.I., T2366/23 - one would have to look at the pedigree to judge how "probably"). SOURCE: Ancestry Board.

·        The National Library of Ireland has: John Galts’s diary of Methodism and events in Coleraine, Co. Derry, 1796-1832. This would be worth consulting, I suspect.  It is also at PRONI D561.  The notes say that he was born in Coleraine in 1767 and inherited the business of general merchant from his father.

·        History of Methodism in Ireland. Charles Henry Crookshank. John and Charles Galt were among the most respectable merchants in Coleraine. Charles was a man of large and liberal mind, and truly devoted to God. His private charities amounted to several hundred pounds in the year, and to the preachers and their families especially, he showed the utmost kindness and affection. John Galt was in his seventy-fourth year when he died. He did not recollect having been one day sick, and never tasted medicine. He had a retentive memory, sound judgment, was well acquainted with the Scriptures, and enjoyed religion. Although not a member of Society, he was a regular hearer, and a liberal supporter of the cause. Both brothers died happy in God, in 1801.

·        I am indebted to T.H. Mullin, and his book: Coleraine in By-Gone Centuries. The 1641 depositions mention that a Scotsman named John GALT was killed beside the castle, and William GALT a merchant was murdered in the town of Coleraine. A later John GALT, possibly a son of William was a merchant in 1659 and issued tokens since Irish or other such coinage was not readily available. The family was probably Presbyterian. In 1673, Wm GALT was one of those merchants who had to pay a fine for the privilege of trading in the Liberties of Coleraine, because he was not an entitled Freeman. In 1679, John GALT jr. had to house Lt. Kennedy as there were no barracks built for his accommodation. In a letter dated 1801, Sir George JACKSON (-1840), who is deeply in debt at the time, says to Rev. Robert HAZLET, his property agent: As you tell me the Messrs Galt died so rich please to inform me if I have any chance of borrowing some few thousands of the heir.

·        PRONI D2315/1/8 Copy release between John Galt of Coleraine, Co Londonderry (merchant) Sarah Galt (his wife, alias Moor) and Robert Wilson of Adnaveaugh [sic ?] Clogher, Co Tyrone (gentleman). 1/6 part of the lands of Creeve and Sessiadonaghy, Dungannon, Co Tyrone, with all buildings, gardens, orchards, meadows, pastures, bogs, watercourses, commodities, privileges and appurtenances for ever. Consideration £18.

[11] Charles GALT. The writing is not totally legible, but other documents in the period pair John and Charles GALT, merchants.

Charles Galt, born 1732. He later became known as 'the great and the good' for civic deeds - he may have been mayor of Belfast. Charles died in 1801 in Ireland. Charles' parents were John Galt and wife Jane. Charles had 3 brothers and a sister, born in the 1730. Perhaps your Ann Galt is a brother or cousin to John Galt as marriages occurred in similar years. SOURCE: Ancestry Board.


[13] Back Lane is now called Cross Lane. It was a small street of houses which ran between Abbey Street and Stone Row not far from the Diamond in Coleraine. Unfortunately the houses in this street were demolished some years ago to make way for the Abbey Street Carpark. SOURCE: Email 2009 on Ancestry.

[14] Bessas is likely Bellasses, as it is spelled later in the document. This is in the Parish of Coleraine, in the Barony of NE Liberties of Coleraine.

[15] Capt. Holland LECKY (1726-1790). He married Elizabeth DANIEL. They had one child, Averill LECKY b. 1746 in Londonderry. He served in the First Regiment of Horses (4th Royal Irish Dragoons). SOURCE: Hendersons, Lees and related families. He was a son of William LECKY, and I suspect he descends from Alexander LECKIE (1631-1717) who was born in Dumbartonshire, Scotland and died in Londonderry.

[16] John PARKS

[17] James HAMILTON



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