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NAMES: William BAILLIE of Dromore, Co. Monaghan; William WALLACE of Newry; Elinor WALLACE née BAILLIE; Elizabeth BAILLIE, wife of William BAILLIE; Ezekial BULLOCK of Dublin; Matthew MURPHEY of Dundalk. OTHER PLACES: Lurganmore & Tullyarnot aka Tullanacrunat, both of Parish of Muckno, Co. Monaghan.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 3, 2016


Deed 210 548 140357 BAILIE WALLACE


See also:524:19:342159 - 10 October 1799

Bt Elinor WALLACE of Newry, widow of William WALLACE of Newry, Gent deceased [22Feb 1793],  of City of Dublin Gent;  late brother James WALLACE deceased; Joseph POLLOCK of City of Dublin; Ross THOMPSON of Laurencetown; Alexander WALLACE of Madras, East Indies;  Robert WALLACE of Newry, Gent;  Charles WALLACE surgeon on board His Majesties Royal Navy; Sarah Anne WALLACE; Eliza WALLACE, both of Newry, spinsters; .. lands of Tullyharnet, Parish of Mucknow, Barony Cremorne, Co. Monaghan 73 acres.. on death of Ann BAILLIE… townland of Dromore, Parish of Mucknow, Barony Cremorne, Co. Monaghan 140 acres…… more land and description…


To the Registrar appointed by Act of Parliament for Registry of Deeds Wills Conveyances and so forth. a Memorial of an indented deed bearing date the second day of October 1761 made between William Bailie[1] then of Dromore[2] in the County of Monaghan gent of the one part and William Wallace[3] of Newry in the County of Down merchant of the other part. Whereby after reciting as therein is recited in consideration of a marriage had between the said William Wallace and Ellinor[4] his wife and execution of the articles therein recited in consideration of five shillings to said William Baillie therein mentioned to be paid by said William Wallace and William Baillie granted to said William Wallace one annuity of £16 and also one other annuity of £20 issuing out of the several farms and leasehold interests of said Baillie in the lands of Lurganmore[5] Tullyarnot[6] and Dromore -- with the mill and appurtenances thereunto belonging situate in the County of Monaghan to hold said annuity of 16 pounds to said Wallace his heirs and assigns from the 25th day of March then last for the joint lives of said William Baillie and Elizabeth[7] his wife and to hold the said annuity of £20 as said Wallace his heirs and also from 29 September 25th of March which first happen after the death of said Elizabeth in case she should survive the said William Baillie during the life of said William Baillie said annuity to be paid half yearly on every 25th of March and 29th of September and it is by said deed agreed that at the death of said William Baillie and leasehold interest and all the real and personal estate of said Baillie should be divided between said William Wallace and such of the children of said William Baillie and Elizabeth as shall be living at the death of said Baillie in such manner and subject as in said deed mentioned and said William Wallace did by said deed for said consideration agreed that said Eleanor and her child or children begotten or to be begotten by said William Wallace should be entitled to the real and personal estate where of said William Wallace should die seized or possessed after payment of his debts in such shares as in said deed mentioned which said deed now duly perfected by the said William Baillie and William Wallace in the presence of Ezekiel Bullock[8] of the city of Dublin Gent and of Matthew Murphy[9] of the town of Dundalk in the County of Louth Gent subscribing witness as thereto and this Memorial was duly perfected by the said William Baillie in the presence of the said Ezekiel Bullock and Matthew Murphy with both subscribing witnesses thereto -- William Baillie. Seal. Signed and sealed in the presence of Ezekiel Bullock, Matthew Murphy -- the above named Ezekiel Bullock came this day before me at maketh oath that he saw the above named William Baillie and William Wallace duly execute the above mentioned deed whereof the above writing is a Memorial and that he also saw the said William Baillie duly sign and seal the above Memorial and the name Ezekiel Bullock subscribed as a witness to said deed and Memorial is deponents proper handwriting and further deposes that the said Memorial was delivered to Mr. William Hall deputy registrar the second day of October 1761 at or near five of the clock in the afternoon. Ezekiel Bullock. Sworn 2 October 1761 before William Hall deputy registrar.

[1] William BAILIE aka BAILLIE. NOTE The BAILLIE family which is likely related to them had a strong presence in Co.Down & Co. Louth. I have yet to learn where this line may or may not fit in.

[2] Dromore, Parish of Muckno, Co. Monaghan

[3] William WALLACE (1734-1797), a brother of James WALLACE. It is possible that John WALLACE (1760-1827) was his first-born child (if the birth date – based on date of age at death – is out by a year or so). SOURCE: Creggan burials.

[4] Elinor WALLACE née BAILLIE (1740-1814). The clue to her maiden name was in the grave marker at St. Patrick’s Church of Ireland, Newry: [Horizontal stone on the ground]. Underneath this stone are deposited the remains of William Wallace of Newry, merchant, who departed this life twenty-second of February 1797, aged 63 years. Here also in the humble hope of rejoining him in a pleasant resurrection, rests the body of Eleanor BAILLIE, his beloved and affectionate wife, who departed this life on 21 March 1814, aged 74. Also the body of Alexander Wallace, the third son, who departed this life 10th of January 1813, aged (21) years.

[5] Lurganmore, Parish of Muckno, Co. Monaghan

[6] Tullyarnot aka Tullanacrunat, Parish of Muckno, Co. Monaghan

[7] Elizabeth BAILLIE née

[8] Ezekial BULLOCK of the city of Dublin Gent

[9] Matthew MURPHY of Dundalk, County Louth, Gent



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