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The Will of James Oliver late of Urney County Tyrone Farmer who died 14 February 1892 at same place was proved at Londonderry by John James Oliver of Creggan Farmer and the Reverend Matthew Neil of Sion Mills Presbyterian Minister both in said County the Executors. Effects £187
Sharon Oddie Brown July 24, 2017


1892 will of James OLIVER of Urney


A tentative tree for the James OLIVER who died 14 Feb 1892:

NOTE: I have not entered all the ADAMS because I have yet to figure out exactly where they fit in. Much of what follows is also somewhat tentative.


1-William Oliver d. , of Cavankilgreen, Parish Clanteel, Co. Tyrone. NOTE: It is possible that he was the William OLIVER b 1776 who married Anne Jane MANN. I am giving him the name of William on pretty slim evidence which was that the father of a Mary Anne OLIVER who married a William ADAMS was named William.


|--2-Sarah Oliver

|   +Johnston

|--2-James Oliver b. Abt 1807, d. 21 Feb 1892, Magheracreggan, Parish Ardstraw,

|    Strabane Lower, Co. Tyrone

|   +Elizabeth b. 1821, d. 21 Dec 1905, Castlebane, Co. Tyrone

|--2-William Oliver b. 1820, d. 4 Mar 1899, Magheracreggan, Parish of Ardstraw,

|    Co. Tyrone

|   +Anne Jane

|  |--3-John James Oliver b. Between 1860 and 1862, Co. Tyrone, d. 4 May 1926,

|  |    Magheracreggan. Parish Ardstraw, Co. Tyrone

|  |   +Unknown d. Bef 1901

|  |  |--4-Sarah Oliver b. Abt 1893

|  |   +Catherine Huey b. Abt 1870 m. 16 Feb 1903 Crew Bridge Church of Ireland, Parish of Ardstraw, Co. Tyrone

|  |  |--4-Thomas Oliver b. Abt 1903

|  |  |--4-Catherine Oliver b. Abt 1906

|  |  |--4-Anne Jane Oliver b. Abt 1907

|  |  |--4-Mary Rebecca Oliver b. Abt 1909

|  |--3-Mary Jane Oliver b. Abt 1861, Of Cavankilgreen, Parish Carnteel, Co.

|  |    Tyrone, d. After 1911

|--2-Mary Anne Oliver b. Bef 1826

    +Edward Johnston m 23 Feb 1847 Ardstraw Presbyterian Church, Co. Tyrone.



I James Oliver[1] of the parish of Urney make this my last will and Testament, on the second day of February 1800 and 92 thereby revoke all other Wills made by me. I will that after my decease my wife Elizabeth Oliver[2] should hold and occupy the house and garden on my farm for her own use during her life and that of my stock one cow shall be retained for her use, and that she shall have one cows grass annually during her life. I also will that my executors pay annually to my wife Elizabeth Oliver the sum of £10 for her support all stock crop and farming implements shall be sold at my decease and of the proceeds my executors shall each receive 5 pounds sterling. The rent of my farm shall be let annually by auction for cropping and grazing and what remains after making the above payments shall be put to interest on the bank for the benefit of the legatees to be named in this will together with the sum realised by the sale of stock and crop. After my wife’s decease the whole property shall be sold and the price of this together with all the accumulated money shall be divided as follows. I leave to my nephew William Adams[3] of Castlebane parish of Ardstraw the sum of £50, to my niece Mary Anne Adams[4] of Castlebane the sum of £50, to my niece Fanny Adams[5] I also leave the sum of £50. I leave to my grandniece Jannie Adams daughter of Robert Adams[6] of Legertown the sum of 5 pounds sterling. I also leave to my sister Mrs Sarah Johnston[7] the sum of £50. Likewise I leave to my sister Mrs Mary Anne Johnston[8] the sum of £50. Also I leave to William Adams[9], Junior, son of the late George Adams[10] of Cryan[11] the sum of £50. What remains after paying the above bequests shall be divided equally above the above named legatees – given equal to each – my executors shall pay annually £1. for stipend[for] my wife life, also 4 pounds I owe Urney Presbyterian Church. Of this will I appoint as my executors with immediate and full control John James Oliver[12] of Creggan[13] executors and James Knox[14] of the Park Urney (witness) . Also the Reverend Matthew Neil[15] of Sion Manse (Executor) signed the second day of February 1892.

  I wish John Knox[16] to be a witness my will, but not an executor. James Oliver. Witness James Knox. James Perry[17]. Probate 19 March 1892 Will 6 fols.




[1] James OLIVER (1807-1892).

·       According to his death cert he died 1892 Feb 21 at age 85 (b abt 1807) with his nephew John J. OLIVER present at his death at Magherakigan aka Magheracreggan, Parish Ardstraw, Strabane Lower, Co. Tyrone.  He was a married farmer who died of senile apoplexy. NOTE: I suspect that his nephew was John James OLIVER, son of William OLIVER.

·       His probate calls him “late of Urney”, although his death cert says that he died at Magheracreggan. Urney shares a boundary and is on the western side of Magheracreggan, and was the home of John James OLIVER in 1901.

[2] Elizabeth OLIVER (1821-1905).

·       In 1901 Census she is living at House # 7, Castlebane, Parish Ardstraw,  Co. Tyrone, age 80 (b. abt 1821), Presbyterian and widowed. She is living with her nephews Joseph ADAMS & William ADAMS and nieces Mary Anne ADAMS and Fanny ADAMS.

·       Will Probate: Elizabeth OLIVER late of Castlebane, Co Tyrone Widow died 21 December 1905 granted to James LEITCH farmer. Effects  £92.

·       She may have been the daughter of an Unnamed ADAMS (hence the aunt of these other ADAMS that she resides with), or her husband had a sister who married an ADAMS.

[3] William ADAMS. B. abt 1831 (1901 Census). Presbyterian Blacksmith.

·       A Mary Anne OLIVER married a William ADAMS 27 Dec 1866 at Ballygawley [Errigal Keerogue Civil Parish,] Presbyterian Church Her father was William OLIVER of Cavankilgreen, Parish Clanteel, Co. Tyrone.

·       The will of William ADAMS mentioned his wife, Mary Anne. Probate of the Will of William ADAMS late of Tullywinny County Tyrone Farmer who died 12 December 1896 granted at Armagh to the Reverend David G. SMITH of Ballygawley Presbyterian Minister and David DOWNES of Cavankilgreen Farmer both in said County. Effects £120.

·       NOTE: My hunch is that her father William OLIVER was also the father of James OLIVER (1807-1892).

[4] Mary Anne ADAMS b abt 1861 (1901 Census) Presbyterian.

·       NOTE: I could not find a birth cert registered shortly after the marriage of William ADAMS and Mary Anne OLIVER in 1866

[5] Fannie ADAMS b abt 1864 (1901 Census) Presbyterian.

·       NOTE: I could not find a birth cert registered shortly after the marriage of William ADAMS and Mary Anne OLIVER in 1866

[6] Robert ADAMS.

·       In the 1901 Census, there is a Robert ADAMS at Liggartown, Altaclady, Co. Tyrone. He is a widowed farmer, age 56.

[7] Sarah JOHNSTON.

·       NOTE: I could not find a marriage record for a Sarah OLIVER with a JOHNSTON. It is possible that she was a sister-in-law (the term sister often encompassed that).

[8] Mary Anne JOHNSTON née OLIVER.

·       A Mary OLIVER married an Edward JOHNSTON at Ardstraw Presbyterian Church Feb 23 1847.  Her father was William OLIVER of Cavankilgreen, Parish Clanteel, Co. Tyrone.

·       NOTE: One hunch is that her father William OLIVER was also the father of James OLIVER (1807-1892).

[9] William ADAMS jr. I assume that he is the one in the 1901 census living with his uncles and great aunt Elizabeth OLIVER, age 24, hence b. abt 1877).

·       NOTE: It is a long shot in terms of finding a connection (and increasingly unlikely), but there is a William ADAMS born 20th February 1877 to a mother JOHNSTON in Belfast. U/1877/52/1007/25/287 A widowed JOHNSTON could have married an ADAMS. I have not followed up on this.

[10] George ADAMS (1834-1888).

·       HUNCH: I suspect that he was the George ADAMS late of Mulvin, [Parish Ardstraw] Strabane, Co. Tyrone died 30 Dec 1888, age 54 (born abt 1834).

·       Probate: The Will of George Adams late of Mulvin Strabane County Tyrone Farmer who died 30 December 1888 at same place was proved at Londonderry by Catherine Adams of Mulvin Strabane Widow the sole Executrix. Effects £114. The death cert says he was 54 years old.

[11] I do not know where Cryan is. It is not a townland.

[12] John James OLIVER (bet 1860-1862-1926) of Creggan aka Magheracreggan, Co. Tyrone

·       In the 1901 Census, a John James OLIVER, age 39 (born abt 1862) is living with his mother Anne Jane OLIVER (age 70 hence b. abt 1831)  at Magheracreggan, Parish of Ardstraw, Co. Tyrone, also his unmarried sister, Mary Jane OLIVER (age 34 hence b. abt. 1867), his wife is deceased, and he has a daughter Sarah OLIVER (age 8 b. abt. 1893).

o   I cannot find a birth cert for a Sarah OLIVER b. abt 1893

o   There was an Anne OLIVER died age 16 (b. 1859) at Strabane 13th November 1875. She was a spinster servant who died at Back Row, Strabane. A Jane OLIVER signed her death cert. Was she a sister of John James OLIVER?

·       In the 1911 Census, John James OLIVER has been married for 9 years to Catherine (a 2nd wife) and supposedly have 6 children. 5 are in the household, and the eldest (Sarah OLIVER age 16) predates the marriage. The other children: Thomas age 8; Catherine age 5; Anne Jane age 4; Mary Rebecca age 2.

·       Since James OLIVER died in the presence of his nephew, John J. OLIVER, I assume that John James OLIVER was a son of William OLIVER and Anne Jane OLIVER.

·       In the 2nd marriage of John James OLIVER, 16 Feb 1903, his father is given as William OLIVER, farmer

·       Probate of James John OLIVER: Oliver John James of Magheracreggan Castlederg county Tyrone farmer died 4 May 1926 Administration (d.b.n.) Londonderry 12 July to Robert James Oliver farmer. Effects Nil. Real Unadministered Estate £471 5s. Former Grant Administration Londonderry D.R. 25 October 1929.            Effects £471 5s 0d

·       His death cert gives his age at death as age 60.

·       He served on the Castlederg Board of Governors & Rural District Council (various news reports)

[13] Creggan aka Magheracreggan, Parish of Ardstraw, Co. Tyrone

[14] James KNOX

[15] Matthew NEIL

[16] John KNOX. NOTE: The KNOX family were frequent lessors of land in the area.

[17] James PERRY



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