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My intention is to shed light on several lines of JACKSONs who ended up in Ireland in the 1600s and 1700s. They may or may not be related, but many of the mid-1600s English settlers in Ireland (especially around Coleraine) were alleged to have originated from Westmorland. This is what makes the Parish of St. Mary’s Kirkby Lonsdale so intriguing. There were not only many JACKSON families included in their parish, but several who were known to have settled in Ireland. The frequency of certain naming patterns leads me to suspect that they may be related. SEE: Christenings; Burials.

Sharon Oddie Brown February 11, 2015


Jackson Marriages of Kirkby Lonsdale LDS


I have shaded cells of the fathers to assist in finding children who may be related. I must emphasize that the best that I can say at this point is that they “may be related”. There are names that crop up repeatedly, such as William John and Richard, and it is easy to get mislead.





My Notes

John Jackson

25 November 1538

Jenet Atkinson


Henry Jackson

30 January 1546

Dorythe Hodgson

Henry and Dorothy are likely the parents of Richard 1547; Jenet 1550; and Elizabeth 1554.

Agnes Jackson

20 November 1547

Robert Cansfeld


Elsabeth Jackson

30 September 1548

Edward Dawny

Aka Elizabeth aka Elsath

Alice Jackson

30 January 1549

Willm. Bonskell

Aka William

John Jackson

25 July 1551

Margret Geslinge


John Jackson

26 July 1551

Margret Geslinge


Leon'D Jackson

19 January 1560


Aka Leonard

He may be the Leonard who had a son Christopher baptized 1564

Leondi. Jackson

19 January 1561


Aka Leonard

He may be the Leonard who had a son Christopher baptized 1564

Willi. Jackson

30 June 1565


Aka William

Tho. Jackson

29 January 1574


Aka Thomas NOTE: I suspect a transcription error here, or in the next entry.

Tho. Jackson

29 January 1575


Aka Thomas NOTE: I suspect a transcription error here, or in the previous entry.

Isabelle Jackson

21 October 1575

Johis. Walker

Aka John Walker

Henrici Jackson

10 November 1583


Aka Henry

Edwardi Jackson

22 July 1590


Aka Edward

Edmudi. Jackson

22 July 1590


Aka Edmund

Xpoferi. Jackson

30 January 1594


Aka Christopher

Willi. Jackson

3 November 1599


Aka William

Jenete Jackson

23 September 1609

Jo. Warryner


Edwardi Jackson

12 June 1615

Juliannae Walker

Aka Edward

Jacobi Jackson

9 May 1617

Mabellae Briggs


Rici. Jackson

15 August 1619

Jennetae Battye

Aka Richard

Willi. Jackson

12 October 1619

Mabelle Carr

Aka William

Aliciae Jackson

16 July 1620

Willi. Dodgeson

Aka William

Willm. Jackson

11 July 1624

Agnes Cotuert

Aka William

Xpo. Jackson

21 August 1625

Agnetis Gaythorne

Aka Christopher

Johis. Jackson

10 July 1627

Eliza. Fawcett


Eliza Jackson

17 July 1627

Johis. Thompson


Richardi Jackson

27 November 1627

Dorothea Otway

Rev. Richard Jackson (1602-1681) is the head of the line of JACKSONs in Coleraine. Dorothy OTWAY (abt 1605-abt 1645) was his first wife, and gave birth to 16 children. Richard sired 4 more children with a 2nd wife, Jane CARTER.

Jacobi Jackson

15 June 1634

Maria Applegarth

He was probably buried 14 January 1644. He and Maria seem to have had at least 6 children.

Mabel Jackson

7 August 1634

William Wright


Johis. Jackson

10 November 1635

Ellin. Dodgshon


Ales Jackson

19 November 1640

John Moore

Aka Alice

Johis. Jackson

19 June 1641

Helline Sidgewicke

It is likely that this is the brother of Rev Richard JACKSON (1602-1681). She is mentioned in the 1679 will of Rev. Richard JACKSON as a sister, but I suspect that she was a sister-in-law, and wife of his brother John.

Roberti Jackson

2 July 1643

Margret Gibsonn

Aka Robert

Elizabethe Jackson

21 July 1646

Briani Warriner


Agnes Jackson

1 December 1744

Thos. Ubank

Aka Thomas

Rebecca Jackson

3 April 1746

Anthoney Helm


Willm. Jackson

12 July 1747

Dorothy Uwen

Aka William

Jane Jackson

16 July 1785

Edward Bond


John Jackson

18 April 1802

Elizabeth Lawrey


Margaret Jackson

3 July 1803

William Sill


Dorathy Jackson

26 May 1805

James Fryer

Aka Dorothy

Robert Jackson

4 June 1809

Ellen Bentham

Robert was a son of George JACKSON. See: JACKSONs of Kirkby Lonsdale and Lancashire.




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