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Of particular interest in the news items included here are references to Thomas Jackson's leadership with respect to his philosophy of assuming personal responsibilty for calls on public generosity.

Sharon Oddie Brown. March 31, 2014.


1873 The Japan Weekly Mail Vol 4






The Homoko Fire.  The sum of $390 was collected chiefly through the exertions of Mr. Jackson and Mr. Macdonald for the Homoko sufferers.


Jan 4 1873: Mr. Jackson entirely disagreed with the scheme. He thought that to raise the pew rents would be most unpopular, and would, he was well assured, act most prejudicially on the pecuniary resources of the Church. Many persons, also, he knew only wanted an excuse like the present to throw up their sittings altogether, while many houses who took whole pews would demure against the extra $10. He, himself, thought that the pew rents were quite high enough – others, indeed, thought they were too high – and he could not conscientiously ask the Bank to increase their grant to the Church. A subscription was a different thing. In that case the money came out of his own pocket, while the increased grant would come out of that of the Bank.


Issue of lighting to be installed, and method of payment. Jackson agreed with the Chairman that the costs to be covered by a levy against property owners.


January 18, 1873 referred to fire of December 23rd when a fire originated in the outhouses of some farmers at Hongomur, in Homoko, and consumed several dwelling houses. On the 28th of the same month, and on the 1st inst., your countrymen Messrs Dickens and McDonald proceeded to the above village and distributed money to those persons (forty-two in number) whose habitations had been destroyed, giving also an additional sum to several of them who were poorer than the others…. The subscription originated with Messrs. Jackson, Dickins, and McDonald, we as residents at this end of the Bluff looking on these people as our near neighbours, claiming a right to our sympathy in their trouble… NOTE: T. Jackson donated $25 as did Wm. McDonald & J.G. Hodgson. Other donations from individuals were either $10 or $5.00. G. DARE gave $5.00, as did other HSBC staff.


Messrs Jackson and R.B. Baker appointed auditors of Yokohama General Chamber of Commerce. J. J DARE, secretary was paid $2,400 for 12 months. The Chamber was a significant factor in dealing with local business issues. Description of meeting. NOTE: R.B. BAKER was Manager of the Chartered Mercantile Bank.


The Yokohama Race Club was dealing with improprieties. Shepherd was dismissed, and an amended motion put by the committee was seconded by Jackson.


Mr. Kingdon has been elected to fill the vacancy on the Committee of the Race Club caused by the resignation of Mr. Shepherd. Mr. Jackson was the only formidable opponent, receiving 22 votes against Mr. Kingdon’s 25.


Issue of supply of telegrams to the Chamber. Jackson present at meeting


Mr. Jackson, manager of the Hongkong & Shanghai Bank … gave testimony with respect a trial DEVINE r. KIRBY 18 Sept 1873. It centered on interpretations of signing authority.





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