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NAMES: John KIDD; Philip GRIFFIN; Trevor CORRY; Samuel REID; Mary PATTERSON; Richard Jebb BROWNE; John CORBETT- all of Newry. NOTE: I have also included extensive quotes from grave markers to indicate how closely some of the neighbours were.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 6, 2016
Updated July 7, 2016


ROD 1836-08-026 

NOTE: I have just completed a major update of the early decades of the GRIFFIN family tree. In the meantime: Sam GRIFFIN in the photo beneath is a some sort of relation of the Philip GRIFFIN referred to in this Memorial of an Indented Deed of Mortgage which follows:




To the Register appointed by act of Parliament for registering Deeds, Wills and so forth. A Memorial of an Indented Deed of Mortgage bearing date the 18th day of April 1836, and made Between John Kidd[1] of Newry in the County of Down, Grocer of the one part and Philip Griffin[2] of Queen Street in that part of the town of Newry, which is situate in the County of Armagh Publican of the other part whereby after several recitals as therein set forth said indenture. witnessed that the said John Kidd in consideration of the sum of £250 to him paid by the said Philip Griffin granted, released and confirmed unto the said Philip Griffin in his possession as therein recited to his heirs and Assigns all that and those  that Dwellinghouse with the office houses and yard thereunto belonging situate in Water Street in the Town, and Barony of Newry and County of Down containing in front to said Street 30 feet in rere 30 feet and from front to rere 100 feet bounded on the North by David Scott’s tenement and the South by Samuel Reid’s[3] tenement and the West by Trevor Corry’s[4] tenement and on the East by Water Street together with the appurtenances thereunto belonging to hold the said Dwellinghouse, and premises unto the said Philip Griffin and his heirs and assigns for the life of Mary Patterson therein named in which deed there is continued a clause of redemption on repayment of said sum of £250 on the day therein mentioned in which said deed is contained a covenant that said premises were free from encumbrances and a covenant for further [?] which said deed and this Memorial as to the due execution thereof by the said John Kidd is witnessed by Samuel Reid solicitor of that part of the town of Newry, which is County Down, and by Richard Jebb Browne[5] of Newry, Jr County of Down, apprenticed to the said Samuel Reid. John Kidd. Seal. Signed and sealed in the presence of Samuel Reid Richard J. Brown. The above named Richard Jebb Brown maketh oath and saith that he is a subscribing witness and saith that he saw said deed and the above Memorial duly executed by the within named John Kidd one of the parties thereto and saith that the name Richard J. Brown subscribed as a witness to said deed and Memorial respective deed is list deponents proper name and handwriting. Richard J. Brown sworn before me at Newry in the County of Down this 26th of April 1836 by virtue of a commission to me directed from his Majesty’s Court of Chancery in Ireland for taking affidavits for said County in said County and I know the deponent. John Corbett.




[1] John KIDD Grocer of Newry.

·       A will for a John KIDD of Water St. Newry was probated in 1844.

·       The KIDD brothers were mentioned in trade directories as corn, meal & flour merchants, millers & bakers at 10 Mill Street in 1846 & 1852.

·       A John KIDD married Jane Thorn 3 Sep 1828 at Old Newry Non Subscribing Presbyterian Church ,witnesses were Isaac W. Glenny & John White. Another John KIDD of Newry married Mary Quinn of Pound St, Newry 7 Jul 1825 at Newry Catholic Church- clandestine SOURCE:  Ros Davies Website Parish Records. NOTE:

  • Newry Telegraph May 5, 1866. GRIFFIN – on the 21st inst, at her residence, Queens Street, Newry, after a lingering illness, Rachel, relict of the late Mr. Philip Griffin, aged sixty-four years. NOTE: Est age at death of 64 in BMDs suggests a birth date of 1802.
  • Rachel is a fit with The Belfast Newsletter Jan 8, 1830: On the 1st inst. At St. Mary’s Newry, by the Rev Mr. Glenny, Mr. Philip GRIFFIN to Miss R. KIDD. NOTE: St. Mary’s is Church of Ireland. It seems worth assuming that Rachel was a daughter of John KIDD of this Memorial – or of one of his brothers.

[2] Philip GRIFFIN Innkeeper of Dublin. NOTE: My hunch, based on circumstantial evidence, is that he was a son of Phil GRIFFIN and Sarah JACKSON (1774-1826). When it comes to rock solid evidence, there are still a few wobbly bits in this part of the family tree. Caution is advised.

·       Trade directories list a Philip GRIFFIN as a publican in 1824 at Water Street, and then at 2 Queen Street, Newry; as a publican in 1846 & 1852. They may be the same person, or else they may be father and son.

·       A Sarah GRIFFIN of Queen St, Newry was a publican in 1824. There are at least three possibilities for her:

o    She may have been a sister of the Philip GRIFFIN of this Memorial

o   She may have been Sarah GRIFFIN née JACKSON (1774-1828), daughter of George JACKSON and Margaret O’LAUGHLIN of Liscalgot & Urker, Co. Armagh and wife of a P. GRIFFIN, and they are most likely the parents of the Philip GRIFFIN of this deed.

o   She may have been a 1st wife of Philip GRIFFIN Innkeeper who died before the marriage to Rachel KIDD.

[3] Samuel REID (1782-1877). The entire family genealogy is captured in a headstone. SOURCE: p79. Old families of Newry and district – from gravestone inscriptions, Wills and biographical notes. Edited by RSJ Clark.:

 [Sandstone slab and slate headstone in a high railed enclosure with BROWNE stones.] Underneath lies interred the body of Jane, wife of Samuel Reid of Newry, who departed this life the 11th day of October 1800 aged 74 years. She was a loving and affectionate wife, a kind in tender parent. Also the body of Samuel Reid of Newry, Esquire, who departed this life the 19th day of December 18()0 aged 82. Here also are interred Isaac Corry Reid, sixth son of the said Samuel and Jane Reed, who died the 22 April 1835 aged 36 years. And also Samuel Reed and Mary Reid, the grandfather and grandmother of the said Samuel Reid, who departed this life in the year 1734. And also Hugh Reid, who departed this life 22nd of January 1769 aged 68 years, and Mary Reid, who departed this life. May the 16th 1783, aged 69 years, the father and mother of the said Samuel Reid. Also, Mary, wife of Samuel, third son of the said Samuel and Jane Reed, who died 6th February 1858 aged 63 years.

In memory of Margaret Read youngest daughter of the late Samuel Reid, senior, of Canal Street, Newry, who died on the 17 March 1877, aged 95 years.

[The will of Margaret Reid, late of Lisnacrieve, County Down, spinster, who died. 17. March 1877, at the same place, was proved at Belfast 24 September 1877 by the oath of James Fagan of Newry, same County, house and land agent, the sole executor. Effects under £450. The death notice in the Belfast newsletter states that Samuel Reid was a distributor of stamps from Co. Down.]

NOTE: The Will of Margaret Reid late of Lisnacree County Down Spinster deceased who died 17 March 1877 at same place was proved at Belfast by the oath of James FEGAN of Newry, County Down, House and Land Agent the sole Executor. Effects under £450. She mentions in her will niece Catherine Elvira WATSON; niece Jane SMYTH; niece Susan WARING; niece Adelaide TOOME; also Jane POOLER & Kitty POOLER; and Mrs. Richard BROWNE; as well as her tenement on Canal St.

[4] Trevor CORRY (?-1838):

Gravemarker. [First of three slate slabs in a highly railed enclosure with WESTENRA rock slab. Sacred to the memory of Trevor Corry departed this life on 22 July 1838. And his wife who died on 24 April 1852. Also Mary Katherine, who died January 20, 1813. Ellis, wife of Isaac Corry, died 18 January 1861. Also Trevor Corry, son of the above named Isaac and Ellis Corry, who died 24th May, 1880 age 34 years. [On the outside the enclosure. Cemetery of the family of the late Isaac Corry, sr, Esquire, of Newry.] SOURCE: p26. Old families of Newry and district – from gravestone inscriptions, Wills and biographical notes. Edited by RSJ Clark.

[5] Richard Jebb BROWNE jr.  

·       He was a son of Richard Jebb BROWNE (1775-1832) of Newry who died of cholera. Staff Surgeon of the 59th Regiment of Infantry. His sister was Jane DENNIS. SOURCE: ST. Patrick’s Newry graveyard & thepeerage.com.

·       BROWNE. [Two granite headstones in a low stone closure.] Mary Carolyn, youngest daughter of Richard Jebb Brown, died March 22, 1875 aged 18 years. Weep not; she is not dead but sleep with. Richard Jebb Browne, born January 14, 1819, died October 16, 1876. And his wife Jane H. Browne, born September 8, 1822, died March 19, 1903. Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. The will of Richard Jebb Browne, late of Newry, Co down, solicitor, who died 17 October 1876. At same place, was proved at Belfast 22 December 1876. By the oath of Jane Hutchison Brown of Newry, widow, the executrix. Effects under £9000.]

·       The Will of Richard Jebb Browne late of Newry County Down Solicitor deceased who died 17 October 1876 at same place was proved at Belfast by the oath of Jane Hutcheson Browne of Newry Widow the Executrix. Effects under £9,000. Date of death: 17 October 1876. He had a house in Newry and a farm at Shannon Grove near Kilkeel. The will also mentions his son, another Richard Jebb BROWNE.



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