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I write informal pieces which I post on my blog as often as I am able to. The table beneath includes links to all the ones that are connected in one way or another to the research on The Silver Bowl.
Sharon Oddie Brown, April 7, 2014


Blogs relating to Silver Bowl Research


Oct. 2010

The Quest for the Silver Bowl. My very first post.


 First Day in Londonthis is a pretty lumpy post, not my best.

Nov. 2010

 Two Versionsthe contribution of genealogy to scholarship.


 Research Update from Ireland


 Busted in Dublin


 Gratitude #1


 Research Work in Two Irelands


 The Blogging Beast The imperfection that is part of these posts – like wearing pyjamas in public.


 Drogheda and a Perfect Dayseeking the JACKSON Coat of Arms – to no avail.


 Curses and Blessings


 Chinese Food in Ireland Fan’s Chinese restaurant is where Samuel BROWNE, linen merchant carried out his trade in the mid 1800s, and where my great grandfather – Thompson BROWNE son of Samuel – also resided.


 Too Much Foodincludes mention of David Jackson’s house in Leitrim in 1841


 The Picture of Dorian Graystories of Clandeboye and BLACKWOODs


 Till It’s Gonethe story of a missing gravestone.

Dec. 2010

 Random ActsRandom Acts of Genealogical Kindness


 JACKSONs in Memorials of the Dead


 Gilford Castle & the Gift of Christine


 JACKSONs in the Belfast Newsletter


 Blogs and research

Jan. 2011

 A Mysterious Dundalk Cousin


 No Success Like Failure


 The Voice of Patrick Flynn

Feb. 2011

 TJ and the Story of his Statue


 In Defence of Not Knowinglinks to 19th C Hong Kong photos


 Choosing Rooster Scratches instead of County Louth


 Organic Gardening Advice from 1802 – old practices, new soil.


 1898 Avast the Mast – photos of Irish in 19th C Hong Kong.

Mar. 2011

 Memory is Like Water Personal memory – and a meditation on how this connects to the political.


 Memory is Like Water Part 2Memory and a re-evaluation of key historic incidents in Ireland


 One Good Deed Deserves ....

Apr. 2011

 Tip of the Iceberg


Sometimes a Picture: The Dares of Yokohama.

May 2011

A Walk in the Rain. This jumps from present to past and is a meditation on community – then and now A meditation on time and place.


Stories From the Graves. Adelaide Fingal Smith


My Web Feet – Quack Quack. This is about how research and connections work – thanks to the Internet.


Knock Knock – Who’s There. On the power of sharing with respect to research.


Facts and Theories. Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness aka RAOGK.


Nature, Nurture and Family.


Reading Irish History. The importance of perspective.        

Jun. 2011

Being and Irish Tourist & Meeting Turtle Bunbury.


Tales of the Elusive JuliusPart One.


Tales of the Elusive Julius – Part Two.


Have trod, have trod ... Disappointments in research.


June 30th. A summing up of some of the month’s events – with photos.

Jul. 2011

The Jackson “Connexion”.


Crests and Coats of Arms – 1st in a small series


The Red Hand of Ulster – 2nd in a small series


The Sheldrake and other elements – 3rd in a small series.

Aug. 2011

Lorna Goodison This is not only about the poetry and memoir written by Lorna Goodison, but also about Howe Peter BROWNE.


Carolan's Farewell, a novel by Charles Foran based on the life of harpist Turlogh O’Carolan, one of the last premodern harp composers.


How the Irish Saved Civilization by Thomas Cahill Doubleday, New York.  A book review

Sept 2011

Pete of the Glorious Berkshires A tribute to my mentor on townland research.


Talk at Armagh & District History Group An ad for a speech I gave.

Oct 2011

Strongbow & Deeds My visit to his tomb & the link to JACKSON deeds.

Nov 2011

Thomas JACKSON Kildare farm - some detective work


Original Jackson – exploring his links to Irish JACKSONs


Island Hall in Godmanchester – the home built by Original JACKSON


JACKSONs and the Samuel Pepys connection

Dec 2011

Thomas and Samuel Jackson - Pewterers of London – exploring their relationships with Ireland.


Henry Jackson of Dublin - a 1690 will


Goldsmiths, Jacksons, London, Ireland & some ongoing mysteries – starting with Alexander Jackson.

Jan 2012

A couple of "Unchurched Olivers" – a family at Killynure, Co. Armagh


Irregular Marriages – what I learned from a news article about the controversy & the part of Rev. Daniel Gunn BROWN[E]

Feb 2012

Nepotism: Yea or Nay. This is in part a book review of Citizens of The World: London Merchants and the Integration of the British Atlantic community 1735-1785. David Hancock, and partly a look at Sir Thomas Jackson of Armagh’s hiring practices at HSBC in the mid to late 1800s.


Inching towards Kildare. This page links to at least a hundred pages of original compilations of research that I have recently done.

Apr 2012

Jacksons of Grange, Kings Co, Ireland. These JACKSONs did not stay in one place – sightings of them range from adjacent counties to America.


Imagining a Parish and its People. Creggan Parish, Co. Armagh

May 2012

Cavananore – unearthing the tale. Cavananore, a townland of some 219 acres in Co. Louth, was occupied at least as early as the late 1600s by a Presbyterian family named Coulter. They were supposedly awarded the land for their valour at the Battle of the Boyne on the side of King William.

Jul 2012

Handsome James Jackson of Drogheda. I stumbled upon a description of John Jackson, son of Alderman Jackson of Drogheda in The Dublin Scuffle. It was printed in 1699, and written by John Dunton, an eccentric bookseller and even more eccentric writer.

Jul 2012

Research bits on Handsome James Jackson. The earliest known ancestor of handsome James Jackson was Richard Jackson of Drogheda (carpenter, sheriff and merchant) a man who seems to have been quite successful. His son, another Richard Jackson, became an Alderman of Drogheda and was also a successful merchant ...

Sept 2012

Francesca aka Frances Bertha Marion “Daisy” Sexton. If you were to see Mrs. Noble in 1890, just after the birth of her youngest child and presiding as President of the Ladies Recreation Club of Hong Kong, you would think that the world was her oyster.

Sept 2012

George Edward Noble. At the peak of his bank career, he was Chief Manager of HSBC.

Oct 2012

The Irish Governors of Hong Kong. At least eight Irishmen became Governors of Hong Kong in the 19th and early 20th Century. Other governors married Irish women or had other such connections.

Nov 2012

Sir Robert Ho Tung (1862-1956)   Ho Tung was one of Sir Thomas Jackson’s cherished friends.

Nov 2012

Shameless Self Promotion #1. Sir Thomas Jackson and The Bank: Not your average banker.

Nov 2012

Crowd Sourcing and the Dares. A quick flypast describing Amelia’s brothers and brother-in-laws, with a focus on their inter-connected business involvements.

Nov 2012

Shameless Self Promotion #2. The next speaker at the Royal Asiatic Society is an unusual choice. She failed history in High School, and then steered clear of all such courses at university.

Dec 2012

500 Words.  I received several emails from people who were unable to attend my talk at the Royal Asiatic Society in Hong Kong in November, so I promised to publish parts of it in future blogs. This is the first installment.


Flibbertigibbet. A round-about intro to a 1902 description of a banquet in Hong Kong.

Jan 2013

Hong Kong & Ireland: Two British Colonies. An excerpt from a speech delivered to the Hong Kong branch of the Royal Asiatic Society in November 2012.


A Hong Kong Embroidery 1902. A 1902 news account described the attempted presentation of this embroidered scroll to Thomas Jackson in Hong Kong at a banquet celebrating his life in the Colony.

Feb 2013

The Land League Hut at Shortstone.  I first saw this picture in the study of Willie Tracey, an elderly farmer who lives and farms at Shortstone, Co. Louth.

Apr 2013

Jacksons of Drogheda & Creggan.


Last Day in Ireland – This Time. Description of working in Deeds Registry and such.

May 2013

Jacksons of Co. Cavan. Exploring links between JACKSONs of Kildare and the northern counties of Ireland


The Dog That Didn’t Bark. Research examining some of the supposed origins of the Irish Quaker JACKSONs

Jun 2013

Woof - Part One. Following up on the family of Richard JACKSON (1595-1680) of Westmorland. Link to Jackson Hall, Kirby Lonsdale, now known as The Royal Hotel,


Geekdom Fascinating bits found in Deeds such as the legal arrangements made between Thomas and Mary Jackson, and John Halpin - a comb maker, because the Jackson's marriage had come asunder in an time before divorce was an option..

Jul 2013

Stones Can Talk - Part I. Some Jacksons in Dublin memorials


Stones Can Talk – Part II. More transcriptions of grave stones.

Sep 2013

Email Serendipity. The tombstone of Anne Day Woodville in Bekegem, Belgium. She was the widow of Sir George Jackson (1776-1840), her second husband. Sir George was born in Coleraine, Co. Londonderry and later also lived at Forkhill, Co. Armagh. In later life he lived and died in Belgium.

Nov 2013

The Tale of a Townland. A primer on how to learn much from maps using the townland of Urcher aka Urker as an example.

Dec 2013

 Urker Lodge. Archival photos compared with contemporary photos and maps.

Jan 2014

Urker and Sir Thomas Jackson. Linking fairy tales and features which can be found in the landscape of South Armagh.


Creggan on the Peak. Sir Thomas JACKSON of Creggan parish in south Armagh built a home in Hong Kong that he named Creggan.

Feb 2014

Thomas Jackson and the Overland Route. The experience of travelling from England to Hong Kong before the opening of the Suez canal.


Margaret McMillan. When I was reading her book The War the Ended Peace, it got me thinking about Prince Henry and his visits with the Jacksons in Hong Kong in the 1890s.

Mar 2013

The Sizzle of Connections. A story about the links between the SCOTTs of Singapore and Sir Walter SCOTT and William Ramsay SCOTT, brother-in-law to Sir Thomas JACKSON.


Whitworth Allen and Anna Maria Dare. Anna Maria DARE was a sister to Sir Thomas Jackson’s wife, Amelia Lydia DARE.




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