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NAMES: Miles NORTH; Edward Jackson NORTH; William BORDRIGGE; Oliuver NORTH; Anthony ATKINSON; Richard Tomlin NORTH; Lieut. Miles NORTH; Mary Anne NORTH; James COCK; Mrs. HALL aka REMINGTON; Reginald REMINGTON; Elizabeth NEEDHAM; Frederick Richard NEEDHAM; Croaslane MOLONY; John PARKINSON; John WATKINSON; Robert LUCAS. PLACES: Manor of Whittington; Jackson Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale; Co. Meath lands; Casterton, Westmorland.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 16, 2016

1784 Nov 26 Will of Miles North

SOURCE: The Northern Genealogist 1896 ed. A. Gibbons, F.S.A. page 36

NOTE: I do not know who all these people are, but as I find out, I will add their information into my footnotes. Miles NORTH is of particular interest because his great grandmother was Jennet JACKSON, and his son Richard Toumlin NORTH inherited the lands that JACKSONs had held in Kirkby Lonsdale and Whittington (and possibly Castleton).


 Miles North[1], of Kirkby Lonsdale, co. Westmoreland, esq., 26 November, 1784. Copyholds in Kirkby Lonsdale called Jackson Hall, to my eldest son Edward Jackson North[2] ; also the Manor of Whittington[3], co. Lane, and lands there, which were the estates of my uncle Wm. Bordrigge[4], gent., deceased, and also lands there which were the estate of my late father Oliver North[5], gent., deceased. To my friend Anthony Atkinson[6], of Lancaster, gent., my undivided moiety of a house and land at Casterton[7], co. Westmoreland, which I hold as tenant in common with him. To my said son, all the furniture in my said house called Jackson Hall. Residue of real and personal estate to my said son Edward Jackson North, my sons Rd. Toulmin North[8] and Miles North[9], and my daughter Mary Anne N[10]. My friend the Rev. Mr. James Cock[11] 20 guineas ; Mrs. Hall[12], late Miss Remington, daughter of Mr. Reginald R[13]., deceased, 100 guineas for a ring ; Mrs. Elizth. Needham[14], of Dublin, an annuity of 100 guineas for her life, and to her son Frederick Richard Needham[15] 100 guineas a year till 21, and then 200 guineas a year for life ; and after his death 100 guineas a year to his children for their joint lives and the life of the survivors or survivor ; all to be paid out of my estates in Ireland. Said Anthony Atkinson[16] exor. in England, and Croasdale Molony[17], of Dublin, esq., exor. in Ireland. Witnesses, Jno. Parkinson[18], Jno. Watkinson[19], and Robt. Lucas[20]. Proved at York, June 1795. [exxxix., 494.]



[1] Miles NORTH (1738-1795) husband of Susan TOULMIN and father of four known children. He was heir at law of the estates of Lady Crofton, widow of Sir Oliver Crofton aka Abigail JACKSON, his cousin. His Irish deeds are revealing.

  • ROD: 310-658-208530 Miles NORTH of Whittington in the Parish of Whittingtone Co Lancaster Esq of the 1 pt George CONNOR of [?] Castle Co Meath Esq of the other pt… released Castle town and lands of Ardlonan Castle cont 206 acres est.
  • ROD: 347-352-233220: Miles NORTH of Jacksons Hall, Westmorland and now of City of Dublin & Columbus DRAKE of Drakerath, Co Meath......estate lands in Co Meath other names Gorges LOWTHER.
  • ROD: 360-330-245346 Miles NORTH (of Jacksons Hall, Westmorland, England)  & wife Susannah  JACKSON [is this an error?] selling property in Dublin in Croasdaile Malony, to widow of Hon Godfrey

[2] Edward Jackson NORTH (1779-1789). NOTE; He died before his father did, at the age of nine.

[3] Manor of Whittington.

·       In 1715, the Jacobite forces marched through Whittington. They made an enclosure for their horses on the high ground on Col. [Bordrigge North] North's estate, which can still be seen. SOURCE: British History on Line.

·       BACKGROUND: The Carus family had been much reduced in fortune, partly, no doubt, owing to their adherence to the Roman Catholic religion, and after the Revolution to the Stuart cause; and after the death of Thomas Carus in 1716 the estates in part had to be sold by order of the Court of Chancery. Thus in 1732 the manor of Whittington was acquired by James Bordrigge, of a family long settled in the neighbourhood, (fn. 64) and by the marriage of his daughter and heir Alice to Oliver North of Newton, representative of a younger branch of the Norths of Docker, it came to the ancestors of the present holder. Their son Miles inherited the Thurland lordship; his son Richard Toulmin North dying unmarried in 1865 was succeeded by his grand-nephew Mr. North Burton, who then assumed the surname of North. He died 11 April 1910, and was succeeded by his son Colonel Bordrigge North North, C.B., M.V.O., the present lord of the manor. SOURCE: British History on Line.

  • Whittington AND ye said Jurors say upon their oathes that the parish Church of Whittington, wth in ye said Hundred of Loynsdale [Lonsdale] and County of Lancaster, is a parsonage psentative with Cure of Soules, And That Thomas Carne, Esqr a papist delinquent, is reputed patron, ye same being an entire Rectory ; And that ye said pish of Whittington doth containe within it ye sev'all Towneshipps, Hamletts, or Villages of ye severall distances from y e said parish Church hereafter followinge, viz* Whittington, where ye Church is seated ; Newton, distant as aforesaid One mile ; Docker, One myle and a half; And likewise That there is belonging to ye said Church Two acres of Gleabe landes or thereabouts, and also Tythes of Corne and grayne through the whole parish, together with wooll, lamb, pigg, goose, hay, hemp, flax, and small Tythes through ye whole parish, Except hay in Docker, for which ye Inhabitants of Docquer [Docker] paye a pscripcon rent. And ye said Jurors further say That there is some pscripcon or Composicon Rent w th in ye said pish onely, for hay in Docquer [Docker] as before about Twenty shillings, And that ye whole pffitts issuing out of the whole Rectorie are comonly reputed to be worth one hundred thirtye seaven pounds ; And ye said Jurors likewise saye That ye Minister Officiating ye Cure att ye said pish Church of Whittington is Mr Richard Jackson, Maister of Arts, a godly preaching Minister. Lancashire and Cheshire Church Surveys. 1649-1655. Published by the Record Society for the Publication of Original Documents relating to Lancashire and Cheshire. Vol I. 1879.
  • NOTE: Thomas CARUS aka CARNE, the patron of Whittington, may be the papist recusant who Rev. William JACKSON loaned money .

[4] William BORDRIGGE (?- bef 1784) son of James BORDRIGGE and brother of Alice BORDRIGGE

[5] Oliver NORTH (1712-1786) husband of Alice BORDRIGGE.

[6] Anthony ATKINSON

[7] Casterton is a townland where there was a significant JACKSON presence in the mid1500s until the 1700s. There may be a connection.

[8] Richard Tomlin NORTH (1782-1865) He died unmarried & Thurland Castle went to his grqnd-nephew North North aka North Burton of Thurland Castle. So did a lot of property in Ireland and Kirkby Lonsdale.

[9] Miles NORTH (1784-1809). He died at sea returning from India. He was a Lieut. serving with the 67th Foot.

[10] Mary Anne NORTH (bef 1784-1841). She married David Morgan Esq., and they had a child Mary Anna MORGAN who married John Standfast BURTON whose son North BURTON changed his name to North NORTH and inherited the NORTH family estates.

[11] James COCK

[12] Mrs. HALL aka REMINGTON

[13] Reginald REMINGTON (?-be 1784)

[14] Elizabeth NEEDHAM of Dublin. It could be key to run down this connection.

·       In the 1720s, a Rev Valentine NEEDHAM was rector at St. Michans. There may be a connection. Although aspiring to gentility, a Dublin curate, Valentine Needham, "lolled at his reading desk, fiddled with his wig, pared his nails, and stretched out his hands to display a ring".  SOURCE: A New Anatomy of Ireland: The Irish Protestants, 1649-1770. Toby Barnard. Toby Christopher Barnard. Yale University Press.2003.

·       In 1791, an Elizabeth NEEDHAM, spinster of Dublin, died intestate.

·       6 Feb. 1769. Married Mr. James Jackson of Spinans, co. Wicklow, to Miss Rachael Needham. She died 1779. SOURCE: Prerogative Wills, and Finn's Leinster Journal 1769 Births, Marriages and Deaths by H. F. Morris.

·       Rachel NEEDHAM of Dublin is mentioned in my page on Wicklow Probates. 1775 May 20. Memorial: 307-615-206407 John BOURKE, Druggist of Dublin City and Rachall NEEDHAM orse JACKSON, widow of Dublin City to marry shortly; Rachall NEEDHAM seized of considerable fortune.  If Rachall NEEDHAM to die before it, it shd be lawful for her to dispose of £150 for purposes she shd think fit & in case she does die, same amt to go to child of marriage, if none, WITNESSES: Thomas BRENNAN, carpenter & wife Margaret BRENNAN; William KELLY, Gen

[15] Frederick Richard NEEDHAM

·       A Rev Frederick NEEDHAM married an Anne MOLLER in 1805 in Dublin. There may be a connection.

[16] Anthony ATKINSON

[17] Croasdale MOLONY.

·       A Croasdale MOLONY married Catherine GONNE in 1756.

·        A Croasdale MOLONY Esq. of Dublin died in 1800.



[20] Robert LUCAS



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