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Looking through the snippets beneath, it seems likely to me that Gordon JACKSON (1794- 1849) M.D. is the one who married a Mary ROCHE at St. Nicholas Without, Dublin on Aug 29, 1829. Also, that a subsequent Gordon Jackson M.D. (was related to him. The first Gordon JACKSON (1794- 1849) had a brother, John JACKSON of Capel St., an Iron Monger, whose daughter Jane married Joseph INKERSELL.

I suspect that the Gordon JACKSON who died in 1890 in the townland of Rathe, is related to the Dr. Gordon JACKSON M.D. (probably born in 1882) whose name is connected in 1913 to the townland of Rathe I suspect they are all connected to the Gordon JACKSON who broke the windows of James DYAS in 1794.

They may also be related to the retired Naval Fleet Surgeon born in Ireland abt 1833 who I suspect died in 1910.

I do not yet know how they all fit together, but these are at least some starting clues. I know that there are some errors in the silverbowl tree that I have posted at Rootsweb.
Sharon Oddie Brown. June 19, 2014


Jacksons of Rathe Co Meath - Some Snippets

NOTE: I suspect these JACKSONs are related to JACKSON lines in Lisnaboe, Co. Meath as well as Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.



Gordon Jackson MD

Mt Jerome Cemetary, Dublin


Sacred | to the memory of | GORDON JACKSON M.D. | of Gardiners Place | who died

the 24th of July 1849 | aged 55 years | also MARY his wife | who died the 27th

of Novr. 1848 | aged 65 years | and his brother JOHN of Capel St. | who died

the 8th of June 1864 | aged 72 years. | also | THOMAS RUXTON, JOHN'S second son

| who died the 11th Jany. 1853 | aged 18 years | and HARRIET wife of the above

JOHN | who died the 3rd of March 1874 | aged 75 years

St Mary’s Dublin:


26 April 1851

Jane JACKSON is a daughter of John JACKSON, Iron Monger. Gordon JACKSON was a witness for the wife, and John JACKSON the witness for the husband. Joseph INGERSELL Esq. was a son of Thomas INGERSELL, Esq.  NOTE: One of the Lisnaboe JACKSONs was a Gordon JACKSON (d 1890), and members of his family also owned iron foundries.

NOTE: there is a marriage record of a Gordon JACKSON & a Mary ROCHE at St. Nicholas Without, Dublin on Aug 29, 1829.

22 - 25 Apr. 1794

CAVAN Assizes


Monday the 7th inst was tried at Cavan Assizes, before the Hon. Justices Cruickshank, an action bought by Mr. James Dyas, of Kings Court , against Gordon Jackson, Esq. A very active Magistrate of the county Cavan, to recover damages for breaking the plaintiff’s windows on account of his not illuminating them on the 9th of August last, when intelligence was received of the surrender of Valenciennes..... verdict for the plaintiff.

NOTE: I wonder if this was the Gordon JACKSON in the Lisnaboe Tree, who was a son of Thomas JACKSON & Ann GORDON. The DYAS and JACKSON families intermarried in America. See: Bill Farrell files. Mary Jackson b: 25 Jun 1788 d: 1849 +John Dyas  b: 28 Dec 1782 d: 14 Aug 1862 in of New Orleans and Nashville. Mary JACKSON was a daughter of Alexander JACKSON and Mary HENRY of Cremorne, Monaghan.

See Siege of Valenciennes – it was part of the French Revolutionary Wars. Anglo-Austrian forces took the town in July 1793 - the year that is referred to by the 9th of August last. The politics behind this action would indicate that Gordon JACKSON was opposed to the French Revolution, while DYAS was likely in favour (hence the emigration of DYAS family members to America, as well as a number of JACKSONs - but not Gordon JACKSON. Incidentally, Valenciennes was retaken by the French Revolutionary armies in August 1794.


M, #266621

Last Edited=8 Feb 2008

     Gordon Jackson lived at Rothe, County Meath, Ireland.1

Child of Gordon Jackson

     John Robert Jackson was the son of Gordon Jackson.1 He married Susan Malcomson Barcroft, (d Apr 4 1964 – buried in Woodlawn Cemetary Saskatoon, Canada – so it is possible that John Robert JACKSON d 1975, since he is in the same cemetery) daughter of Thomas Malcolmson Barcroft [(1838-1911) a JP of Dundrum House, Co. Armagh] and Alice Murphy, on 6 July 1920 in a childless marriage.


JACKSON, Gordon and Mary Boche [Roche] alias WINECHIP




1880 Thomas JACKSON effects under £800 late of Lisnaboe Co Meath Esq. d 6 Mar 1877 proved by oath of Gordon JACKSON of Rath House, Nobber, Co.Meath, Esq. NOTE: Related to Thomas JACKSON & Anne GORDON. There are two Thomas JACKSON's with a tie to this Gordon JACKSON, but the other one in 1887 has them named as brothers. These are part of the Lisnaboe JACKSONs which have since been folded into my rootsweb tree.

1887 Thomas JACKSON effects £1,582 10s late of Lisnaboe Co Meath Esq d 14 Jan 1887 at same place granted by Gordon JACKSON of Rath House Nobber, Co Meath, esq the brother. NOTE: Son of Thomas JACKSON & Anne GORDON. These are part of the Lisnaboe JACKSONs which have since been folded into my rootsweb tree.

1890 Gordon JACKSON effects £4,635 9s 1d late of Rath Nobber, Co Meath Esq d 19 Jul 1890 at the Gresham Hotel Dublin… NOTE: Son of Thomas JACKSON & Anne GORDON of Lisnaboe. These are part of the Lisnaboe JACKSONs which have since been folded into my rootsweb tree.

Gordon Jackson lands at Rathe


HANSARD 1803–20051910s 1913 January 1913 6 January 1913 Written Answers (Commons)

Land Purchase (Ireland).

HC Deb 06 January 1913 vol 46 cc838-9W


§ Mr. PATRICK WHITE asked the Chief Secretary whether the untenanted land on the estate of Surgeon Gordon Jackson, situate at Rathe, Kilmainham Wood, also the land of Sir Lionel Alexander, situate at Cruicetown, county Meath, has been offered for sale to the Estates Commissioners?

§ Mr. BIRRELL The Estates Commissioners are unable to identify the Gordon Jackson estate as the subject of proceedings for sale under the Land Purchase Acts before them. The estate of Sir L. C. W. 839W Alexander is the subject of proceedings for sale direct by the owner to the tenants under the Irish Land Act, 1903, and the owner has included for sale to the Commissioners some 272 acres of the lands of Cruicetown. When the estate is being dealt with in order of priority the Commissioners will consider the question of purchasing the lands.

NOTE: In the 1901 Census, the two JACKSON families at Kilmainham, Co. Meath are both Catholic: the families of Owen and Patrick JACKSON. A William JACKSON at Rathe, Kilmainham is a grandson and servant of Patrick MURTHA – both of them Catholic. Is it possible that the family which had been Church of Ireland switched?

Gordon Jackson, Lisnabo, Kingscourt The Irish Times1872September11 September 1872 › Page 6. NOTE: I do not have a subscription to this, so can only offer a citation.

Dublin Medical Press. August 3, 1842. Medical report of the fever Hospital, Cork Street. Dr. Gordon Jackson M.D. one of the physicians.

1901 Irish Census. A Gordon JACKSON age 19 (hence b. abt 1882), born in Cavan, was a student at the Academical Institute in Coleraine, Waterside, part. He was Church of Ireland. John JACKSON age 16, also born in Co Cavan was also a student there. NOTE: Lisnabo is in Co. Meath but very close to the border with Cavan. A hospital birth may have occurred at Kingscourt, Co. Cavan for a family living at Lisnabo.

1911 England Census

Gordon A JACKSON, age 29 (hence b. abt 1882) is a surgeon, born in Nobber Co. Meath and serving in China and the East Indies. NOTE: He is the same age as the Gordon JACKSON who studied at the Academical Institute in Coleraine.

1881 Census of England: Gordon JACKSON single, age 47 [b abt 1834], Fleet Surgeon on the Northumberland, born in Ireland [Dublin was crossed off]. See beneath 1901 Census.

1901 England Census

Gordon JACKSON, age 68 (hence b abt 1833) born in Ireland is living with his wife Mary A (born in Birmingham) and his children Gordon V. JACKSON (17), Richard B. JACKSON (14), Arthur L. JACKSON (13) – all born in England, and also his sister Sophia JACKSON age 76, born in Ireland (est 1825). He was a District Inspector R.N [Royal Navy] Retired. [NOTE: He was already retired in 1888 according to Naval lists. I also suspect he was a Fleet Surgeon, since in 1878 there is a reference to a Gordon JACKSON F.S.] They are all living at the same place in the 1891 Census – but here is wife is referred to as Maryanne V. JACKSON. This makes it possible that she was Mary Anne Vienna JACKSON, widow of Gordon JACKSON who died July 8, 1910 (Source: Probate).

Also of interest in the 1901 Census (and there are many more Irish JACKSONs worth exploring in this Census):

  • Grenville JACKSON, born in Co. Meath, b abt 1851, cousin of Jane KERR.
  • Samuel JACKSON, Born in Co Meath, Constable, b abt 1861

May 6, 1915, Dr. Gordon JACKSON sailed from Liverpool to Calcutta, age 33 [b 1882}. Destination: Assam.

The General Stud Book Containing Pedigrees of English Race Horses [up to 1892], Volume 17 Pages 671 ff have a number of listings of horses owned by Gordon JACKSON as well as other JACKSONs and DYASs.










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