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My purpose in assembling this table and highlighting various words is to support those researchers who are working to establish links between the various JACKSON families who emigrated to Ireland in the 1600s and then perhaps also went back and forth to England for reasons of study, business or family. The JACKSONs of Coleraine were definitely connected to the Clothworkers part of the plantation settlements in the early 1600s, but more is still to be learned of them. They were also not the only line of JACKSONs to settle in Ireland in this time frame, although it is not unlikely that other lines will turn out to have some tangential relationship with them. Leeds, Westmorland and Yorkshire were specific places that many of them hailed from.
The names that I have bolded are already in our family tree or else are likely suspects. The name MAULEVERER is also included because of the family connections to him that are noted on other pages.
The boxes that are shaded are key people in various trees.

Sharon Oddie Brown. August 22, 2010
Update May 31, 2013. Thanks to researcher Jan Waugh who pointed out an error in the source material for Deborah JACKSON.
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 18, 2015


Jacksons in Biographical Register  - and some related names.

NOTE: See also Table of Jacksons from Christ’s College focussed on Yorkshire & Westmorland & Lancashire.


Biographical register of Christ's College, 1505-1905: and of the earlier foundation, God's House, 1448-1505  Vol I. compiled by John Peile, 

Biographical Register of Christ’s College 1505-1905.  Vol II 1666-1905 Compiled by John Peile. Cambridge University Press. 1913


NOTE: I have focused on JACKSONs in the early years – up to 1800 with a few other names of interest added as they caught my attention.


There are a number of non-JACKSON names that caught my attention:

  1. Dorothy OTWAY as a wife of Richard. It may be pertinent that that the Armagh Clergy and Parishes mentions another clerical OTWAY: 1679/80— Thomas Otway, D.D. (Dubl. and ad eund. Camb.)
  2. A General OTWAY had a regiment. General Sir Loftus William Otway, Otway was born the fourth of five sons to Cooke and Elizabeth Otway of Castle Otway, Tipperary.
  3. Also, in Armagh Clergy and Parishes there is mention of the 1655 probate of Rev. William SMITH aka SMYTH, Archdeacon of Clogher (d. 1653). He was the son of Rev. SMITH of Cowling in Craven and Boudegate, Yorkshire who matriculated at Christ’s College. He had a brother-in-law Stephen JACKSON. This convergence is interesting because of Jackson, Stephan; son of Thomas JACKSON of Yorks; school Newcastle admitted June 11, 1627 age 17 (b. 1610). Thomas the father was of Cowling, Yorks.
  4. There is also a reference in The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.Vol II. Bernard Burke: Jackson -- Coleraine, County Londonderry; fun. Established 1688, William Jackson, son of Rev. Richard Jackson of Whittington County Lancaster by Dorothy Otway wife, daughter of Sir John Otway knight of Ingmire. Gu a fess betw. Three cormorants ar. NOTE: I believe that Sir John was Dorothy OTWAY’s  brother and their father was Roger OTWAY.

NOTE: At bottom of Vol II notes are pertinent page references to Vol I.

NOTE: I have bolded names that are in the Coleraine JACKSON tree.

It can also be found at : http://www.archive.org/details/biographicalregi01peiluoft

Jackson, — : a scholar in 1535-7. Thomas Jackson determined 1539-40 




Biographical register of Christ's College, 1505-1905: and of the earlier foundation, God's House, 1448-1505  Vol I. compiled by John Peile


Jackson, A. C. D. [NOTE: He was in Christ Church’s boat club in 1902.]


John (1572) i. This is one of 12 more references not available on line.


*Fowke, Edward: the last consocius; stands generally before Nunne, though later in degree which perhaps he delayed : he was a questionist only in Feb. 150f : his "cautio" being "una mirra sine aliquo bosso intus cum fractura ad latus intus" (Grace Book B^ 208). But he was M.A. 1507-8 (ib. 232), and B.D. according to his will. He appears with Will. Jackson, clerk, perhaps also a Fellow, in 1512 in an indenture respecting Coventry land. He was presented by the College to the rectory of Navenby 6 Oct. 1513, and probably held it till his death : administration of goods granted 17 Nov. 1529 (Cat. Mss. Univ. Lib. 5. 538). Henry Lockwood was presented in 1529/30.


Cromwell, Gregory : son of Tho. Cromwell, Secretary of State. Inserted here, though doubtfully. He was a-pupil of Lockwood, who mentions him in several letters to his father : e.g. " ray loving pupill Gregory " [Cal. Bom. State Papers, Vol. 5, no. 1136): he hopes "after Christmas 1532 to have him again as a bedfellow at Christ's College" (ib., no. 1139). "Your son Gregory is merry, thanked be God " (ib., 1746). Gregory became Baron Cromwell in 1540: married Elizabeth sister of Jane Seymour, and died 1557. (D.N.B., xiii. 202.) NOTE: I have included him because he is in the family tree on account of a descendant marrying a TOLLEMACHE.


Thomas Jackson a scholar in 1535. determined 1539-40


Rod[olph]. I. mat pen (Jaxon) Nov 1549.


Otway, — : also a scholar 1551-2 : he may be the Otway who was Fellow before L. Day 1554, and had his last payment L. Day 1558 : but I think that the identification of the Fellow with Geo. Otway of St Catharine's more likely (see above, p. 42). Possibly the Otway who had license to practise medicine 1559 (but not found in A): perhaps Roger Otway who matricu- lated as pensioner at St John's Nov. 1551. Probably one of the Otways of Middleton, Westmorland, several of whom were later members of the College : possibly brother of Thomas Otway who died 1592, and sent two sons here, Edward (1581) and George (1596).


... 20 acres of land in Melmerby which (he said) his brother had devised to him for life (See W. Jackson Papers and Pedigrees, 2 286 an 298)


Jackson, John (1572) appears as BA at Christ’s 1572/3. Possibly mat at St. John’s 1570. One Jackson a scholar in 1571-2. The names defy any certain identification. But possibly he was John Jackson, rector of Melsonby, Yorks 1573-1606-7 in which year he was buried at Richmond on Feb 20; father of Timothy Jackson, B.A. Christ`s 1611-2 of John (1613) and of Nathanial (1616.)


Otway, Edward: mat. pen. 1581 Nov.: a scholar: B.A. 1584/5; M.A. 1589. Perhaps son of Thomas Otway of Middleton, Westmoreland, baptised at Kirkby Lonsdale 22 Oct. 1563. In College Accounts 1594-5 there is a charge "Troilus (the College Porter) going to M'" Otway about Fen Drayton": he may perhaps have been curate there. Vicar of Braughing, Herts. 1593-1616 when he died. Father of Humphrey Otway (1627), and grandfather of Thomas, the poet, who was not at Christ's.


Jackson, John: mat. pen. (Jacson) 1583 Oct. : B.A. 158|. One of these names vicar of Stainton, Yorks. 28 May 1592, patron Will. Cardinal Esq.


Jackson, Roger : mat. siz. (Jacson) 1584 June : B.A. 1587/8 ; M.A. 1591. Probably a member of a family of Jacsons of East Bridgeford, Notts. : possibly uncle of Roger (1615): and the same as Roger Jackson M.A. instd. to Colston Basset, Notts. 4 Jan. 1592/3, who occurs in the Parliamentary Commissioners' report of 1650 (Godfrey, Bingham Hundred, p. 86 and 90) as still receiving £40 a year, but disabled by old age from discharging the cure : wherefore he hires Roger Litherland, who preaches once and sometimes twice every Sunday.


Hall, Robert married Margaret JACKSON 1607-8 but had no children.


*Jackson, John: mat. pen. 1592-3: B.A. l592/3 ; M.A. 1600. Elected Fellow before Mids. 1600: last payment at Mids. 1605. Mr John Jackson, M.A. of Christ's, aged 28, was married at St Benet's in 1605 to Eliz. daughter of Rob. Browne, draper[1], (Ely Episc. Rec. 263). One of these names was prebendary of Lichfield 29 Sept. 1623, and died between 1642 and 1660 (Le Neve) : the same may have been rector of Madeley, Staffs. 14 Oct. 1635.


Otway, George: mat. siz. 1596-7: B.A. 1599/0; M.A. 1603. Possibly a son (baptised at Kirkby Lonsdale, 6 July 1578) of Tho. Otway of Middleton Westmorland]., and so, half-brother of Edward, admitted 1581. He was father of Thomas Otway (afterwards Bishop of Ossory) admitted here 1632 (perhaps also of George, matr. 1623) ; and was beneficed at Alderbury, Wilts, where Thomas was born 1616 : the dates of his institution and cessation are not recoverable — but he signed as vicar a presentment made at a visitation in 1616 (H. A. Maiden). The family of Otway at this period was largely represented at Cambridge, both at Christ's and at St John's : and it is curious how often even when settled in the south of England its members sent their sons to school at Sedbergh or Kirkby Lonsdale. Geo. Otway however did not do so : the future Bishop was educated at Winchester, as was his namesake, the dramatist.


Jackson, Timothy. Mat siz 1607-8 MA 1615. Eldest son of John Jackson, rector of Melsonby. Mentioned in his mother`s will 1628 (More details) patron Chris Dodsworth.Jackson, Timothy: mat. siz. (Sid.) 1607 B.A. 1611/2; M.A. 1615. Eldest son of Joh. Jackson rector of Melsonby, see page 109. Ordained deacon, York, 16 If Feb. : "assistant" at Doncaster, Feb. 28 : priest 1613 Dec. Curate of Hackness ('' Harkness "). Probably the " preacher at Wragby, Yorks." who published an exposition of Paul's 2 Ep. Thess., mentioned by Thoresby : perhaps also the vicar of " H. Trin. or Ch. Ch. in curia Regis " York. 6 Sept. 1631, patron Chris. Dodsworth : died vicar before March 163|. Mentioned in his mother's will, 1628. Brother of John (adm. 1613) and of Nathaniel (adm. 1616). See Yorks. Arch. Journal, 6. 187. NOTE: I have Vol 6 being 1881, and have transcribed pertinent entries.


Jackson, John mat siz 1613 July B.A. 1616-7 MA 1620. Born 1600 son of John rector of Melsonby, Yorks ... married Joanna BOWES of Barnes Durham. Had one son, Berkeley who died an infant. Died rector before Feb 6, 1642-3 when Edward Mauleverer succeeded him. He was called a good old Puritan – more details. Brother of Timothy (BA 1611/12) and Nathaniel (adm 1616) Minister after 1644 in Barwick at Elmet at whose house he died Wife Joanna.Jackson, John: mat. siz. 1613 July: B.A. 161|; M.A. 1620. Born 1600: son of John, rector of Melsonby, Yorks. (see page 109). Master of Richmond Grammar School 1618-20. Ordained deacon (York) as of Christ's College 1619 Dec: licensed to preach 16iJ Jan. : priest 162f Feb. Rector of Marske 28 Aug. 1620, patron Tim. Hutton of Marske. In 1629 married Joanna, daughter of Ralph Bowes of Barnes, Durham, by whom he had one son, Berkeley, who died an infant: died rector before 6 Feb. 164| when Edw. Maleverer succeeded him (Shaw 2. 337). According to Thoresby, also rector of Barwick in Elmet, he may have held both livings, and resided at Barwick. According to Wood, Fa^ti, 1. 509 (but doubtfully) preacher at Gray's Inn 164 J : if so, perhaps the John Jackson of St Martin in the Fields, clerk, admitted at Gray's Inn 21 Mar. 164^: also a member of the Westminster Assembly of Divines 1643. But John Jacksons were numerous. Letters from him {i.e. the rector of Marske) to Matt. Hutton in the Hutton Correspondence (Surtees Soc^.) 259, 260 : some good Latin verses (ib. 297). Ralph Thoresby calls him "a good old Puritan [he had been 'presented' for not reading prayers on the eves of Holy days and for not wearing the surplice], and one of the Assembly of Divines, yet so zealously affected for King Charles, when he heard of his being brought before a pretended High Court of Justice, that he prayed earnestly that God would interfere to prevent that horrid act which would be a perpetual shame to the nation and a reproach to the Protestant religion, or at least would be pleased to remove him that he might not see that woeful day. His prayer was heard and answered as to himself. For not willing to depend upon common fame I examined the register of Barwick in Elmet, and found he was buried the week before." [But he died two years earlier : see above.] Thoresby had " a common-place book in Latin, wherein also are many remarks in the Italian language by the Rev. M"* John Jackson of Barwick in Elmet, formerly of Marsk." Brother of Timothy, B.A. 161 J : also of Nathaniel (adm. 1616) minister after 1644 in Barwick in Elmet ; at whose house he died. See Canon Raine in the Yorks. Arch, Journal vi. 184 ; also in Archaeologia Aeliana p. 9 : who gives the curious epitaph to his wife Joanna (ib. 179) : he thought however that John was rector of Barwick, not Nathaniel. A further difficultj'^ is caused by the fact that Raine (followed by J. Foster, Al. Ox. 795) makes him (John second son of John, rector at Melsonby) to be admitted at Lincoln, Oxford 7 June 1616, aged 16 : he is not allowed any degree, but made Head Master of Richmond, while an undergraduate of 18. The ordination at York 1619, as of Christ's, is conclusive that he was here, and graduated here. But it is possible that he may have entered at Lincoln with the view of migration and not proceeded further. NOTE: He also reported on "above 20,000 obstinate Recusantes" in the archdeaconry of Richmond alone. SOURCE: Lives of the Elizabethan Bishops of the Anglican Churchhttp://www.archive.org/details/livesoftheelizab00whituoft


Jackson,. Roger. Mat siz 1615; BA 1618-9 MA 1622. Probably second son of Michael JACKSON of East Bridgford, Notts and of Frances POOLE. Married Sancta HANSON sister of John HANSON of London. Had four sons: John (1650) George (1663) and William; also nephew William (1639). It does not appear whether he was related to Roger of 1584.Jackson, Roger: mat. siz. 1615 Dec: B.A. 161f; M.A. 1622. Probably second son of Mich. Jackson of East Bridgford, Notts., and of Frances Poole. Ordained priest, Lichfield, 1622/3 May. One of these names vicar of Sutton on the Hill, Derbs. 11 Feb. 1622/3. One was rector of Dalbury in 1650— gone 1652. Married Sancta, sister of John Hanson of London. Probably he was the parson of Langford, Derbs. (? Langford St Bart., now held with Holme St Giles, Notts.) instituted 6 Aug. 1662. Had four sons of whom two were at Christ's, John (1650) and George (1663), and one, William, at Jesus: also a nephew, William, at Christ's 1639. It does not appear whether he was related to Roger of 1584.


Jackson, Nathaniel: mat. siz. 1616 July: B.A. 1616; M.A. 1623. Brother of Timothy (B.A. 161 J) and of John (mat. 1613) : son of John Jackson rector of Melsonby, Yorks. Ordained deacon, York, 1623 June: priest 162 J Feb. Presented by Hen. Gookricke to vicarage of Hunsingore 11 June 1623-1625. Rector of Stonegrave 19 May 1629-1644, perhaps again 1660-2. Minister of Barwick in Elmet till 1660, after 1644, where his brother John lived with him till 1646/7. The Commonwealth Commissioners, reporting on Barwick say that '* Mr Nathaniel Jackson a godly learned and painful preacher is minister here." He parted with Roundhay, distant three miles from Barwick, to become a new parish with Shadwell and Brandon : and in consideration of his loss thereby he was to nominate the first minister. (Survey of Church Lands made during the Commonwealth, at Lambeth Library.) He died at York 1 Nov. 1662 : in his will dated 18 Oct. he describes himself as of York. If he returned to Stonegrave after the appointment of his successor at Barwick in 1660, he was probably ejected in 1662. (Canon Raine in Yorks. Arch. J. vi. 188: letters from Rev. F. S. Coleman and Rev. E. A. B. Pitman.) Thoresby had among his mss. " Mr Nath. Jackson of Berwick's notes on certain herbes."


Jackson, Richard: mat. pen. 1619 July: B.A. 1622 (Mids.); M.A. 1626. Rector of Halton, near Lancaster, 24 Nov. 1630, again March 1634/5, and ceased 1648 : his son Francis by his first marriage (to Dorothy Otway) was admitted 1649. Rector of Whittington near Kirkby Lonsdale 15 July 1641 where he gave a sun-dial (still existing) to the village. He retained his post as minister of Whittington in the 8th Lancs. Classis 2 Oct. 1646 (Shaw 2. 397), in which year he subscribed the protest of the Lancs. presbyterian ministers against toleration of strange doctrines (Halley, 1. 473). He remained there till his death in 1680/1. He was twice married : his eldest daughter Marie, was baptised 2 Dec. 1642: between 1644 and 1646 his first wife died : and he married Jane Carter 26 Jan. 1647/8-, by whom he had four daughters and a son Leonard (admitted here 1668). His tombstone, which remains much worn, shows that he was buried 24 Feb. 1680/1. (Information from Rev. John Hodgkin.) Will proved at Richmond. (Croston-Baines, 5. 559.)
NOTE: We have much more to learn about his children’s names. Also, he may have had a wife between OTWAY and CARTER. This Richard JACKSON is the one who had many children who ended up in Coleraine in the mid 1600s.


Jackson, Peter: matriculation not found: B.A. 1621. One of these names, living 1632, a younger son of Thomas Jackson of Harraton, Durham (Surtees 2. 183). One was ejected from Castle Sowerby, Cumberland in 1662 (Calamy- Palmer, 1. 303).


Richard JACKSON died rector (of Nantwich) 1677 after being there 29 years.


Wilbore, Zachary (b 1610). Son of Zachary WILBORE of Bentley & Mary JACKSON (who was still living in 1647)


Otway, George: not found in Adm". book. Mat. siz. June 1623. B.A. 1626/7; M.A. 1630. Signs as curate in the Fen Drayton Register 1630-4. Perhaps vicar of Chatteris in 1634 (Ely Ep. Records, 281). Seques- tered, 1644 (Kingston, 393). Possibly an elder son of George (mat. 1596) vicar of Alderbury, Wilts, and so an elder brother of Thomas (1632), after- wards Bishop of Ossory.


Jackson, Will. (BA 1624) I.  Son of William. of KentJackson, William: son of William. Of Kent. School: Ouburn [?Albourne, Sussex : or Oborne, Dorset] " desudavit in schola Ouburnensi " under Mr Gibson. Admitted pensioner under Mr Scott 14 Mar. 1624/5. B.A. 162f. One of these names, rector of North Ockendon, Essex 26 Apr. 1629 ; reported in 1650 as "a learned divine constantly performing the cure" (Davids, 257). He joined on 17 Nov. 1629 in the petition to Laud of 41 Essex clergymen, who begged Laud to enforce uniformity in his diocese, and " to enforce these irregulars to conforme with us." He adds to his name : *'in all submission to your high wisdome, I most humbly subscribe to this humble petition" — a humility not unbefitting so young a rector — if indeed this be the man, which may be doubted (ib. 161).


Otway, Humphry : son of Edward : born at " Braffin " [Braughing], Herts. School : (1) Battle, Sussex under Mr Slack, M'' Marbery and M'" Tuttesham : (2) at Edinburgh under Professor King " unus quattuor ibi tum regentibus," 1 year : (3) Sedbergh, under Mr Nelson, 2 years. Admitted sizar under the Master 25 May 1627. Age 16. B.A. 163? ; M.A. 1634. Edward the father, vicar of Braughing, was mat''. 1581. Humphry was ordained deacon, Norwich, Dec. 1633 ; priest Mar. 163 J. Rector of Winestead, Yorks. at some date after 1624. (Poulson, Holderness, 2. 476.) Rector of Everingham, Yorks. 20 May 1639. He appears (or another of the same names) as holding the cure of Trotton, Sussex in 1651 ; and rector of Woolbeding, 16 July 1660: there in 1669. He can hardly have been also rector of Llanrwst 27 Sept. 1660? Father of Tho. Otway, the poet, bom 1651 and admitted at Ch. Ch., Oxford 1669 — whence he removed to St John's, Cambridge. Died probably 1670.


Jackson, Stephan; son of Thomas JACKSON of Yorks; school Newcastle admitted June 11, 1627 age 17 (b. 1610). Thomas the father was of Cowling, Yorks.Jackson, Stephen: son of Thomas: of Yorks. School: (1) Newcastle, 3 J years under Mr Fowbrey, Mr Gray, and Mr Wigham : (2) York, under Mr Garth- waite 1½  years. Admitted pensioner under Mr Chappell 11 June 1627. Age 17. Admitted at Gray’s Inn 9 June 1629, Thomas the father, was of Cowling, Yorks.


Pepper, Christopher : son of Christopher : born at Richmond. School : there, under Mr Bathurst 6 years ; under Mr Pickard, J year. Admitted pensioner under Mr Scott 23 June 1627. Age 16. B.A. 1631/2 The father was probably the Recorder of Richmond, matr. here 1596. Apparently the man who with Alex. Hatfield (1628) and Will. Clopton (1628) appears on the list of the seven senior Fellows of Trin. College Dublin, who (we must suppose on Provost Chappell's nomination) were appointed by Wentworth between 1637 and 1639, in addition to John Harding and Thomas Marshall already appointed. See Mahaffy, Epoch in Irish History p. 252 : and above under Will. Chappell.


Jackson, Peter; (1629) son of Richard; born at Holm, Westmoreland. School Kirkby, Lonsdale. Admitted siz March 26, 1629 age 27 (b. Abt 1602) (Other notes).Jackson, Peter : son of Richard : born at Holm, Westmoreland. School : Kirkby Lonsdale. Admitted sizar under the Master 26 March 1629. Age 27 [sic]. B.A. 163|. Ordained deacon, York, Sept. 1632. Possibly P.C. of Plumpton near Penrith (Earwaker, 1. 100). One Peter Jackson became vicar of Brafferton, Yorks. 27 Dec. 1662: one died rector of Womersley, Yorks. before Feb. 1667/8.


Otway, Thomas: son of George: born at Alderbury, Wilts. School: Winchester, under Mr Stanley. Admitted sizar under Mr Tovey 13 June 1632. Age 15. B.A. 1635/6|; M.A. 1639 ; D.D. of Trinity College, Dublin. His father was George Otway (mat. 1596), who was probably himself son of Tho. Otway of Middleton in Westmoreland : George Otway (the Fellow of 1554) belongs to the preceding generation. Tho. Otway was chaplain to Sir Ralph Hopton, the royalist leader : was imprisoned in the Civil War and sent to the West Indies. After the Restoration he was rector of St Botolph, Billingsgate June 1663-64, and rector of Etchingham, Sussex, 4 June 1664-70. He went to Ireland in 1670 with the Lord Lieutenant, John Lord Berkeley — and was promptly made Bishop of Killala (not Killaloe) 16 Nov. 1670 : ten years later he was trans- lated to Ossory 29 Jan. 1680/1. He adhered to James II at the Revolution of 1688, and was almost suspended after the battle of the Boyne for having left his clergy free to pray for either king. Though still in theory acknowledging King James he sat in King William's House of Lords in 1692 : probably William thought it needless to disturb the old man. He died 6 Mar. 1692/3, aged 77. He left £500 to the College to found Scholarships with preference (1) to Kirkby Lonsdale, (2) to Sedbergh School. D.N.B. (but not all right). This £500 he left in the hands of his cousin (of St John's College) Sir John Otway of Ingmore Hall, who died shortly after him. He also left £200 and his books to establish a library for St Canice's Cathedral, Kilkenny, stipulating that the library should have desks and shelves " and chaines for every particular booke.' When about to be translated to the Bishopric of Ossory objection was taken to him on the ground that while Bishop of Killala he "had hanged a tory without any trial." NOTE: There is likely a familial relationship to Dorothy OTWAY, wife of Richard JACKSON (1602-1680/81). I suspect he would be a cousin.


Otway, Edward : son of John : born at St Neots. School : Kirkby Lonsdale, under Mr Carr. Admitted sizar under the Master [3 May] 1636. Age 16. B.A. 16f J. Not discoverable for 20 years later : but probably the rector of Stondon Massey, Essex (called M.A.) 22 Aug. 1660 : and also by dis- pensation of Munden, Essex (distant 16 miles) 11 May 1674: both of these benefices he held till his death in 1690 or 1691. He was doubtless akin to the elder Edward Otway (matrt. 1581) afterwards vicar of Braughing, Herts.


Litherland, Roger : son of William, farmer : born at Colston Basset, Notts. Admitted at Pembroke Hall sizar 13 June 1637 : at Christ's, sizar under Mr More 7 April 1639. Age 16. B.A. 1642/3. Employed in 1650 (as reported by the Parlit. Commissioners in 1650) to discharge the cure of Colston Basset, Notts, at the cost of the very aged rector (Roger Jackson, adm. 1584) "the said Mr Litherland preachinge once every lords day and sometimes twice" (Godfrey, Hundred of Bingham 86).


Jackson, William : admitted as Jacson : son of William : born at East Bridge- ford, Notts. School : Newark, under Mr Poynton. Admitted at Jesus 13 May 1638 : at Christ's as sizar under Mr Siddall, but under Mr More as surety (sponsor) 21 Sept. 1639. Age 18. [This is the first recorded case of such division of labour — common at other colleges.] B.A. 1641/2; M.A. 1645. Kinsman to the two Rogers of East Bridgeford (1584 and 1615). Probably rector of Screveton, near Newark: married Dorothy Thoroton (aunt of the historian) by whom he had four sons. Died there 27 Feb. 1661/2, "leaving but few equals for prudence, piety and learning" (Thoroton). See Thoroton-Throsby, 1. 297.


Jackson, Francis: son of Richard: born at Halton, Lancs. School: (1) Kirkby Lonsdale: (2) Giggleswick. Admitted sizar to Mr Fuller (surety Mr Ball) 31 May 1649. Age 17. Pensioner 10 Aug. 1649. B.A. 1652/5; M.A. 1660. Son of Richard Jackson (1619), rector of Halton, and of Dorothy Otway. One of these names was vicar of Marton, Lancs. 29 March 1661, but from the Record Society Reports^ 34, pp. 85, 288 it appears that he was already there in 1655 and 1659 (see Minutes of Bury Classis, vol. 2, Cheth. Soc. N.S. 41. 238). Married 17 May 1665 Eliz. Parke of Sedbergh. Mentioned as dead in his father's will Feb. 1680/1. Another Fra. Jackson was Master of Kirkby Lonsdale School in 1656 (Leach, Yorkshire Schools, 2. 416).


Jackson, Rowland: son of John, eques auratus; born at Hickleton, Yorks. School Blackburn... Admitted... 9 July 1649 age 16 (b. 1633). Second son of Sir John Jackson of Edenthorpe, Yorks and of Tiennes, daughter of Sir John Waller, Governor of Dover Castle. Died unmarried before 1665.


Hallows, Samuel .... Married (1) in 1658 Elizabeth daughter of Nat.  Jackson mat 1616 clerk of Richmond, by whom he had sons Samuel, Nathaniel and John: (2) Ann Danvers of Swithland, Leies by whom he had three sons...


Graham, Richard : son of Richard, eques auratus : bom at Norton Conyers, Yorks. School : (private) Bilstrop [Bilsthorpe, Notts.] under Mr Gilb. Bennet [of Christ's 1617, rector of Bilsthorpe]. Admitted fellow-commoner under M"^ Widdrington 19 March 1652/3. Age 19. Matrict. 18 Mar. 1653/4. Admitted at Inner Temple 25 Nov. 1654 (having previously been admitted at Gray's Inn 12 Feb. 1651/2). Second son of Sir Richard of Norton Conyers, and of Cath., daughter of Tho. Musgrave of Corncatch, Cumberland. Received by the will of his father (who died 1653/4) the manors of Norton Conyers, Studley and Nunwick, while his elder brother George had Netherby (Yorks. Wills, 9. 61). Of Norton Conyers: baronet 17 Nov. 1662. Married Eliz., daughter of Chichester Fortescue, son of Sir Faithful Fortescue of Tremiskin, Ireland (Dugdale Vist. 1665). Had five sons and two daughters (Kimber, 2. 270).


Jackson, John: son of Roger: born at Sutton-on-the-Hill, Derbs. "ut ait ipse " [adds the doubtful praelector, Will. Owtram]. School : Repton, under Mr Ullock. Admitted pensioner under M'' Ball 9 May 1650. Age 16. B.A. 1653/4; M.A. 1658. Son of Roger (mat. 1615) vicar of Sutton. Master of Etwall Hospital 1657-91. Instituted vicar of Etwall 18 Aug. 1662, presented by Sir Sam. Sleigh : but acted from the death of John Jennings, Aug. 1657. Buried at Etwall 13 Aug. 1692 (Cox, Derbs. Churches, 3. 163).


Hallows, Samuel : son of Nathaniel : bom at Derby. School : Westminster. Admitted pensioner under Mr Bolton 16 Feb. 1652/3 Age 18. Matricd. 9 July 1653. Son of Nat. Hallowes of Dethick, Derbs. M.P. for Derby, by his wife Ellinor — of Nottingham. Of Norton, Derbs., afterwards of Nottingham. Married (1) in 1658 Elizabeth, daughter of Nat. Jackson (mat. 1616) clerk, of Richmond, by whom he had sons, Samuel, Nathaniel and John : (2) Ann Danvers of Swithland, Leics. by whom he had three sons and five daughters. Died at Nottingham, and buried in St Mary's church. (Hunter, F.M.G. 468.)


Tyndall, Bradwardine son of Henry TYNDALL married Lucie, daughter of Sir John JACKSON of Edderthorpe, one of the Council for the North,  [NOTE: I assume Edderthorpe in Bradford, Yorks not Kent?].


Bennington, Michael ... under Mr. [Nat] Jackson  priest thereof. Admitted under Mr. Pepper 4 June 1657 age 18.


Jackson, George; son of Roger Jackson, clerk and Sancta HANSON – perhaps b. At Sutton-on-the-Hill as was his brother John (1650); of Derbs. Admitted May 12 1663 age 16 (born 1647). MD of Derby. Married Anne ADSHEAD daughter of Thomas ADSHEAD of Milwick near Stone by whom he had 3 sons & 2 daughters. Died May 28, 1699 age 52. Buried at St. Peters Derby.Jackson, George : son of Roger : of Derbs. School : Repton, under Mr Ullock. Admitted sizar under Mr Pepper 12 May 1663. Age 16. B.A. (Jacson) 1666 Mids. ; M.A. 1670; M.D. 1677. Born 1646, son of Roger Jackson, clerk (admitted 1615) and of Sancta Hanson: perhaps born at Sutton-on-the-Hill, as was his brother John (1650). M.D. of Derby. Inherited the estates of his uncle John Hanson of London. Married Anne, daughter of Tho. Adshead of Milwick near Stone : by whom he had three sons and two daughters. Died 28 May 1699 aged 52 : buried at St Peter's, Derby. (Foster, Lanes, pedigrees : Burke, L.G. 620.)


Jackson, John : son of Robert : born at Newton, Lancs. School : Kirkby Lonsdale, under Mr Garthwaite. Admitted sizar under Mr Covel 19 Oct. 1664. Age 18.


Deborah JACKSON daughter of Thomas JACKSON, clothier of Leeds (see Dugdale Vist 1665) married William MARWOOD. Their son, William MARWOOD b 1647.


Mauleverer, Richard : second son of Richard, eques auratus : born at Pleshe[y], Essex. School : York, under Mr Langley. Admitted pensioner under Dr Widdrington 8 June 1665. Age 17. Matrict. 6 July 1665. Admitted at the Inner Temple 6 May 1669. Son of Sir Richard of Allerton-Mauleverer, near Knaresborough, and of Anne Clarke of Pleshey. The father was one of those who crossed the Channel in April 1 660 to welcome Charles II (Pepys, Diary  1. 1 1 9, ed. Wheatley). Richard, the son, succeeded his elder brother Sir Thomas who died 1687. Married Barbara, daughter of Sir Tho. Slingsby of Scriven and had a son Richard who was the last baronet. Reported in 1688 as likely to be elected M.P. for Boroughbridge and as agreeing with the King ,on the repeal of Tests. (Yorksh. Arch. Journal, 5. 471). Died about 1689. (Burke, Bxt. Bar. 346 : for the father. Sir Richard, see D.N.B., under Sir Thomas.)

 Biographical Register of Christs College 1505-1905.  Vol II 1666-1905 Compiled by John Peile. Cambridge University Press. 1913.





Francis JACKSON, alderman of Leeds had a daughter Elizabeth who married George NEALE.


Jackson, Leonard: son of Richard : born at Whittington, Lanes. School : (1) Lancaster, under M'' Holden : (2) Kirkby Lonsdale, under M"' Garthwaite for a few months. Admitted sizar under M"' [Chris.] Bainbridge [who held his Fellowship till Mids. 1669] 20 May 1668. Age 17. B.A. 1671/2; M.A. 1677. Born 21 April 1650, of Jane the second wife of Richard (matd 1619) rector of Halton, then of Whittington near Kirkby Lonsdale: half-brother of Francis (1649). Ordained deacon, Chichester, 1673 May: priest, York, 1676 May. Rector of Claughton in Lonsdale, Lanes. 5 Sept. 1678: held it till 1681, when according to Croston-Baines (5. 534) he died : but he pretty certainly is the same who resigned the vicarage of Sheriff Hutton before April 1700: and on 3 Feb. of the same year he became rector of Tatham near Wennington. Added a steeple to the church tower 1722. Died 1734: or 1726 (Croston-Baines, 5. 555) when at all events he ceased to be rector, Robert Jackson succeeding. (Information from B. N. North, Esq., Kirkby Lonsdale.)


George NEALE M.D. of Leeds married Eliz daughter of Francis JACKSON, alderman of Leeds. Son John NEAL b 1656 doctor. More info...


Jackson, Thomas; son of Thomas :born at Leeds. School : Leeds, under Mr Gilbert. Admitted pensioner under Mr Fairmedow 4 March 1672-3. Age 16.

B.A. 1672-3 Ordained deacon, London, 1677-8- Feb. One of these names

was vicar of Albury, Herts. 1693, till his death before April 1724. (Cussans I. ii. 169.)


Jackson, Samuel : son of Charles : born at Oxton, Notts. School : Oxton, under Mr Birch. Admitted sizar under Mr Fairmedow 1 July 1674. Age 18. Probably never resided.


Jackson, Robert: .son of Robert : born at Coates Hall, Derbs. School: Wakefield, under Mr Raskerville. Admitted sizar under Mr Waterhouse 20 Nov. 1678. Age 15. B.A. 1682-3. Ordained deacon, York, 1684 Sept. One Rob. Jackson, B. A., vicar of Beighton, Derbs. 19 June 1690. Perhaps the same was rector of Adel, Yorks. 27 Aug. 1702 : described as M.A. (but there was no Rob. Jackson M.A. at either Cambridge or Oxford at this time). Died there 1730. Grandfather of Dean Cyril Jackson.


Jackson, John : son of Robert : born at Canifield [?], Lancs. School : Sedbergh, under Mr Wharton. Admitted sizar under M"' Lovett 14 June 1680. Age not given. Matricd. 8 July 1680. Resided till Lady Day 1681. One of these names died vicar of Skipwith, Yorks. before Oct. 1713.


*Fenwick, Cuthbert: son of Ralph : born at Stamfordham, Northumbd. School Morpeth, under Mr Stephen Jackson. Admitted sizar under M"' Holdsworth 19 April 1687. Age not given.


Jackson, Thomas: [no facts given]. Admitted sizar under Mr Lovett 10 July 1690. B.A. 1693-4. One of these names was vicar of Little Marlow, Bucks. 6 April 1709 : patron, Borlase Warren, armr.


Jackson, John: son of George : born at Bradford [Yorkshire]. School : Bradford. Admitted pensioner under Mr Duckfield 27 June 1700. Age 18. B.A. 1703-4; M.A. 1708. One of these names signs on 25 Nov. 1726 as minister of Stretford, Manchester.


Jackson, Robert B.A. 1710-11. Admitted under Mr Burrell before Lady Day 1707 : kept the Easter term. Matricd. sizar 1707. Resided under Mr Burrell, Mr Bourne and Mr Boldero successively till Michl 1710. Ordained deacon, York, 1712 Dec. One of these names succeeded Leonard Jackson (adm. 1668) as rector of Tatham, Lancs. 7 Dec. 1726 and died there 1733 (Groston-Baines, 5. 555).


Jackson, Robert: [father and birthplace not given]. School : Leeds, under M'' Barnard. Admitted pensioner under Mr Atherton 1 July 1723. Age not given. I think he never resided. One of these names B.A. (Clare Hall) 1727-8.


Jackson, Thomas: son of Adam: born at Giggleswick. School: Gigglewick, under Mr Carr. Admitted sizar under Mr Atherton 12 June 1725. Age 22. Took no degree : according to the Study-rents he resided till Mids. 1728 but in the York Register he appears as a literate of Christ's College, ordained deacon and licensed to curacy of Kirkly [sic] July 1727: priest 1731 July. Master of Drax School, near Selby 12 July 1728. Vicar of Prestwick near Hedon 1730-40, when he resigned. Perhaps rector of Kirkby Underdale, Yorks. 18 Jan. 1739. Vicar of Burstwick 1758-84, when he died. (Poulson, Holderness, 2. 185, 360.)


*Jackson, Thomas: (later, Thomas Jackson Calvert). B.A. (St John's) (4th wrangler) 1797 ; M. A. 1800 ; B.D. 1807 ; D.D. 1823. Fellow of St John's, 1798. Norrisian Professor of Divinity 1815-24. Elected Fellow of Christ's in place of John Doncaster, vicar of Navenby, 20 May 1815. But he was not admitted. The proceeding was curious —I think, unique. The Society desired to elect John Graham, of whom great things were expected. But he was still an undergraduate and could not take his degree till January 1816. Mr Jackson was willing to help the Society, by being elected only. On 1 April 1816 it was reported at a College meeting that Mr Jackson had "announced to the Master his determination not to be admitted." His Fellowship was declared vacant. On 5 April John Graham was elected.


Jackson, Henry Verney : son of Henry : born at Beckenham. School : Repton, under Dr Sleath. Admitted pensioner under Mr Shaw 3 Sept. 1817. Age 17. Kept two terms, to Easter 1818 : rusticated 2 May 1818, for carrying a challenge to a duel (see under Richard Cheslyn, above) : did not return to Cambridge. Matriculated at Jesus Coll., Oxford 28 Oct. 1818. Admitted at Lincoln's Inn, 1820.


Jackson, George Vaughan : " Hibernus " : admitted fellow-commoner under Mr Shaw 20 Oct. 1826. B.A. 1830; M.A. 1833. Born 19 Sept. 1806, eldest son of Col. George Jackson of Carramore, co. Mayo, by Sidney, only daughter of Arthur Vaughan of Carramore. Educated at Harrow 1823-6. Of Carramore, J. P. and D.L. for Mayo. Poor Law Commissioner. Col. of N. Mayo Militia. Died unmarried 30 Jan. 1849. NOTE: In Jackson of Carramore Family Tree.


Jackson, John; son of John; born at Bury, St. Edmonds [Suffolk]... 8 Dec 1824...father John solicitor ...


Jackson, Thomas Norfolk. Of Yorks. Admitted pensioner under Mr Shaw 22 June 1827 Vicar of Filey, Yorks ...


Molyneux, John Charles[2] : son of John Henry, clerk : born at Castle Caulfield, Ireland. Schools : many. Admitted pensioner under Messers Hays and Gunson 8 Oct. 1863. Born 27 June 1843. LL.B. 1867. Sir John C. Molyneux[3], bart., eldest son of Sir John Will. Henry Molyneux, eighth baronet, of Castle Dillon by Louisa Dorothy, daughter of John Christian, of the Isle of Man: succeeded his father 1879. Ordained deacon, Exeter, 1867: priest, Norwich, 1870; curate of St Olave, Exeter, and assistant master at Mount Radford School, 1867-8: curate of Silverdale, Staffs. 1868-9: of Litcham, Norfolk 1869-72: of Walsoken, Norfolk, 1872-3: of Chiddingstone, Kent, 1873-4 : of Tenterden, Kent, 1874-6 : of Horsrmonden, Kent, 1876-80. Curate in charge of Barcheston, Warw. 1880-6. Vicar of Portesham, near Dorchester, 1886— there in 1911. Married (1873) Fanny [m 1873; d 1893],, daughter of Edw. JACKSON of Walsoken [near Wisbeach, Cambridge]: (2) 1895, Ada, daughter of Rev. A. F. Wynter, of Barnardiston, Suffolk.


Jardine, John : son of William : born at Dunstable. School : not given. Admitted pensioner under Messers Hays and Gunson 13 Oct. 1863. Age 19. Kept three terms. Born 27 Sept. 1844, third son of Will. Jardine, J.P. brother of Will. (1S60). Chancellor's Medal (English Verse) 1864. I.C.S. Bombay 30 July 1864. Political Officer at Kathiawar 1871. Secretary of Commission for trial of the Gaikwar of Baroda 1875: to Commission for treaty with Portugal 1877. Judicial Commissioner of Burma, 1878. President Burma School Board 1881. Chief Secretary to Bombay Government (with political, secret, educational, Persian and judicial portfolios) 1885. Fellow of University of Bombay 1872. Vice-Chancellor of the University 1895. President of Royal Asiatic Society. Bombay. Retired from the Civil Service, and created K.C.I.E. 1897. Contested Roxburghshire 1900 : elected M.P. for it 1906 and in Jan. and Dec. 1910. Living at Applegarth, Godalming 1911. Author: Notes on Burmese Law, with translations of the Burmese Law of Manu. Editor of Customary Law of the Chin Tribe: of Father Sangermano's Burmese Empire 100 years ago.


P177 Jackson, John, add M.A. 1591.


336 Jackson, Peter. Mat. at Sidney, 1620.


Index to Vol I & II

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Tho. (post Calvert) (1815) II. 337

Tim. I. 271 T. N. II. 426

Wll. (1624) I. 365

Will. (1639) I. 463

W. B. II. .587


[1] The convergence of the occupation of draper and the linking of BROWNE and JACKSON is intriguing because of the JACKSONs who settled in Cork in the early 1600s.

[2] Sir John Charles MOLYNEUX, 9th baronet, LL.B. Christ Coll., Camb., 1866, curate-in-charge of Barches-
ton, Warwick, 1880 ; of Horsmonden, Kent, 1876-80; born 27 June, 1843 ; married 15 April, 1873, Fanny,
daughter of Edward Jackson, Esq., of Walsoken House, near Wisbeach, and has 3 sons and a daughter,
[1] Edward Charles, bom 11 Aug., 1876.
[3] William Arthur, bom 26 July, 1877.
[3] John Howard, born 22 Oct., 1878.
[4] Mary Gertrude Fanny.
SOURCE: Joseph Foster’s The Royal Lineage of our Noble and Gentle Families.  

[3] John William Henry, who was educated at Cambridge and became a vicar in the Church of England. In 1842 he married Louisa Dorothy Christian, of the Isle of Man, and they had a son, John Charles. John William Henry became the eighth Baronet in 24th January 1879 and died on the 5th March 1879, having held the title and estates for less than six weeks. His son John Charles was educated at Cambridge and, like his father, took Holy Orders in the Church of England, thus being the Rev. Sir John Charles Molyneux, ninth Baronet. Although he would have had little time to spend in Ireland he retained the family estates with an estimated income of £10,000 per annum. SOURCE: http://www.craigavonhistoricalsociety.org.uk/rev/kerrcastledillon.html



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