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A brief snippet from the Morning Post reprinted in 1936.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 10.

From the Morning Post’s 25 years ago column: (February 27: 1911) .

“Thirty-five years ago”, Mr Thos. Jackson, a tall brusque-mannered son of Erin’s Isle, took upon his shoulders the uncertain possibilities of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation.

He was then more noted for his native wit and a ready gift of words and anything else in particular. His ability as a banker was of course recognised in the ordinary way by those who entrusted him with the responsibility.

Little did they dream, however, that the ready-witted Irishman would one day earn himself a reputation as a greatest financial genius of the Orient and that the bank, then at a touch and go phase in its existence, would under his guiding genius become the most powerful organisation of its kind in the Far East.


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