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I do not know who all the people who attended this funeral are, but I have included what I know. The GILMOREs of Liscalgot and the JACKSONs of Urker were very closely related – with more than one intermarriage tying the two families together over many generations. As I learn more, I will add more, but I thought I would post this in its half-done state, just as it is.
Sharon Oddie Brown. February 11, 2013


1883 June 9. Dundalk Democrat.





Castleblaney, Monday.

Today, at twelve o'clock, the remains of this lamented gentleman were removed from his private residence for the family burying ground in the ancient cemetery of Creggan, County Armagh. On Friday morning he breathed his last that the comparatively early age of fifty-two Dr. Gilmore came to this town about twenty years ago, then a young, clever, and persevering gentleman. By attention and capacity he reached the foremost rank of his profession. The shops of the town were shut during the entire day, and at Crossmaglen, the native place of the deceased, the most unbounded sorrow was manifested. The procession was the largest left the town for many years, and included the following[2]: -- Master Samuel Gilmore[3], son; E. Gilmore[4], brother; John Johnston[5] and David Clements[6], brothers-in-law of deceased; Rev. L. Mills[7], D.D., L.L.D., Creggan; Rev. G. Irvine[8], Castleblaney; Rev. Mr. Wilkinson[9], do; Rev. B. M’Murry[10],  do; Rev. L. Smith[11], do; Rev. J. Hogg[12], D.D. L.L.D., Broomfield rectory; Rev. Mr. M’Cully[13], J.P. Clark[14], Esq., M.D., Castleblaney; Dr. Scott[15], Dundalk; Dr. Wilson[16], Bailieboro; Dr. Palmer[17], Crossmaglen; Dr. Anderson[18], Newtownhamilton; Dr. M’Bride[19], Dr. Donaldson[20], Clontibrett; Dr. Wilson[21], Dundalk; Dr. Clark[22], Ballybay; John Johnston, J.P. Ballsmill[23]; J. Taylor[24], J.P., Castleblaney; John M’Donnel[25]l, J.P. Crossmaglen; James McKean[26], J.P., Laragh; A.F. McMath[27], J.P. and Hugh Swanzy[28], solicitor, Castleblaney; B.A. Brooke[29], solicitor, do; Ellis Bailie[30], solicitor,  do; James Swansea[31], solicitor, do; J.G. Persae[32], solicitor,  do; William Corr[33], solicitor, Crossmaglen; D.G. Lockhart[34], solicitor, Newtownhamilton; Sidney Jackson[35], Manager Bank of Ireland; William Smith[36], Manager Belfast Bank; W. Rogers[37], Bank Manager, Crossmaglen; B. Johnston[38], Bank Manager, Ballybay; Thomas Keenan[39], Trinity College, Dublin; Michael Flanagan[40], Chairman Town Commissioners; Patrick Smith[41], T.C.; Charles Laverty[42], T.C.; Samuel M’Birney[43], David Wood[44], Hope Arms[45], etc. etc. The officiating clergyman were Rev. Dr. Mills and Robert Georgus Irwin. Mr. Rooney[46], of Main Street, the undertaker, personally superintended the arrangements.

[1] Samuel GILMORE (1830-1883) of Liscalgat & Castleblayney, son of Samuel GILMORE and Jane COUTER. He married Georgina Victoria Wilhelmina HENRY (1840-1900). She seems to have been related to the HENRY family of Broomfield, Castleblayney. At the time of his death, their 5th and youngest child, Acheson George Henry GILMORE, was 9 years old. As an adult, AGH GILMORE was employed by HSBC and worked in Tientsin, where he died in 1907. One of his Samuel GILMORE’s, Eliza Emily GILMORE was married to Andrew JACKSON of Urker.

[2] NOTE: It is curious that there were no members of the Urker JACKSON family mentioned as being present.

[3] Samuel James McWatty GILMORE (1866-?). He was 17 years old at the time of his father’s death. He became a doctor like his father, and married Hilda M. COWAN.

[4] Eliezer GILMORE (1843-1919) a farmer at Liscalgot, and husband of Sarah JACKSON. She was a sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON. It is likely that Thomas JACKSON was the reason that  Acheson George Henry GILMORE ended up working for HSBC in the Far East.

[5] John JOHNSTON (1830-1897). Beneath he is referred to as being a J.P. PRONI: Administration of the estate of John Johnstone late of Woodvale County Armagh Gentleman who died 29 May 1897 granted at Armagh to Elizabeth A. Johnstone of Woodvale the Widow. John JOHNSTON of Woodvale, Ballsmill, owned 79 acres in the 1876 Landowners list. He was a Justice of the Peace. I am not yet able to tie him into the celebrated JOHNSTONs of the Fews. Although Dr. Samuel GILMORE had two sisters for whom I have no record of marriage - Mary Jane GILMORE and Martha Anne GILMORE – I do not know if either of them married a John JOHNSTON. It is also possible that his wife had a sister who married a John JOHNSTON. NOTE: A Mary JOHNSTON of Ballsmill died in 1853 age 64. She is old enough to be of a previous generation.

[6] David CLEMENTS (?-1901) of Castleblayney. He was the husband of Esther GILMORE (1836-1900) of Liscalgat. She died at Bank House, Crossmaglen. Her son-in-law, William Bates, was a banker at Crossmaglen.

[7] Lewis George MILLS (1823-May 28, 1885) Rector of Creggan Church. He had a stroke in November of 1883, and then returned to work, albeit in a diminished capacity.

[8] Rev. George IRVINE, Castleblayney

[9] Rev WILKINSON, Castleblayney

[10] Rev. B. M’MURRY – NOTE: It may be M’MURTY. The printing of a font is flawed.

[11] Rev. SMITH, Castleblayney

[12] Rev. J. HOGG. I wonder if the initial is incorrect. One of the 1870s landowners was Rev. Robert HOGG. Also: 1884. Robert Hogg, inst. 30 June (D.R.), ord. D. 1872 (Armagh) P. 1873 (Down), C. & I. Broomfield 1872-84, m. at Dennistoun N.B. April 28, 1885, Jane Catherine, dau. of William Peat, d. at Clogh Glebe, April 4th, 1891. SOURCE: Clogher Clergy and Parishes.

[13] Rev James M’CULLY of Broomfield, a landowner in 1870.

[14] Dr. J.P. CLARK, Esq, Catleblayney.

[15] Dr. SCOTT, Dundalk

[16] Dr. WILSON, Bailieboro

[17] Dr. A. PALMER. He was a church warden at Creggan Churhc.

[18] Dr. ANDERSON, Newtownhamilton

[19] Dr. McBRIDE. This is probably the very young Dr. William Scott McBRIDE (1862-1939), son of Dr. John McBRIDE and Mary STITT.

[20] Dr. DONALDSON, Clontibrett, Monaghan. I do not yet know who he was, although I suspect he was Dr. William DONALDSON. It might be worth checking out the DONALDSONs in the Presbyterian Church Records of Legnacreeve, Clontibret, County Monaghan

[21] Dr. WILSON of Dundalk – had been resident at Cavananore, then at Carrickastuck? Dr. WILSON was a general medical practitioner in Castleblaney and according to Dr. Thomas McNeil, he probably took over Samuel Gilmore's practice. He married Jane (Jeannie) BARTLEY, an older sister of Tom McNeil’s grandfather Tom BARTLEY. He died November 15, 1921 aged 70.

[22] Dr. CLARK Ballybay

[23] Ballsmill – this is most likely the Woodvale House JOHNSTONs. Woodvale House is on the outskirts of Ballsmill.

[24] J. TAYLOR, J.P., Castleblayney

[25] John M’DONNELL, J.P. Crossmaglen.

[26] James M’KEAN (?-1908), J.P. Laragh House, Castleblayney. He was a son of James McKEAN and Eliza Alexander McCREA. His wife was Helen TYNDALE. McKEAN reduced wages of workers during turbulent Land League days & staff went on strike. They returned to work, but relations were strained.  He insisted that they work on Catholic holidays. Local priests set up a strike fund and worked out a settlement. "The Laragh Compnay was associated with the Keady Linen & Jute Mills. Depressed trading conditions had serious effects on both these companies at this particular time. SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches.p.264. He had the church at Laragh built, and although he died at Omagh, he was buried at the church which was longer in use.

[27] Andrew.Foulis McMATH (1849-1905). J.P. Castleblayney. I suspect he was a son of the Andrew Foulis McMATH who died before 1881 (based on the New Zealand marriage announcement of his daughter Helen: HUNT-McMATH – On April 20 at St. Peters, Hamilton, Waikato, by the Rev. W. CALDER, William Francis, third son of the late William HUNT of Wortley, Yorkshire, England to Helen Foulis, second surviving daughter of the late Andrew Foulis McMATH, J.P. of Castleblayney, Monaghan, Ireland. He also had a sister, Mary Louisa McMATH, and a son Arthur William McMATH. I believe he was a Bank Manager. There is more on his ancestry in Memorials of the McMath family from a letter written by Mrs. Sophie Kathleen Lane, No. 4 Victoria Terrace, St. Lawrence Road. Clontarf, Dublin, Ire., Oct. 4, 1888.. His mother may have been a Sarah JACKSON with connections to the townland of Urker (daughter Sophia born there).

[28] Hugh SWANZY, solicitor, Castleblayney

[29] B.A. BROOKE, solicitor, Castleblayney.

[30] Ellis BAILIE, solicitor Castleblayney. He may be Robert Ellis BAILIE (1840-1904) – connected to Co. Louth BAILIEs.

[31] James SWANSEA, Solicitor, Castleblayney.

[32] J.G. PERSAE, Solicitor, Castleblayney.

[33] William Richard CORR (1849-1911), solicitor, Crossmaglen. I believe he was with Corr & O'Connor of Crossmaglen. He was the solicitor for the JACKSONs of Urker and many families connected to the Land League. His brother Rev. Thomas CORR lived at Urker House.

[34] D.G. LOCKHART, solicitor, Newtownhamilton.

[35] Sidney Gibson JACKSON (1833-1913) of Longfield, Ireland, Manager Bank of Ireland. He married Sarah WALKER in 1868, and they had 7 children. His parents were John JACKSON and Elizabeth JACKSON (also her maiden name) of Cremorne, Co. Monaghan. He probated his brother John JACKSONs will in 1886.

[36] William SMITH, Manager Belfast Bank.

[37] W. ROGERS, Bank Manager, Crossmaglen. Possibly William Robert ROGERS or William C. ROGERS.

[38] Benjamin Maturin. JOHNSTON (1849-1928), Bank Manager, Ballybay. Benjamin Maturin JOHNSTON born in Ramelton on 31st October 1849. He worked in the Bank of Ireland, in Tralee Co Kerry, Castleblaney Co Monaghan, Ballybay Co Monaghan, Dundalk Co Louth, before founding the Bank of Ireland in Listowel, Co Kerry. He married Christina STAPELTON, in Newcastle West, Co Limerick, on 17th February 1876. Christina was born on 28th December 1849 in Jersey , Channel Is, daughter of David STAPELTON, Quartermaster in the Royal Navy, and Christian MAGILL, (see MAGILL). Benjamin & Christina retired to Malahide, north Co Dublin. He died on 8th November 1928 and she died on 27th June 1933. They are both buried in St Andrew's Church graveyard, Malahide. Benjamin & Christina had 2 sons & 5 daughters  One of his sons worked with HSBC in China.  Benjamin Charles Maturin JOHNSTON, born 3rd December 1876 in Tralee, Co Kerry. He was Manager of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank, with postings in Tientsin and Peking, China, in Hong Kong, in Ipoh, Perak, Federated Malay States and in Manilla in the Philippines.    SOURCE: Descendents of Benjamin JOHNSTON.

[39] Thomas KEENAN, Trinity College, Dublin

[40] Michael FLANAGAN, Chairman Town Commissioners

[41] Patrick SMITH, T.C.;

[42] Charles LAVERTY, T.C

[43] Samuel M’BIRNEY

[44] David WOOD,

[45] Hope ARMS (I am assuming this is a person, not a pub!)

[46] Mr. ROONEY



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