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Jacksons of Clounagh, Parish of Drumcree, Co. Armagh & of Lisburn. This family starts with a couple of Ralph JACKSONs in Co. Armagh, then a Roger JACKSON who seems to have started at Clounagh, but then set up house in grand style in Lisburn, Co. Antrim.
Sharon Oddie Brown. June 18, 2015

Jacksons of Clounagh, Parish of Drumcree, Co. Armagh and later of Lisburn.


The decadency of the first four generations of this family are based on information in TGF Paterson Ms 284 Vol 2 held in Co. Armagh Museum. His research was based on Burke’s Will abstracts. Before seeing this, my primary source was a 1710 lease by Mary Jackson. Two other documents were appended to this. The third document makes me wonder if perhaps the widow of Michael JACKSON née Mary BUNTIN married 2ndly a THURKILD (there is a called Jackson THURKILD in the right time-frame to be considered as a son).


Since Ralph JACKSON, the 1st known ancestor of this line of JACKSONs, was resident in Co. Armagh when his will was probated in 1637, this would probably put his birth date sometime in the mid to late 1500s. There are a number of yeomen named “Ralph Jackson” in Yorkshire, so this may be where he originated from. That’s just a guess at this point. Like him, his son continued to lease land and also likely resided in the townland of Clownagh, Parish of Drumcree. The Jackson family was still leasing land there when the Griffiths valuation was done in 1864.

·       An Elizabeth Jackson still had land in the townland of Clownagh.

·       James Jackson jr. had land at the adjacent townland of Annagh, (also there in the 1828 Tithe applotments).

·        Thomas Jackson in the nearby townland of Mullantine,

·       Alexander Jackson and Thomas Jackson at the nearby townland of Corcullentragh Beg,

I have yet to do the work to connect these two groupings of Jacksons.


At some point, one branch of the family settled in Co. Antrim. According to the Hearth Rolls, Roger Jackson had a large house (8 hearths) in 1669 in the Parish of Blaris. This would seem to indicate that he was now based there, but it is also possible that other relations preceded him.



1 Ralph JACKSON d: Abt 1637 of Clounagh Yeoman, Will 15 June 1637

    2 Ralph JACKSON of Clownagh, Parish of Drumcree, Co. Armagh, Ireland

        3 Roger JACKSON b: 1620 d: 26 Feb 1694 + Alice HARRISON of Marlea, Co. Antrim

            4 Dr. Michael JACKSON d: 30 May 1710 + Mary E. BUNTIN of Lisburn.

                5 Dr. John JACKSON b: 1702 d: 1 Jun 1738

                5 Dr. Michael JACKSON b: 1696 d: 1 May 1727

                5 Letitia JACKSON b: Aft 1688 d: Aft 1734 + Richard NUTTALL

                5 Ann JACKSON b: Aft 1688 d: Aft 1734 + John MERCER

                5 Buntin JACKSON b: Bet 1702 and 1710 d: Aft 1734

                5 Roger JACKSON b: Bet 1702 and 1710

                5 Ralph JACKSON b: Bet 1702 and 1710 d: 1753 + Mary. He was an attorney in Dublin. I believe that he was the Ralph JACKSON who was buried 18 Sep 1753 in the burial grounds of St. Peters Church, Dublin, Dublin, Ireland.

                    6 Mary JACKSON c: 21 Oct 1740


Deeds Research relating to this family:



1709 Aug 10

ROD: 3-410-1126. Richard BOYS of Lackey, Antrim of 2nd pt; Samuel CLARK of Lisnegarvey, delivered Memorial, Gent, Lord Francis CONWAY, Baron of Ragley; Witness; George GREGSON, deceased of Lisburn, Antrim; John GREGSON, Parish Clerk of Lisburn, Antrim, near neighbour; Roger JACKSON, Ensign of Lisburn Antrim, near neighbour; Val JONES Registrar of Lisburn, extra Master in Chancery; Valentine JONES, Gent of Lisnagarvey; Anthony LEROY of Lisburn, near neighbour; Here MONTGOMERIE of Lisburn; Brent SPENSER; John TEMPLETON, agent for Lord Conway, Shoemaker of Lisburn, near neighbor

1732 Feb 24

ROD 73-410-51687. Bunting JACKSON of Glenavy, Co Antrim Farmer; Ralph JACKSON City of Dublin attorney; Roger JACKSON of Lisburn Co Antrim John MERCER & Ann his wife; Richard NUTTALL Esq Council at Law & Letitia his wife of Lisburn in Co Antrim of one pt & William WOGAN of Lisburn of other part… … all that Pillo or Parcel of Ground situate on the North side of the Marketplace of Lisburn joining last on Thomas WELSH and west to GREGONs tenement containing in front 85’ and so ranging down on the Right hand of the Gale as you go to Barnfield as also a Parcel of Land commonly called and known by the name Jackson’s Hill and also another little parcel of land called the Barn Park or Meadow the said land containing by estimation  1A 1R … demised by Right Honorable Lord Francis CONWAY 10 Aug 1709 to Mary JACKSON widow to Michael JACKSON deceased …

1734 Apr 23

ROD 77-227-53461. Deed whereby John MERCER of Deriaghy, Co. Antrim , farmer & Ann MERCER alias JACKSON having lately in consid of  120 pounds mtg the lease and concerns of  the Blackmore head  in Lisburn [aka Blackamoor Shead], Co. Antrim to William WOGAN of the same and John MERCER & Ann his wife in consid  of …. WITNESS: Hartup THURGOOD of City of Dublin, Upholder.

1734 Apr 26

ROD 77-227-53459. Buntin JACKSON of Lisburn, Co. Antrim in consid of 120 pound mtg his lease and Concerns of the Blackamore Head in Lisburn [aka Blackamoore Shead] to Wm WOGAN, of the same, Gent. WITNESSED: Roger JACKSON of Lisburn & Nicholas ASHE clerk to sd WOGAN. Memorial WITNESS: Harkip THURGOOD, City of Dublin.

1734, July 10

ROD: 76-503-55611: Between Buntin JACKSON brother & Admin of the goods of Michael JACKSON the younger of Lisburn in the Co. Of Antrim Apothocary Doctor Ralph JACKSON Roger JACKSON John MERCER Anne MERCER als JACKSON his wife Richard NUTTALL Esq. & Letticia NUTTALL als JACKSON his wife which said Bunton JACKSON Michael JACKSON doctor Ralph JACKSON Roger JACKSON Anne MERCER als JACKSON and Lettice NUTTALL als JACKSON were children & Legatees of Michael JACKSON late of Lisburn aforesaid doctor of the one part and William WOGAN late of Lisburn but now of Dublin Gent of the other part... did bequeath to William WOGAN all that piece or parcel of ground on the North side of the Marketplace of Lisburn joining east on Thomas WALSHE’s tenement and West upon the tenement formerly George GROGSTON’s doctor containing in front 88’ and ranging down on the right hand of the gate as you go into the Barnfield as also a parcel of land known as Jackson’s Hill and also another  little parcel of land called the Barn path or Meadow all the said Tenements or lands were formerly in the possession of Mary JACKSON widow of Michael JACKSON the elder containing by estimation 48 acres and one rood good English Measure more or less which said premises were demised by lease therein recited by Francis Lord Conway to the said Mary JACKSON for 41 years at the yearly rent of 15 pounds 16 shillings and the said Mary by her declaration of Trust on the back of this said lease therein also recited did declare that the said lease was made to her for the use of the children begotten between her and the said Michael JACKSON the elder her doctor husband that is to say Michael and John JACKSON doctor  the said Buntin Ralph Roger JACKSON Anne MERCER als JACKSON & Lettice NUTTALL als JACKSON all then minors...

1734 Jul 11

ROD: 78-115-53804. Buntin JACKSON brother & administrator of Michael JACKSON the younger, deceased,  late of Lisburn, apothecary deceased… rest covered in other deeds.



Armagh Sheet 9.08 Portadown 1906 This detailed map of Portadown is double - sided for maximum coverage. The main map covers the centre of the town, with coverage stretching from the Bann Bridge southward s to Annagh Terrace. Features include railway junction and engine depot, Market Street, St Mark's church, bacon factory, weaving factories, Tavanagh Factory, Annagh Factory, High Street area, rope works, Pork Market, Corcrain area including Corcrain House and Corcrain Villa, Fair Green, part of Clownagh area including Clownagh Cottage, Tavanagh area including Tavanagh House, River Bann, etc.


Other Sources:

These Hallowed grounds Vol 2. Memorials of Christ Church Cathedral & Friends burying Grounds Vol 2. 2005 Lisburn Branch of North of Ireland History Society.

Page 11. Michael Jackson was a church warden in 1700.
Page 91 Flat red Sandstone:

1694, AET IS SUAE 74. [therefore b. 1620]

DAY OF MAY 1727, AGED 31. [therefore b. 1696]


[AET IS SUAE means at the age of.] NOTE: Since Roger JACKSON and Michael JACKSON share the same grave marker, this strengthens the case that Roger JACKSON, who was likely the same one Roger JACKSON who was an ensign in Cromwellian times, was the grandfather of Michael JACKSON (1696-1727).

Hearth Money Rolls: 1666 & 1669 - Blaris.

NOTE: The Borough of Lisburne, or Lisnegarvie, is situate in the parish of Lisburne, or Blaris, and barony of Upper Massareene, and county of Antrim.

·       Roger JACKSON, had 8 hearths (a large house) in 1669 and in 1666, he had 4 hearths (possibly enlarged his house 1666-1669?).

·       Nicholas JACKSON had 2 hearths in 1669, but none in 1666.

·       Nicholas BUNTEN had 2 hearths in 1666, but none in 1669.

For what it’s worth, the name of the townland of Clounagh or Clownagh translates as horse’s meadow.

There is enough overlap of names here to make the following of interest:

PRONI T808/8242 Connor will made 1 March 1716/1717, proved 12 November 1717. Mary JACKSON of Lisburn, County Antrim widow, to be buried in Derryaghy church, all to only child Mary JACKSON, if she dies a minor then to brother Richard PEERS, children of dead brother Edward PEERS and children of brother-in-law Valentine JONES, clothes to sister-in-law Jane PEERS and my aunt BLACKER the executor. Witness: Penelope MERRIFIELD. Administration to Valentine JONES of Lisburn in trust for Mary JACKSON minor daughter of testatrix. Connor administration bond signed 2 November 1717 by Valentine Jones and Samuel CLOSE, both of Lisburn. That said JONES will truly administer above will. NOTE: Valentine JONES was the High Sherriff of Antrim. Edward PEERS's will was probated 1716 (SEE: Vicars Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland). The will of a John PEERS, Gent of Lisburn, Co. Antrim was prved 1701. He was a churchwarden of Lisburn Cathedral, as was Edward PEERS and Michael JACKSON. A will for a Valentine Jones of Lisburn was probated 1761. NOTE: I also need to look at PRONI. T1289/9, Peers family genealogical notes. Also: PRONI: D2223/29/2 John Peers's will of 19 March 1700. It would seem that Mary was a daughter of John PEERS (who seems to have been the Postmaster), and that her grandfather or great-grandfather was a vicar of Derryaghy. James PEERS was the sole executor of John PEERS (d 1700) will SEE: PRONI D577/22.
NOTE: The greater part of the seventeenth century notices of deaths, marriages and baptisms of Derriaghy people are to be found in the Blaris parish registers, now in Lisburn Cathedral; but from 1696 they begin to be recorded in the oldest Derriaghy parish register.



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