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NAMES: William LECKY aka LECK aka LACKEY of Corryhagan Parish of Aghnamullan, Co. Monaghan; Isaiah BREAKEY of Millford; Elinore LECKY; Thomas LECKY; John MONAGHAN; John CHERRY; Arthur IRWIN; Joseph WARREN.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 4, 2016


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NOTE: This transcription was done by Wendy Jack about a decade ago. The footnotes need more work, but I am putting up what I have to date in the hopes that others may help fill in the blanks.


Lackey to Breaky

Regd. the 20th day of Januy 1775 at 11 oClock in the forenoon

To the Register appointed for Registring Deeds –

A Memorial of a Deed poll dated 23d. March one thousand seven hundred and seventy four whereby Wm. Lecky[1] of Corrohag[2] in the Parish of Aghnamullan in Considn. of thirty six pounds Ster had bargaind Sold transferd and Set over unto Isiah Breaky[3] of Millford[4] in the said County Merchant all that the said  William Leck's right title and Ints. of in and to the said Lands of Corrohagin in said Parish and County of Monaghan with the appurtenances thereunto belonging in such manner as the same is possd. by said William Leckey with the four acres and an half that his mother Elinor[5] is to possess during her life Subject to the rent and Covenants which said Leckey was liable to, with other Covenants therein mentioned which said Deed poll is witnessd by Thomas Lackey[6] and John Monaghan[7] both of Aghnamullan afd. farmers and this Memorial is witnessd by the said John Monaghan and John Cherry[8]. Isiah Breakey (Seal) Present John Cherry. John Monaghan. The above named John Monaghan maketh Oath that he saw the Deed poll whereof the above is a Memorial Executed by the parties thereto and said Memorial Signed and Sealed by Isaih Breaky and Deposeth that the name John Monaghan Subsd. as a witness to the said Deed and this Memorial is his this Depts. name and proper handwriting. John Monaghan. Sworn before us at a Genl. Quarter Sessions of the peace held for the County of Monaghan at Monaghan the twelfth day of April 1774. Arthur Irwin[9]. Jos. Warren[10]. Justices.


[1] William LECKY aka LACKEY

[2] Corohag  - probably Corryhagan Parish of Aghnamullan, Co. Monaghan

[3] Isaiah BREAKEY. This is probably the Isaiah BREAKEY- born btw 1734 and 1742, son of William BREAKEY & Martha MITCHELL

[4] Millford, Co. Monaghan. NOTE: Map survey, property of Robert Montgomery, surveyed by Josh Fleming in 1796, indicates Millford is in the townland of Latton, Co. Monaghan. Source: Marilyn BREAKEY site.

[5] Elinor LECKY née

[6] Thomas LECKY


[8] John CHERRY

[9] Arthur IRWIN

[10] Joseph WARREN



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