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This deed is the linchpin that connects up several other bits, which enable me to place Thomas JACKSON, and his sons James JACKSON and Richard JACKSON in Dublin in the mid to late 1700s. The St. John’s Church in Dublin records, show an Emmanuel JACKSON (d. 1732) of Essex Bridge, a glassmaker. His wife was Elizabeth CANE, and he had a son Thomas born November 1, 1713. He also had a son John JACKSON b. October 21, 1725, as well as daughters Elinor and Mary (who died as an infant).
SOURCE:  Irish Furniture: woodwork and carving In Ireland from earliest times to the Act of Union. Knight of Glin, James Peill. Yale University Press, 2007. There is also a good chance that the Elizabeth JACKSON who married John SUTTON in 1774 is related to this family. Other connections look suspiciously like the names that will eventually lead us to connect to the Jacksons of Lisnaboe, as well as various lines of Quaker JACKSONs, and JACKSONs in Counties Cavan and Kildare.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 4, 2013.
Thanks to assistance of Eleanore Wellwood, the Vancouver Public Library & LDS films. The transcription, and hence any errors, are all mine. I welcome additions and corrections.
NAMES: George BINNS of Dame St., ironmonger; James JACKSON of Essex St., China Merchant; Joshua CONNOLLY of Essex St., China Merchant; John CONNOLLY, Deceased; Thomas ADAMS of Dublin, Silversmith; Edward DRAKE; Mister FARRELL; Joseph DICKENSON; John GERAGHTLY and Thomas GERAGHTLY of Golden Lane, Dublin; James CROCKER; John MOORE.


Deed 489 269 309212
1794 September 26


To the Registrar appointed by act of Parliament for registering deeds conveyances and so forth. A Memorial of an Indenture of lease dated the 26th the of September, 1794 and made between George Binns[1] of Dame Street ironmonger James Jackson[2] of Essex Street China merchant and Joshua Connolly[3] of Essex Street[4] China merchant all in the County and the city of Dublin Esquires of the last will and testament of John Connolly[5] late of the city of Dublin deceased of the one part and Thomas Adams[6] of the city of Dublin aforesaid Silver Smith of the other part whereby the said James Binns James Jackson and Joshua Connolly for the consideration is therein mentioned did demise grant set and to farm set unto the said Thomas Adams all that and those that Dwelling house Messuage or tenement situate lying and being on the east side of Lycamore[7] in the County of the city of Dublin distinguished by Nos 17 bounded on the North by the house late in the possession of Edward Drake[8] and on the South to Mister Farrell[9] is holding together with the yard behind the same and all the appurtenances thereunto belonging in as full large and ample [?] as Joseph Dickenson[10] Bank[????] heretofore occupied and enjoyed the same. To hold on to the said Thomas Adams and his executors, administrators and assigns from the 29th day of September instance for 47 years at the yearly rent of £30 payable quarterly as therein mentioned which said deed is witnessed by John[11] of the city of Dublin gentleman attorney at law and Thomas Geraghtly[12] and of Golden Lane[13] Dublin gentleman and this Memorial is witnessed by the said Thomas Geraghlty and James Croker [14]of the city of Dublin apprentice to the said Thomas Adams Silver Smith George Binns [seal] James Jackson [seal] Joshua Connolly seal. Signed and sealed in presence of Thomas Geraghtly James Croker [?] named Thomas Geraghtly maketh oath that he was present and maketh oath that he saw the deed whereof the above writing is a Memorial duly executed by the parties thereto and saith he saw the above named George Binns James Jackson and Joshua Connolly duly execute the above Memorial and saith he is a subscribing witness to said deed and Memorial and saith the name Thomas correctly signed thereto respectively is this departments name and proper handwriting and saith he delivered said deed is a Memorial to John Moore gentleman registrar in the Registrar’s Office in the yard Dublin on Monday the sixth day of October instance at or near a quarter of an hour past 2 o’clock of the said day Thomas Geraghtly sworn 6 October 1794. John Moore registrar.


The link to the business news site where I found the following is no longer active, but it tells us that James and Richard JACKSON were sons of Thomas JACKSON of Essex Street.

Sunday, March 22, 2009 -
Irish antiques are appreciated all over the globe as a forthcoming Sotheby’s New York sale demonstrates. The title, A Celebration of the English Country House, is a trifle misleading for the sale contains a number of items originally intended for neither England, nor a country house.

The top Irish lot is actually the catalogue’s cover image, an important gilt wood pier mirror not seen at auction since it changed hands in London in 1977.  SOTHEBY'S A CELEBRATION OF THE ENGLISH COUNTRY HOUSE INCLUDING SILVER NEW YORK APRIL 9TH 2009 THIS CATALOG CONTAINS 116 PAGES AND 283 LOTS SALE 8534
HIGHLIGHTS: 83  An important Irish giltwood pier mirror by James and Richard Jackson circa 1790 Read Condition Report 80,000 – 120,000 USD   

Of austere design, it bears the Prince of Wales plumes, a popular decorative element of the time and is expected to realise US$80,000-US$120,000. Dating from circa 1790, it is the work of James and Richard Jackson, sons of Thomas Jackson who set up business in 1740 at No 5 Essex Bridge Dublin. Measuring 248.8 centimetres by 90.2 centimetres, it is of bevelled mirror glass and the backboards bear the husk wreath medallion Jackson label. An identical pier glass, possibly its pair, is in a private collection in New Orleans. 

NOTE: I do not know if they had a brother named Thomas, but it is likely. There was a Thomas JACKSON who was a bookseller, circulating library and lottery office keeper, who was made a Freeman of Dublin in 1799. He had several addresses: 4 Essex gate 1784-1789; 23 Parliament st Nov 1789-1800; 3 Sackville st Mar 1800-1807. There was also a Christopher JACKSON 1770-1793 Bookseller, auctioneer. Free or admitted 1790, worked at 32 Skinner Rd. 1777-; 4 then 26 (1781) Anglesea st, Oct 1779-1782-, Essex st, 1781-. With John Beatty 1777.

This James JACKSON is interesting both because of his profession as a china merchant, and his address. The article above shows how he is linked to Thomas JACKSON:

  • Deed: 180-277-120516. 1756 Feb 17. Isaac LANCAKE of City of Dublin, Carpenter to Thomas JACKSON of the same City, Glass seller... ground on west side of Frederick St, Parish of St. Anne Dublin
  • In 1745, Thomas JACKSON was a church Warden of St, Johns.
  • Deed: 188-589-126778. Thomas JACKSON of City of Dublin, Glassgrinder demised to George WARNER of same City Shoemaker shop on North side of the common entry of the House called the St. James Coffee House formerly kept near Essex Bridge Dublin with the little room behind the said shop and also the diningroom over that shop late in possession of Mr. DONALDSON... more description...
  • Deed: 199-289-132236 1757. Dec 31. Dwelling house then in occupation of Peter BOURSIQUOT (Also spelled as BOURSIQUET), on the back quay "Back of the Blind Quay" facing Anna Liffey River in Dublin city, bound on west by holding of Widow GREEN, on east by holdings of Francis BOOKER & Thomas JACKSON, both glass merchants, from Francis BOOKER & Thomas JACKSON unto Peter BOURSIQUOT, to hold from 5APR1761 for 30 years at £27 ster. Deputy REGISTRAR: James SAUNDER. WITNESSES: James BIBBY, James SAUNDER, Gents of Dublin & James BOURSIQUOT, son of Peter BOURSIQUOT.
  • The deed cited in footnote #2, Deed: 399-81-262934. 1787 Feb 1, is also interesting because of the mention of the name SEAVER. There are numerous JACKSON-SEAVER connections in Co. Armagh.

Ad in Newspaper (I seem to have misplaced the source): 1744, 4th-8th December   At Thomas Jackson's Glass Shop on Essex-bridge, gentlemen and ladies may be furnish themselves with variety of looking glasses, both in gilt and plain frames, of the best and newest fashion, coach glasses, bell lamps, shades, globes, for halls, and variety of the best gilt branches.   N.B. He imports from London, a great choice of the best crystal spectacles, such as are approved of by the Royal Society green spectacles, reading glasses, concave glasses for short sighted people, telescopes, pocket microscopes, opera glasses, prisms, and concave mirrors.

Also of interest, is the geographic proximity to the ROSE family to these JACKSONs, as evidenced in this deed:

  • Sarah SYM orse ROSE Sarah SYM, Spinster John FERGUSON, Merchant & Anne FERGUSSON, wife of John FERGUSSON unto Luke STOCK of shop under which William BEBBY then dwelt, lately in poss of Thomas ROSE, on west side of street leading to Essex Bridge & south side of Back Quay "Caple Quay" suburbs of Dublin with back front & 3 sets of stairs of William BEBBY's house, with wareroom cellars being in back pt of Mr. NIXON's house on sd Quay from 15 July then last for 62 years at £33 ster. 1780 Dec 6 Charles WARNER, Shoemaker unto William Duke MOIRE, Jeweller new dwelling house with vault on west side of street leading to Essex bridge bound on north & west by house of Samuel STOCK, on east by Kings pavement, on south by house of JACKSON, in manner as lately held by Mr. Isaac NEWTON and now held by Charles WARNER, to hold unto William Duke MOIRE from 25 March then next for 36 years at £70 ster rent

Some ROSE-JACKSON connections are explored in Genealogical Notes of the Rose Family of Ireland and America. A William ROSE was a looking glass maker of Essex Bridge.

The historic connection of the JACKSON family to The St. John’s Church in Dublin is interesting. At the beginning of the burials is a special list of burials dating from December 30, 1641-April 13, 1642. The names of ye poore English who having fled to this city for refuge, and dyed in ye Parish of St. John’s, were buried since 30 December, 1641. There is a JACKSON in this list. In my list of Dublin Marriages, two names at the start of this list are for JACKSONs in St. John’s: William JACKSON & Barbery WALDRON (April 6, 1629. SOURCE: Samuel Carlyle Hughes, The Register of St. John the Evangelist. p94. NOTE: It would be interesting to know who her father was since the WALDRON family had a number of townlands in Co. Cavan in the early 1600s, and JACKSONs held leases also in Co. Cavan.) John JACKSON and Margery PLUNCKETT Aka PLUNKETT. (They married at St. Johns Church of Ireland, in Dublin on December 8, 1638. John JACKSON was the MP. for Carrick on Shannon.)





[1] George BINNS

·        The early Church Registers of St. John’s have a number of entries fro BEINS, which I suspect may be the same family. I have not pursued this.

·        I suspect a link with Deed: 421-211-268932 1789 Apr. 23. Btw Ann BINNS widow, Andrew MOLLER Merchant, William PIKE, Plumber, James JACKSON, Glass and Delph Ware seller all of City of Dublin.... last will and testament of Jonathon BINNS late of City of Dublin... piece of land near paper mill..

·        Also Deed: 470-278-302421 James JACKSON-BINNS. I have not looked at this Memorial yet.

·        Also Deed: 516-252-337329 James JACKSON- BINNS.

[2] James JACKSON, China Merchant

·        Wilson’s Dublin Directory, 1801. Jackson, James, China & Earthen-ware- man, 19 & 31 Essex Street

  • JACKSON, James, glass manufacturer and glass grinder 4 Essex Bridge 17?9-74 in partnership with his mother Anne Jackson 1775-85 (in partnership with his brother Richard Jackson, Parish of St. John. James Jackson married Ann Johnson 18 November 1768 (Parish register Section of the Journal of Irish Memorial Associations 1921-25 111) Dublin Society School pupil from 1769 to 70. SOURCE: Irish Furniture: woodwork and carving In Ireland from earliest times to the Act of Union. Knight of Glin, James Peill. Yale University Press, 2007.p. 293.

·        See Also Deed: 408-456-271455 Btw James JACKSON of City of Dublin, China Merchant of 1 pt & William PIKE of City of Dublin Plumber of other pt…. land in front of Essex St 36’ in front 7 84’ in depth on which was built a large brick house and warehouse …

·        See also Deed: 770-181-522177 Between John JACKSON of Grafton St., Dublin, China Merchant of 1st part & William JACKSON & Jane JACKSON of Grafton St. Brother and sister of James JACKSON of other part ... reciting deed of 15 Mar 1817 re: tenement on Grafton St. With ware room, offices & yard ... description...

·        Deed: 399-81-262934. 1787 Feb 1. James JACKSON, Glass & Delftware seller of Dublin City of 1st part & Mary SEAVER, widow of Dublin City of 2nd part. Sir James Stratford TYNTE, grantor & John STRAFORD Esq, grantee 58 acres plantation measure in Dublin from TYNTE to SEAVER as held by James CARNEY; hold from 25 March then last lor lives of John STRATFORD, James CARNEY & Lorrison STRATFORD or for 61 years which ever the longer subj to rent + proviso of redemption, which lease became vested in James JACKSON. Witnesses: William JORDAN, scrivener; Christopher WARD, writing Clerk. John MOORE, Registrar.

[3] Joshua CONNOLLY

[4] Essex Street, Dublin. It was once known as: Smock Alley. NOTE: IN 1708, Robert JACKSON was a drawer at Three Tuns tavern in Essex St.


[6] Thomas ADAMS

[7] Lycamore. I do not know where this Street is, except that it is in Dublin.

[8] Edward DRAKE

[9] Mister FARRELL

[10] Joseph DICKENSON

[11] John GERAGHTLY (I assume this is his last name)

[12] Thomas GERAGHTLY

[13] Golden Lane, Dublin.

·        NOTE: The Parish Records of St. Peters and St. Kevins include burials for a Joseph (1720) and a Robert JACKSON (1721) of Golden Lane.

  • Deed: 29-486-18415. TALLANT-JACKSON On 3rd Day April 1711 Oliver TALLANT Esq. of City of Dublin demised to Richard JACKSON of same City Carpenter a parcel of ground in Bell Ally in Golden Lane in Suburbs of City of Dublin Two ruinous or Waste Houses then were containing in length from North to South 42’ and in depth from East to West 27’ meared and bounded in the North side by the wall of the Backsode belonging to the house holding of John ROGERS ale draper of Golden Lane wall of house and where Folio MAYNARD lived on south - & DIVELL in the said alley on the east  to the back parts of some holding in Olivers Alley in the said Golden Lane in the west to the Queens part in Bell Alley. - 41 years from 1 May next at £4 ster pa. Signed Richard [his mark] JACKSON  SEAL. Deputy Registrar:
  • Deed: 31-131-18421 1721 May 20. Richard JACKSON of City of Dublin carpenter of the one part & Eliz WHITE of sd. County, spinster reciting lease of 3 April 1711 by Oliver TALLANT, Esq., to sd. Richard JACKSON of “all that part and parcel of ground in Bell Ally in Golden Lane in suburb of Dublin” whereon two ruinous or waste houses then were containing in length from North to South 42’ and from east to West  27’ bounded William PARRY. Witnesses: John WARREN Gent of Dublin City; Richard FLANIGAN, sadler of Dublin City; Isaac PARKER & William ELLIOTT, taylor of Dublin City.

[14] James CROKER



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