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I have highlighted bits worth following – for example, the parish of St. Dunstan. I have yet to make a start on the notes. There are also many more names to add to make this a really useful tool, but I have yet to add the marriages of all the ALLEN daughters. There are dozens of them, as well as the remarriages of widowed wives.

Sharon Oddie Brown. March 14, 2014

ALLENs in London Marriages 1521-1869




My Notes

Allen, Barkley, gent., of St. Martin-in-the-Fields,  Middlesex, bachelor, 37, and Joane Neve, of  All Hallows Barking, London, 23, widow of  Henry Neve, merchant taylor — at St. Mary,  Savoy, Middlesex. 13 April, 1620. B.   


Allen, Edmund, gent., and Anne Hopkins, of St.  Mary-at-Hill, London, spinster, daughter of  — Hopkins, deceased — at St. Mary - at -  Hill aforesaid. 16 Jan. 1621/2. B.   


Allen, Edward, of Broad Street, London, citizen  and scrivener, of London, bachelor, about 24,  and Mrs. Judith Bull, of St. Catharine Cree  Church, spinster, about 19, consent of her  uncle, Allen Cliffe, esq., her parents dead —  at St. Peter-the-Poor, London. 8 April, 1670.  V.   


Allen, Edward, of St. Ethelburgh, London,  bachelor, 30, and Elizabeth Cornwallis,  spinster, 20, daughter of Charles Cornwallis,  of Rook, CO. Worcester, esq., who consents —  at St. Bartholomew-the-Great or Less, London.  1 Jan. 1674/3. F.   


Allen, Francis, of Little Stanmore, co. Middlesex,  oat mealman, bachelor, and Anne Philpott, of  same, spinster, daughter of — Philpott,  deceased — at Christ Church, London. 5 Feb.  1618/9. B.   


Allen, George, and Dorothy Crook, widow, of  City of London — anywhere in diocese.  15 April, 1555. B.   


Allen, George (Alleyn). Dr. of Physic, widower,  40, and Elizabeth Walker, 28, widow of Jeromy  Walker, gent., who died about 1 1/2 years since,  attested by her brother, Richard Barlee, of  London, gent. — at St. Faith, London. 15 Aug.  1614. B.   


Allen, George, of St. Michael, Queenhithe, London,  cloth worker, and Katherine Slarks, spinster,  daughter of — Slarks, deceased — at All  Hallows, Honey Lane, London. 4 Nov. 1624.  B.   


Allen, George, gent., of St. Sepulchre, bachelor,  28, and Penelope Woodward, of same, widow,  30, relict of Thomas Woodward, deceased —  at St. Mary, Savoy. 26 July, 1628. B.   


Allen, George (Aleyn), esq., of Hatfield Peverell,  CO. Essex, widower, 30, and Martha Jones, of  St. Anne, Blackfriars, spinster, 22, her parents  dead — at St. Ann, Blackfriars. 13 June, 1640.  B.   


Allen, Henry, of St. Sepulchre, London, widower,  and Elizabeth Hasten, of same, widow of  Thomas Haston, late of same, poulter — at  St. Bennet, Paul Wharf, London. 31 Oct.  1616. B.   


Allen, Henry, of the Inner Temple, esq., bacbelor,  27, and Frances Drury, spinster, 30, daughter  of Sir Henry Drury, late of Hudgeley, co.  Backs, knight, deceased, with consent of her  mother. Dame Susan Drury, of same, widow  — at Hugely aforesaid. 6 Feb. 1632/3. F.   


Allen, Hugh, of St. Margaret, Westminster,  taylor, bachelor, and Hester Floud (in margin - Lloyd), of same, spinster — at St. Leonard, in  St. Martin-le-Grand. 26 Sept. 1622. D.   


Allen, James, of Lincoln's Inn, gent., bachelor,  about 25, and Lucretia Johnson, of St.  Andrew, Holborn, spinster, about 26, at own  disposal — at St. Clement Danes, or at Meere,  CO. Stafford. 26 Sept. 1667. V.   


Allen, John (Alen), and Margaret Knyghton, of  diocese of Westminster. 11 Nov. l544. F.   


Allen, John (Alen), and Elizabeth Casshyng, of  London. — May, 1518. F.   


Allen, John, of St. Mary Magdalen, Old Fish  Street, and Barbara Walden, spinster, of St.  Martin, Ludgate, gen. lie, 17 Nov. 1570.  B.   


Allen, John, and Elizabeth Wright, spinster, to  marry at Feltham. 12 May, 1572. B.   


Allen, John, of Uxbridge, Middlesex, glover, and  Agnes Peter, widow, of same, gen. lie,  5 Dec. 1580. B.   


Allen, John, smith, and Katherine Smithe, spinster,  of Kelvedon, Essex, to marry there. 10 July,  1581. B.   


Allen, John, of London, barber-surgeon, and Mary  Elliott, spinster, of St. Magnus, London,  daughter of Robert Elliott, of Wickham, co.  Bucks, yeoman at St. Andrew Hubbard,  London. 23 Oct. 1594. B.   


Allen, John, of St. Andrew, Holbom, barber, and  Margery Fletcher, of St. Dunstan-in-the-West,  London, widow of Thomas Fletcher, gent. — -  at St. Mary Mounthaw, London. 17 Sept.  1621. B.   


Allen, John, of St. Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex,  butcher, and Bridget Stanes, of Stepney, said  county, her parents dead — at St. Marv, Isling-  ton, Middlesex. 16 Aug. 1622. B.   


Allen, John, of Heybridge, Essex, clothier, and  Elizabeth Withams, of Chelmsford, said  county, spinster — at Chelmsford aforesaid.  5 Aug. 1624. B.   


Allen, John, gent., of St. Lawrence, Old Jury,  bachelor, 26, and Thomazine Stampe, of same,  widow, 30 — at St. Lawrence aforesaid, or at  Thistleworth. 15 July, 1626. B.   


Allen, John, gent., of Elson, co. Norfolk, bachelor,  40, and Alice Adams, of Ware, Herts, 30,  widow of Richard Adams, deceased — at St.  Faith or St. Mary Mounthaw. 18 Dec. 1626.  B.   


Allen, John, gent., of Chigwell, Essex, widower,  54. and Jane Bardolfe, of Roapsford parish,  Hornchurch, Essex, widow, 45 — at St. Nicholas  Acon. 11 Sept. 1637. B.   


Allen, John, gent., of Chigwell, Essex, bachelor,  22, and Jane Bardolfe, of same, spinster, 16,  consent of her mother, Jane Bardolfe alias  Allen, as attested by her husband. John Allen,  at Lamboume, Essex. 1 Oct. 1638. B.   


Allen, John (Alleyn), of Stone, co. Kent, gent.,  widower, 36, and Frances Somers, of St. Mar-  garet, near Rochester, said county, widow,  about 40 — at St. Margaret aforesaid, Would-  ham, or Stone aforesaid. 15 Dec. 1618.  F.   


Allen, John, of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, esq.,  bachelor, about 40, and Dame Frances Towers,  of same, widow — at Greenwich, Kent. 19 Aug.  1675. V.   


Allen, John, of Bridgnorth, co. Salop, Dr. of  Physic, 21 and upwards, and Prudence  Edwards, of same, spinster, 18 and upwards,  daughter of John Edwards, of same, gent.,  who alleges — at Oldbury, co. Salop, or ... .  15 July, 1698. F.   


Allen, Joseph, of St. Botolph, Bishopsgate,  London, taylor, and Alice French, of same,  spinster, daughter of William French, of Med-  menham, co. Berks, bargeman — at St. Botolph  aforesaid. 5 June, 1619. B.   


Allen, Joshua, of St. Martin-in-the-Fields,  bachelor, above 21, and Elizabeth Wentworth,  of St. James, Westminster, spinster, above 21  — at St. Ann, Westminster. 17 May, 1729. B.   


Allen, Matthew. Sec Allix.   


Allen, Morgan, of St. Dunstan- in-the-West,  London, merchant taylor, and Anne Bacon, of  St. Anne, Blackfriars, spinster, daughter of —  Bacon, late of Hedingham Castle, co. Essex,  gent., deceased, gen. lie, 22 May, 1596. B.   


Allen, Nicholas, of St. Mary-at-Hill, haberdasher,  and Jane Sledd, spinster, daughter of Henry  Sledd, of St. Margaret, New Fish Street,  fishmonger — at St. Margaret, New Fish Street.  25 Nov. 1583. B.   


Allen, Peter, of University of Oxon, gent.,  bachelor, about 28, and Mrs. Frances Barker,  of city of Oxford, spinster, about 21, and at  own disposal, her parents dead — at Sanford,  CO. Oxon. 10 Aug. 1666. Y.   


Allen, Ralph, of Great All Hallows, London,  merchant, widower, about 50, and Mary Green,  of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, widow, about 40 —  at St. James, Garlick Hythe. 1 July, 1662. Y.   


Allen, Richard, and Ann Partridge, of St.  Sepulchre. 22 Nov. 1537. B.   


Allen, Richard, of St. Sepulchre, London, and  " Sitham " Ferneley, widow, of Stratford  Langthore, gen. lie, 13 Dec. 1570. B.   


Allen, Robert. See Aliheyn.   


Allen, Robert, of St. Saviour, Sonthwark, and  Ellen Hiller, widow — at St. Giles-in-the-Fields,  Middlesex. 5 Juno, 1626. B.   


Allen, Robert, and Frances Rutlidge. 28 Nov.  1632. D.   


Allen, Roger, mariner, and Joane Tucker, of St.  Mary, Whitechapel, widow of — Tucker,  late of same, gen. lie, 25 Jan. 1596/7 . B.   


Allen, Samuel, of St. Michael, Cornhill, London,  merchant, bachelor, 30, and Elizabeth Dowse,  spinster, 19, daughter of Thomas Dowse, of  Brooke, parish of King's Somborne, co. South-  ampton, gent., who consents — at King's  Somborne, Little Somborne, or Upper Eldes,  CO. Southampton. 2 Jan. 1672/3. F.   


Allen, Thomas, of St. Martin, Ludgate, yeoman,  and Isabell Stafford, widow, relict of Thomas  Stafford, of same, clerk, deceased — at St.  Sepulchre. 15 March, 15Sf. B.   


Allen, Thomas, of St. Andrew, Holborn, yeoman,  and Anne Chambers, of same, spinster, daughter  of — Chambers, late of co. Derby, yeoman,  deceased, gen. lie, 18 Sept. 1588. B.   


Allen, Thomas, of St. Bride, London, gent., and  Anne Kempe, of Westminster, widow. 17 Nov.  1595. D.   


Allen, Thomas, of Stepney, Middlesex, silk weaver,  and Margaret Grimley, spinster, daughter of  David Grimley, of same, woodmonger — at St.  Mary, Whitechapel, co. Middlesex. 2 Sept.  1619. B.   


Allen, Thomas, of Haddenham, Isle of Ely, co.  Cambridge, gent., bachelor, about 40, and  Mary Hall, of Northallerton, co. York, widow,  about 30 —at St. Bartholomew-the-Less, St.  Mary, Savov, or St. Dunstan-in-the-West. 19  July, 1660. V.  


Allen, Thomas, of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, gent.,  bachelor, about 22, and Mrs. Luce Johnson,  of same, spinster, about 22, her father's  consent — at Paddington or Marybone, Middlesex. 7 Sept. 1667. V.   


Allen, Thomas, of Crutched Fryars, London, esq.,  bachelor, about 21, his father's consent, and  Mrs. Mary Colwall, of St. Bartholomew-the-  Great, London, spinster, about 21, consent of  father, Thomas Colwall, .of same, esq. (who  alleges) — at St. Bartholomew aforesaid, or  St. Foster, Foster Lane. 16 Dec. 1672. V.   


Allen, Thomas, of St. Foster, London, citizen and  goldsmith, bachelor, about 25, and Mrs. Mary  Lincolne, of Satterley, co. Suffolk, spinster,  about 22, with her father's consent — at St.  Andrew, Holborn, London. 3 March, 1678/9. V.   


Allen, Thomas (Alleyn), of Little Barfields, Essex,  clerk, bachelor, 40, and Anne Young, of St.  Giles-in-the-Fields, Middlesex, spinster, 18,  daughter of Elizabeth Young, widow, who  consents — at Little St. Bartholomew, London,  or .... 2 Jan. 1698/9 . F.   


Allen, William, yeoman, and Mary Larkin, of  London, widow of William Larkin, late of  Hetcorne, co. Kent, yeoman, gen. lie, 23 Oct.  1595. B.   


Allen, William, and Margaret Guildeforde, widow,  of St. Giles-in-the-Fields, gen. lie, 9 Jan.  1575/6. B.   


Allen, William, of St. Bartholomew-the-Less,  London, carpenter, and Jane Hardie, of St.  Mary, Islington, Middlesex, spinster, daughter  of — Hardye, of same, yeoman, of St. Bar-  tholomew aforesaid. 13 Aug. 1602. B.   


Allen, William, of St. Michael Basishaw, London,  joyner, and Margaret Chapman, of St.  Sepulchre, said city, widow of Peter Chapman,  late of same, joyner — at St. Botolph, Alders-  gate. 8 March 1603/4. B.   


Allen, William, of St. Botolph, Aldgate, London,  " aquavite stiller," and Alice Cole, widow of  Walter Cole, of Stepney, co. Middlesex — at  St , Paul's Wharf, London. 23 April,1619. B.   


Allen, William, of St. Margaret, Westminster,  bachelor, and Margaret Vaux, of same,  spinster. 3 Feb. 1676/7. D.   





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