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NAMES: Rev Thomas KENNEDY; John THOMPSON; Gilbert JACKSON (tanner); William JACKSON (bridler); Widow HAZLETT; James Thompson (Merchant); James ORR; Richard RIDDEL; James [CONNELL?]; Robert BOYD; John [HALE?]; John McKERRAL; Gilbert ORR. PLACES: Ballantrea; Newtown, Ballerogan [Ballyrogan] , Co. Down

SEE: Jacksons of Co. Down.
Sharon Oddie Brown May 6, 2022



1722 PRONI D654 Gilbert JACKSON deed



This Indenture made the Eighteenth day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twenty two Between the Revd Thomas Kennedy[1] of Ballantrea in the part of Great Britain and Scotland of the one part and John Thompson[2] Merchant and Gilbert Jackson[3] both of Newtown in the County of Down and Kingdom of Ireland of the one part. WITNESSETH that the said Thomas Kennedy for and in consideration of the sum of Twelve pounds Sterling current money of Great Britain to him in hand paid by the said John Thompson & Gilbert Jackson the receipt wherof he doth herby acknowledge and thereof doth by these presents Exonerate acquit and discharge the said John Thompson and Gilbert Jackson their heirs Executors Admons and assigns for ever by these presents HATH given granted Enseoffed and confirmed and by these presents DOTH give grant Enseoffe and confirm unto the said John Thompson & Gilbert Jackson, All that part and parcel of the garden belonging to the said Thomas Kennedy’s house in the Backstreet of the Town of Newtown in the County of Down being the North part of the said garden meared & bounded [on the North with the acres of land now in the possession of Robert [? - hard to read in crease of document] gardener and George Ferguson apothecary on the East with a plott of ground now in possession of William Jackson[4] bridler on the south with part of Thomas Kennedy’s garden & on the West with a small garden belonging to the heirs of Widow Hazlett[5] containing in Length from east to West one hundred and two feet & in breadth from South to North sixty feet together with the Lott of ground belonging to said Thomas Kennedy whereon part of the meeting house stands together with the said meeting house (the Big [Isle?] during ye Lease of Hugh Ross [?]) with the rights members and appurtenances to the said premises belonging or appertaining. TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said granted premises or intended so to be with the appurtenances and every part & parcel thereof  to the said John Thompson & Gilbert Jackson the heirs and assigns to the only profit use and behoof of the said John Thompson & Gilbert Jackson their heirs and assigns forever YIELDING and paying therefor and thereout to the said Thomas Kennedy his heirs and assigns yearly and every year the rent a sum of five shillings sterling to be paid by even and Equal portions in the year viz on the first day of November and first day of May yearly over and above all taxes Cesses and impositions whatever (chief rent only Excepted) AND further that it shall and may be lawfull to and for the said Thomas Kennedy his heirs and assigns to sue for and recover from the said John Thompson & Gilbert Jackson their heirs and assigns at any time or times hereafter when the said rent of any part thereof shall be behind in arrear and unpaid in all & Every such Sum and sums of money shall be due on either of the days of payment and on account of the said rent of arrears thereof  by distress or otherwise as the Laws shall require. AND the said John Thompson and Gilbert Jackson do for themselves and each of them their and each of them heirs and assigns Jointly and Severally consent promise and agree to and with the said Thomas Kennedy his heirs and assigns that they the said John Thompson & Gilbert Jackson their heirs and assigns shall and will well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto the said Thomas Kennedy his heirs and assigns the said reserved yearly rent of five shillings sterling and the same becomes due and payable due over and above all taxes Cesses and Impositions (Chief rent only excluded) as Aforesaid AND  the said Thomas Kennedy for him his heirs and assigns doth hereby covenant and agree to and with the said John Thompson and Gilbert Jackson their heirs and assigns that they and every of them Shall and may at all and every time and times hereafter for ever peaceably and quietly  have hold and occupy possess and Enjoy then and hereby granted premisses and every part thereof with the appurtenances without the Lett or Hindrance Suite trouble Eviction molestation or disturbance of him the said Thomas Kennedy his heirs or assigns or any other person lawfully claiming from by or under him or either of them they the said John Thompson and Gilbert Jackson their heirs and assigns paying the rent and [possessing?] the Covenants herein before covenanted on their part to be performed. AND the said Thomas Kennedy doth hereby nominate and appoint James Thompson[6] of the town of Newtown Merchant his attorney to enter upon the premises hereby granted or any part thereof in the Name of the whole and therof to take possession and after [?] so had taken quiet and peaceable possession Livery and [Seizm?] thereof to give and deliver to the said John Thompson and Gilbert Jackson to hold to the said John Thompson and Gilbert Jackson their heirs and assigns for and according to the true interest & [?] of these presents. IN WITNESS whereof the said partys have hereto interchangeably sett their hands and Seals the day and year first above written.

Thomas Kennedy


Signed Sealed and delivered in presence of us. It being first agreed to & between the partys within named and that the within named John Thompson and Gilbert Jackson their heirs and assigns are to doe and perform Such and Service to the Courts of the Manor of Newtown as other the Tennts of the said Mannor are obliged to doe and perform.

James Orr[7]

Richard Riddel[8]

James [Connell?][9]


Know all men by this presents that John Thompson senr of Newtown Co. of Down Merchant being an equal purchaser of the within deed of inheritance with Gilbert Jackson late of Newtown tanner Do for in my Heirs & Executors & upon the Aut and Consideration of ten pounds sterling to me in hand payed by James Orr farmer William Byers & Patrick Underson both of Bellonsollercock [Ballywatticock?] & Robert Boyd of Ballerogan [Ballyrogan] all of the Parish of Newtown and County aforesaid forever assign over and deliver up my Claim and Title to and Interest in the said Deed of inheritance being the equal half thereof of the other belonging to the heirs of Gilbert Jackson aforesaid late of Newtown to the above named persons their Heirs and Executors Trustees for the Sole use and Behove of the Congregation of the Old Meeting House[10] of Newtown they and their aforesaid paying and fulfilling all Conditions and Covenants that I and my Heirs, And I do further oblige me and my Heirs from time to time to give all further Security for the making of the said Conveyance effectual according to the true intent thereof as the Council learned at Law shall advise and direct. In Witness therof I have herunto set my hand and seal this first day of May in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Thirty.

Signed Sealed and delivered                              John Thompson

in presence of

John [Hale?][11]

John McKerral[12]

Gilbert Orr[13]


See also:

PRONI  T808/8244  Down will made 23 August 1723 proved 4 March 1723. _Joubert JACKSON_ of Newtown, County Down. To be buried in the Mevilla churchyard. Wife Annas JACKSON alias KELL and three daughters Sarah Janet and Anne JACKSON all minors and unmarried, legacies to Gilbert JACKSON son of James JACKSON. Gilbert ORE [ORR] son of James ORE [ Orr] . The deed of the meeting house that I and James Thompson have. £10 to rebuild Newton meeting house. Executors wife Annas JACKSON, James JACKSON and John  Thompson . Witnesses: James Thompson; and James  Catherwood . Inventory 10 October 1724 taken by James ORR Senior and James Orr  Junior. Freehold of house in Newtown and lease of Ballysceach. Leather and &c in tanyard.

PRONI D654/LE363/2

1722 Sept 18 btw Rev Thomas KENNEDY of Ballantree and John THOMPSON merchant and Gilbert JACKSON tanner both of Newtown, Co. Down in consideration of £12 give to JACKSON and THOMPSON part of garden belonging to Rev. KENNEDY house in the back street of the town of Newtown being the North Park of said Garden meared and bounded on the west with a small garden belonging to the Widow HAZLETT containing in length from East to West 102 feet and breadth from North to South 60 feet together with the loft of ground holdings to said Thomas KENNEDY wheron part of the Meeting Hall stands. Indenture dated 18 September 1722 referred to in an affidavit 5 July 1894 re: Trusts of Land held for benefit of the 1st Presbyterian Meeting House.





JACKSON, Gilbert



1727, May 23

Image 236

BTW Robert COLVILLE of Newtown Co. Down Esq of one pt & Margetson SAUNDERS of Belfast Co. Antrim, Merchant of the other pt. Confirmed to SAUNDERS land on South Side of Chapellbred Steet in Town of Newtown, dwelling house of John SAUNDERS, Gent deceased..

Includes names of neighbours at Newtown, Co. Down: COLVILL, Robert, Esq; SAUNDERS, John, Gent , deceased; MCCLEERY, James, Mr; CLERK, Robert; PARKINSON, Thomas, Stonecutter; WHITE, Hugh; BROWN, George; CATHEART, John; THOMPSON, James, Merchant; WISELY, William; CURRY, John; MONTGOMERY, Provost; SINKLER, Alexander; NESBITT, Widow; CATHERWOOD, James; CUDDY, Robert; Widow of Gilbert JACKSON (two 1a parcels mentioned); MORAN, Patrick; WILSON, Widow; SANDERS, John; BUCHANNAN, William, Major, deceased; CRAWFORD, John,; DAVISON, James; LEWERS, John; HENRY, Hugh; MCCLEAN, Alexander




JACKSON, Jane & Gilbert



1740 Apr 17

Jane JACKSON daughter of Gilbert JACKSON Book Index 1730-45

PRONI T808/8267-8282 Groves Manuscripts

Deed of lease and release made between Jane JACKSON only daughter of Gilbert JACKSON late of Newtown in the Co of Down Gent dec’d of the one part & Gilbert JACKSON of Ballymisca in the county of the other part... Jane sold to Gilbert one half tenement o




JACKSON, Jane, Gilbert



1740 May 13

Jane JACKSON only daughter of Gilbert JACKSON Gent deceased of Newtown, Co. Down marriage to John MOORE of Co. Tyrone, eldest son and heir of William MOORE of Dromont, Co. Tyrone.in consideration of marriage portion of £850, William MOORE granted to John TATE of Newtown, Co. Down and John ORR of Scrabow Co. Down townlands of Dromont + Drumearn, Manor of Ballymagrane + 3/4 Mullynahorn, except mill in Dromont from William MOORE to Acheson MOORE, for uses + trusts recited in marriage settlement. Nick Reddans deeds  Abstract made by: Alison Kilpatrick. NOTE John TATE was the 2nd husband of Annas KELL, widow of Gilbert JACKSON. SEE: JACKSONs of Co. Down


[1] Rev Thomas KENNEDY:

·         son of Thomas Kennedy of Clandeboye; minister of 1st Newtownards Presbyterian Church 1671-1689; returned to Scotland 1689; husband of Anne Adair of Ballymena; father of Rev. Thomas Kennedy (1690-1730) of Ayrshire, Scotland  SOURCE: Ros Davies.


[3] Gilbert JACKSON (1677-1723)

·         Husband of Annas KELL (1679-1766)

[4] William JACKSON

·         Possible clue: PRONI T808/8244_. Down will made 5 March 1716 proved 19 February 1717 - 1718. Janet JACKSON alias Lindsay of Newtown, widow. Three sisters Annas, Marie, and Margaret and latter's daughter Mary Radcliffe.  Brothers-in-law Robert JACKSON and William JACKSON and their sister Anne JACKSON, Bible to Gilbert JACKSON. Friend John Thompson . Executor, brother-in-law William JACKSON. Witnesses: William McQuaid ; James Lockhart ; John  Mairs_NOTE: Janet LINDSAY was the wife of Thomas JACKSON and a Thomas JACKSON was a brother of the Gilbert JACKSON of this deed..

[5] Widow HAZLETT?

[6] James THOMPSON

[7] James ORR

[8] Richard RIDDEL

[9] James CONNELL

[11] John HALE

[12] John McKERRAL

[13] Gilbert ORR (1704-?)

·         of Castleavery; b. 1704; son of James Orr & Mary Jackson; married Latitia Agnew; father of James, Andrew & Latitia; died Castleavery. SOURCE: Ros Davies. NOTE: Mary JACKSON (1668-1751), a sister of Gilbert JACKSON (1677-1723), hence Gilbert ORR was a nephew of Gilbert JACKSON.



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