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1899 Will of James OLIVER of Urney. Annotated. Probate of the Will of James Oliver late of Glentown Urney County Tyrone Farmer who died 20 January 1899 granted at Londonderry to The Reverend Thomas Oliver of Garston County Lancaster England Clerk. Effects £388 2s. 6d.
Sharon Oddie Brown July 22, 2017
NOTE: I have Uploaded a family tree for this branch of the OLIVERs of Urney.


1899 Will of James OLIVER of Urney


This is a last will and Testament of me James Oliver[1] of Glentown Urney[2] in the County of Tyrone, Ireland. I hereby revoke all Wills and testamentary instrument security for by me made. I appoint the Reverend Thomas Oliver[3] of Garston in the County of Lancaster England and Robert Oliver[4] of Listimore in the County of Tyrone, Ireland to be the executors of this my will. I direct my executors to pay my just debts and funeral and testamentary expenses. I give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Oliver Vicar of Garston near Liverpool all my estate or land in. Glentown parish of Urney in the County Tyrone, Ireland with all the buildings furniture farm implements cattle and other livestock produce and all my other property personal otherwise to be possess and disposed of by him as he thinks best after my just debts are paid and I give and bequeath out of the same estate or land or holding aforesaid £40 to be divided amongst my four children hereinafter mentioned that is to say £25. To my daughter Margaret Jane Oliver[5]. Five pounds sterling to my son Robert Oliver five pounds sterling. To my daughter Sarah Anne Hane[6] and 5 pounds sterling. To my son, Samuel Oliver[7]. I also give and bequeath to my grandson John Oliver[8] (eldest son of my son Robert Oliver) 5 pounds sterling and the like sum of 5 pounds to my granddaughters Sarah Oliver[9] (daughter of my son Robert Oliver) all these bequests amounting in the Hall to £50 shall be paid by my son Thomas Oliver aforesaid within 12 months after my decease. And after the discharge of these claims of right and title to my land and property aforesaid shall belong to. In be enjoyed by my son Thomas Oliver aforesaid. Likewise my hand. Witness my hand. Witness my hand this 14th day of February 1893.

James Oliver Glentown, farmer. Signed by the above named testator as is last will in the presence of us both being present at the same time, who in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses. John Anderson[10]. Grocer Strabane. Robert Anderson[11] grocers assistant Strabane.

Probate book 1899, page 140 will Pro 8 fols.




[1] James OLIVER (1803-1899).

·       According to his death cert, he died Jan 20, 1799 at Glentown of senile decay at age 96, a widower, in the presence of his grandson John OLIVER.

·       Probate of the Will of James Oliver late of Glentown Urney County Tyrone Farmer who died 20 January 1899 granted at Londonderry to The Reverend Thomas Oliver of Garston County Lancaster England Clerk. Effects £388 2s. 6d.

·       Email Jul 15, 2017 from Maria BEATTIE: John /James Oliver m Sarah Anderson  b 1813 …  She died 1848. 1841/51 census says that she married him in 1831 aged 18 (haven’t been able to find any marriage documents). NOTE: He may have been named John James OLIVER, although I have entered him in my tree as James OLIVER.

·       His wife was Sarah ANDERSON who was born abt 1813 (based on 1841 Census).

·       The eldest child associated with him was a James OLIVER b. 1827. In the 1841 Census James OLIVER was described as “natural” (hence illegitimate). Since Sarah OLIVER would have been age 14 at the time of his birth, and this birth precedes her marriage to James OLIVER by four years, there are three possibilities:

o   1) the child was born to Sarah ARMSTRONG out of wedlock,;

o   2) the child was conceived by James OLIVER out of wedlock, or

o   3) The parents of James OLIVER jr. are James OLIVER and Sarah ARMSTRONG, and born before they were married to each other.

[2] Parish of Urney & OLIVERs in Griffiths:

·       Stephenstown, Parish of Urney, a James OLIVER leased 39a.1r.39p from Reps of Samuel WAUCHOB.

·       A James OLIVER also leased 11a 1r from Rev. William KNOX plus buildings valued at £1.5.0 at Glentown. His lease was right beside that of William ANDERSON (28a 0r 20p and buildings valued at £1.5.0. NOTE: I have searched all the Grantors Indexes 1830-1879. No direct leases from KNOX were recorded to OLIVER grantees.

·       James OLIVER leased land at Carricklee, Parish of Urney 22a 1r 10p from Reps of Samuel WAUCHOB and had a freehold of a building valued at £0.10.0 in adjacent lot. NOTE: I have looked for WAUCHOB in the Grantors Index 1822-1869 in relation to OLIVERs. No joy.

·       James OLIVER held a lease from Reps of Gen. H.W. BARNARD 16.1.30 at Carricklee, Parish of Urney. He also had a freehold lease to a small house at Carricklee that he let to Hugh DUNNE.

·       Jane OLIVER leased a house £0.5.0 at Ballyfatten, Parish of Urney from James GALLAGHER.

·       John OLIVER leased a house £0.5.0 at Rabstown from Rev. John McCONAGHY

[3] Rev. Thomas OLIVER.

·       Email Jul 15, 2017 from Maria BEATTIE  Rev/Dr Thomas Oliver  b 8 May 1834   d 28th June 1916 (will left to the Conboy’s….)1868 BA Dublin, 1872 MA, 1879  BD, 1885 DD, 1881 UK census Curate in Kirkdale with Ellen. 1891 census with Ellen and nephew, 1901 census with Ellen and Annie (sister b 1847/50) 1911 census widower. Ellen ( Ethel) Conboy b 1828

·       1881 Census. Thomas OLIVER was age 46 and the Perpetual Curate at St. Martins in the fields. His wife was Ellen, age 53. She was also born in Ireland.ADDRESS: 227 Boundary St, Kirkdale, Lancashire.

·       1911 UK census: Thomas OLIVER: 118 Hampton Rd Southport, Lancashire. Born Urney, Co. Tyrone. Widowed retired clergy age 76.

[4] Robert OLIVER.

·       In 1866, Robert OLIVER married Matilda McCARON at the Ardstraw Church of Ireland, Co. Tyrone. She died 18 Dec 1894.

·       In the 1901 Census, there is a Robert OLIVER of Listymore, age 56 (hence b. abt 1845). He is widowed with 3 sons (Thomas (age 31 – b abt 1870), Samuel (age 14 b abt 1887) & Joseph(age 10, b abt 1891)) & 3 daughters (Annie (age 24 b abt 1877), Helena (age 19 b abt 1882) & Elizabeth (age 17 b abt 1884)), and is a carpenter, and Church of Ireland. An Eliza McCARRON (age 67 and unmarried) is boarding with him (a likely relation of his wife).

·       In the 1911 Census, Robert OLIVER is living at House #1 Priestcessagh, Listymore (age 69),  with his son Joseph OLIVER (age 21) and daughter Sarah J. OLIVER (age 40). He is a widowed master carpenter. There is also a grandson, Robert G. BATES living with them, age not noted. He was b 4th July 1910 at Priestcess, son of Sarah OLIVER and George BATES.

[5] Margaret Jane OLIVER. SOURCE: Email Jul 15, 2017 from Maria BEATTIE: Margaret Jane b Feb 1837/8 d 23 Feb 1913,@ Glentown, co Tyrone  J Oliver  (nephew) present at death.

·       NOTE: In the 1901 Census, there are two unmarried brothers John OLIVER (age 28 b abt 1873) and James OLIVER (age 20 – b abt 1881) and their sister Jeannie (age 22 – b abt 1879) living at Glentown, Urney with an unmarried aunt, Margaret, age 65 (b abt 1836). They are all CoI farmers, born in Co. Tyrone. I could not find birth certs for them. According to the census, they were all born in Co. Tyrone. The only John OLIVER whose birth date was a fit, was born at Portadown. I am including it here, but I strongly doubt that he is a fit in this family:

o   A John OLIVER was b Feb 6 1873 at Riverlane, Portadown, son of James OLIVER and Mary Anne ARMSTRONG. His parents married 29 Mar 1864 at Portadown Church of Ireland. His father James OLIVER was a widower, and a weaver, and a son of William OLIVER, a weaver of Ballyfudd  aka Ballyfodrin, Parish of Drumcree,, Co. Armagh when John OLIVER married Mary Anne ARMSTRONG at St. Marks Church of Ireland, Portadown. Her father was a William ARMSTRONG a weaver of Portadown. They both signed their marriage cert with Xs.

o   NOTE: A previous John OLIVER, son of Eliza Jane ARMSTRONG and James OLIVER was born at Portadown 20 Jun 1868. Presumably he died. Then a Maria OLIVER, daughter of Eliza Jane ARMSTRONG and James OLIVER was born 11 Oct 1870 at Portadown.

·       NOTE: There is a Margaret OLIFER in the 1901 Census, age 65 (hence b abt 1836), unmarried, Episcopalian (a fit with this family’s religion since these OLIVERs are not Presbyterian) at Benburb, a retired servant, unmarried living alone. She was not in the 1911 Census, and I suspect was not the Margaret OLIVER who had a 1913 will. I suspect she was the Margaret OLIVER beneath, who died 1901 (and who does not show up in the 1911 Census).

o   A death certificate for a Margaret OLIVER d. June 16, 1901, spinster, at Drumhirk [NOTE: One townland of Drumhirk is in the parish of Donnaghmore, another is in the parish of Clogher, both in Co. Tyrone]  in presence of Elizabeth OLIVER. This death date is a perfect fit with a probated will where she mentions her cousin James OLIVER of Drumhirk, and a cousin Margaret OLIVER of Drumhirk, and Elizabeth OLIVER of Drumhirk; the Churchwardens of Benburb; Isabella WHITTLE of Derryfubble; Jane BRAY of Upton Street, Belfast; Doctor Theodore D. Browne of Benburb; Averell LLOYD Esq. of Benburb; to be buried in Benburb Churchyard;

[6] Sarah Anne HANE née OLIVER. NOTE: The PRONI transcription renders the surname so that it looks like Hane, but I suspect it is Haire or Hair.

·       A birth of a John Oliphant HAIR at Gortnescale, Glendermot, Londonderry, Ireland is recorded 10 Apr 1873 to a James HAIR and Sarah Anne OLIPHANT.

[7] Samuel OLIVER son of James OLIVER.

·       Born 1847. SOURCE 1841 Census.

·       Died 20 Feb 1925.

  • m Elizabeth Henderson 5th July 1877 They had 6 Children. SOURCE: Email Maria Beattie July 14, 2017. The eldest, John Cornwall Conboy Oliver b 17 Sep 1877  Went to OZ in 1906. 1911 census with Sarah Haire ( his aunt) 1911 then went to Calgary and Saskatchewan in 1912 and died in 1962 (He was buried with his wife and her family at Lakeview, Ontario) SEE: Bio of John C. OLIVER.

[8] John OLIVER 

·       In the 1901 Census, John OLIVER is not living with his father at Listymore. I suspect he was living with his unmarried Aunt Margaret (abt 1838-1913). He was born 9 Nov 1866.

·       Probate: Oliver John of Glentown Urney county Tyrone retired farmer died 5 December 1922 Administration (d.b.n.) Belfast 26 March to Thomas McKimmon farmer. Unadministered effects £62 10s. Former Grant Belfast 9 February 1923.

[9] Sarah OLIVER aka Sarah J. OLIVER

·       In the 1901 Census, Sarah OLIVER is not living with her parents at Listymore. The only Sarah OLIVER whose age was a close match with the 1911 Census, is a Sarah J. OLIVER –she was born in Monaghan, not in Co. Tyrone. She was a domestic servant to the McCORMICKs in Dublin. See 1901 Census McCORMICKs.

·       In the 1911 Census, Robert OLIVER is living at House #1 Priestcessagh, Listymore,  with his son Joseph OLIVER (age 21) and daughter Sarah J. OLIVER age 40 born in Co. Tyrone. He is a widowed master carpenter. There is also a grandson, Robert G. BATES age not noted.

·       The birth cert of Robert George BATES, born at Priestcess, gives his father's name as George BATES and his mother’s name as Sarah OLIVER. I assume they are married - the birth cert does not indicate otherwise - but it is perplexing that there is no marriage cert recorded at GRONI, and also that she is recorded in the 1911 census as unmarried. It is possible that they married in Dublin.

[10] John ANDERSON.

·       In the 1901 Census, a John ANDERSON, grocer, resides at Strabane and is a grocer age 44.

[11] Robert ANDERSON

·       In the 1901 Census, there is a Robert John ANDERSON, grocer, age 50, whose wife is Fanny.



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