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The MURRAY-TOLLEMAGHE-PARKE-DARE family tree is a complex and fascinating tree. There are links that go back to Gregory CROMWELL - husband of Elizabeth SEYMOUR, whose sister Jane was wife to Henry VIII. The tree starts with William MURRAY, the whipping boy of King Charles I. In the ensuing generations, there are stories of fortunes made and lost, of pirates, and bigamous marriages. In short, practically everything that could have happened to this family, from the noble, merchant and seafaring classes, did. The full extent of the links between them can also be seen at Rootsweb
Sharon Oddie Brown. April 4, 2011
Update July 13, 2015. I have made a significant number of updates to this family tree. Since I cannot take the time right now to totally redesign the page, I have simply added an alternate tree beneath this one. It does not include as much detail, but it does have the advantage of additional dates, and has been constructed using hperlinks. This makes it possible to link back to the rootsweb version of the tree, and see all my up-to-date source material. A fascinating novel based on the life of Elizabeth Murray aka Countess Dysart, was written by Anita Seymour: Royalist Rebel.

Descendants of William MURRAY



  1  William MURRAY[1]  +Margaret MURRAY[2]  

..... 2  William MURRAY [3]d: 1655  +Catherine BRUCE[4] d: Aft. 22 May 1651 m: Bef. 1636

......... 3  Elizabeth MURRAY[5] d: 04 Jun 1698 +2nd husband John MAITLAND[6]  

......... *1st Husband of Elizabeth MURRAY:  +Lionel TOLLEMACHE[7] b: Abt. 1624 d: Mar 1668/69 m: Abt. 22 May 1651

.............. 4  Lionel TOLLEMACHE[8] b: 30 Jan 1647/48 d: 23 Feb 1726/27 +Grace WILBRAHAM[9]  m: 30 Sep 1680

.................. 5  Lionel TOLLEMACHE[10] b: 06 Jun 1682 d: 26 Jul 1712 +Henrietta CAVENDISH[11]  m: 06 Dec 1706

...................... 6  Lionel TOLLEMACHE[12] b: 01 May 1708 d: 1770 +Grace CARTERET b: 08 Jul 1715 m: 22 Jul 1729

...................... 6  Henrietta TOLLEMACHE[13] d: 08 Dec 1772 +Thomas CLUTTERBUCK[14] b: in of St. Martins in the Field, Middlesex, England m: 04 May 1731

.................. 5  Elizabeth TOLLEMACHE[15] d: 16 Aug 1745 +Robert Salusbury COTTON[16] b: Bef. 1704 d: 27 Aug 1748

.................. 5  Catherine TOLLEMACHE[17] d: 17 Jan 1754 +John BRYDGES[18] b: 1703 d: 1727 m: 01 Sep 1724

.................. 5  Mary TOLLEMACHE[19] d: 02 Dec 1715

.................. 5  Grace TOLLEMACHE[20] d: 27 May 1719

.............. 4  Thomas TOLLEMACHE[21] b: Abt. 1651 d: Abt. Jun 1694 in Plymouth, England

.............. 4  William TOLLEMACHE[22] b: in of Cottingham d: 25 May 1691 in West Indies +Elizabeth BACON[23]  m: 1686

.................. 5  Nicholas TOLLEMACHE[24] b: Abt. 1687 +Mary RALPH[25]  m: 19 Dec 1707 in Springleton

...................... 6  Elizabeth TOLLEMACHE[26] b: 1708

...................... 6  John TOLLEMACHE[27] b: 1710 d: 19 May 1777 in "New Place", Ipswitch, England  +Mary UNNAMED  

........................... 7  William TOLLEMACHE[28]

............................... 8  Mary TOLLEMACHE[29]

........................... 7  Elizabeth TOLLEMACHE[30] b: 1756 +William Joseph PARKE[31] b: Abt. 27 Nov 1742 in Stoke by Nayland d: 03 Sep 1821 in Saffron Walden m: in Stoke by Nayland

............................... 8  Margarett PARKE[32] b: Abt. 1774 in Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, England

............................... 8  Samuel Fenning PARKE[33] b: Abt. 1776 in Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, England

............................... 8  Elizabeth Tollemarsh PARKE[34] b: Abt. Dec 1777 in Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, England +John Simmonds PILCHER[35] b: Abt. 1774 m: 13 Jan 1805 in Saffron Walden Parish, Essex, England

............................... 8  Joseph PARKE[36] b: Abt. Oct 1780 in Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, England +Unnamed  

.................................... 9  Unnamed PARKE[37] +Unnamed KING[38]  

........................................ 10  Matilda KING[39]  

........................................ 10  Edward KING[40] d: Abt. 1880

............................... 8  Anna Maria PARKE[41] b: 1788 in Saffron Walden, Essex, England d: in probably South Africa +William KIDSON[42] b: in of Staindrop, Durham d: in probably South Africa m: Abt. 1807 in St. Pauls, Shadwell, London

............................... 8  William Tollemache PARKE [43]b: 1790 in Saffron Walden, Essex, England d: in Capetown, South Africa +Elizabeth BUSHE[44] b: 11 Dec 1790 in Saffron Walden, Essex, England d: 15 Dec 1880 in Capetown, South Africa m: 29 Jan 1813 in Parish of Saffron Waldon

.................................... 9  Anne Buncher PARKE[45] . +Henry WILSON[46]  

.................................... 9  Elizabeth Talmache PARKE[47] b: 1813 in Saffron Walden, Essex +John TYARS[48]  

.................................... 9  Mary Bush PARKE[49] +James SEDGEWICK[50] b: 13 May 1811 d: 03 Oct 1872 in Cape Town, South Africa m: 22 Jan 1839 in Cape Town, South Africa

........................................ 10  James Thomas SEDGEWICK[51] b: 1840 in Cape Town, South Africa d: 1907 +E. NITCHEN[52]  m: 1879

........................................ 10  Lydia Mary SEDGEWICK[53] b: 1843 in Cape Town, South Africa d: 1920 +A. SPILHAUS[54]  

........................................ 10  Edward William SEDGEWICK[55] b: 1845 in Cape Town, South Africa d: 1918 +Amelia GREY[56]  m: 1887

........................................ 10  Charles Frederick SEDGEWICK[57] b: 1847 in Cape Town, South Africa d: 1907 +Mary Grey  

........................................ 10  Alfred Montague Tollemache SEDGEWICK[58] b: 1849 in Cape Town, South Africa d: 1936 +E. THOMAS[59]  

........................................ 10  Amy Alice SEDGEWICK[60] b: 1863 in Cape Town, South Africa d: 1929 +R. MULLER  

........................................ 10  Annie Elizabeth SEDGEWICK[61] b: 1865 in Cape Town, South Africa d: 1893 +R ELLIS  

.................................... 9  Eliza Lake [or Legge] PARKE[62] b: Abt. 1824 d: Aft. 1909 +William Walker BALL[63] d: in of Cape Town, Cape Province, Republic of South Africa

........................................ 10  Anne Elizabeth BALL[64] b: 27 Jul 1846 in New Ross, Wexford, Ireland d: 13 May 1922 +Alexander Russell ATKINSON[65]  

........................................ *2nd Husband of Anne Elizabeth BALL:  +Archibald Ernest ARBUTHNOT[66] b: 05 Jan 1841 in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India d: 11 May 1923 m: 14 Nov 1872 in St. Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta, West Bengal, India

........................................ 10  Emily Lydia BALL[67] d: 14 Dec 1941 . +Charles Francis Henry Spencer  

........................................ 10  Lydia Hurst BALL[68]

........................................ 10  Joseph BALL[69]

........................................ 10  Jessie BALL[70]

.................................... 9  Lydia Hurst PARKE[71] b: in Of Capetown, South Africa d: 21 Mar 1886 +John Philipson STOWE[72] b: 23 Sep 1830 d: 1920 m: 01 Dec 1856

........................................ 10  George STOWE[73] b: 14 Aug 1859 +Alexandria Sinclair FANNER[74] b: in of Port Elizabeth, South Africa

........................................ 10  John STOWE[75] b: Abt. 1860 in of Tarkastad, Cape Colony, South Africa +Margaret MANN[76]  m: 04 Jan 1894

.................................... 9  Sarah Shrieve PARKE [77]b: 1817 in Of Capetown, South Africa d: 10 Sep 1879 in Yokohama, Japan +George Julius DARE[78] b: 1807 d: 1856 in Upper Clapham, Dorset, England m: 22 Jan 1839 in Rondebosch Church (St. Paul's) Cape of Good Hope, South Africa

........................................ 10  George Mildmay DARE[79] b: 18 Mar 1840 in at sea or at Peckham, England d: 15 Dec 1907 in At his residence, "The Lake", Singapore +Annie Dorothea Caroline EARNSHAW[80] b: 23 Jan 1857 in Of Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England d: 28 Jan 1927 in at home at The Lake, Singapore m: Jun 1877 in England

........................................ 10  John Julius DARE[81] b: 19 Sep 1841 in South west corner of North Bridge Road and Middle Road”, Singapore d: 05 Sep 1879 in Yokohama, Japan

........................................ 10  Blanche Emily DARE[82] b: 24 Sep 1843 +William Ramsay SCOTT[83] b: 1838 in Java, East Indies d: 1908 in Probably England m: 27 Nov 1863 in Singapore

........................................ 10  Louisa Caroline DARE[84] b: Abt. 1845 +Charles James BOLTON[85] b: 1839 in Singapore m: 23 Feb 1864 in 2

........................................ 10  Sarah Elizabeth DARE[86] b: 17 Apr 1847 in Bombay +John Catto ABELL[87] b: Abt. 1841 in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland d: 1903 in Kobe m: 19 Apr 1879 in H. B.M.'s Legation, Tokyo, Japan

........................................ 10  Anna Maria DARE[88] b: 02 Jul 1849 d: 1931 +Whitworth ALLEN[89] b: Abt. 1835 in 0 d: Abt. 1899 in England

........................................ 10  Amelia Lydia DARE[90] b: Abt. 1851 in Singapore d: 10 Apr 1944 in Herringfleet Hall, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England +Thomas JACKSON[91] b: 04 Jun 1841 in Aughavilla, Carrigallen, Co. Leitrim d: 21 Dec 1915 in Bank of Hong Kong, 9 Gracechurch Street, London m: 19 Sep 1871 in H.M.B. Legation, Yokohama, Japan

........................................ 10  Alfred Henry DARE[92] b: 26 May 1853 in Singapore d: 1924 in England +Lena Mary FIELDEN[93] b: in Melbourne, Australia d: 1906 in Japan m: 03 Oct 1885 in Christ Church, Yokohama

........................................ 10  Florence Gertrude DARE[94] b: 09 Jan 1855 d: 28 Jun 1938 in Oatlands Park Hotel, Weybridge, Surrey, England  +William HARTIGAN[95] b: Abt. 1852 in Co. Limerick, Ireland d: 11 Sep 1936 in Oatlands, Weybridge, Surrey, England m: Abt. 1881 in Probably Japan

.................................... 9  Joseph PARKE[96]

...................... 6  Mary TOLLEMACHE[97] b: 1713

.............. 4  Catherine TOLLEMACHE[98] d: Sep 1658

.............. 4  Elizabeth TOLLEMACHE[99] b: 10 Jul 1659 d: 09 May 1735 in Campbeltown, Argylshire, Scotland

................ +Archibald CAMPBELL  m: 12 Mar 1677/78 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

.............. 4  Catherine TOLLEMACHE [100]b: 1661 d: 1703 +James STUART[101]  

.............. *2nd Husband of Catherine TOLLEMACHE:  +John GORDON[102]  

......... 3  Margaret MURRAY[103]  +William MAYNARD[104]  

......... 3  Catherine MURRAY[105] d: 10 Feb 1669/70

......... 3  Anne MURRAY[106] d: Apr 1679

Updated & hyperlinked Version of tree - 2015:

Descendants of Elizabeth Tollemache aka Countess Dysart


I have highlighted beneath the one link in the family tree that I cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. It is based on research done in the early 1900s by William Ball WRIGHT in a tree that he prepared for Amelia Lydia DARE.

    2 William TOLLEMACHE b: 1662 c: Feb 1662 d: 25 May 1691

      + Elizabeth BLOOMFIELD

        3 Nicholas TOLLEMACHE b: Abt 1687

It is the version of the family tree which was supported by Amy Oliver LLOYD, a daughter of Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915) and Amelia Lydia DARE. The version above shows William TOLLEMACHE having a secret marriage with an Elizabeth BACON, daughter of Nicholas BACON, not with Elizabeth BLOOMFIELD, a farmer's daughter.


1 Elizabeth MURRAY aka Countess Dysart  b: 1626 d: 4 Jun 1698

  + Lionel TOLLEMACHE b: Abt Apr 1624 d: Mar 1669

    2 Catherine TOLLEMACHE d: Sep 1658

    2 Lionel TOLLEMACHE b: 30 Jan 1649 d: 23 Feb 1727

      + Grace WILBRAHAM b: Abt 1656 d: 26 Apr 1740

        3 Lionel TOLLEMACHE b: 6 Jun 1682 d: 26 Jul 1712

          + Henrietta CAVENDISH

            4 Henrietta TOLLEMACHE d: 8 Dec 1772

              + Thomas CLUTTERBUCK

            4 Lionel TOLLEMACHE b: 1 May 1708 d: 1770

              + Grace CARTERET b: 8 Jul 1715

        3 Elizabeth TOLLEMACHE d: 16 Aug 1745

          + Robert Salusbury COTTON b: Bef 1704 d: 27 Aug 1748

        3 Catherine TOLLEMACHE d: 17 Jan 1754

          + John BRYDGES b: 1703 d: 1727

        3 Mary TOLLEMACHE d: 2 Dec 1715

        3 Grace TOLLEMACHE d: 27 May 1719

    2 Thomas TOLLEMACHE b: Abt 1651 d: Abt Jun 1694

    2 Elizabeth TOLLEMACHE b: 10 Jul 1659 d: 9 May 1735

      + Archibald CAMPBELL

    2 Catherine TOLLEMACHE b: 1661 d: 1703

      + James STUART

      + John GORDON

    2 William TOLLEMACHE b: 1662 c: Feb 1662 d: 25 May 1691

      + Elizabeth BLOOMFIELD

        3 Nicholas TOLLEMACHE b: Abt 1687

          + Mary RALPH

            4 Elizabeth TOLLEMACHE b: 1708

            4 John TOLLEMACHE b: 1710 d: 19 May 1777

              + Mary PISSOT b: 1722 d: Apr 1777

                5 William TOLLEMACHE

                    6 Mary TOLLEMACHE

                5 Elizabeth TOLLEMACHE b: 1756 d: 16 May 1812

                  + William Joseph PARKE b: 27 Nov 1742 d: 3 Sep 1821

                    6 Margarett PARKE b: Abt 1774

                    6 Samuel Fenning PARKE b: Abt 1776

                    6 Elizabeth Tollemarsh PARKE b: Abt Dec 1777

                      + John Simmonds PILCHER b: Abt 1774

                    6 Joseph PARKE b: Abt Oct 1780

                      +  UNNAMED

                        7 Unnamed PARKE

                          + Unnamed KING

                            8 Matilda KING

                            8 Edward KING d: Abt 1880

                    6 Anna Maria PARKE b: 18 Apr 1788 d: 18 May 1843

                      + William KIDSON b: 11 Dec 1784 d: 27 May 1869

                    6 William Tollemache PARKE b: 1790 d: 1 Feb 1851

                      + Elizabeth BUSHE b: 11 Dec 1790 d: 15 Dec 1880

                        7 Lydia Hurst PARKE d: 21 Mar 1886

                          + John Philipson STOWE b: 23 Sep 1830 d: 1920

                            8 George STOWE b: 14 Aug 1859

                              + Alexandria Sinclair FANNER

                            8 John STOWE b: Abt 1860

                              + Margaret MANN

                                9 William Philipson STOWE b: 2 Feb 1895

                                9 Lydia Philipson STOWE b: 2 Feb 1895 d: 15 Jan 1896

                                9 Jessie STOWE

                        7 Joseph PARKE

                        7 Elizabeth Talmache PARKE b: 1813

                          + John TYARS

                        7 Anne Buncher PARKE b: Bef 1818

                          + Henry WILSON

                        7 Sarah Shrieve PARKE b: 19 Jan 1818 d: 10 Sep 1879

                          + George Julius DARE b: Mar 1807 c: 11 Jan 1846 d: 27 Sep 1856

                            8 George Mildmay DARE b: 18 Mar 1840 c: 10 Jun 1840 d: 15 Dec 1907

                              + Annie Dorothea Caroline EARNSHAW b: 23 Jan 1857 d: 28 Jan 1927

                            8 John Julius DARE b: 19 Sep 1841 d: 5 Sep 1879

                            8 Blanche Emily DARE b: 24 Sep 1843 d: 18 Mar 1920

                              + William Ramsay SCOTT b: Abt 1838 d: 25 Apr 1908

                                9 Emily Louisa SCOTT b: 19 Jul 1864 d: 14 May 1940

                                9 Blanche Sarah Waller SCOTT b: Abt 1866

                                  + Edward Clarabutt SKINNER b: Abt 1869 d: Abt 1921

                                    10 Barbara Clarributt SKINNER b: 25 Apr 1900 d: Abt 1992

                                      + Alan C.F. BRUCE

                                9 William Aka Bertie Robert SCOTT b: Abt 1867 d: Aft 1908

                                  + Edith HUMPHRIS b: Abt 1869

                                    10 Evelyn Humphris SCOTT b: Abt 1898

                                    10 Ramsay Dare SCOTT b: 21 Mar 1901 d: Abt 1992

                                    10 John Garrett SCOTT b: Abt 1904

                                    10 Robert Maxwell SCOTT b: Abt 1907

                                9 Percival Ramsay SCOTT b: 6 Aug 1871

                                  + Emma Mary LUCAS b: Abt 1885

                                  + Lillian HARRINGTON b: Abt 1880

                                9 Walter Dare SCOTT b: 1872 d: 16 Nov 1935

                                  + Annie KRAUSE d: Abt 1943

                                    10 Hilma SCOTT d: Abt 1943

                                9 Lilian Catherine SCOTT b: Abt 1875

                                  + Sydney Thomas SPAULDING

                                9 Cecil Julius SCOTT b: Abt 1877 d: 4 May 1961

                                  + Mary Cicely MAY b: 5 Jul 1881 d: 14 Jan 1966

                                    10 Cicely Margaret SCOTT b: 1912

                                      +  DUNCAN

                                    10 Hilary Blanche SCOTT b: 1914

                                      + George Vere Francis LACON b: 1909 d: 1980

                                      + J. D. TURNER

                                    10 Living SCOTT

                                9 Hilda Florence SCOTT b: Abt 1879

                                  + Unnamed WEST

                                9 Mary Evelyn SCOTT b: Abt 1880 d: 1 Dec 1952

                            8 Louisa Caroline DARE b: Abt 1845 c: 13 Nov 1845 d: 1 Jul 1870

                              + Charles James BOLTON b: 1829 c: 27 Jun 1829 d: 26 Sep 1917

                                9 Mary Louisa BOLTON b: 27 Aug 1865 c: 4 Oct 1865 d: 11th March 1866

                                9 Charles George BOLTON b: 14 Nov 1866 c: 25 Dec 1866 d: 28 Oct 1900

                                9 Violet BOLTON b: 7 Jan 1869 c: 12 Feb 1869 d: Bet May and Jun 1870

                            8 Sarah Elizabeth DARE b: 17 Apr 1847

                              + John Catto ABELL b: Abt 1841 d: 1903

                                9 John Julius Dare ABELL b: 4 Feb 1880

                                  + Vesta ATKINSON b: 17 Jun 1880

                                    10 John Dare ABELL b: 8 Jun 1921 d: 20 Jun 2008

                                9 Blanche Mary ABELL b: Abt 1885

                            8 Anna Maria DARE b: 2 Jul 1849 d: 14 Jun 1931

                              + Whitworth ALLEN b: 5 Nov 1835 d: 14 Oct 1899

                                9 George Edward ALLEN b: 5 Feb 1871 d: 1967

                                  + Mary Alice HARTIGAN b: 29 Dec 1881 d: 1962

                                9 Winifred Maud ALLEN b: 10 Nov 1872 d: 1961

                                  + Joseph Collinson NICHOLSON b: 1856 d: 9 Feb 1925

                                    10 Whitworth B. NICHOLSON b: Abt 1897

                                    10 Field NICHOLSON b: Abt 1900

                                    10 Winnifred Mary NICHOLSON b: Abt 1901 d: Aft 1992

                                      +  CAMPBELL

                                    10 Dorothy Patricia NICHOLSON b: 1902

                                    10 Mildred Joyce NICHOLSON b: Abt 1908

                                    10 Knowler NICHOLSON

                                9 Alfred Whitworth ALLEN b: 27 Aug 1875 c: 17 Oct 1875 d: 18 Nov 1961

                                  + Bee LUCAS

                                    10 Donald Whitworth ALLEN b: 17 Jan 1910 d: 1970

                                      + Living ARCHER

                                    10 Living ALLEN

                                9 Mabel Annie ALLEN b: Abt 1875 d: 16 Jan 1949

                                9 Mayard ALLEN

                                9 Florence Knowler ALLEN b: Abt 1879 d: 1950

                                9 Marjorie Isobel ALLEN b: 1886 d: 1964

                                  + Alexander Moir JAMIESON b: 1885 d: 11 Dec 1934

                                    10 Living JAMIESON

                                      + Sheila CLEMENT b: 1921 d: 2009

                                    10 Alan Moir Dare JAMIESON b: 1917 d: 1975

                            8 Amelia Lydia DARE b: 2 Feb 1851 d: 10 Apr 1944

                              + Thomas JACKSON b: 4 Jun 1841 d: 21 Dec 1915

                                9 Kathleen McCullagh JACKSON b: 7 Jul 1872 d: 2 Jun 1959

                                  + Albert Maitland TABOR b: 16 May 1872 d: 12 Nov 1941

                                9 Amy Oliver JACKSON b: 27 May 1874 d: 1962

                                  + John Henry LLOYD b: 1872 d: 5 Nov 1941

                                    10 John Godfrey LLOYD b: 1901 d: 14 Mar 1962

                                      + Dorothy Ellen ROBERTSON

                                    10 Mary Constance LLOYD b: 8 Aug 1902 d: 1 Apr 1984

                                      + John Vaughan ROBERTS b: 4 Jul 1900 d: 1968

                                      + Anton P. FISCHER d: 29 Sep 1965

                                    10 Richard Henry LLOYD b: 28 Jun 1916 d: 19 Sep 1982

                                9 Edith Bradford JACKSON b: 27 May 1874 d: 7 Sep 1874

                                9 Thomas Dare JACKSON b: 14 Jun 1876 d: 2 Feb 1954

                                  + Mary Lilian Vera Massy LLOYD b: 7 May 1891 d: 1 Apr 1975

                                    10 Thomas Rickard Eyre JACKSON b: 3 Feb 1921 d: 10 Feb 1944

                                    10 Julius Lloyd JACKSON b: 6 Feb 1922 d: 31 Jul 1943

                                    10 Nancy Amelia JACKSON b: 24 Sep 1924 d: 27 Nov 2000

                                      + Michael John BOWMAN-VAUGHAN b: 18 Jun 1926 d: 2013

                                9 Beatrice Minnie Shrieve JACKSON b: 19 Dec 1879 d: 19 May 1972

                                  + Raymond John MARKER b: 18 Apr 1867 d: 13 Nov 1914

                                    10 Richard Raymond Kitchener MARKER b: 18 Jun 1908 d: 25 Oct 1961

                                      + Rosemary Grace FAITHOLME b: 15 Jul 1904 d: 1993

                                9 George Julius JACKSON b: 4 Jun 1883 d: 21 Feb 1956

                                  + Nesta Katherine BARCLAY b: 22 Nov 1886

                                    10 Dawn Nesta JACKSON b: 25 Nov 1909 d: Dec 2005

                                    10 Joyce Katherine JACKSON b: 25 Dec 1910

                                      + John Ralph WALKER

                                    10 Meryl Julian JACKSON b: 25 Dec 1910 d: 10 Jan 1998

                                      + Herbert Sharpe CURRIE b: 17 Nov 1906 d: 10 Sep 1964

                                    10 Daphne Myddletone JACKSON b: 8 Sep 1914 d: Sep 2002

                                      + Malcolm Comrie GRAY b: 23 Aug 1917 d: May 2004

                                      + Frederick Undecimus HOLLINS b: 11 May 1911 d: 4 May 1942

                                    10 David Thomas Trelawny JACKSON b: 9 Aug 1917 d: 7 Dec 1943

                                9 Dorothy St. Felix JACKSON b: 26 Jul 1887 d: 17 Jan 1964

                                9 Walter David Russell JACKSON b: 8 Mar 1890 d: 15 Dec 1956

                                  + Kathleen HUNTER b: Apr 1895 c: 25 Jun 1895 d: 6 Jul 1975

                                    10 Leonard JACKSON b: 1916 d: 1916

                                    10 Living JACKSON

                                      + Living RICHARDSON

                                      + Living EDWARDS

                                9 Claude Stewart JACKSON b: 30 Jan 1892 d: 9 Oct 1917

                                  + Laura Emily PEARSON b: Abt 1895

                            8 Alfred Henry DARE b: 26 May 1853 d: 23 May 1924

                              + Lena Mary FIELDEN d: 1906

                                9 Alfred Julius DARE b: 1886 d: Abt 1970

                                  + Viola Netta BARCLAY b: 1886 d: 1963

                                    10 Henry William Julius DARE b: 1914 d: 3 Aug 1943

                                      + Living WALCOT

                                    10 Kenneth Barclay DARE b: 1915 d: 1915

                                    10 Damaris Primrose Lena DARE b: 1918 d: 2008

                                      + Fulwar Rupert Craven FOWLE b: 1912

                                    10 John Owen DARE b: 13 Dec 1919 d: 1997

                                      + Living COOMBES

                                  + Alison WHEELER

                                9 Norman Fielden DARE b: 19 Mar 1888

                                  + Evelyn F. GOODWYN

                                    10 Living DARE

                                      + Living WALLACH

                                    10 Living DARE

                                    10 Living DARE

                                      + Ivor WEISS b: 17 Feb 1919 d: Abt 1986

                                9 Harold DARE b: 30 Jan 1890 d: Abt Feb 1973

                                  + Sybil Rowena MORRIS

                                    10 Naomi DARE

                                    10 George Harold Armine DARE b: 5 Nov 1918 d: 2010

                                  + Laura Willard PRICE b: 13 Nov 1900 d: Oct 1953

                                    10 Living DARE

                                    10 Living DARE

                                    10 Living DARE

                                      + Alva SWABY d: Bef 2010

                                    10 Living DARE

                                9 Marjorie Fielden DARE b: Abt 1900

                                  + Frederick LOFTUS-TOTTENHAM

                                    10 John LOFTUS-TOTTENHAM d: 1944

                                    10 Michael LOFTUS-TOTTENHAM d: 1993

                                    10 Ralph LOFTUS-TOTTENHAM d: 1945

                            8 Florence Gertrude DARE b: 9 Jan 1855 d: 28 Jun 1938

                              + William McKnight HARTIGAN b: Abt 1852 d: 11 Sep 1936

                                9 Mary Alice HARTIGAN b: 29 Dec 1881 d: 1962

                                  + George Edward ALLEN b: 5 Feb 1871 d: 1967

                                9 Dermot Mcknight HARTIGAN b: 16 Oct 1886 d: 1976

                        7 Mary Bush PARKE b: 31 May 1822

                          + James SEDGWICK b: 13 May 1811 d: 3 Oct 1872

                            8 James Thomas SEDGWICK b: 1840 d: 1907

                              + E. NITCHEN

                            8 Lydia Mary SEDGWICK b: 1843 d: 1920

                              + A. SPILHAUS

                            8 Edward William SEDGWICK b: 1845 d: 1918

                              + Amelia GREY

                            8 Charles Frederick SEDGWICK b: 1847 d: 1907

                              + Mary GREY

                            8 Alfred Montague Tollemache SEDGWICK b: 1849 d: 1936

                              + E. THOMAS

                            8 Amy Alice SEDGWICK b: 1863 d: 1929

                              + R. MULLER

                            8 Annie Elizabeth SEDGWICK b: 1865 d: 1893

                              + R ELLIS

                        7 Eliza Lake (Legge) PARKE b: Abt 1824 d: Aft 1909

                          + William Walker BALL b: 1810 d: 30 Dec 1877

                            8 Emily Lydia BALL d: 14 Dec 1941

                              + Charles Francis Henry SPENCER

                                9 Francis Elmhirst SPENCER b: 25 Jul 1881

                            8 Lydia Hurst BALL

                            8 Joseph BALL

                            8 Jessie BALL

                            8 Anne Elizabeth BALL b: 27 Jul 1846 d: 13 May 1922

                              + Alexander Russell ATKINSON d: 25 Sep 1866

                              + Archibald Ernest ARBUTHNOT b: 5 Jan 1841 d: 11 May 1923

                                9 Edith Gertrude ARBUTHNOT b: 17 Sep 1873 d: 18 Nov 1964

                                  + Basil STEPHENSON b: Abt 1875 d: 18 Mar 1950

                                9 Archibald Hugh ARBUTHNOT b: 7 Dec 1875 d: 1 Jan 1957

                                  + Gertrude Alice GREEN d: 11 Nov 1918

                                    10 Archibald Hugh Gough ARBUTHNOT b: Abt 1901

                                      + Molly Irene Frances WEEKS b: 1908 d: 2 Jan 1959

                                  + Marjorie BEECH b: 3 Oct 1891 d: 13 Sep 1975

                                9 Ernest Kennaway ARBUTHNOT b: 3 Sep 1876 d: 11 Sep 1917

                                  + Edith Elizabeth GREENE b: Abt 1879

                                9 William Patrick ARBUTHNOT b: 28 Apr 1878 d: 12 Aug 1949

            4 Mary TOLLEMACHE b: 1713



[2] Margaret MURRAY  

[3] William MURRAY . 

Charles's whipping boy was his close friend William Murray, so recorded in 1715 by Gilbert Burnet in History of his own time:

  • William Murray was the “whipping boy” of King Charles I.  SOURCE: recorded in 1715 by Gilbert Burnet in History of his own time: "William Murray of the bed-chamber, that had been whipping boy to King Charles the first”. NOTE: This custom seems strange to our modern ears, but the whipping boy was usually a close friend of a prince, hence perfect for the post. The idea being that the prince would do less wrong if the person he cared about were to be the one receiving punishment. The custom came about by a confluence of thoughts about the divine right of kings, with the Old Testament concept of a scapegoat.

·        Perhaps the beatings paid off. After all, in 1626, William MURRAY moved into the palatial Ham House, and then King Charles created the title of Earl of Dysart (pronounced "Die-z't") for him. Before then, he had represented Fowey and East Looe in the English House of Commons. William was made Lord Huntingtower at the same time, also in the Peerage of Scotland. He was succeeded by his daughter, Elizabeth, the second Countess. In 1670 she resigned the peerage and received a new grant thereof by patent with precedency of her father, and with remainder to her heirs of the body, failing which to her heirs whatsoever., SOURCE:  Wiki, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earl_of_Dysart  

·        The family name associated with the Title Earl of Dysart  began with Murray later Tollemache later Talmash later Tollemache later Lindsay-Tollemache-Scott later Greaves  Arms: Azure an Imperial Crown proper between three Mullets Argent within a Double Tressure flory counterflory Or.  Supporters: On either side a Lion Gules gorged with a Collar Azure charged with three Mullets Argent.   http://www.cracroftspeerage.co.uk/online/content/Dysart1643.htm       .,

·        There are many more documents at the National Archives: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/a2a/records.aspx?cat=176-tollemache&cid=0#0   
DESCRIPTION: Manors of Ham and Petersham: these manors were demised by the Crown to William Murray, only son of William Murray, minister of Dysart, Fife. William (the son) was introduced to court by his uncle Thomas, tutor to Charles I while Prince of Wales and afterwards his secretary. Shortly after Charles I's accession William Murray was appointed one of the Gentlemen of the Bedchamber (Manning & Bray, History of Surrey 1804, vol 1, p304). The grant of the manors of Ham and Petersham in 1636/7 was a further mark of royal favour which culminated in 1643 in the creation of the Earldom of Dysart and Barony of Huntingtower in Scotland. Since, however, the warrant was not passed under the Great Seal during Charles' lifetime, the title was never used officially by William Murray.  He was succeeded c.1654 by his elder daughter Elizabeth who had married c.1647 Sir Lionel Tollemache, 3rd bart, of Helmingham, Suffolk. Sir Lionel died 1668/9 and his wife, Countess of Dysart in her own right, in 1698, when she was succeeded by their eldest son Lionel, 4th bart and 3rd Earl (The Complete Peerage). Thence the earldom of Dysart and the lordship of the manors of Ham and Petersham descended together in the Tollemache family until the twentieth century.) died 1655.

·        http://www.cracroftspeerage.co.uk/online/content/Dysart1643.htm    This site records his death being before 22 May 1651.).  He married CATHERINE BRUCE Bef. 1636,

[4] Catherine BRUCE Source: http://www.thepeerage.com/p1880.htm#i18799 .) daughter of COL. NORMAN BRUCE.  She died Aft. 22 May 1651

[5] Elizabeth MURRAY

·        Lady Dysart married John Maitland, firstly. And Sir Lionel TOLLEMACHE secondly. She died 04 Jun 1698. SOURCE: Wiki, and http://www.cracroftspeerage.co.uk/online/content/Dysart1643.htm   

·        Helmingham and the Tollemache family have been together for many hundreds of years. The Hall and the old oak trees that you see today have seen much of the history of England pass before them, and many generations of this family. The Tollemache family has lived in Suffolk from shortly after the Norman Conquest to the present day. Their home for the first 400 years was at Bentley, near lpswich, and although there was a proud boast, Before the Normans into England came, Bentley was my seat and Tollemache my name, it seems now certain that the family came over from Avranches on the Normandy coast. Their name was spelt Talemache, meaning 'purse bearer', and it is recorded that Hugh Tollemache was Purse Bearer to Henry 1.  They remained at Bentley as squires and knights throughout the turbulent years of those early centuries, fighting for both Henry II against the Welsh and Edward I against the Scots and quite often against their neighbours to retain their lands, Two Tollemache knights from Bentley fought at the Battle of Crécy against the French in 1346.  However, in 1487, John Tollemache married Elizabeth Joyce, the heiress of Helmingham, and his son Lionel also married a Joyce. further cementing the union, and so they moved to Helmingham where the Joyce family home of Creke Hall stood. John Tollemache and his wife proceeded to pull this down and build Helmingham, completed in 1510, as it stands today. surrounded by its deep moat, serene gardens and deer park.  It must have been some years after my family moved to Helmingham that they started work on the gardens, but old maps and drawings show that the original shape of the main walled garden predates the house by many years; it was most probably of Saxon origin and constructed to protect stock from marauders. There was a wooden palisade to protect the garden from the deer until the present garden wall was built in 1745.
SOURCE: (http://www.helmingham.com/introduction.htm 

[6] John MAITLAND  1st Duke of Lauderdale. SOURCE: http://www.cracroftspeerage.co.uk/online/content/Dysart1643.htm   

[7] Lionel TOLLEMACHE Baptism: 25 Apr 1624; Burial: 25 Mar 1669

·         The Lionel TOLLEMACHE who married into this line in the third generation goes back to Henry CROMWELL (1538-1592) and his father Gregory CROMWELL, who married Elizabeth SEYMOUR, sister to Jane SEYMOUR, wife of Henry VIII. It is all entered in my Rootsweb Tree Also SEE: http://www.tudorplace.com.ar/CROMWELL.htm#Gregory%20CROMWELL%20%282%C2%B0%20B.%20Cromwell%29

·        Buried at Helmington, Suffolk, England http://www.geni.com/people/Sir-Lionel-TOLLEMACHE-2nd-Baron-Tollemache/6000000007023680325

·        Lionel Tollemache, 3rd Earl of Dysart succeeded to the title of 4th Baronet Tollemache in 1669. He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) (Tory) for Suffolk between 1698 and 1707.2 He succeeded to the title of 3rd Earl of Dysart, co. Fife [S., 1643] on 4 June 1698.He succeeded to the title of 3rd Lord Huntingtower, co. Perth [S., 1643] on 4 June 1698. In 1702 he declined an English barony when Queen Anne was crowned., www.thepeerage.com

·        Lionel Tollemache, 3rd Earl of Dysart (30 January 1649 – 23 February 1727 n.s.), styled Lord Huntingtower from 1651 to 1698, was a British Tory Member of Parliament and nobleman.    Dysart was the son of Sir Lionel Tollemache, 3rd Baronet, and Elizabeth, 2nd Countess of Dysart. Educated at Queens' College, Cambridge, Lionel succeeded to his father's baronetcy in 1669. The encumbrance of his paternal estate by debt bred in him a habit of frugality which was not shed in later years. In 1673, he contested Suffolk as a Tory; defeated by Sir Samuel Barnardiston, 1st Baronet, he had the return falsified by the sheriff, Sir William Soame, and took his seat in Parliament. An election committee declared Barnardiston elected, and he obtained 1,000 pounds damages from Huntingtower in a suit before the King's Bench, but the verdict was overturned by the Court of Exchequer Chamber. Huntingtower was made a freeman of Eye in 1675. He briefly served as Member of Parliament for Orford in 1679 as a member of the Habeas Corpus Parliament. In 1685, he was again returned for that borough and made portman of Orford, an office he held until about 1709. On 30 September 1680, he married Grace Wilbraham, the daughter and coheir of Sir Thomas Wilbraham, 3rd Baronet. They had five children.

·       Huntingtower went out of Parliament again upon the fall of James II. However, he was returned for Suffolk in 1698, and generally supported Tory principles. In that year, he succeeded his mother to become Earl of Dysart. In 1702, he was appointed Vice-Admiral of Suffolk and became (until 1716) a freeman of Dunwich, and in 1703, he was appointed Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk. He was also named High Steward of Ipswich that year, an office he held until his death. As Lord Lieutenant, he purged moderate Churchmen from lieutenancy offices. He was Mayor of Orford during the summer of 1704. His support for the "Tack" of the Occasional Conformity Bill led to his removal from his county offices in 1705. Campaigning on the basis of his support for the Tack, he was returned for Suffolk again in 1705. As a Scottish peer, he was forced to leave the House of Commons by the Acts of Union 1707. He was offered a barony in the Peerage of Great Britain by Queen Anne upon her accession, but declined.[ Predeceased by his only son in 1712, Dysart remained a Tory, and was considered a possible Jacobite, until his death in 1727. He was succeeded by his grandson Lionel Tollemache, 4th Earl of Dysart.) He married GRACE WILBRAHAM 30 Sep 1680 SOURCE: Wiki, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lionel_Tollemache,_3rd_Earl_of_Dysart .

[8] Lionel TOLLEMACHE b. 30 Jan 1647/48; d. 23 Feb 1726/27


[10] Lionel TOLLEMACHE http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lionel_Tollemache,_3rd_Earl_of_Dysart

[11] Henrietta CAVENDISH  Illigimate daughter of William Cavendish, 2nd Eart of Devonshire.) 06 Dec 1706,.  http://www.cracroftspeerage.co.uk/online/content/Dysart1643.htm

[12] Lionel TOLLEMACHE

·        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lionel_Tollemache,_4th_Earl_of_Dysart   [NOTE: This page was tagged as having several issues of quality of content.]  Lionel Tollemache, 4th Earl of Dysart KT (1 May 1708–1770), styled Lord Huntingtower from 1712 to 1727, was a Scottish nobleman.    In 1729, he was elected High Steward of Ipswich.    He married Lady Grace Carteret, eldest daughter of John Carteret, 1st Earl Granville, by whom he had sixteen children. NOTE: I have not included the children here.

[14] Thomas CLUTTERBUCK A Lord of the Admiralty and Treasurer of the Navy. http://www.cracroftspeerage.co.uk/online/content/Dysart1643.htm

[15] Elizabeth TOLLEMACHE

·        www.thepeerage.com ., d. 16 Aug 1745

·        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lionel_Tollemache,_3rd_Earl_of_Dysart. ),; m. SIR ROBERT SALUSBURY COTTON

[16] Robert Salusbury COTTON He was one of the founders of the Tarporley Hunt Club in 1762..



[21] Thomas TOLLEMACHE b. Abt. 1651; d. Abt. Jun 1694, Plymouth, England Burial: St Mary's, Helmingham, Suffolk

·        He died circa June 1694, from a wound received in action. He was buried on 30 June 1694. www.thepeerage.com,

·        Lt.-Gen. Thomas Tollemache gained the rank of Lieutenant-General in the service of the Williamite forces in Ireland. He fought in the Expedition against Brest in 1694, as Commander-in-Chief.

·        Lt Gen Hon Thomas Tollemache, Governor of Portsmouth 1688 and of the Isle of Wight 1693, Member of Parliament for Malmesbury 1689 and for Chippenham 1691 (b. c. 1651; bur. vp. 30 Jun 1694)  http://www.cracroftspeerage.co.uk/online/content/Dysart1643.htm

·        http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Attack_on_Brest    There is also a picture of him on this site http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Tollemache   

[22] William TOLLEMACHE

·        NOTE: Much of material here comes from the notebooks of Amy LLOYD nee JACKSON. The family story is that there was a secret marriage, although official records claim that William died unmarried. There is one version alleging marriage to Elizabeth BACON and another version alleging marriage to Elizabeth BLOMFIELD. Are they the same woman with a fake name to hide true identity? I find all the correspondence confusing.

·        He was born in Cottingham, and died 25 May 1691 in West Indies unmarried. Captain William Tollemache gained the rank of Captain in the service of the Royal Navy. He killed Hon. William Carnegie in 1681 at Paris, France, in a duel..  www.thepeerage.com ,

·        http://www.cracroftspeerage.co.uk/online/content/Dysart1643.htm   Died in command of HMS Jersey.

·         He married ELIZABETH BACON daughter of SIR NICHOLAS BACON

·         I quite believe William married his cousin Elizabeth secretly, daughter of Sir Nicholas Bacon, and had a son Nicholas, who married a Mary someone, and had, with other children John, who was father of the Elizabeth Talmarsh, who was our great-grandmother. It is this Nicholas that was that we are trying to find. I got the register of John and his sister Mary latterly 1710 and 1713 children of Nicholas T. and Mary his wife.) 1686 SOURCE: Amy Lloyd's Family History, "Extract of a letter from Aunt Eliza Ball née Park to her daughter Lizzie Arbuthnot at the age of 85. Erin Cottage February 17, 1909 Wynberg."),

  • CAPTAIN TOLLEMACHE was born 1663 the youngest son of the Duchess of Lauderdale by her first husband. Sir Lionel Tollemache of Helmington, Suffolk. When in Paris in 1681 he had a duel with the Hon. William Carnegie and wounded him mortally with his sword. Arrested by the French authorities, he was tried at the Castalet leger and only escaped by a fine of £2,000 paid by his mother. He was outlawed and seems to have made his way  to Genoa, and after a couple of years joined the Fleet at Tangiers, which had gone to take away the Garrison and hand the place over to the Sultan. His outlawry having been  reversed, he was pardoned by the House of Lords and came home.

On January 4th 1685 he deposed (c.f. Colonial s.p. vol. IV 33.1.11) before Governor William Stapleton, that a month past he went with others from Barbados on private enterprise in trade, and in sight of "Saltertudas" (a French sloop) ordered them to strike and plundered the vessel - after a few days discharged.

On August 20th 1685 Stede the Deputy Governor of Barbados wrote:

"Mr. W. Tollemache, son of the Duchess of Lauderdale, who killed the purser of H..1.S. Diamond, is here on bail and begs to be brought to trial as soon as possible. I therefore granted. a special commission and summoned two juries. With due respect to his quality and to the justice of the cause. He was found guilty of manslaughter only. He was allowed benefit of clergy and he chose to be burnt in the hand to save him from being appealed. to England."

Colonial State Papers, letters to Lords of Trade and Plantations.

The King granted him a commission as Lieutenant of the "Woolwich" on October 5th 1688. He became Captain of the "Lark" the following December, and of the "Berkeley Castle" in 1689. As Captain of H.M.S. Jersey -8 guns - he went to the  West Indies in November 1690. On May 16th 1691 he accompanied the expedition under Admiral Laurence Wright against Guadaloupe. He seems to have been attacked by yellow fever on the way back, and died on May 25th at the age of 28 either at sea or at Antigua. The arrears of pay  were paid to Mr. Cox by letter of the Duchess of Lauderdale 1693. SOURCE: Amy Oliver LLOYD.

[23] Elizabeth BACON  NOTE: Her presence as a wife is the received wisdom in the family, contained in notes by Amy Oliver LLOYD. She was a daughter of Nicholas BACON.

[24] Nicholas TOLLEMACHE NOTE: The source used here is the notebook of Amy Oliver LLOYD, which she in turn received from Anne Elizabeth “Lizzie” ARBUTHNOT nee BALL.

[25] Mary RALPH  NOTE: The source used here is the notebook of Amy Oliver LLOYD, which she in turn received from Anne Elizabeth “Lizzie” ARBUTHNOT nee BALL.

[26] Elizabeth TOLLEMACHE NOTE: The source used here is the notebook of Amy Oliver LLOYD, which she in turn received from Anne Elizabeth “Lizzie” ARBUTHNOT nee BALL.

[27] John TOLLEMACHE NOTE: The source used here is the notebook of Amy Oliver LLOYD, which she in turn received from Anne Elizabeth “Lizzie” ARBUTHNOT nee BALL.

·        From Amy Lloyd's Family History, Baptised at Therestead. and died 19 May 1777 in "New Place", Ipswitch, England

·         email from Heather MacAlister July 24, 2004.,

·        Amy Lloyd's Family History, "Extract of a letter from Aunt Eliza Ball née Park to her daughter Lizzie Arbuthnot at the age of 85. Erin Cottage February 17, 1909 Wynberg."  Buried at Stoke.).  He married Mary UNNAMED

[28] William TOLLEMACHE Source: Amy Lloyd's Family History, "Extract of a letter from Aunt Eliza Ball née Park to her daughter Lizzie Arbuthnot at the age of 85. Erin Cottage February 17, 1909 Wynberg.".

[29] Mary TOLLEMACHE Source: Amy Lloyd's Family History, "Extract of a letter from Aunt Eliza Ball née Park to her daughter Lizzie Arbuthnot at the age of 85. Erin Cottage February 17, 1909 Wynberg.".

[30] Elizabeth TOLLEMACHE  She was also referred to as Great Grandmother of A.L. Jackson .Source: Amy Lloyd's Family History, "Extract of a letter from Aunt Eliza Ball née Park to her daughter Lizzie Arbuthnot at the age of 85. Erin Cottage February 17, 1909 Wynberg.".

[31] William Joseph PARKE son of JOSEPH PARKE and MARGARET FENNING.  He was born Abt. 27 Nov 1742 in Stoke by Nayland.

·        Source: email from Heather MacAlister July 24, 2004

·        Source: Edward Walthew email Oct 4 2007, IGI Source

  • The father (or grandfather) of SARAH PARKE - GEORGE DARE had obtained all proofs of the legitimacy of the secret marriage, and all other descendants, and was on his way to London to put it in the hands of a lawyer with every chance of being given his lawful inheritance of both property and money. When on the way back by coach, he and his wife were  taken ill with smallpox at Saffron Walden, and both died. The Landlord of the inn, fearing infection, had all their luggage burnt, and with it all the irreplaceable legal documents.
    His son was so disgusted that he would no longer remain in England and went to South Africa and settled on a farm with his wife, nee Bush. But he had to leave as  Kaffirs rose and killed everyone and destroyed the whole place. In escaping he was thrown out of a cart and badly injured from which he never properly recovered.
    SOURCE: Amy Oliver LLOYD 1951 version.

[32] Margarett PARKE

[33] Samuel Fenning PARKE

[34] Elizabeth Tollemarsh PARKE The court case against her bigamous husband can be seen at http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/html_units/1810s/t18120408-76.html

[35] John Simmonds PILCHER He was still married to Sarah Elizabeth LANGHAM at the time that he married Elizabeth Tollemache PARKE. He was convicted of bigamy and transported for seven years. He apparently ran a pub in Stepney SOURCE: 2007 Oct 23 email from Edward WALTHEW. http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/html_units/1810s/t18120408-76.html

[36] Joseph PARKE SOURCE: "Extract of a letter from Aunt Eliza Ball née Park to her daughter Lizzie Arbuthnot at the age of 85. Erin Cottage February 17, 1909 Wynberg." His child’s and grandchildren’s information came from members of the King family, as recorded by Amy Olive LLOYD. She married UNNAMED KING (Source: Amy Lloyd's Family History, "Extract of a letter from Aunt Eliza Ball née Park to her daughter Lizzie Arbuthnot at the age of 85. Erin Cottage February 17, 1909 Wynberg."  "I fancy the Kings were large builders. The mother was daughter of Grandpa’s brother Joseph Parke of Ipswich, who I hear married a girl with £8000 and was considered a swell relation of our grandparents. Only two of a large family grew up. Mrs. King and a son Edward who was a clergyman the Rector of Blakely near Manchester. He married late in life an Isle of Man lady and died sometime in the 80s. His family were left badly off and went to Canada and have been lost sight of. He firmly believed the family story and called his eldest son Talmash. Miss King said when her grandfather died at Ipswich he came and took away heaps of papers etc.

[37] Unnamed PARKE NOTE: See info under Joseph PARKE.

[38] Unnamed KING  NOTE: See info under Joseph PARKE.

[39] Matilda KING  NOTE: See info under Joseph PARKE.

[40] Edward KING NOTE: See info under Joseph PARKE.

[41] Anna Maria PARKE

·    Oct 23 email from Edward Walthew, Anna Maria PARKE was William Parke’s (b. 1790) sister born at Saffron Walden in 1788. She married William KIDSON of Staindrop, Durham, at St Pauls, Shadwell London about 1807. Then she and their family emigrated to south Africa in 1819 with the WILSON Party, settling at Bathurst in the Cape province. they were later joined by her younger brother William ... One of their daughters has Tollemache" as her second name. There are also a number of other interesting second names given to their children which I suspect is more likely to have come via the PARKE family

[42] William KIDSON See entry under his wife, Anna Maria PARKE.

[43] William Tollemache PARKE

·        Amy Lloyd's Family History, In the Saffron Walden baptisms, he is listed as a carpenter.,

·        2007 Oct 23 email from Edward Walthew, It is interesting that:  Samuel Parke is listed as  a Brandy and wine merchant  William Parke establishes a hotel in Cape Town  William Kidson is listed as a Wine merchant as well as a farmer in the Cape  Elizabeth Parke married John Pilcher who appears to have been running a pub in Stepney.

·         Heather McAllister email: he and his wife became the owners of Parkes Hotel which eventually became the famous Grand Hotel in Cape Town 

·        PARKE   William Parke was the son of Joseph Parke, born 27.11.1742 Stoke by Nayland, and died  3.9.1821 Saffron Walden. Reg. Parish Churches; and of his wife Elizabeth daughter of John  Talmash of New Place (formerly Gyppeswick Hall) Ipswich, who died 19.5.1777 aged 66.   Reg. Parish Church Stoke by Nayland.  

·        William Parke and his wife had, besides Mary Bush who married Captain James Sedgwick, five other daughters: Elizabeth - John Tyars, whose descendants live in the Union.   Anne Buncher - Captain Henry Wilson of the Mercantile Marine.   Sarah Shrive - Captain Dare of the Honbl. East India Company. As far as I know there are no descendants in the Union. Their daughter married Sir Thomas Jackson, Baronet, General Manager of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank.   Eliza Lake - Captain William Walker Ball of the Honbl. East India Company. A pleasant account of her and of Captain Ball may be read in the Memoirs and Reminiscences of Sir John Kotze. Many of their descendants remain in the Union. Two of their daughters married overseas: Anne Elizabeth to Major Archibald Arbuthnot son of Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt., and of his wife Gertrude Sophia daughter of Viscount Gough. And Emily Lydia to Charles Francis Henry Spencer, grandson of Viscount Churchill. Lydia Hurst - John Philipson Stowe (uncle of the first baronet, who also married a Capetonian,  Florence Henchman). They have descendants in the Union. William Parke and Elizabeth also had an only son, Joseph. He ran away, it was surmised  to sea, and was not again heard of.   When William Parke brought his family back to the Cape after the disaster at Grahamstown he had intended to take ship for England, his small capital having been expended. He was, however, persuaded to stay, and in order to make a livelihood he and his wife took in paying guests. This venture developed into their launching forth into the hotel trade, and they opened Parke's Hotel at the corner of Strand Street. This hotel became known in course of time as the Grand Hotel, which still exists.  
An amusing story is told of William Parke, amusing at this long distance of time, but it gives some idea of the terror that prevailed in Grahamstown. His daughters were handsome young women, or rather girls, and it was brought to his ears that the Kaffir Chief then besieging the town had made it known that he would have his choice among them when he got into the town. William Parke ordered his six daughters to accompany him to the powder magazine where he made them kneel down in a row and swear to accompany him there again to be blown up with the magazine should the Kaffirs succeed in entering the town. Fortunately this histrionic effort proved to be unnecessary.
SOURCE: Heather McALLISTER email

·        The DARE family have a slightly different version of the story of the PARKE family under siege than the one from Heather McAllister - but the core of it is the same. The father feared for the safety of his daughters and would rather see them dead than abused at the hands of assailants.  The DARE family version is that a gun was given to the eldest daughter and should they be overrun, that she was to shoot her sisters and then herself rather than be at the (less than mercy) of their assailants. At the time, they were on the other side of the river from the relative safety of the white settlement, possibly outside Elizabethville.  William PARKE was injured while escaping and went down to Capetown and bought property outside Capetown. SOURCE: Pamela DARE 2009 Feb 16

[44] Elizabeth BUSHE "Extract of a letter from Aunt Eliza Ball née Park to her daughter Lizzie Arbuthnot at the age of 85. Erin Cottage February 17, 1909 Wynberg."

[45] Anne Buncher PARKE

[46] Henry WILSON  According to an email from Edward Walthew, the WILSONs and PARKEs both emigrated in 1819. Of the Mercantile Marine

[47] Elizabeth Talmache PARKE

[48] John TYARS

[49] Mary Bush PARKE. She was married the same day as her sister, Sarah Shrieve PARKE.

[50] James SEDGEWICK

·        James began his career as a mid-shipman in the Honourable East India Company and commanded his first ship in 1833. At the time of his marriage he is described as of the ship Addingham and an additional reference to a Captain Sedgwick of the three masted schooner The Osprey may relate to him. His last command was of the Lady Valiant in 1856. The merchant service of the East India Company ceased in 1834 so it must be assumed that James worked in another capacity. He was the author of two books - "Golden Hints to Young Mariners" and "The True Principle of the Law of Storms" both used at 'Greenwich Nautical College'.    He settled in Cape Town and in 1859 he founded James Sedgwick and Company which traded in wines and spirits.    In 1851 Mary and the children are living in Bootle, Lancashire

·        Of Sedgwicks Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchants. One can still today buy Sedgwicks Old Brown Sherry. Captain James Sedgwick, father of Arnold Wilhelm Spilhaus's wife, and founder of the Cape family of Sedgwick, was descended from the Sedgwick's of Dent in the West Riding of Yorkshire, where the family had been identified with the district for several centuries. An account of the family will be found in the Life and Letters of Professor Adam Sedgwick, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge. Professor Adam was also of Dent, and cousin to Captain James. Professor Adam Sedgwick, junior, nephew of Professor Adam, senior, visited the Cape in the last generation, bent upon scientific enquiry. The son of Professor Adam, junior, Mr. Romney Sedgwick, recently held office as Deputy High Commissioner in the Union of South Africa for His Majesty's Government.

·        Captain James was one of a large number of brothers and sisters. Three of his brothers also made some mark. Thomas, in the service of the Honourable East India Company, died in Bombay at the age of 28, "but not before he had earned the thanks of the Honourable Company for his services in promoting the growth of mulberry trees, and thus encouraging the production of silk." Charles went to Boston, U.S.A., where his descendants still live, and became prominent in the journalistic world. William entered the medical profession, and was a medical student at the then new University College Hospital where, by the particular desire of the great surgeon Lister, he was appointed Lister's dresser, and as such assisted him at the first operation in London performed under anaesthetics, December 21st, 1846. As a result of impaired health he made several voyages to the East, via the Cape, as surgeon to the troops. It gave him the opportunity of studying cholera in its worst forms, and when in 1854 London was visited by an epidemic of cholera he gave distinguished service. He made a number of important contributions to the medical literature of his day. After Captain James Sedwick had retired from sea and settled in Cape Town he founded the firm of James Sedgwick and Company, wholesale wine and spirit merchants. He was the author of The True Principle of the Laws of Storms and of Hints to Young Mariners. SOURCE: Heather McALLISTER.

[51] James Thomas SEDGEWICK SOURCE: www.sedgewickuk.org

[52] E. NITCHEN SOURCE: www.sedgewickuk.org  

[53] Lydia Mary SEDGEWICK SOURCE: www.sedgewickuk.org

[54] A. SPILHAUS SOURCE: www.sedgewickuk.org  

[55] Edward William SEDGEWICK SOURCE: www.sedgewickuk.org

[56] Amelia GREY  SOURCE: www.sedgewickuk.org

[57] Charles Frederick SEDGEWICK SOURCE: www.sedgewickuk.org

[58] Alfred Montague Tollemache SEDGEWICK SOURCE: www.sedgewickuk.org

[59] E. THOMAS  SOURCE: www.sedgewickuk.org

[60] Amy Alice SEDGEWICK SOURCE: www.sedgewickuk.org

[61] Annie Elizabeth SEDGEWICK SOURCE: www.sedgewickuk.org

[62] Eliza Lake [or Legge] PARKE. Date of birth imputed from "Extract of a letter from Aunt Eliza Ball née Park to her daughter Lizzie Arbuthnot at the age of 85. Erin Cottage February 17, 1909 Wynberg." On the other hand, another letter has her at age 10 arriving at The Cape in 1832, hence born in 1822.

[63] William Walker BALL  Eliza Lake - Captain William Walker Ball of the Honbl. East India Company. A pleasant account of her and of Captain Ball may be read in the Memoirs and Reminiscences of Sir John Kotze. NOTE: I have not yet been able to get this book.

[64] Anne Elizabeth BALL. She worked on family history and some of her letters were transcribed by Amy Oliver LLOYD. She was known as `Lizzie` Arbuthnot.

[65] Alexander Russell ATKINSON  Surgeon-Major . He died some time before his wife`s marriage to Archibald ARBUTHOT

Alexander Russell Atkinson, M.D., Bengal Army SOURCE: Memories of the Arbuthnots

[66] Archibald Ernest ARBUTHNOT Hayling Island, 8th Madras Light Cavalry, born 5th January, 1841, married (14th November, 1872) Anne Elizabeth, widow of Surgeon-Major Alexander Russell Atkinson, M.D., Bengal Army, and daughter of William Walker Ball of Capetown, SOURCE: Memories of the Arbuthnots

and has issue

[67] Emily Lydia BALL

[68] Lydia Hurst BALL

[69] Joseph BALL

[70] Jessie BALL In a letter from Lizzie Arbuthnot "My sister Jessie is in England ..." NOTE: We know nothing more about her

[71] Lydia Hurst PARKE

[72] John Philipson STOWE son of GEORGE STOWE and SARAH BARTLETT. http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~corpusnobiliorum/philstow.
NOTE: He was the uncle of
Sir Frederick Samuel Phillipson Stowe (1849-1908), the diamond magnate, who gained the title of 1st Baronet Philipson-Stow. SOURCE: http://www.thepeerage.com/p22413.htm#i224123

[74] Alexandria Sinclair FANNER

[75] John STOWE

[76] Margaret MANN  

[77] Sarah Shrieve PARKE

·        Times Death Notice 8 Nov 1879, 1, On the 5th Sept., 1879, at Yokohama, Japan, JOHN JULIUS DARE, second son of the late George Julius Dare, of Singapore, aged 38 years; also, on the 10th Sept., 1879, at the same place, SARAH SHRIEVE, relict of the late GEORGE JULIUS DARE, of Singapore, aged 62 years; both of cholera.,

·        She contracted cholera while nursing her son, John Julius

[78] George Julius DARE

·        Captain George Julius Dare was a well known Singaporean. He had been a navigating officer, in those days called the master in the Navy, and married at the Cape when on the Station. His grandfather, Mr. Julius, then helped him to build a vessel of his own, and he afterwards built others, trading out to China with three different vessels of his own. In this year he was passing through Singapore, on his way from Bombay to China, and left his wife on shore at a boarding house kept by Mrs. Clarke at the south west corner of North Bridge road and Middle Road, where the baby Julius, who has been mentioned, was born. About two months afterwards Mrs. Dare left in the unfortunate Viscount Melbourne for Macao, with the two children, to join her husband there. Captain Dare sold his vessel for a very handsome price, remitting home the money at the exchange of about six shillings to a dollar! In 1845 he went home, and returned and settled down in Singapore in February 1848. These particulars are found in the evidence he gave in favour of Sir James Brooke, on the famous enquiry related under the year 1854. He commenced business in Singapore as a shipchandler and commission agent in the Square. There were then four shipchandlers' firms, namely, W.S. Duncan, John Steel & Co., Whampoa & Co., and Mr. Dare.
…In 1855 Mr. Dare went to England, leaving a man in charge, whose name there is no necessity to mention. He was a very plausible man, with a particularly pleasant manner, but he turned out untrustworthy and ruined the business, as well as his employer. Mr. Dare died in London, 50 years of age in 1856. He had a family of nine children, one of his daughters married Mr. William Ramsay Scott; another Captain C.J. Bolton, very well known and a great favourite in Singapore, who commanded Jardine Matheson & Co.'s crack opium schooner, and when steam came, the Glenartney. He is now living in Essex. Another daughter was married to Mr. Whitworth Allen who was in Singapore and Penang for many years, now retired from business. Another to Mr. Jackson, now Sir Thomas Jackson K.C.M.G., of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank; and another daughter to Dr. William Hartigan of Hongkong.
SOURCE:  An anecdotal History of Old Times in Singapore.

·        George Julius Dare married Sarah Shrieve Parke in 1839. He was in the Royal Navy and when his ship was in Capetown, met Sarah Parke of Newlands, Rondebosch. She and her sister were married on the same day, the sister to Captain Sedgwick of the ship "Addingham". Among the visitors present were Sir Harry and Lady Smith. Soon after his marriage, George Julius left the Navy to command a ship in the fleet of his uncles who were trading in the East. He became a partner and his headquarters were in Singapore. When they had two children, his wife went out to join him in the sailing ship "Viscount Melbourne", she was the only woman on board. A few days out from Singapore the ship was wrecked on the Luconia Shoal in the China Sea. Everyone abandoned ship in rive boats. They were attacked by pirates but managed to get away, and after great hardships in an open boat for thirteen days, were picked up and brought to Singapore. The youngest son, Julius, was thought dead and nearly dropped in the sea but the ship came just in time. Years after in Japan she died nursing him of cholera end both were buried in the Cemetary at Yokahama in 1879. The family returned to England from Singapore when Captain Dare was suffering from severe blood poisoning of the hand. They lived at Upper Clapham till he died. His widow then went back to South Africa with seven of her children, leaving George and Julius the two eldest who were at school, with their Aunt Pell. They afterwards went out to Singapore in business , and later to Japan where their mother and remaining unmarried children joined them. SOURCE: Amy LLoyd's notes:

·        On a scrap of paper at Jack Stooks, it says George Julius Dare went to Canton in 1841 - roughly the time of the Opium Wars and before Hong Kong was leased.

·        Source: Amy Lloyd's Family History, Mother's mother Sarah Park was married on 22 January 1839 - the same day as her sister Mary Bush PARKE - to Lt.George Julius DARE Royal Navy at Rondabosch Church St. Paul's on the same day as he [?] sailed to England from Cape Town in the Addington and sighted an abandoned ship [? ?] Cork Harbour and much salvage money.   After the death of her husband Grandmother returned to the Cape with all her children except the two eldest George & Julius who went to Singapore. From a letter by Eliza Ball née Park. Written by mother's cousin Lizzy Arbuthnot née Park.

[79] George Mildmay DARE

·        NOTE: He may have been born on the boat home to England, although his obit gives a birth place of Peckham and a date of March 22, 1840.

·        He went to Japan in 1864

·        For more detail see on The Silver Bowl: Obituary of George Mildmay Dare

[80] Annie Dorothea Caroline EARNSHAW. She married 2ndly G.P. Owen. See on The Silver BOWL: Death of Mrs. G.P. Owen

[81] John Julius DARE

·        He was a three month old baby when the ship that he and his older brother and mother were travelling on was first wrecked on a coral reef and then overrun by pirates. Initially, it was thought that he had died, but a Dr. Little was able to revive him.

·        Times Death Notice 8 Nov 1879, 1, On the 5th Sept., 1879, at Yokohama, Japan, JOHN JULIUS DARE, second son of the late George Julius Dare, of Singapore, aged 38 years; also, on the 10th Sept., 1879, at the same place, SARAH SHRIEVE, relict of the late GEORGE JULIUS DARE, of Singapore, aged 62 years; both of cholera

[82] Blanche Emily DARE. She and SCOTT had 8 children,

[83] William Ramsay SCOTT

·        He was of Scott & Co. Bankok, also W.R. Scott & Co.. Correspondence in Jardine Mattheson Archives. He was sixth son of the late Robert Scott, Esq., Secretary General, Java.

·        .In 1858 William Ramsay Scott was a clerk in the firm of William Macdonald & Co. and was partner in 1864. 1866 "There was at this time a fresh water swimming bath which Mr. W.R. Scott allowed the use of to certain subscribers, at Abbotsford; it was the only one in the place, but it was very little used SOURCE An Anecdotal History of Old Times in Singapore. p 234, 311, 373, 567, 732

·         See also mention in 1883 June 8 letter on my web site when he announces the birth of George Julius JACKSON.

·        See on The Silver Bowl: obituary of William Ramsay Scott, 1908

[84] Louisa Caroline DARE

[85] Charles James BOLTON

·        Note, It may be that his father was a Capt. Bolton mentioned in connection with shipping 276 convicts on the Norfolk from Cork. Friday Feb 20, 1835 in the Hobart Town Courier.  http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/4181621

·        Captain C.J. Bolton, very well known and a great favourite in Singapore, who commanded Jardine Matheson & Co.'s crack opium schooner, and when steam came, the Glenartney  An Anecdotal History of Old Times in Singapore. p 374 

[86] Sarah Elizabeth DARE

[87] John Catto ABELL

·        A bowl and scroll were presented to him and his wife as  members of the Kobe Regatta and Athletic Club - probably Feb 1895 SOURCE: Email 2010 Jan 30 Primrose Sarah Brailey nee ABELL,

[88] Anna Maria DARE

[89] Whitworth ALLEN

·        Mr. Whitworth Allen was a clerk  (William MacDonald & Co.) from 1859 to 1864, after which he went to Penang.  Source: An Anecdotal History of Old Times in Singapore. p 567

[90] Amelia Lydia DARE. Jackson married her in Yokohama while manager there in 1871.

[91] Thomas JACKSON

·        Sir Thomas Jackson was chief manager of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank and the first elected representative of the Chamber of Commerce in the Legislative Council, Hong Kong. He was knighted 8 July 1899 and created a Baronet 4 August 1902.

·        Leitrim Genealogy Centre, There is a record available of his birth in Leitrim in 1841. I have not paid to see it. (Cost=10 Euros)

·        From his obituary, the following facts:

Educated at Morgans School, Castleknock and by private tuition.

1860 started banking career in Belfast Branch of the Bank of Ireland*.

1864 accepted appointment with Agra Bank

1866 started work at Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank

1871 married Amelia Lydia

1902 Created a baronet

·        The Times Wills - 8 Mar 1916, 11, WILLS AND BEQUESTS.  ESTATE OF SIR THOMAS JACKSON.  SIR THOMAS JACKSON, Bt., of Stanstead House, Stanstead, Essex, chairman and director and late chief manager of the Hong-kong and Shanghai Bank, Gracechurch-street, E.C., chairman of the Imperial Bank of Persia, and a director of the London County and Westminster Bank, the Union Discount Company of London, and the Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation, who died on December 21 last, aged 74, has left unsettled estate of the gross value of £121,715, the net personality amounting to £74,598. He left his property at Creggan, Louth, Ireland, to his son, Major Sir Thomas Dare Jackson, M.V.O., D.S.O.

·        2006 conversation with his great-nephew, Thomas Jackson at Bangor, The JACKSON crest before Sir Thomas was the bird without the world beneath it. There were 4 rings. David was swimming at Yokohama and lost one; James Jackson lost one in the South China Sea; one went to Thomas Dare Jackson and one was given to Thomas Jackson by his father[Andrew Jackson, brother of Sir Thomas] in 1948. This one is now in the possession of another direct descendent, Jack Stooks.

·        On an LDS film, film # 0183543, it was claimed that Thomas Jackson’s mother was a relative of Charles JACKSON – but which Charles JACKSON this refers to, I do not know.

[92] Alfred Henry DARE

·        "The last junior to be recruited in the East was A.H. Dare, a relative of Thomas Jackson's wife, and his entire career (with the exception of a year in Amoy in 1883) was spent in Japan, although he received leave to England and was on the Eastern, not the "Local British Staff". He resigned in 1893; the Court subsequently learned that the reason had been health and consequently voted him a gratuity of 1,000 pounds. History of Hongkong Shanghai Bank, Frank H.H. King

·        He was buried in Japan next to Selena Fielding Dare âka `Lena`¸ in Kobe. SOURCE: Conversation with Pamela DARE.

[93] Lena Mary FIELDEN. Although she had diabetes, the cause of death given was pneumonia. SOURCE: Conversation with Pamela DARE.

[94] Florence Gertrude DARE

[95] William HARTIGAN

·        Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Dr. Hartigan was a native of Limerick in Ireland. He was educated at the Catholic University School and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He was admitted a Licentiate of RCSI in 1876 and, under the terms of the Conjoint Degree, also, automatically, became a Licentiate of our College, which, at the time, was called the King and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland - hence, LKQCPI.    He went to Hong Kong where he was a physician to the Alice Memorial Hospital and an examiner at the Medical College for Chinese. He had three papers published in the Journal of Tropical Medicine.  He returned to England on retirement and died at Oatlands, Weybridge on September 11th, 1936, in his 85th year.

·        History of Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation by Frank HH King:  p 243 "Dr. Hartigan of Hong Kong who was (at least in 1890) doctor for the Hongkong Bank - his recommendation that European staff be provided summer accommodation on the Peak is on record." 

·        p 579  "Dr. William Hartigan, Bank Doctor, Hong Kong then London" but not a member of bank staff

·        HKCP Synapse April 2001 article on Dr. Sun Yat Sen mentions Dr. Hartigan as one of his teachers

[96] Joseph PARKE

[97] Mary TOLLEMACHE NOTE: The source used here is the notebook of Amy Oliver LLOYD, which she in turn received from Anne Elizabeth “Lizzie” ARBUTHNOT nee BALL.

[99] Elizabeth TOLLEMACHE , Elizabeth Tollemache was styled as Duchess of Argyll on 23 June 1701.), b. 10 Jul 1659; d. 09 May 1735, Campbeltown, Argylshire, Scotland; m. ARCHIBALD CAMPBELL.www.thepeerage.com , 1st Duke of Argyll.), 12 Mar 1677/78, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland

[101] James STUART   www.thepeerage.com

[102] John GORDON   later SUTHERLAND, 16th Earl of Sutherland. http://www.cracroftspeerage.co.uk/online/content/Dysart1643.htm

[103] Margaret MURRAY

[104] William MAYNARD  

[105] Catherine MURRAY

[106] Anne MURRAY



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