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THE SILVER BOWL: NEWSCLIPPINGS NOTE: See also TABLES for links to family based selections of news items. The Belfast Newsletter Index is also a helpful guide. See Also Ireland Old News - transcriptions by volunteers.

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Undated clippings.
Birth Marriage Death - Assorted News Clippings This selection of births marriages and deaths have been all entered into our family tree. They were probably saved by Mollie WRIGHT (nee MENARY), of Gilford Castle. The last was in 1942, the first in 1927. A real treasure trove! November 5, 2003
Belfast Newsletter Birth Marriage Deaths for OLIVERs. These records can be quite useful when used in conjunction with other materials. June 21, 2006
JACKSONs in Belfast Newsletter My primary goal here was to note JACKSONs, but I also picked up a few other stray bits that interested me for one reason or another. In articles that have long lists of names, I have sorted them alphabetically – which is not how they were printed in the paper, but it makes it easier to avoid eyeball burn out. December 16, 2010
MARTIN, D.P. - Photo Announcement The photos referred to in this news article are now at the Armagh Museum as part of D.P. Martin's "County Armagh Portrait Gallery" January 12, 2005
Menary News Clipping A fascinating tale dating back to the Napoleonic Wars and a link to Canada. Also included on this page are various other MENARY newsclippings. January 4, 2004
Dated clippings
1730 August 17. Lease of land. NAMES: Edward TIPPING; Richard JONES; John JOHNSTON. PLACES: Lissaraw; Drumbally; Coolderry; Mount Hill; Dollardstown; Killock. September 28, 2014
1764 December 11. NAMES: Thomas COULTER, land at Dorsey; Graham JOHNSTON of Roxborough; John JOHNSTON of URCHER. February 22, 2013
1768 July 8 NAMES: David OLIVER of Ballyrea; George McKIE aka George McKEE. OTHER PLACES: Loughegiss aka Lough Eglish near Laragh. August 6, 2009
1768 May 27 NAMES: Edward KELLY of Beltarran; James WHITE of Anne St. Dublin; Benjamin OLIVER; Andrew McKINLEY, Belfast. August 6, 2009
1769 July 11 NAMES: John MOORE of MacKery aka Maghery?, Co. Armagh; Thomas VERNER of Dublin; Samuel McMINN; Margaret McMINN; William OLIVER. OTHER PLACES: Tolvan aka Tolvin; Tullyodonnel, Parish of Desertcreat, Co. Tyrone; Bush house near towland of Correny. August 6, 2009
1770 August 17. Leases for Lissaraw, Drumbally and Coolderry, all in the Parish of Creggan. Landlords Edward TIPPING of Mount Hill; Richard JONES of Dollardstown, Co. Meath, & John JOHNSTON of Urker and Woodvale. February 25, 2013
1773 August 13 NAMES: Nicholas JOHNSON; of Woodpark; James OLIVER?. OTHER PLACES: Lislooney. August 6, 2009
1773 November 19-23 NAMES: James BARCLAY of Maghera, Co. Londonderry; George CLINTON of Garvagh; Joseph WARDEN of Castle-Dawson; Robert & George BARCLAY. August 18, 2009
1773 December 28 NAMES: James OLIVER; Francis HENRY. August 6, 2009
1774 January 21 NAMES: James OLIVER of Cookstown; Francis HENRY, innkeeper of Cookstown. August 6, 2009
1775 June 11th Belfast Newsletter. NAMES: Major Thomas JOHNSTON; Angel WRAY; Henry JOHNSTON. PLACES: Camilly aka Camly; Plattin aka Coolford. September 29, 2014
1779 October 26-29. Belfast Newsletter. NAMES: Thomas JACKSON (murdered); Gawen McBRATNEY; William & Patrick JACKSON; James JACKSON; Jannet JACKSON; John JACKSON; WIlliam JACKSON. PLACES: Ravera; Ballynahinch; Raffrey, all in Co. Down. September 28, 2014
1779 December 24 NAMES: Arthur OLIVER of Ballynahonebeg. August 6, 2009
1781 March 2. Belfast Newsletter: Andrew OLIVER at Newtownhamilton lease under Dean HAMILTON September 28, 2014
1785 August 23 NAMES: Samuel ANDERSON of Breaky, Tyanan, Co. Armagh; James OLIVER near Tynan (I suspect Lislooney). August 6, 2009
1785 February 22 NAMES: William OLIVER of Armagh. August 6, 2009
1785 January 25 NAMES: Mr. SHIELDS; Mr. WYNNE; Francis PRINGLE of Lime Park; William PRINGLE of Caledon; Joseph OLIVER of Kennedies. OTHER PLACES: Lislea. August 6, 2009
1787 March 2 NAMES: Andrew OLIVER distiller of Newtownhamilton; Dean Rev. & Dr. Hugh HAMILTON. August 6, 2009
February 20, 2013
1791 August 18. NAMES: John DONALDSON; Thomas MARTIN. February 10, 2013
1791 September 2-6 Reward for robbery. NAMES: Martha COULTER nèe COWEN.; J H FOSTER; John ATKINSON; Z. MAXWELL; George ATKINSON; John BAILIE; Samuel BRADFORD (1739-1818); Bernard DUFFY; David JACKSON (1755-1796); John MARTIN; Margaret COULTER; Thomas O’COLEMAN; Robert DICKIE; John PAGE; Matthew BLAYTER; Law. FALLAN; John JOHNSTON; James STEELE; Thomas JOHNSTON; James JOHNSTON; John PAGE; Robert SIBHORPE; John MCCLINTOCK; Arthur MCKONE; Patrick MCKONE. Samuel COULTER; Robert KELLY; John SMITH; Neil COLEMAN; Joseph COULTER jr. PLACES: Cavananore Added June 16, 2009
September 1, 2009
1792 August 28 NAMES: Blayney Owen MITCHELL; OLIVER- possibly Benjamin OLIVER. OTHER PLACES: Wood Park Lodge; Lislooney. August 6, 2009
1793 January 17. Attacks on homes. NAMES: C. JENNY; Simon BAILEY. February 22, 2013
1793 January 25. Agrarian Unrest. NAMES: Charles BOLTON; Gabriel BARRETT; John JOHNSTON Jr.; Mrs. STEEL; Mrs JACKSON AKA Nicola Ann Cecil HAMILTON. February 22, 2013
1793 January 28. Robberies. NAMES: Mrs. JACKSON of Forkhill AKA Nicola Ann Cecil HAMILTON; Mrs. BAILEY AKA BAILIE of Clonaleenan; John BAILEY AKA BAILIE; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Owen McMAHON. February 22, 2013
1793 March. The sale of a Car Man's Inn which sounds like it was the same as the one that Andrew OLIVER owned in Newtownhamilton. Apply to Adam PALMER. February 22, 2013
1795 April 24 NAMES: Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg; John OLIVER. August 6, 2009
1795 August 7 NAMES: John OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg; Joshua McGEOUGH of Drumshill; Thomas PRENTICE. OTHER PLACES: Corran, Parish of Lisnadill. August 6, 2009
1796 May 23 NAMES: John OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg & Kennedies; Thomas PRENTICE. August 6, 2009
1797 August 28. Letter re: Arrests August 17th of United Irishmen in Armagh. NAMES: Col. John OGLE; Bryan QUINN; John STITT; WIlliam STITT; William DONALDSON; Joseph DONALDSON; Alex CLARK; Pat CONNELL; J. MAFFIT; Frank MACLIN. February 22, 2013
1798: SEE ALSO: 1955 article on Peggy ban DONALDSON February 6, 2009
1798 August 9 NAMES: William CUNNINGHAM; John JACKSON; John WILSON; John CONNELLAN, a Dundalk apothecary; Mrs. McCAUL; John KELLY of Dundalk; Thomas Gunning BASHFORD, Belfast shopkeeper; Mr. CAMPBELL of Derry; William DONALDSON of Freeduff; Mr. O'HANLON; Daniel DEVIT. November 10, 2008
1798 August 14 NAMES: John CONNELLAN, apothecary from Dundalk; John MOORE; James PILLAR; John JACKSON; John WILSON; William CUNNINGHAM; William CAMPBLE AKA CAMPBELL, innkeeper at Armagh; Mrs. McCAUL; William DONALDSON of Freeduff; John KELLY, Dundalk; Unnamed STIRLING; Hugh HERON; Daniel DEVIT; (probably Samuel) COULTER; JOCELYN; Alexander JOHNSTON; William CUNNINGHAM; John MOORE; William FOSTER of Dundalk; John HINDES of Dundalk.
November 10, 2008
1798 August 17 NAMES: James Taylor; John MOORE; John JACKSON; William CUNNINGHAM; John WILSON; John CONNELLAN; James MITCHELL; John QUEERY; Gawin WATT. November 10, 2008
1825 Feb 24 Dublin Evening Post NAMES: The bankruptcy of James OLIVER, son of Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh; James WALLACE & Sons. August 28, 2015
1828 January 4 NAMES: Rev. William HUTCHINSON. August 13, 2009
1828 July 22 NAMES: John CUNNINGHAM; James McGRAIN; George McGUSTY, Esq. of Skyhill; Robert GETTY; John SCOTT; John Thomas DICKIE; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD; James CRAWLEY; William PAGE; William HUDSON; Terence COLEMAN; James PARKS; John KNOWLES; Robert GODBY; Patrick WYRE; Peter O'HARE; Mr. STAPLES, KC.; Mr. SCRIVEN; Priest MURPHY; Patty MOONEY of Newtownhamilton; Thomas BURNS of Corcreechy; Matthew MAGENNIS of Newry; James McPARLAND of Markethill; David MONEYPENNY; Mr. MAYNE; Lennox BIGGER; Mr. CROWE; Peter HENEY; Capt BARKER; Arthur McGEOUGH; Owen McPARLAND; John ROCK; O'CALLAGHAN; Peter CAMPBELL; Patrick HAGAN; Samuel GILMORE; Dr. GOODWIN; Peter McANENY; Patrick CUNNINGHAM; McKITTRICK; James CUNNINGHAM; Rev. Gervaise TINLEY; Mr. FOSTER. OTHER PLACES: Crossmaglen, Creggan, Ballsmill, Forkhill, Carrickastuck. August 22, 2009
1829 April 28 A lease for Urker Lodge - John BALL. January 27, 2012

1829 February 27 Belfast Newsletter. The farm that was referenced was likely the farm of Benjamin OLIVER who died in 1850. His brother Arthur OLIVER also had a stake in the farm. They were the sones of another Benjamin OLIVER.

September 1, 2015
1829 July 7 - Sale of Laragh & Cornacarrow. NAMES: GARRETT; CRAWFORD; George & Thomas McTEAR: PLACES: Laragh; Cornacarrow. November 3, 2008

1831 Mar 11 Belfast Newsletter. TYNAN FARMING SOCIETY. – The annual ploughing match of the Tynan branch, N. E. farming society, was held on the 24th ult. on the Glebe lands at Tynan.The farm that was referenced was likely the farm of Benjamin OLIVER who died in 1850. His brother Arthur OLIVER also had a stake in the farm. They were the sones of another Benjamin OLIVER.

September 1, 2015
1833 February 5 Rent reduction. Mrs. CLEWLOW had family ties to the DONALDSONs of Freeduff, so it is not surprising that she was well acquainted with the issues of tenant rights, and also seems sympathetic to the needs of her tenants. These DONALDSONs were key figures in the 1798 uprising, and thereafter. January 27, 2012
1834 December 5 Creggan Landlords paid tithes on behalf of tenants: Thomas Prideaux BALL; Alexander HAMILTON; Walter McGeough BOND; Ann CLEWLOW; Mrs. QUINN. February 5, 2012
1833 February 8 An attack on residents of Urker, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh. This is where the grandmother of Sir Thomas JACKSON lived - as did the next four generations. November 6, 2008
1834 February 11. I know little about the raids on illegal stills, but I liked the phrase: midnight legislation. February 10, 2013
1836 June 18. NAMES: Francis FORDE of Carnally; Hugh O'CALLAGHAN of Cullaville; Robert DICKIE of Roachdale; Andrew Coulter BRADFORD and John BRADFORD of Cavananore; John Thomas DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Thomas CALLAGHAN of Ivy Lodge; John KELLY of Rassan; James STITT of Freeduff; Dr. McPHARLAND; Richard L. SHEIL; William Sherman CRAWFORD. An account of Protestants & Catholics protesting unjust tithes. February 10, 2013
1839 Newry Telegraph Voters List - OLIVERs June 21, 2006
1839 March. Jonathon SMYTHE lets 124 acres of Urcher. February 10, 2013
1840 September 15. NAMES: Richard BARRETT; many members of the MARKEY family. February 10, 2013
1841 March 23 NAMES: Thomas POWELL; William HILL of Ball's Mill, Glassdrummon, Co. Louth (wife: Esther COULTER). September 16, 2009
March 21, 2010
1841 March 30 NAMES: William Hill of Balls Mill, Glassdrummon, Co. Louth; Thomas POWELL; OTHER PLACES: Mullyash (probably Mullaghduff?). September 16, 2009
March 21, 2010
1841 May 6.Apprehension of murderer of William HILL. NAMES: Hugh IRWIN aka HARRISON; CALLAGHAN; William HILL (husb. Esther COULTER); Gordon S. HOLMES. PLACES: Ballsmill. October 7, 2014
1841 September 11. NAMES: James TIPPING and his mill at Ballsmill. February 10, 2013
1842 February 1 This news clipping details decisions made at a meeting in Newtownhamilton in response to a decision by Irish judges to invalidate marriages between Presbyterians and Episcopalians when they are performed by Presbyterian Ministers. January 27, 2012
1842 February 3. NAMES: Christopher ARMSTRONG; Gordon S. HOLMES; Henry McCABE; Widow HUGHES; Thomas POWELL. February 10, 2013
1845 March 4 CONCERNING LESLIE-RULE CASE NAMES: George LEDLIE; James TWIGG; Lord BLAYNEY; Dr. David LESLIE; John LESLIE; Mr. CASSENT; Mr RENNICK jr of Carrickmacross; Mr. KEEGA; Dr. COLLINS; Mr. JOY; Mr. O`HAGAN; Mr. CASSIDY. PLACES: Laragh; Blayney Arms. NOTE: This article sheds light on the social life of family members involved in the court cases surrounding the OLIVERs and the mills at Laragh. November 3, 2008
1845, April 1 CONCERNING LARAGH MILLS. NAMES: David LESLIE of Leslie Hill; William OLIVER; James TWIGG; Joseph OLIVER; Mr. LEDLIE; Mr. WALLACE; Eugene MAGUIRE; G. LEDLIE; Mr. MEARES; Mr. NUN. December 9, 2004
1846 May 1 CONCERNING LARAGH MILLS.NAMES: David Leslie; Joseph OLIVER; Mr. TOMB, Q.C.; Mr O'HAGEN NOTE: I also updated a few footnotes in related articles.. October 31, 2008
1845, May 6 CONCERNING LARAGH MILLS NAMES: David LESLIE of Leslie Hill; James FEALY of Laragh; P. McCABE of Laragh; Andrew LYNCH; Joseph OLIVER of Laragh; William JACKSON of Drummullard; James FEALY of Beagh; Michael FEALY; Dennis LYNCH; Michael OWENS; Patrick OWEN; Patrick MOHAN;Owen & Joseph BYRNE; Mr. SWANZY; James FEALY of Beagh; Wm. OLIVER sr.; Mr. MEARES; Joseph OLIVER; Mr. CUNINGHAM; Mr. MAGUIRE; Owen LAMB; MEEHAN; John LESLIE; Richard HENDERSON; Charles FEALY; William JACKSON; Mr MUNN; Martha LESLIE nee OLIVER; Sgt. CLERKEN; Mr. WALLACE; George LESLIE; James MARRON; DUFFY; Francis SMITH; Michael McKEE; J. M'DONALD. December 9, 2004

1845, July 22 CONCERNING LARAGH MILLS NAMES: Patrick KELLY; William BLACKBURNE; William DOUGHERTY; Thomas HOWE; Neale MULLEN; John MURRAY; Edward M'PHILLIPS; Robert LEWERS; James MOYNAGH; Pat McKENNA; William HUGHES; Wm. NORWOOD; Denis LYNCH; Michael FEALEY; Peter McCABE; Peter M'DONNELL; James FEALY; Dr. LESLIE of Laragh; Martha LESLIE nee OLIVER; William JACKSON; Joseph OLIVER; Sir Thomas STAPLES; William SMITH; Mr. TOMB; Ann DUFFY; Mr. HOLMES; Mary QUIN; Alicia McMAHON; Mr. O'HAGAN; McNALLY; Mr. PERRIN; William OLIVER; Thomas M'GARRELL; Frank DUFFY; James McMAHON; John LESLIE; David LESLIE; Mr. HANNA; Judge PERRIN.

December 9, 2004
1846 March 7 Obit for Samuel BALL, son of Captain BALL January 27, 2012
1846 June 9-13 RE: Violence done to Mrs. McKINLEY. NAMES: Mr. & Mrs. McKINLEY. PLACES: Laragh. November 5, 2008
1849-1863 John Rea These news clippings from the Anglo-Celt are from November 2 & 16, 1849 as well as January 31, 1863 and concern cases involving the barrister John REA. February 1, 2006
1847 March 27 CONCERNING GRAVESTONE DESECRATION. NAMES: Eleanor BOND nee JACKSON; Oliver BOND; Henry JACKSON; William JACKSON; Richard Robert MADDEN. November 6, 2008
1849 March 4 Assault of Samuel COULTER NAMES: Samuel COULTER (-1851) of Mounthill; James QUIGLEY of Castleroach; John J. BIGGER. OTHER PLACES: Roach AKA Roche, Parish of Roche. December 7, 2008
1849 July 11 OBITUARY - Laragh Mill owner (partner of McKEAN). NAMES: James GREEN. PLACES: Keady; Laragh. November 5, 2008
1850 July 5 Anglo Celt COUNTY OF LOUTH TENANT-RIGHT MEETING. NAMES: Rev. KENDELAN, P.P.; Thomas BRADFORD of "Cairnbeg" AKA Carnbeg; Rev. BANNON, P.P.; Samuel DICKIE; James M. M'ALISTER; Rev. DOBBIN; Nicholas MARKEY; WIlliam M'CULLOCH; Owen MARKEY; Rev. M. RUTHERFORD; John COLLIER; Rev. James BEATTY; James O'HANLON; J.P. NEARY; John FARLEY. September 17, 2008
1850 Sept 2 Armagh Guardian. This a very short snippet - included because it would have involved people who were well known if not related to JACKSONs and OLIVERs. April 14, 2014
1851 May 1Murder of Mr. MOORHEAD. December 2, 2008
1851 May 5. The Belfast Newsletter. The murder of Samuel COULTER (1810-1851) of Shortstone September 28, 2014
1851 May 7 Murder of Samuel COULTER. NAMES: Samuel COULTER (-1851); Mr. J. BURNE AKA John BYRNE; A. FFRENCH, R.M.; E.HILL; Mary COULTER of Shortstone; John Bailie COULTER (1848-); Michael FARRELL; James DUNNE; Anne M`GUINESS; Richard BAYLEY; Peter WOOD; Dr. John BROWN; Dr. DONALDSON December 7, 2008
1851 May 9 Murder of Samuel COULTER.NAMES: Samuel COULTER (-1851); John BYRNE; A. FRENCH, R.M. Esq. of Dundalk; John James BIGGER of Falmore House; George MORANT; Samuel BRADFORD; John BRADFORD; John DICKIE; John KIERAN; Robert DICKIE; Owen M'INTEGARTH; Joseph M'INTERGARTH; William M'CLEAN; James BELL; William Charles JONES; Hamilton LANE; John Thomas DICKIE of Clonaleenan; James DICKIE; Michael FARRELL; James DUNNE; Ned Kelly; Biddy KEENAN; Anne M'GUINNESS; Robert BAYLEY AKA Baillie; Peter WOODS; Dr. John BROWNE; Dr. Richard DONALDSON; Richard BAILLIE of Mounthill; John COULTER of Ballsmill; Peter M'MAHON; Patrick HAYNES; Police Constable CARTIN; John CREIGHTON; James KIRK; Owen KIRK; James MARKEY; Mr. O'CALLAGHAN, J.P. December 8, 2008
1851 May 9 Dublin Evening Mail NAMES: Mary Campbell; James OLIVER; Letitia OLIVER; William BROOKE; John McKINSTRY. PLACES: Lisluney aka Lislooney aka Lisloony. August 25, 2015
1851 May 11 Murder of Samuel COULTER NAMES: Samuel COULTER of Shortstone, parish of Roche, Co. Louth; Dr. William POLLOCK of Annaghvaghy; Mr. A. FRENCH AKA FFRENCH R.M. Esq.; John J. BIGGAR; Patrick M'KIEVER of Silverbridge; Owen MURPHY of Carnally; Michael CAMPBELL of Glassdrummond; Patrick M'CANN of Cariff. December 8, 2008
1851 June 4 Murder of Samuel COULTER NAMES: Mary DULLAGHAN; Patrick M'KIEVER of Silverbridge; Owen MURPHY of Carnally; Michael CAMPBELL of Glassdrummond; Patrick M'CANN of Cariff December 8, 2008
1852 November 30 Dublin Evening Mail NAMES: Mary CAMPBELL of Portinaghy, Co. Monaghan; Robert KILLEN; James OLIVER son of Benjamin OLIVER; Letitia OLIVER; Benjamin Robert OLIVER; James WALL; James Scott MOLLOY; Henry George JOHNSTON; Joseph MATTHEWS; John McINSTRY; John VOGEN. PLACES: Lislooney, Parish of Tynan; Cavanapole. AUgust 25, 2015
1854 February 24- May 10 ENCUMBERED ESTATES. NAMES: Richard Thomas DAWSON; Edward VAUGHAN; Robert Ross TODD; Edward GIBSON; Allan NESBITT; Owen HALL; McCAY. PLACES: Corlea, Laragh, Lisgall.
NOTE: This is not the Laragh that is connected to the OLIVERS.
November 6, 2008
1865. A Hint To Irish Landlords In The Shooting Season. It is obvious that the writer is quite biased, but since the tale is told well, it is useful for illustrating a particular perspective. An excellent article to read for another perspective can be found on line: Early 19th Century Disturbances in Creggan Parish. February 23, 2013
1863 November 26. This article is of particular interest to me since Thomas Jackson made his first voyage to Hong Kong via the Overland Route with P&O a year after this sailing. It is a list of complaints by passengers who arrived on the Oriental Steamer Salsette on October 27, 1863. The details are delicious. Their experience, less so. September 5, 2014
1865 July 20 & 1865 September 12 These two news clippings concern the Thomas BRADFORD (1797-1872) of Carnbeg who married Margaret WALLACE (1811-1885). They had twelve known children. In his will probate, he left an estate valued at £9000. OTHER NAMES: M'CLINTOCK. September 17, 2008
1869 February 26 Ulster Gazette. John OLIVER is charged with stealing potatoes at Tullymore, Co. Armagh. This is a most curious case, one I have never seen the like of. Once can only guess at the circumstances which precipitated it. August 25, 2015
1870 September 8. I would be interested to learn more about the printer John MATTHEWS. The Peace Preservation Act in Ireland. Tuapeka Times. February 9, 2013
1872 Clippings from The Japan Weekly Mail The Japan Weekly Mail Vol 3 I have noted the references to Thomas JACKSON & members of the DARE family. I particularly enjoyed that Thomas JACKSON’s pony, which always finished out of the money in races, was called Dismay March 31, 2014
1873 Clippings from The Japan Weekly Mail. The Japan Weekly Mail Vol 4 Of particular interest in the news items included here are references to Thomas Jackson's leadership with respect to his philosophy of assuming personal responsibilty for calls on public generosity. March 31, 2014
1874 April 27. Irish Times. Notice re: probate of William MENARY of Maghery, Co. Armagh. I note that the lawyer Alexander McCOMBE had offices on Dame St., which were near where Thompson BROWN's father also had an office. September 28, 2014.
1875 January 25 FERRIS vs MENARY NAMES: Mary MENARY nee JACKSON; William MENARY jr. & sr.; William Robert FERRIS; T. WALSH; John WILSON; Unnamed lawyer JACKSON; T.P. LYNCH; Unnamed BELL, lawyer; Robert DONNELL. PLACES: Magher-a-kilcranny aka Magherkilcranny. March 31, 2009
1875 April 28 OLIVER vs COUSER. Belfast Newsletter. NAMES: William OLIVER of Killynure; William COUSER; William MENARY; Edward LITTON; T.P. LYNCH; Marshall CLARKE; Unnamed BELL. PLACES: Enaugh, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh. August 24, 2015
1875 April 28 OLIVER vs COUSER Irish Times. NAMES: William OLIVER; William COUSER; William MENARY; Edward LITTON; T.P. LYNCH; Marshall CLARKE; Unnamed BELL. PLACES: Killinure aka Killynure; Enagh, Co. Armagh March 31, 2009

1877 April 4. This news article enabled me to connect some of the dots in this family – not that I am related to them, but it did shine light on some tangential folk.

  • John JACKSON (?- bef 1862) of Ballynahonebeg, Co. Armagh married Louisa STAMER in 1823. She was a daughter of Sir. William STAMER & Martha RAWLINS.
  • John JACKSON & Louisa STAMER had at least 3 children: John Stamer JACKSON who died in Australia; Robert William JACKSON who died in America; Harriette who married a James STANLEY (1812-1873).
  • Their daughter, Louisa Catherine STANLEY married Roberts Liddell BROWN, a book-keeper, and they had a son Robert William BROWN born January 15, 1871 in Dublin.

I still do not know which line of JACKSONs this John JACKSON of Ballynahonebeg belonged to. I suspect he had a brother named Robert JACKSON. I also do not know if the John STANLEY who married Catherine Sarah BELL (see my Rootsweb Family Tree) is the same John STANLEY noted in the probates.

August 7, 2013
1880 July 17 Belfast Morning News. NAMES: John OLIVER; Benjamin OLIVER; William COUSER; William OLIVER; David JACKSON; Elizabeth OLIVER; Thomas JACKSON. PLACES: Lisdrumard; Knockagraphy; Drumgar. August 24, 2015

1881 Mar 12 Cullyhanna Land League article. This article mentions several County Armagh men who were both Orangemen and members of the Land League. Of particular interest to me, is the mention of David JACKSON of Urker near Crossmaglen in South Armagh. He was not only my great-great-grandfather, but also the father of Sir Thomas JACKSON, the focal point of my research.

February 9, 2013
1881 June 16 Eviction involving Hugh NOLAN, Bailiff & the BRYAN family. February 25, 2013
1882 May 30. NAMES: Dr. McKEOWN - probably Rev. Patrick McKEOWN of Claranagh - or someone related to him. February 10, 2013
1883 June 9. Dundalk Democrat. Obituary of Dr. Samuel GILMORE.I do not know who all the people who attended this funeral are, but I have included what I know. The GILMOREs of Liscalgot and the JACKSONs of Urker were very closely related – with more than one intermarriage tying the two families together over many generations. Febraury 11, 2013
1886 April 12 News clipping. This is an annotated transcription and concerns an award which was presented to Thomas Jackson in 1886 prior to his departure when he first left Hong Kong. Jackson was the Chief Manager of HSBC, and had been the Chairman of the Victoria Recreation Club for a decade prior to leaving the Colony. November 7, 2012
1886 April 12. China Mail. This article mentions Thomas JACKSONs work in both Hong Kong and the Bank as well as his work with the Legislative Council, and the Victoria Recreation Club. Mention also of William KESWICK. April 2, 2014
1886 July 29. It is interesting to see this level of attention paid to this level of local politics in England. It concerned William Ramsay SCOTT, a brother-in-law of Sir Thomas JACKSON, and his stance on Home Rule with respect to Ireland. The 1886 Home Rule bill as proposed by Gladstone was defeated. April 2, 2014#
1887 September 9. Thomas Jackson observed an eclipse at Chiuzenji, Nikki. I have not researched and annotated the names of others present: Mr. and Mrs. Kirkwood, Colonel Anderson, Mr. AF Satow, Mrs. and the Mrs. Mauran. April 2, 2014
1887 October 26-30 The story of the foundering of the HMS Wasp as relayed from The China Mail to The Evening Post. In a letter that Elizabeth JACKSON wrote to her son Thomas October 31, 1887, she describes her fears about her son David who was on a ship and her hopes that he is safe. Her calm tone is remarkable. March 22, 2010
1888 June 9 NAMES: Hugh CALLAN of Dundalk; John Bailie COULTER of Shortstone West; E. CUMING; W.E. ENGLAND; J. WILLIAMSON. December 8, 2008
1891 February 2 Hongkong Daily Press. Years ago, I noted this clipping, but did not know which paper it came from or what it referred to. Now I do. Thanks to Trade Directories, I can also identify the gentleman who was responsible for the decorating. Names mentioned: W.S. MARTEN & Thomas JACKSON. Febraury 13, 2014
1893 December 1 Freemans Journal John Oliver sen. (1841-1909) was 52 years old when he took on these two Orangemen, and defended his 25 year old son, John Oliver jr. (1868-?). The case against them was dismissed by a judgement delivered by the Resident Magistrate and three Justices of the Peace. These men were predominately, if not entirely, Protestant. At present, I know nothing about Joseph Prentice and John Burdon, other than they were Orangemen who were under the influence of drink. September 18, 2015
1896 October 29. Thomas JACKSON's cat was killed and eaten by coolies, two of whom were arrested and received a sentence of six weeks hard labour. April 2, 2014
1899 October 31. Sir Henry BLAKE honoured Sir Thomas JACKSON at a private Tiffin Party at Givernment house, and presented him with the letters patent for his knighthood. His accomplishments were grouped with two other Irishmen: Sir John McLeavy BROWN, and Robert HART. JACKSON points out that 2/3rd of his life was lived "here". He referred to the Bank as his No. 1 wife. April 2, 2014
1899 November 20. This article describes the decay of City Hall in Hong Kong, and includes a most desultory recognition of Thomas JACKSON's gift of a portrait of Queen Victoria. I wonder where it ended up? April 2, 2014
1900 June 7. This is the shortest of reports about Thomas JACKSON and his political views. For a complete version of the speech see: transcription from Journal of American Asiatic Association April 2, 2014
1901 November 5. Thomas Dare JACKSON, son of Sir Thomas JACKSON served with British forces in "The South African War". An extensive account of his military career was written by Brian McDonald, and is included in my biography of Thomas Dare JACKSON. April 2, 2014
1901 November 28. News about JACKSONs settling at Stanstead. Thomas JACKSON to leave Hong Kong for England in March or April 1902. April 2, 2014
1901 December 10, Thomas Dare JACKSON was A.D.C. to Col George Elliot BENSON. When you notice that there was a death rate of 123/160 in one charge, it is easy to appreciate the level of anxiety that the parents of Thomas Dare JACKSON would have felt while their son was engaged in this war. April 2, 2014
1902 May 10. This article recognizes Thomas JACKSON's 25 years of service to the Chamber of Commerce. Other names mentioned: C.S. SHARP; Mr. POAT; R.C. WILCOX. April 2, 2104
1902 May 19 - a 2nd event. This is the second of many farewell events involving Sir Thomas Jackson as he prepared to leave Hong Kong in 1902. The first was held on May 14, 1902. I am hoping for help from others in learning more about the Chinese merchants who were honoring him, and will add to the annotations as I learn more. January 19, 2013
1902 May 19 The Departure of Sir Thomas Jackson from Hong Kong. A banquet held in his honour by the Chinese merchant community. December 10, 2012
1902 May 19. This snippet is fascinating for a number of reasons. Firstly, it tells us that when Sir Thomas Jackson left Hong Kong on 1902, he was accompanied by one of his four daughters. His wife had set up house at Chiselhurst years earlier, but we can tell from photos in the 1890s, that his wife and children continued to visit Hong Kong. Secondly, Thomas Jackson shared a deep commitment with Osbert Chadwick, also travelling on the same boat, to solving the question of what caused the plague. They would have collaborated when Jackson served on the Sanitation Board, and would likely have discussed the topic further while on board. February 5, 2013
1902 June 26, Thomas JACKSON had already left a month earlier for England, otherwise I suspect there would have been even more festivities to celebrate his baronetcy, as well as the knighthood of Sir Chatchick Paul CHATER, and the companion of the order of St. Michael and St. George for Dr. Ho Kni. April 2, 2014
1902 August 29 The Armagh Guardian account of Sir Thomas JACKSON of Urker, Crossmaglen, Co. Armagh being made a baronet. January 21, 2012
1903 July 27. David JACKSON's obit: "Of a genial, hospitable, and open-hearted nature, Mr. Jackson was one of the most popular men in Yokohama, and was highly respected by the Japanese, only recently receiving a decoration from the Emperor for his services in connection with the last loan." April 2, 2014
1905 September 27. Statue News. "Sir Thomas is looked upon out in the Orient as the strongest man of his day.  Besides his duties with the corporation he devoted much time and attention to the finances of the Chinese Empire, to whom the Peking officials turned when they found it necessary to negotiate loans for the public good." April 2, 2014
1906 January 23. Of interest in this article, aside from news of the stature for Thomas JACKSON, is the mention of his membership in the Carlton and Thatched House club. I have linked the Club mention to a Wikipedia article - the list of members is fascinating. The Club is also described on its own website: The Carlton Club. Also, Thomas' interest in golf is mentioned in this article. April 2, 2014
1906 March 3 - Unveiling Ceremony A statue was erected to honour Sir Thomas Jackson in 1906. This is the account by The Hong Kong Telegraph. January 31, 2011
1906 May 8 The Newry Report acount of the statue erected in Hong Kong to honour Sir Thomas JACKSON of Urker, Crossmaglen, Co. Armagh. January 21, 2012
1907 December 16 The Singapore Free Press George Mildmay DARE was the brother-in-law of Sir Thomas JACKSON of HSBC. The story of his sister Amelia Lydia DARE is also part of the story of why HSBC experienced some of its early successes - the social connections which laid the ground for business connections. More of that story will be told in my upcoming book. March 13, 2010
1908 May 19 Obit. William Ramsay SCOTT was a brother-in-law of Sir Thomas JACKSON. April 4, 2011
1908 October 2. Obit. Lewis Audley Marsh JOHNSTON, who was from Ballykilbeg, Co. Down, served in a number of positions in the Straits Settlements and in Hong Kong. I have also posted his family tree. August 3, 2013
1911 February 27. A brief snippet about Sir Thomas Jackson from the Morning Post reprinted in 1936. August 10, 2014
1915 December 23. This article gives an account of a speech by Governor Sir Henry MAY on the occasion of the death of Sir Thomas JACKSON. April 2, 2014
1915 December 24. The London and China Telegraph obituary with accounts of both the Funeral at Stanstead and the Memorial Service held at All Hallows. September 1, 2014
1915 December - paper unknown. This account complements the account written in the London and China Telegraph, December 24, 1915. It adds a few more names of those in attendance, especially of TJ's daughters at the Stanstead funeral. It also gave more detail on a few others, some of which I have included in the annotations of that version. September 5, 2014
1915 December 28 This obituary of Sir Thomas JACKSON, published in the Japan Gazette, was written by James Pender MOLLISON, a local businessman who knew him in the 1870s when they were both in Japan. January 12, 2005
August 16, 2006
1916 Apr 13. Given that Thomas JACKSON's sister Mary GRIFFIN lived on at Urker, Parish of Creggan until her death in 1921, it is significant that the property did not pass to her, but rather to TJ's son, Thomas Dare Jackson. The valuation documents do not distinguish between the two Sir Thomas JACKSONs. The properties in the Parish of Creggan would have included lands at: Annaghavacky aka Rochdale; Cavananore ; Urcher; and Liscalgot. April 2, 2014
1923 September 6. The Massive Earthquake in Yokohama in 1923 leveled a good part of the town, and killed and wounded thousands. A preliminary list in the September 6th, 1923 edition of the Oakland Tribune in California gives the names of known victims and survivors. Included are the ones associated with banking, and in particular HSBC. August 2, 2014
1927 January 29 - The Straits Times Annie Dorothea Caroline EARNSHAW of Knaresborough, Yorkshire, England, daughter of  Edward EARNSHAW & Caroline Sophie DEACON was first married to George Mildmay DARE and then after his death to G.P. OWEN. She was also a sister-in-law of Amelia Lydia DARE, wife of Sir Thomas JACKSON of HSBC. Their stories are also part of the story of why HSBC and other business enterprises experienced some of their early successes - based on the social connections which laid the ground for business connections. More of that story will be told in my upcoming book. March 13, 2011
1955 Sunday Press: Peggy ban DONALDSON NAMES: Alexander ban DONALDSON; Samuel DONALDSON; Margaret aka Peggy ban" DONALDSON; PLACES: Drumhaman; Killinghy; Coghog; Lecale; Ballybay; February 6, 2009
1967 May 16. The Montreal Gazette. Sir Arthur MORSE was another of the Irishmen who served as managers of HSBC. Septmebr 5, 2014



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