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This article recognizes Thomas JACKSON's 25 years of service to the Chamber of Commerce. Other names mentioned: C.S. SHARP; Mr. POAT; R.C. WILCOX.
Sharon Oddie Brown. April 2, 2014


1902 May 10 The China Mail


Sir Thomas Jackson.

Vote of Thanks from Chamber of Commerce.


At the monthly meeting of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce on the 5ht inst. the Honourable C.S. Sharp[1] Vice Chairman said – as in all probability this will be the last occasion in which we shall have the honour of Sir Thomas Jackson[2] presiding at our meetings, I am desirous of saying a few words to express the great regret we all feel at his approaching departure from among us and our high appreciation of the many valuable services he has rendered this Chamber of Commerce.  (Applause) It is now some 25 years since Sir Thomas first joined this committee, with which he is been closely connected almost ever since, and he has been Chairman now for more than a year, and I think you all heartily agree that the manner in which the business of the committee has been conducted by him as been such as to merit the highest commendation and been worthy of the best tradition of this body.  Your term of office, sir, has been coincident with the most momentous period for commerce in this part of the world, and during it we have had questions coming up before us of the deepest importance to trading interests, and it has been a source of gratification and advantage to us to have at our head one who out of the fullness of his knowledge of and long acquaintance with commercial matters out here has been able to bring so much wise counsel, shrewd advice, and good guidance to bear on the consideration of the important matters coming before us.  (Applause.)  Unfortunately, we are about to lose your advice and assistance before the portion of change is finished, and I venture to think, sir, that it will be a most difficult, if not impossible matter to find as a successor to you in the chair one with anything like the same knowledge and grip of the commercial questions of the day out here, as you have been able to show.  I do not propose, however, to inflict on you along panegyric, as I more than half suspect that such would only be distasteful to you, but I feel I am on firm ground, and that I voice the opinions of all the members, in expressing the great regret we feel it losing you, and our  united hope that you will have a happy reunion with your family at home and be spared to enjoy many years of honourable and well merited retirement after long period of work in the Far East.  (Loud applause.)  I now beg to propose the following resolution: -- “That this committee place on record its regret at the departure of Sir Thomas Jackson, and its high appreciation of the many valuable services rendered by him to this Chamber of Commerce, both as committeeman and as chairman.”

Mr. Poat[3] – I have very great pleasure in seconding the resolution proposed by the vice chairman.  I do not think I can add anything to what has been said by Mr. Sharp who has expressed our views pretty fully.

The Chairman – I am sure, gentlemen, that the little I have been able to do for this chamber has been to me a great pleasure to perform, especially with the cooperation I have met with.  I always consider the Chamber of Commerce to be the most representative body in the colony and capable of doing more good work than any other institution or body here, and the best services should therefore be given to the Chamber.  During the long period I have been connected with the Committee I have met with the most cheerful corporation from all concerned, and I have been associated with some of the best man we have ever had in the Colony in this Chamber.  I have again to express the great obligation I’m under to Mr. Wilcox[4], whose steady cooperation, wide knowledge, and untiring energy has helped materially to make my term of Chairmanship acceptable to you all, as it evinced by the cordial vote of thanks you have just passed, and which I greatly appreciate.  (Applause.)

Mr. Wilcox briefly acknowledged the compliment paid to him by the chairman, assuring him that the remembrance of his appreciation would afford him lasting satisfaction.

The meeting then terminated.

[1] C.S. SHARP worked with Gibb, Livingston & Co.

[2] Thomas JACKSON (1941-1915)

[3] Dr. Herbert POAT Attracted by the local population's dental demands, Dr Herbert Poate, who had graduated with a professional dental degree fromthe University of Pennsylvania, set up the first formaldental practice in the early 1880s. In 1887, DrJoseph Noble, another Pennsylvania alumnus, joined the Poate practice.3 Doctors Poate and Noble became prominent among the very few formally trained dental surgeons, and both were actively involved with thelocal medical profession. Their names appeared in theminutes of the Hong Kong Medical Society during 1886 to 1891. SOURCE:http://sunzi1.lib.hku.hk/hkjo/view/22/2200372.pdf


[4] R.C. WILCOX 1896-1901 was Director of Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, and was replaced by C.S. SHARP May 5, 1902.



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