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This is one of many deaths associated with the time of "agrarian unrest". Although the murdering of land agents is deplorable, so were the conditions that many families found themselves in during the aftermath of the famine. Eviction was virtually a death sentence.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 2, 2008

1851 May 1

Moorhead murder in Anglo-Celt. May 1, 1851
Published in Cavan, County Cavan

DREADFUL MURDER. - We have just learned that a dreadful deed was committed yesterday at the too famous scene of blood, Crossmaglen, county Armagh. About twelve o'clock, as Mr. MOORHEAD[1], agent for an estate in the county Louth, was driving in his gig into Crossmaglen, accompanied by his servant, a man came out from the ditch and shot him dead. The murderer escaped across the fields and was not apprehended when our informant left the place. The dreadful crime is supposed to be connected in some way with the ejectment of tenants. - Northern Whig.

[1] MOORHEAD. He may have been Thomas MOORHEAD of CO. Monaghan, born 1797 Died 1851. SOURCE: http://members.tripod.com/~Al_Beagan/monagh.htm



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