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NAMES: Hugh CALLAN of Dundalk; John Bailie COULTER of Shortstone West; E. CUMING; W.E. ENGLAND; J. WILLIAMSON.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 8. 2008.
Thanks to Wendy Jack for this transcription. The footnotes are done by The Moi.

The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Saturday, June 9, 1888; Issue 22755


  This was an action brought by Hugh Callan[1], of Dundalk, against John B. Coulter[2], of Shortstone West[3], County Louth, farmer, to have account taken of what was due by the defendant on foot of a judgment mortgage registered against defendant's lands for the sum of £194 15s 6d, and also to have the judgment mortgage declared well charged on defendant's lands, in which he has an estate for lives renewable for ever.  The plaintiff's affidavit alleged that as co-surety with the defendant for a poor-rate collector he had to pay the sum of £361 11s.  In order to indemnify the plaintiff, defendant executed a bond to plaintiff on the 1st December, 1886, for the sum of £194 15s 6d, upon which judgment was marked on the 4th January, 1887, and registered as a judgment mortgage against defendant's lands on the 6th.
  The VICE-CHANCELLOR referred the matter to Chambers for an account of what was due plaintiff on foot of the mortgage for principal, interest, and costs.
  Counsel for plaintiff - Messrs. E. Cumming[4] and W. E. England[5] (instructed by Mr. J. Williamson[6]).  No appearance for defendant.


[1] Hugh CALLAN

[2] John B. COULTER. He was most likely John Bailie COULTER, son of the murdered Samuel COULTER (d. 1851) and his wife Mary COULTER nèe BAILIE. He was baptised at Creggan Church June 26, 1848.

[3] Shortstone West was the townland where a Samuel COULTER resided when he was murdered in 1851. Mary COULTER nèe BAILIE leased lands at Shortstone in 1854. Significantly, a good portion of the townland was owned by Robert Bayley. This makes me suspect that Mary COULTER was probably related to him.






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