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William Ramsay SCOTT was a brother-in-law of Sir Thomas JACKSON.
Sharon Oddie Brown. April 4, 2011


The Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1884-1942) May 19, 1908 p. 5


There'll be good many of the older Singaporeans still here who will learn with regret of the death of Mr. William Ramsay Scott[1], who was one of the prominent figures in the local commercial community for about a quarter of a century. Mr. W.R. Scott came to Singapore in 1859 and was, along with his future brother-in-law Mr. Whitworth Allen[2], an assistant in the firm of William McDonald & Co. in Battery Road. In 1867 he had risen to be the junior partner of the firm, his seniors being Mr. Robert Duff (Liverpool), Mr. William MacDonald (Glasgow) and Mr. John Earn McDonald, Singapore. In the early 70s the firm of William McDonald & Co. had disappeared, and W.R. Scott had established a business in Battery Road and Beat Quay with Mr. John Wignall Whitham, under the style of Scott, Witham and Co. The juniors of the firm were Mr. T.S. Thompson, who is a well-known resident now, and Mr. W. H. Keysberry. Later on in 1877 Mr. W.R. Scott founded the firm of W.R. Scott & Co., Mr. T.S. Thompson being the second in the firm, Mr. J.M. Allinson and Mr. James Muir assistance and Mr. P. A, Reutens, chief clerk. Mr. W.R. Scott appears to left Singapore about 1880, although continuing to retain his position in the firm. It was about 20 years ago that the firm of W.R. Scott & Co. was absorbed by Barlow and company, Mr. J.M. Allinson also entering that firm, of which he was head when he retired to join the Manchester headquarters.

Mr. W.R. Scott was a popular member of Singapore society, and used to take a leading part in the private theatricals of that time. He lived at Abbotsford and Orchard Road and established there an open air swimming bath which was a pleasant resort for his large circle of friends. Mr. Scott's uncle was Capt. Scott[3], once Master Attendant of Singapore, who was a cousin of the novelist Sir Walter Scott[4]. Singapore people may be interested to know that Scotts Road in Tanglin takes its name from Capt. Scott, who lived in Hurricane Bungalow near the site of the present Hurricane House, the Singapore residence of HM the King of Siam.

Mr. W.R. Scott married a sister of the late G.M. Dare[5] of Singapore and leaves a family of three sons and three daughters. One son is Mr. W.R. Scott, formerly of Singapore, now settled in London, another [the microfilm cuts out here]

[1] William Ramsay SCOTT (1838-1908) was the husband of Blanche Emily DARE, and a brother-in-law of Sir Thomas JACKSON.

[2] Whitworth ALLEN (1835-1899) was the husband of Anna Maria DARE, and a brother-in-law of Sir Thomas JACKSON

[3] It may that this Captain SCOTT was the SCOTT who was on the Viscount Melbourne when it foundered. and its passengers then over-run by pirates.

[4] Sir Walter SCOTT (1771-1832) popular novelist, much read by Eliza JACKSON, mother of Sir Thomas JACKSON.

[5] George Mildmay DARE (1840-1907)



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