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NAMES: John MOORE of MacKery aka Maghery?, Co. Armagh; Thomas VERNER of Dublin; Samuel McMINN; Margaret McMINN; William OLIVER. OTHER PLACES: Tolvan aka Tolvin; Tullyodonnel, Parish of Desertcreat, Co. Tyrone; Bush house near townland of Correny.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 6, 2009


1769 Jul 11

County Tyrone.

To be sold before the 14th of September next by John Moore[1] at MacKery[2] in the County of Armagh, the Fee and In[heritance?] of the towns and lands of Tolvan[3] and Tullyodonnel[4], situate in the parish of Deserteneagh[5] and County  of Tyrone. The Leet-Roll of said lands to be seen in the hands of the said John Moore and Thomas Verner[6] of the city of Dublin, Esquire and proposals received by them. Dated this 10th day of July 1769.

N.B. this advertisement to be continued only five times.


On the first day of September next will be sold by public auction in the Bush House[7], parish of Killyman[8] and County of Tyrone the interest of the lease renewable forever, of upwards of 46 acres of land, part of the townland of Correny[9], near said Bush House, greatly enjoyed by Samuel McMinn[10], deceased, said premises are remarkably good for tillage, and well accommodated with water and turf bog, and thereon a good stone lined dwelling house and office houses, subject to a yearly chief rent of 7 pounds and 2 pounds on each renewal. These lands are situate within 2 miles of Dungannon, four of Charlemount, three of Stewartstown, and six of Cookstown, good market towns. The title deed may be seen in the hands of Mrs. Margaret McMinn[11], widow and executrix of the late Samuel, or in the hands of Mr. William Oliver[12], her attorney, in Cookstown.

N.B. some household furniture and implements of husbandry will be sold at the same time. Three months credit will be given to approve security. Dated the sixth July, 1769.


[1] John Moore

[2] MacKery aka Maghery?, Parish of Tartaraghan, Co. Armagh.

[3] Tolvan aka Tolvin, Parish of Desertcreat, Co. Tyrone.

[4] Tullyodonnel, Parish of Desertcreat, Co. Tyrone.

[5] Deserteneagh aka Desertcreat, Co. Tyrone

[6] Thomas Verner

[7] Bush House – I didn’t know where this was, but thanks to Linda Leonard, I have learned that it is probably near Dungannon, Killyman Parish .

[8] Killyman probably Killymam - a townland of 156 acres, Parish of Derryloran, Co. Tyrone.

[9] Correny aka Corchoney, Parish of Kildress, Co. Tyrone.

[10] Samuel McMinn

[11] Margaret McMinn

[12] William Oliver. It is possible that this William OLIVER is related to the William OLIVER who was called to the bar in 1785. (See: Belfast Newsletter 1785 Feb 22-25)




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