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NAMES: Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg; John OLIVER.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 6, 2009


1795 Apr 24-27



All persons to whom the late Joseph Oliver[1] of Ballinahonebeg[2], near Armagh stood indebted at the time of his death, either by bond, note, or otherwise, are desired to furnish their accounts to his son John Oliver[3], that they may be discharged. Such persons as were indebted to said Oliver, are requested to pay the amount of their accounts as above.

April 25, 1795.


[1] Joseph Oliver of Ballinahonebeg. (1727- 1795) Conjecture about death date is based on 1789 April 15 DEED # 505-49-322470 (which he signed) and 1796 April 1 DEED# 510-33-328019 (where he is described as “late of Ballinahonebeg.) He was still alive on 1794 Apr 13 DEED: 486-226-307430. This is the Joseph OLIVER (1727-1795) who married Jane OATS (1727-bef 1798). He was one of the children of William OLIVER. His brothers were Benjamin, David & William & his sister was Elizabeth.

[2] Ballinahonebeg, Parish of Lisnadill and now incorporated into the town of Milford.

[3] John Oliver. (1764-bet 1796-1798). His birth date is based on the fact that his parents married in 1794. He had two sisters, Mary & Elizabeth who were “of the Kennedies”. Son of Joseph OLIVER (1727-1798).



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