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Thomas Dare JACKSON, son of Sir Thomas JACKSON served with British forces in "The South African War". An extensive account of his military career was written by Brian McDonald, and is included in my biography of Thomas Dare JACKSON.
Sharon Oddie Brown. April 2, 2014


1901 November 05 The China Mail







The community of Hong Kong will be pleased to learn that Sir Thomas Jackson[1] received a telegram from London last night containing the reassuring intelligence that his son, the Lieutenant Jackson[2], 1st King’s Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment), who was A.D.C. to Colonel Benson was quite safe, and had not even been wounded in the recent attack on Colonel Benson’s column.

[1] Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915)

[2] Thomas Dare JACKSON (1876-1954)

George Elliot BENSON. He died of wounds at Brakenlaagte. He was wounded twice before dying, 31 October 1901. …. The column which he commanded was attacked on Oct. 31st, in a deluge of mist and blinding rain. The Boers under Louis Botha, Grobler and Oppermann in overwhelming numbers, swept down on a ridge held by the rear¬guard of Col. Benson's force, and here 123 men out of a total of 160 fell. Col. Benson, who at once went to the point of danger, was twice wounded; but continued to give his orders directing and exhorting those under him to hold out. In this engagement, in addition to Col. Benson, twelve other officers were killed and sixteen wounded, but the main body and the convoy were saved. This action has been described as one of the most hotly contested and desperate of the campaign.


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