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NAMES: William OLIVER; William COUSER; William MENARY; Edward LITTON; T.P. LYNCH; Marshall CLARKE; Unnamed BELL. PLACES: Killinure aka Killynure; Enagh, Co. Armagh
Sharon Oddie Brown. March 31, 2009.


Irish Times April 28, 1875


Couser v Oliver and others


The bill in this case was filed for the administration of the real and personal estate of William Oliver[1], late of Killinure[2] in the County of Armagh, deceased, who by his last will and testament bequeathed all his property to William Couser[3], the plaintiff, and William Menary[4] whom he appointed trustees and executors. Previous to making his will, the testator being entitled to the lands of Killinure and Enagh[5], under a lease dated December, 1870, from the vicars choral and organist of the Abbey or College of the Church of St. Patrick, in Armagh, at the yearly rent of £84.14s, he accepted an offer made to him by the Commissioners of the Church Temporalities in Ireland to purchase the fee of said lands for the sum of £2,118. In respect of this matter the bill prayed that the trust of the will might be carried out.

The Vice-Chancellor made a decree in accordance with the prayer of the bill.

Mr. Edward Litton[6], Q.C., with whom was Mr. T.P. Lynch[7] appeared for the plaintiff. Mr. Marshall Clarke[8] and Mr. Bell[9] for the defendants.


[1] William OLIVER. He died Oct 15, 1873 and his death launched a fleet of lawsuits and legal manoeuvres.  In an 1874 letter, Eliza, his niece describes her brother Andrew jockeying for position. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/letters/1874October15-ElizaJACKSON-Thomas.html .

[2] Killinure was the ancestral home of OLIVERs. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/maps/Killynure.htm In the summer of 1874, Thompson BROWN[E] husband of William OLIVER’s niece. Elizabeth JACKSON already had the house that stands there now under construction. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/letters/1874June1-ElizaJACKSON-Thomas.html

[3] William COUSER. The COUSERs (There were several of them – William, jr. & sr., Joseph and John) held about 13 acres under lease while William OLIVER held about 55 acres. I suspect that at some time I will find a significant OLIVER-COUSER intermarriage.

[4] William MENARY. This is probably William MENARY jr. (1838-1874) who married Mary JACKSON, niece of William OLIVER. I suspect his untimely death at age 36 – at a time that was midway between the death of William OLIVER and this legal case - complicated matters.

[5] Enagh was nearby land that was leased by William OLIVER and his brother Thomas for the purposes of pasturage and hay sales.

[6] Edward LITTON

[7] T.P. LYNCH

[8] Marshall CLARKE

[9] BELL



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