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RE: Violence done to Mrs. McKINLEY. NAMES: Mr. & Mrs. McKINLEY. PLACES: Laragh.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 5, 2008


The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Tuesday, June 9, 1846; Issue 11264. (1721 words) 

  Was a disgraceful outrage – at Laragh, County Monaghan, about 12 o’clock, and, on the 29th bolt, two men, dressed in women’s clothes, with false faces, entered the house of Mr. McKinley[1] (manager of a spinning mill), and, in his absence, broke as furniture and beat Mrs. McKinley[2], his wife, who was alone, in a most cruel and brutal manner.  Although the ruffians who perpetrated this diabolical outrage were seen by many, yet not one interfered either to prevent the crime or to arrest or identify the perpetrators.  LOUTH advertiser.


The Northern Star and National Trades' Journal (Leeds, England), Saturday, June 13, 1846; Issue 448. (4201 words) 

Outrage – the Newry Examiner relates the following outrage: -- at Laragh, County Monaghan, about 12 o’clock at noon on the 29th ultimate, two men dressed in women’s clothes with false faces, and at the house of Mr. McKinley (manager of a spinning mill) and in his absence broke his furniture and beat Mrs. McKinley his wife, who was alone, in a most cruel and brutal manner.  She is confined to her bed from the injuries she received.  Mrs. McKinley called on several persons to arrest or pursue these monsters in human shape, but no one would interfere.


[1] Mr. McKINLEY. I don’t know who he is or who he worked for. The fact that no one would identify the assailants, makes me wonder if he might be connected to the OLIVER-LESLIE case.

[2] Mrs. McKINLEY



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