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I suspect there is an error in my transcription in the last sentence. Perhaps it should be: He is one of the very few great men who have been honoured with a statue while still living. One day, I may look it up again.
Sharon Oddie Brown. April 2, 2014


1905 September 27 The China Mail


Sir Thomas Jackson[1].

In the Far Eastern Review for September appears a good photograph of the statue of Sir Thomas Jackson, Bart, which is to be erected in Hong Kong.  The Journal remarks: -- for more than 26 years prior to 1902, when he returned to England, Sir Thomas guided the destinies of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank as Chief Manager in Hong Kong.  During this period he was the foremost financier of the Far East, and in addition he exhibited great public spirit in connection with the upbuilding of Hong Kong Colony, the influence of which was felt everywhere along the China coast.  As chief manager of probably the strongest bank in the British Empire, with the single exception of the Bank of England, Sir Thomas is looked upon out in the Orient as the strongest man of his day.  Besides his duties with the corporation he devoted much time and attention to the finances of the Chinese Empire, to whom the Peking officials turned when they found it necessary to negotiate loans for the public good.  By his broad-minded policy Sir Thomas endeared himself to everybody with the result that today he commands the respect and highest esteem of all persons in the Orient.  He is one of the very few great men who have been honoured with the statue was still living.

[1] Sir Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915)



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