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NAMES: Samuel ANDERSON of Breaky, Tyanan, Co. Armagh; James OLIVER near Tynan (I suspect Lislooney).
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 6, 2009


1785 August 23-26


Stolen out of the field of Samuel ANDERSON[1] of Breaky[2] near Tynan, County Armagh, on the night of 21st August instant, a black horse, three years old, strong made, with a white face, four white legs, with a break of white up the middle of one of his thighs and some light on the inside of both his hips, and set tail with some white hairs in it; supposed value about 14 pounds. Whosoever gives such information so that said horse may be recovered, and the thief or thieves prosecuted to conviction, shall receive the reward of six Guineas from said Samuel ANDERSON, or James OLIVER[3], near Tynan, aforesaid. Dated Tynan, August 21, 1785.


[1] Samuel ANDERSON.

[2] Breaky, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh. Significantly, it is bordered on the north by the townland of Lislooney

[3] James OLIVER NOTE: Is this the same James OLIVER of Cookstown who was abroad and too ill to return home in 1774? NOTE: I have a number of conjectures about various James OLIVERs in the footnotes at http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1785July29_OLIVER-OLIVER.html Because the townland of Breaghey is on the southern border of Lislooney, I am going to hazard a guess that this is the James OLIVER son of Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney. SOURCE: Deed 534280  April 1824 mentions James OLIVER of City of Armagh, merchant a son of Benjamin OLIVER who had a lease on lands in Lislooney. He would also have some relation to Arthur OLIVER.



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