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NAMES: Richard Thomas DAWSON; Edward VAUGHAN; Robert Ross TODD; Edward GIBSON; Allan NESBITT; Owen HALL; McCAY. PLACES: Corlea, Laragh, Lisgall.
NOTE: This is not the Laragh that is connected to the OLIVERS.

Sharon Oddie Brown. November 6, 2008

The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Friday, February 24, 1854; Issue 12004. (10593 words) 

The Belfast News-Letter (Belfast, Ireland), Wednesday, May 10, 1854; Issue 12016. (11640 words) 



In the matter of the estate of Richard Thomas James Dawson[1], Esq., owner and petitioner.

The commissioners will on Tuesday the 16th day of May, 1854, at the hour of 12 o’clock at noon, at their court, Henrietta Street, in the city of Dublin, sale by auction, the lands of Corlea, Laragh, and Lisgall[2], situate in the Barony of Farney, and County of Monaghan, containing, according to a survey made by order of the commissioners,501A 2R13P statute measure, held under the Marquis of Bath, by lease for life’s renewable for ever at the yearly rent of £40 late Irish currency, and a renewal fine of £40 late Irish currency on the fall of each life, in the following lots: --

Lot 1.

The town land of Corlea, containing 186A 3R 22P statute measure, of the yearly rent or value of £149 9s 10d subject to about £10 1s 0 1/2d , tithe rent charges; Poor Law valuation £136; Mr. Vaughan’s valuation,£160 10s 5d per annum.

This lot is held under the same lease as a lot number two, but will be sold indemnified from the entire of the head rent by Lot No. 2.

Lot 2.

The town lands of Laragh and Lisgall, containing together 314A 3P 10R statute measure of the yearly rent or value of 165 8s 6d subject to £36 18s 6d head rent, and about £7 17s 7 1/2d tithe rent charges; Poor Law valuation, £255; Mr. Vaughan’s[3] valuation £284 2s 11d.

This lot is held under the same lease as Lot 1 and will be sold subject to the entire head rent reserved by the original lease in indemnification of Lot 1.

A grant in the fee farm, under the renewable leasehold conversion act, of the lands comprised in said lease will be obtained at the expense of the estate.

The head rent will be increased £2 16s 4d per annum and stand for the future at £89 14s a year, but no renewal fine will be payable in future.

Dated 26th of January, 1854.

J. Locke, auction clerk.

The lands of Corlea, Laragh and Lisgall or situate 2 miles from the market town of Carrickmacross, 7 miles from Castleblayney, and 5 miles from the Enniskeen and Culloville stations on the Dundalk and Enniskillen Railway, thus affording an easy transit for cattle and  farm produce to the seaport town of Dundalk.

The Estate is well circumstance as to roads, and watered.  The soil is of a varied character, the higher parts being of a light loam and gravelly soil. The lower parts are composed of clay and limestone gravel, and a portion of them interspersed with limestone rocks.  There is a quarry of superior limestone on the lands of Laragh, and line kilns built by the owner.  The limestone is amongst the reservations to Lord Bath contained in the original lease, and therefore not comprised in the sale, but the owner hitherto has enjoyed the use of same.  The lands of Corlea contain a vein of coal.

For rentals and other particulars apply to

Messrs. Robert Ross Todd[4] and Company, solicitors having the carriage of the proceedings, at their offices, 7, Henrietta Street, Dublin and Newry;

Edward Vaughn Esq., CE, Rutland Square, Dublin;

Edward Gibson[5], Esq., Lisaniske, Carrickmacross;

Allan Nesbitt[6], solicitor for the owner petitioner, number 21, Percy place;

Mr. Owen Hall[7], receiver over the property, Drumsherriff, Carrickmacross; or at the office of the commissioners, number 14, Henrietta Street, Dublin.


Freeman's Journal and Daily Commercial Advertiser (Dublin, Ireland), Wednesday, May 17, 1854; Issue N/A. (3491 words) 

Lands as above purchased by McCAY[8] (in trust)


[1] Richard Thomas James DAWSON.

[2] Corlea, Laragh, and Lisgall. This cluster of townlands are southeast of the Laragh and Cornacarrow townlands that involved the mills at Laragh.

[3] Edward VAUGHAN

[4] Robert Ross TODD

[5] Edward GIBSON

[6] Allan NESBITT

[7] Owen HALL

[8] McCAY



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