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Sharon Oddie Brown. August 13, 2009


1828 Jan 4

The Newry Commercial Telegraph January 4, 1828
Newry, County Down


In Ballyrath, near Armagh, on the 27th ult., in the 69th year of his age, the Rev. WILLIAM HUTCHINSON[1], a gentleman who signalized himself at an early period of his life in Trinity College, Dublin, as an accomplished scholar. He was a man of extensive information--whose mind was stored with interesting anecdotes, which he related with great candour, energy, and humour. He was a fond husband--a kind and affectionate father--a steady friend--and a man who wished well to the whole human race. He was the survivor of three brothers, who in the prime of their youth attracted universal attention at the general reviews of Volunteer Corps in Belfast and Newry, for their remarkable elegance and symmetry of features and of form. In activity -- in muscular power, they could not have been excelled by any three men in Ulster. Mr. Hutchinson, prior to his entering into the Church, was a member of the Second Armagh Corps of Volunteers, raised in the year 1789, in which he was a very active and useful member.

[1] Rev William HUTCHINSON (1758-1828), married an ARBUTHNOT and they had three children (details in family tree). SEE also: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1821Dec19-HUTCHINSON-OLIVER.html



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